Be Careful What You Wish For #1879

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This is a fantasy. Please read it as such.


I woke up slowly as I was a bit disoriented. I cleared the sleep from my eyes only to realize I was in a hospital. The facts were fuzzy but I recalled the party last night. I think it was last night. I started to replay it in my mind, trying to figure it out…

Well, another birthday is upon me. The big 3-O. My wife had planned the party all I had to do was get dressed. For this event, I was to be dressed as my alter ego, and her lesbian slut, Kellie.

Our friends all know about this side of our lives because they are almost all Fem-Dom couples as well. I showered and shaved, and pulled together my wardrobe. I picked out a gorgeous, sexy, red body-con dress, thigh highs, lacy red lingerie, and the matching red pumps.

I won’t bore you with the getting dressed details, but I was going to look hot, submissive, and ready.

As I dressed, I pulled my cock back between my legs and tucked my balls up into their sockets. I wished I had a smoother-looking crotch but this was the best I could do. I often thought it would be great not to have these balls hanging out. Then I would always be smooth and pretty under my panties.

“Well, under my tight lacy red thong, it will look smooth thought,” I told myself. “Who knows, someday Mistress may make that a reality.”

The guests were arriving as I finished my make up. Mistress Lynn, my wife, and owner called me to the party room and I was happy to see so many friends here in their fetish finery. I knew it was going to be a hot night.

After a few drinks, refreshments, and small talk, guests were getting anxious to play. Lynn called everyone together to sing Happy Birthday, and then Mistress Lynn quieted the crowd and asked me what I wanted for my birthday present.

Not one to waste an opportunity, I suggested a blowjob for each of my years, as this was something I could enjoy over a few weeks or more. I may be a dyke in a man’s body but I still enjoy good head!

Mistress Lynn said there weren’t enough cocks for me to give 30 so I would have to do everyone twice after I got my birthday spanking. I protested that I wanted to receive them, not give them. She laughed and reminded me that I was her property.

“I can’t see that you even have a cock under those clothes. The way you’re dressed it appears that you should be the one giving them.”

Her hand reached down to my crotch and she dug her nails into my shaft. I yelped in pain as she pulled me up till I was teetering on my tiptoes. Leaning over me she softly kissed me, gently, but firmly, melting me with her tongue. When she broke the kiss she tied me over the horse. My legs were bound to the horse legs as my arms were bound on the other side.

My dress was pulled up and pinned in place. Lynn pulled out her favorite paddle and warmed my bottom with soft taps. When she was ready I would feel them in earnest. She caressed my cock and it began to strain inside the thong.

Someone slipped a blindfold over my eyes and a tongue into my mouth. I was being manipulated from both ends, getting hotter than ever. The tongue was removed and replaced by another. Wait it wasn’t a tongue. It was a cock.

Before I could protest, the paddle came down heavily on my bottom. I tried to yell out and almost swallowed the cock. As I felt the next blow to my backside I knew it was a warning not to stop sucking. The more I sucked, the lighter the paddle fell. When the smallish cock finally erupted in my mouth I heard a cheer from the crowd. The cock soon vanished from my mouth.

The paddle crashed down again and as I opened my mouth to react it was filled with another cock. After 4 or 5 more cocks the paddling stopped and I just opened up for whoever wanted to stuff me.

My crotch was being stimulated again, and the heat in my loins was growing. Mistress Lynn leaned close to my ear and told me I was doing a great job but she wanted to be sure that I got 30 cocks off without taking all night.

I soon felt my thong being pulled aside and felt a cock violating my ass. I was being fucked from both ends at once. I was crying as I continued on one cock after another.

Hours later, I think, I finally finished. When the blindfold was removed I could see Lynn sitting to the side playing with her beautiful clit.

“Well slut, looks like you finished. I bet if we get rid of those balls I could make some good money whoring you off. That was one hot show you put on.”

While she was talking, others removed me from the horse. I was re-secured face up on a bed. A couple of ladies came over and relieved themselves in my mouth before having me lick them to orgasm.

Some others had tied a cord around my cock and tied it to the end of the bed. My balls were still trapped within me, but I was horny as hell. I just wanted to come.

