Battle of the Babes Pt. 01

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Flasher steps back to look at the setup of the room; a wide padded mat to handle anything the girls can dish out on one another, colour coded corners and shoulder bands, a few oils (as wishful thinking), and most importantly three video cameras, each with HD resolution and automatic focus, perfect for capturing every heart pounding and intimate moment for replay at his leisure later. Rubbing his hands together expectantly, he checks his handiwork for the umpteenth time, inspect the cameras again. Tonight he’ll have a front row seat as Apple and Victoria tussle for supremacy, and no matter the outcome of their match, he’s in for a treat either way. With the victor claiming her opponent and her man as spoils he’ll get to sample the lascivious chocolate curves of Victoria and the tight athletic body of Apple.

There’s a knock on the door and Flasher stumbles over himself in his haste to answer it. Hurrying over, he calls out, “Who is it?” A polite male voice responds, “It’s us,” he’s interrupted by a muffled giggle before he continues, “John and Victoria.” Flasher smiles to himself as he opens the door. John stands at the door, a pleasant smile on his face. He nods to Flasher before turning to Victoria and beckoning her to enter first. Stepping inside, Victoria encompasses Flasher’s vision like an eclipse, amazingly beautiful but just as painful to look at directly. Walking past him, she flashes him a sultry smile and strides into the room confidently. John gives another nod to Flasher as he enters the room as well, stepping to the side as he begins to rummage through a duffel bag.

As Victoria takes in the room, Flasher takes in Victoria starting from the ground up. She wears an open toed sandal-shoe with a small heel; it’s not much but enough to give her the lift to showcase her shapely legs. Legs that seem to go on forever as Flasher traces them with his eyes until his view is cut off by the magnificence of her ass.

It was wide, it was thick, it was large, and whilst similar sized posteriors spoke of flabby excesses of cellulite, this was something that had been worked on, trimmed and toned, sculpted and moulded, excising any imperfections until what remained was in short, booty. Every step resulted in a gratuitous, yet controlled bounce. She moved in a sultry mesmerising rhythm that made young men feel the need to take a few cold showers whilst old men would loosen their collars and wish for younger days. A poet could write sonnet after sonnet on its magnificence, its movements, and most of all, its magnitude. Anything else would end up under plain covers. The overall effect was calculated to hit the male libido like a freight train of sex.

Finally making it past her ass, Flasher made it into curve country. He knew he was staring, but remained mesmerized as his gaze travelled up along every inch of her hourglass figure in eager anticipation of what was next in store.

“Like what you see hun?” the voice wasn’t so much accusing as it was amused. Flasher’s gaze snapped up the last few inches to look at Victoria who was looking straight at him, smiling unnervingly as walked towards him. “So now that you’ve had your eyeful tell me this hun… do you feel the need for a cold shower…” she drew level with him, languorously draping an arm over his shoulder pulling him close, “Or a hot fuck?” Her voice sent shivers up and down his spine and it didn’t help matters that now her breasts were barrelling right into his chest. Flasher knew he was getting an erection and frankly, that wouldn’t have concerned him too much with Victoria coming onto him as she was. What did make it awkward was that John was patiently standing by, watching them impassively. The thought struck Flasher that Victoria’s husband wasn’t worried, and had no reason to worry especially if what Victoria claimed what was in his pants was accurate.

Stiffening a little more at this though, Flasher was nether-the-less unnerved at John’s patience. Thankfully, Apple chose to enter the fray at that exact point in time, defusing things with the tact of an arthritic demolition man, “Well, well, looks like zeppelin-tits is trying to sway the judge’s opinion from the get go.” Apple and Victoria’s eyes meet. They smile at one another in a friendly way but Apple’s eyes tell a different story, shooting Vicky a look that says, ‘Oh no you didn’t.’ Victoria returns it with a look of her own that states, ‘Oh yes I did. AND I’d do it again too.’

This silent exchange completed Apple sniffs and breaks eye contact with Victoria, turning away airily. Her gaze falls on John, sitting there peacefully oblivious to the girl’s exchange, and Apple smiles. Following her line of sight, Vicky’s eyes narrow as she glares at Apple sending the message, ‘Don’t even dare.’ But Apple is neither looking, nor in a receptive mood as she strides over to John, a wicked gleam in her eye. She calls back to Victoria over her shoulder, “Right then, since you’ve gone after my husband, I might as well go after yours,” Apple faces towards John and gives him a smile, “Come on then lover boy, face front. I want your eyes Eskişehir Escort on me and I need you to watch every move I make.” Victoria turns to watch Apple suspiciously, an eyebrow twitching but she smirks and leans back, keeping an arm wrapped meaningfully around Flasher.