One by one the guests came over to say goodnight. When they had all left Mistress Lynn came back and began teasing me some more. She said how proud she was of her canlı bahis little girl for being so well behaved tonight. (Like I had a choice).

She played a while longer and started talking nasty to me. She would pull on my tits and tell me how nice it would be if they were a little bigger, and how pretty my crotch would look without any ugly balls hanging out. I could see her massaging herself at the same time, getting even hotter.

She kissed me more, running her tongue around my mouth as I submissively accepted her control. She told me how pretty I looked as a girl and wanted to make me more feminine. She said I would be much prettier with my cock permanently tucked between my legs and wondered if there was a way we could pierce it to hold it down.

I asked how we would fuck, and she said I would look great with a strap on around my waist.

“But how would I be able to cum, Mistress,” I asked.

“You’ll just have to reach down and rub it like a big clit, Kellie. After all, that’s what you really want, isn’t it?”

I was about to cum form all this when she pulled her hands away and left me panting. She returned with the blindfold, a whip, and a hardwood paddle. I knew what was coming. When the blindfold was secure Mistress Lynn told me she was upset that I still had a hard-on.

“I can’t tuck it away like that, now can I.”

She then started to whip it up and down its length, making me moan in pain and pleasure. As my moans became cries she got an inflatable gag and pumped it up in my mouth.

The whip started raining down harder and I squirmed with every stroke. She switched to the paddle and grabbed my nipple ring to keep me from moving too much while she beat on my sore cock. She started paddling harder and harder and would occasionally hit my thighs.

She started tapping on my balls as they were pushing up into little mounds trapped just above the base of my cock. The blows became stronger, and I could tell Lynn was getting off on it.

As she came she brought a strike down across my balls that sent me reeling in pain.

“Red, red.” I yelled our safe word.

Lynn removed the blindfold and untied my cock and limbs. My balls hurt like hell and were swelling up. We tried to drop them out of their sockets but they wouldn’t drop. They had swollen too much to pop back out.

The pain was excruciating and I was getting worried. There was excess pressure on my bladder and I couldn’t control it. We decided that we would have to go to the ER because the pain was just unbearable. She wouldn’t let me change, so still, in my red dress, we headed to the hospital.

At the ER they had me sign some papers and gave me a sedative and painkillers. One of the papers gave Lynn the “power of attorney” in case they needed a decision while I was sedated.

I was given a room for the night and they asked if I wanted a catheter. Lynn requested they use a diaper instead as it would be gentler on me, after all the trauma of the long night. The nurses were all giggling as they prepared me for bed.

“Maybe we should get him a pretty pink gown,” said one of them. “After all, he is dressed for it.”

The next day my doctor would come by to see me. I drifted off to sleep under the effect of the drugs.

Once my head started to clear, the pain coming from my crotch reminded me why I was in a hospital. I reached for my crotch only to find it wrapped in a diaper. The nurse came in, responding to my loud moans, and suggested I lay back down. She loaded a hypo and told me to relax and she would ease my pain a bit.

“We don’t want you too sedated until after your doctor visits,” she informed me. “We did clean off what was left of your makeup, and put your heels and dress in the closet. Two of the nurses thought you looked cute in your makeup and wanted to redo it. We don’t get many sissies here. Most go to the men’s wing so I’m surprised you were sent to the women’s wing. You’d better behave yourself.”

Listening to her words while realizing I was wearing a pink hospital gown, I started to blush, which only seemed to entice her towards more humiliating remarks.

“Well baby, it’s time to change that diaper of yours. I’m sure it’s wet after last night.” She chided.

“I can take it off myself,” I shot back. “I’m not a baby, and I don’t need a diaper.”

“I’ll believe that only if it’s dry! If it’s wet we’ll know that you’re really “Baby Kellie”. And this is our hospital, you’re the patient. I say when you are to be changed and by whom, not you! If you interfere I can have you restrained to the bed in a matter of minutes,” The nurse fired back.

She approached and reaching under my gown, proceeded to check my diaper. “Wet, just as I suspected,” she teased.” I guess it is Baby Kellie then isn’t it?”

I was starting to feel the painkiller and did not respond to her.