Confident that all eyes were on her, Apple began her little strip show. Even before she removed a single piece of clothing, Apple was already showing a substantial amount of skin. As she turned to face Victoria giving her a wink that set the black girls teeth on edge, she bent forward provocatively thrusting her prizewinning ass up into John’s lap. It was indeed as toned and as trim as had advertised, and it was all wrapped up in a pair of denim hot pants that looked hot enough to start smoking any minute as they barely managed to restrain their contents.

Then there was her choice in make-up. If you wanted to be polite about it, you could say it gave her a sexual edge that would stir the loins of any man. On the other hand, if you wanted to be truthful about it, you’d have to admit that it made her look slutty… but in a way that hinted that a sexual edge was but the tip of her abilities.

However, even though she had her ass pressed into John’s lap it was her top was where all the attention was. She was wearing a fairly simple white vest top, which was revealing enough as it was, but add to the fact that it was nearly sheer enough to see her skin through it added magnitudes of sexual appeal to it. Pulling it even tighter against her, she slowly worked it up her body revealing bit by bit, a lean little set of abs. As his gaze followed the steadily rising fabric, John’s eyebrows peaked up some as she slid the fabric to a halt along the underside of her breasts. Apple smiled seductively down at him, watching him for a few moments, building the pause up… until she pulled the top up in one swift movement and revealed her precious tits. At least, that’s what it looked like. Although not overtly large, Apple’s pert little apples were huge compared to the slim steak of nothing that constituted for a top. A miniscule bright red triangle bikini, held together by a slip of red shoestring, which barely contrived in covering her nipples.

She gives the thin straps an adjustment, putting herself in jeopardy of a nipple slip with even the slightest of touches. Reaching behind her to the delicate knot which holds the two fine straps in place, she gives it a little pluck before sidling up to John to pause her little striptease with an equally provocative lap dance as she shows of her body.

As John observes Apple prepare, he notes that she fits in just as much sexuality and vivacity as Victoria, only in a smaller package. Watching her stretch and flex, showing off her pert tits, he realizes that although neither as tall, nor broad, nor as busty as Victoria, it would have been unwise to think that Apple was merely a scaled down model when it came to her allure. Instead, it was more accurate to view her as equally attractive simply compressed to fill a smaller mould and looks ready to be unleashed.

And unleash was what was about to happen as Apple’s attention turned back to her shorts. With amount of skin they showed, it was inconceivable to imagine anything beneath them except bare flesh. However, as the denim was slowly peeled away, they revealed what had to of been the slimmest, skimpiest, most threadlike bright red bikini bottom in existence. Her shoestring top looked downright prudish in comparison. Even Flasher, wrapped up in the arms of Victoria, took notice of his wife’s change of attire. Victoria was impressed as well Apple’s transformation but tried to wave it off, commenting, “Something as skimpy as that would never last on my tits,” but her words were lost as the pants were slowly stripped and then lifted triumphantly, giving them a wave towards Victoria with a smirk before turning back to John, dangling them precariously on one finger.

Finally, Apple discarded her final article of clothing, dropping it daintily to the side. Placing a foot alongside John’s seat showing off her strong toned legs and struck a pose for him, completely nude save the scanty snatches of rich red fabric that barely covered her nipples and pussy. She fingered the shoestring strap over her shoulder and gave John a seductive smile, “So what do you think hun?” You could have heard Victoria wince at this. Flasher certainly felt it as circulation to his arm was momentarily cut off.

John rose to the occasion like a champ and gave Apple an award-winning smile, “Very nice, very revealing. Seeing you like this, I’m sure Flasher counts his blessing to have you as his wife.” Pensive for a moment, he nodded and continued, “And the colour red too; a smart bit of psychological warfare there. But yes, all in all very attractive. It’s nice.”

Apple blinked, at a loss for words, she’d been half expecting him to pop a massive boner and start rubbing his hands all over her uncontrollably. Or at the very least the aforementioned boner, with him staring at her Eskişehir Escort Bayan with his jaw open, possibly gibbering as well. She honestly hadn’t expected him to be so… polite, or respectful. He was even looking her in the eye. And to make it worse, she could feel Victoria’s triumphant eyes on her.

Realizing something was amiss, John wisely figured that something more was expected from him, “Uh, it’s very appealing and does well to emphasize your figure.” There was a snort from Vicky that Apple carefully tried to ignore, though Flasher did take a quick peek at her trembling cleavage as she tried not to laugh. John was impossible! There simply couldn’t be a guy as, as, as, impossible as he was. “So you like my figure then?” Apple tried a little more seduction but her heart wasn’t in it. John smiled again as he struck out for the shores of honesty in the midst of these uncertain waters, “It’s very nice. Petite. Very youthful.”

At this, Victoria’s laughter broke through, giving Flasher a spectacular show of her bouncing breasts. “Oh yes, you look very nice little girl. But now let me show you how a woman does it hun.” Victoria now had the lime light and she was going to exploit it to the fullest of her abilities. Flashing Apple a winning smile, she turned to face Flasher. “Alright then hun,” she tracks the palm of her hand across his face, turning his head to face her head-on, and then readjusts his view downwards, “Looks like you’ve one a first class striptease by yours truly, you lucky dog.” Her hand tracks down his neck and onto his chest, pulling at his shirt. Her head moves in breathing on his neck heatedly while she pushes her chest against his. Her bare cleavage barrels into him, pressing against his exposed skin erotically. Her leg moves up his, kicking her shoes off and caressing his inner thigh with her knee as she intertwines her leg with his.

Balancing on one leg precariously, Vicky twists herself around Flasher like a possessive vine around a wavering tree. Snaking another arm around him and down his back, she plays her nails down his spine, jerking him upright, “That’s right, let’s get the rest of you at attention…” Even at point blank range, Flasher has no clue how she’s able to make his entire body feel as though it’s being touched, and at the same time, having shed her shoes, jacket, and the miniskirt over her jeans. She still had her top on, but it was looking wonderfully dishevelled, and the aforementioned jeans had already begun to slide down her hips. As her body coiled around his, he felt, but never quite saw, as more of her clothes dropped. He reflected that Victoria’s breasts were making things more erotic. Gorgeous in their own right, when ‘up close and in your face’ their size blocked his view of what was happening to her (and his) lower regions.

Apple had a clear view of the proceedings, and was just as perplexed as to how Victoria could have her legs up and around her husband’s waist, and the next moment her jeans were piled around her ankles. She tried to follow an article of clothing as Victoria writhed and gyrated against Flasher (who, to her chagrin, was far more responsive than John was), but Vicky took that opportunity to turn and begin rocking her ass up and down against his erection. She watched as this continued for a few moments, with Vicky guiding Flashers hands to grip her waist.

As Flasher began to buck against Victoria energetically, Apple realized that the strip tease had degenerated into dry humping, and with half of Victoria’s clothes of, it wouldn’t take much more to result in bare sex. She opened her mouth to protest but John beat her to the punch, giving a polite, but firm cough. Leaning forward as she ground herself back against Flasher, Victoria looked up at John’s polite smile. Saying nothing she straightened up, had the decency to give an embarrassed smile, giving a half turn so both audiences could see the finale of her show. With that, she stripped the last dregs of her clothes, revealing a scarlet micro-bikini and matching G-string thong. It was probably a size or two larger than Apple’s, but that meant nothing as Victoria was a few sizes larger than Apple regardless. The difference was astonishing. Whereas Apple’s ultrafine monofilament more or less matched her proportions, Victoria’s lingerie was at capacity as it barely contained her full orbs. Her breasts literally strained at the flimsy material as they tried to burst free. She swivelled her hips to show off her G-string…

Her lack of G-string that is… most had been swallowed between her voluptuous ass cheeks. Having shed her clothes haphazardly around Flasher, Victoria now stood proudly with her hands over her head, showing of every curve for him, “Huh? So what do you think hun? Pretty good right?” Flasher tried to play it as cool as John, he really did, but Vicky had that sexual magnetism that drew out even the most repressed desires. He gibbered. To his credit, it wasn’t much, but Vicky eagerly accepted it for more than what it was, “Hmm, pretty good gibbering hun, pretty Escort Eskişehir good. Your gabbling could use a little more work, but the open mouth is a nice touch, and, what’s this?” She reached out and touched his chin, turning his unresisting head to the side, “My! And even some drooling as well? Don’t you know how to make a girl feel special hun?” Snapping out of his trance, Flasher shut his mouth, straightening up as he guilty wiped the back of his fist across to remove any traces of saliva.