She grabbed my chin and held my face up to look directly at her, asking again, “Did Baby Kellie not hear the question? A grown-up knows when bahis siteleri to respond properly. I guess it is just more evidence of what you really are, isn’t it?”

“No ma’am and my name is Kyle, not Baby Kellie or Kellie,” I retorted with as much strength I could manage. “The only reason I would be wet would be from my injury.”

“You know, you will be here in my charge for the next few days. I recommend you think about your answers before responding.”

With that statement, she called another nurse and quietly gave her some directions. Shortly, two nurses came into the room with a small bundle. In my sedated state, I could not struggle as they attached hospital restraints to my hands and proceeded to change my diaper.

They paused to check my damaged crotch and shook their heads, seemingly in pity for my suffering.

As the breakfast cart was delivering to the other two patients in the room, I could see the head nurse whispering to the serving lady. She giggled a bit and the nurses all left the room. I asked the food lady to unbind my hands so I could eat, and was told not to worry, as the nurses would take care of my breakfast.

One of the nurses brought a covered tray to me, but when she uncovered it there were only a couple of baby bottles on it. She brought one over and put it to my lips told me to start sucking.

“You don’t think we’re going to give you solid food and have to change a stinky diaper do you,” she informed me.

I sucked the soft nipple only to find it was filled with their basic hospital baby formula. I softly sobbed to myself as I finished both bottles.

Shortly after my ‘breakfast’, Mistress Lynn and my Doctor, actually Lynn’s Doctor, a stunning brunette, about 42 with a gorgeous figure, walked in talking as if I weren’t even there.

They finally broke off their conversation and Lynn came over and kissed me to say hello. “How’s my baby,” asked Lynn?

“I’m okay ma’am,” I replied, “but please don’t call me that here. The nurse has been treating me like a baby all morning.”

Lynn did not reply to my comment as Doctor Lopes started to speak. “Well, Kyle. It seems that…”

Lynn broke in telling the Doctor it was all right to call me Kellie, as the nurses have been asked to also.

“Well then Kellie,” she continued, “It seems that you have two severely swollen testicles, and because of their current location, we can’t examine them properly until they shrink. I have prescribed some painkiller and anti-inflammatory drugs, and I am going to give you a shot of a testosterone blocker. It should help the swelling go down by keeping them from producing sperm for a while.”

She turned to Mistress Lynn who was wondering how long the effects would last and if there were any side effects. As Doctor Lopes administered the drug she told Lynn that it only needed to work for a few days to help with shrinkage. She finished the shot and finished saying that unfortunately it’s effects would probably last at least 6 months, maybe more.

I was stunned and asked how I was supposed to have sex? She said that I may have already caused enough damage that they may need to be removed entirely. That until the swelling went down we would not know what shape they were in.

Lynn piped in something about me having to use a strap-on and they both laughed.

The doctor continued that there might be other side effects. I would probably start to feel more effects from the estrogen in my system because of the lowered testosterone. I may notice softer skin and less beard growth. In extreme cases, there may be an increase in sensitivity and possible swelling in my nipples.

I was stunned and wanted to speak out but was too weak from the drugs. Lynn’s face lit up over that one and they walked out of the room together talking. When they returned Dr. Lopes gave me another shot. I asked what it was and was told it was the anti-inflammatory and painkiller and some other hormones to help me.

I wanted to know exactly what they were and they just said, “Don’t worry baby,” and left the room. I fell asleep and was awakened to a nurse changing my diaper. When it was in place she placed a bottle between my lips and patted my diaper.

“There you go Kellie, all dry,” she said, as Mistress Lynn entered the room.

“You look so cute with your baby bottle Kellie. Look, I brought you some clothes from home to make you feel more comfortable.”

With that, she unfastened my hands and helped me out of the pink hospital gown and tossed it aside. She reached into the bag and pulled out my lacy pink baby-doll nightie and pulled it over my head.

The nurse was laughing and remarked as to how cute I looked when Lynn pulled a pair of pink plastic pants and began pulling them up my legs. The nurse said I looked like such a beautiful little girl she would have to get the others to see. I was turning brighter shades of pink and red than any I was wearing.

Lynn stood by and smiled at her handy work while the nurses gathered bahis şirketleri to get a laugh from a very humiliated baby Kellie.