Alright, he may have had his mouth open some, and gibbered out a couple of words, but he didn’t blabber on and on, and he certainly hadn’t been drooling. Even so, he still shied away from Apples ferocious gaze. He needn’t have worried about her though; it was Victoria who was the focus of her blowtorch glare. If looks could kill indeed…

It was at this John gently lifted Apple off his lap, and stood, “Well since the ladies are all sorted, shall we once over the rules and then commence the match?” He was met with silence. He pressed on undaunted, “Yes? No? There isn’t anything more to reveal right? Correct me if I’m mistaken, but that’s to be left to the ladies to settle in-ring. So, shall we begin?”

“Hold on, here’s a thought…” there was a pause as all eyes fell on Apple, “Well the guys have already gotten their kicks by getting to watch me strip down. And I suppose Vicky as well. But, how about they give us something in return? Something that everyone will enjoy?” She walks over to where Flasher had so cunningly thought he had hid the oils and picks up two bottles, and turns back, “So how about we get our guys to oil us up?” She flashes a smile and Victoria returns it. Maybe a little female solidarity was in order before they went at each other; there were such things as civility after all.

Victoria glances over briefly to John and Flasher before returning her focus onto Apple, smiling conspiratorially, “Sure thing hun, and give the guys a happy ending of their own for doing such a good job?”

Apple piped up, raising an eyebrow and smirked, “A race?” From the look on her face she seemed very enthusiastic to begin. Victoria shrugged, “If you want hun. I was just thinking that once the boys have gotten their rocks off, they won’t just stand around looking dumb while we wrestle.” She looks from Apple to Flasher and smirks, “I just wanted to make sure we had clear-minded and level headed judges, but if you want to make a competition out of it…” she trails off happily. ” But first things first. The oil.”

Apple nodded, casually tossing a bottle to Victoria before turning to Flasher and handing him the bottle. She peels her already negligible top down some enough to send Flasher’s pulse pounding and gives him a sultry look, “Make sure you do a good job hun…” Flasher tried in earnest to concentrate on the task at hand. He really did.

However, Apple was just as determined not to let him. Flipping off the top of the oil, he went to pour it on one hand professionally, but at that moment, Apple turned and thrust her ass out toward him. Gawking at her, he managed to pour a hearty helping of oil not on his hand, but instead over his arm and down his side instead. It took him a while to realize this and resulting in him expending a good portion of the oil on himself.

Turning again to see what the hold-up was, Apple saw his captivated gaze and his body coated with oil, “My, you sure seem eager to get things started.” Panicking some, Flasher tried to recover, but Apple’s arm lashed out, catching his. “No need to waste precious oil hun…” Pulling at the strings of her top she guided his unprotesting arm under the slip of fabric and between her breasts, and began to rub up and down against him.

Flasher’s eyes went wide. Apple was using his arm like an oiled stripper pole, as she slid up and down against him, coating her torso with oil. His eyes glazed some as he felt her supple tits brush against his forearm and fantasized about getting a hold of them and tweaking with her nipples some. Coming out of his stupor he sighed; that wouldn’t come into the cards even if- when Apple won. Focusing on the task the task at hand again, vowing to make the best of it, he found that he was kneeling on the floor with Apple’s ass drifting just in front of him. He heard Apple’s voice purr out, “I’m ready for you to do my ass now hun.” Flasher gave a brief but zealous prayer of thanks to whoever was listening and began to fervently roam his hands over Apple’s ass and legs, tracing out every HD inch.

Alongside Flasher, John stood exasperated. Apple’s use of Flasher had not gone unchallenged and now John stood having been stripped down to his boxers. His broad chest and chiselled abs gleamed where Victoria had pressed herself against while she insisted that he oil her back while she faced him. He was having significant difficulty navigating her curves. Each time he tried to progress onwards to do her arms, he found her sliding her hands back to her breasts, slipping them underneath the fabric so his hands would press directly against her flesh. She navigated his hand over her mountainous orbs all the while protesting that he wasn’t giving them enough attention. “They’re a very prominent feature of mine, and so they need a lot of attention… AND a lot of oil…” Sighing, John relented as he kneaded his oily hands into her for the fifth time…

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