Before leaving Lynn informed me that the second shot from Dr. Lopes included a time-release estrogen that would work for about a year. She said it was totally her idea.

“After all, isn’t it a great opportunity to give you that nice smooth crotch you were begging for the other day?”

She reminded me to be a good girl and to obey my nurses saying she will receive a full report when she returns the next day.

Later that afternoon two nurses came in to change my diaper and bathe me. While washing me they seemed to be deliberately trying to arouse me. I’m sure they knew this was causing me a good deal of pain. They commented on my erection and even though I don’t lack in the size dept, their interest was to see me squirming from my painful balls and the humiliation.

They were talking about how sweet I looked with no balls hanging down. By the time they finished bathing and teasing me, I was begging to have my diaper back and be left alone.

Not being done with their humiliations, they again restrained by hands to the bed and pulled out a bottle of pink polish that matched my outfit. As I lay there helplessly they did my fingers and toenails, commenting. “I needed to look more feminine if I was to stay on the women’s wing of the hospital. We sure don’t want some admin figuring out that you are a guy and taking our fun away before we finish you.”

That last statement had me worried and wondering. As they left the room, I heard one say something about sending in the hairdresser.

I slept for a while. Upon awakening, I found I had enough slack in the restraints to reach my cock. I lay in bed rubbing myself through the diaper as best I could. Just my luck, as soon as I started feeling good, the head nurse appeared out of nowhere and slapped my hands away. She berated me for having such a small male mind that all I could think about was my cock.

“Don’t worry though little Kellie, after your medications kick in and we do some magic it will be like it’s not even there anymore.” The nurse said sweetly.

“You can’t remove my cock,” I protested!

“Oh, we would never do that, we’re just going to give you a less offensive look. Women around here just don’t want to see and have no use for that cock of yours. We’ll just make it disappear. Your wife thought it a great idea. I’ll be back soon with your lunch and something to help keep your hands out of trouble.”

The nurse returned with a couple of bottles and something I couldn’t make out. Before feeding me she stretched out what looked like a sock and told me to put my hand in it. Not knowing what it was I obeyed. She told me to make a fist, and when I did she pulled it snug over my wrist and fastened a strap there securing it. My hand was stuck in this position and was now virtually useless. I tried to hide my other hand from her but she reached over and twisted my nipple until I placed my hand in the sock.

“Looks like you won’t be touching anything without permission now.” she chuckled. “Let’s see if you can hold your baby bottle with them. Ha, Ha.”

“Why can’t I have some real food? I don’t want to drink from a bottle,” I protested.

“But all babies use bottles in this hospital, and you’re no different Kellie. And besides, you could use the practice sucking,” she laughed.

“Yeah, then why don’t you let me suck your tits? That will be good practice,” I snapped back.

She walked over with fire in her eyes and grabbed each of my nipples and pulled me up so my back was arched. Looking into my eyes, she said I had just made a big mistake and if I didn’t apologize and behave, she would make my nipples long enough to reach my own lips. I was crying from the pain in my chest and promised to be a good girl and let her do what she thought best.

She let go and I fell back and tried to soothe my sore nipples and realized how useless my hands now were. The nurse placed the bottle between my bound hands so I could drink and left the room. Soon, another nurse returned with a tray of food.

“I finally get some real food,” I thought.

“Ready for lunch, baby Kellie?” she asked.

I nodded and dropped the bottle from my lips. It turned out only to be baby food, but in at least it was in adult-sized portions.

She started spooning in oatmeal, spinach, and prunes until I finished it all. She popped the second bottle in my mouth and cleared away the tray.

She then opened my diaper and left it spread out under me. The head nurse came back in and started spreading a thick lotion on my crotch and ass. Her ministrations caused quite a stir in my loins.

“Enjoy it while you can Kellie, it may be your last for quite a while.” She commented casually.

I just wanted to be able to reach out and stroke it. Remembering my sore tits I wasn’t even taking my bottle from my lips while she finished her chore and they both left me alone.

The nurses returned and cleaned the lotion from my crotch.

“We know you’re shaved, this lotion just keeps it from growing back,” one of them told me. “Now it’s time for us to get to work on this crotch of yours.

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