Beach Fantasia

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I couldn’t have possibly asked for a more ideal setting; the sun is falling, the waves are gently rolling into the shore and the temperature is purrffect.

What more could a girl ask for! Absolutely nothing. Let me tell you why – I am currently sitting on a sand dune of a very isolated beach, with a very attractive man beside me, mmmmm. I certainly have some devious thoughts in my mind at the moment, if you know what I mean!

6’4, tanned, muscular and the most luring eyes a girl could dream of. Lets not forget those sinful lips which I am sure would lead me to have a superb orgasm. I will most certainly entice him into my lair tonight.

So here we both are, casually lying on a rug, surrounded by gods natural glory, devouring chocolate soaked strawberries, in the midst of a perfect sunset. I’m certainly not going to beat around the bush; I do have my own needs that require fulfilling after all!

The atmosphere is sizzling tonight, think I need to unbutton my blouse some more; really I just want to expose my breasts. I grab the fattest juiciest strawberry I can find and dip it into the velvet chocolate, lean over toward my prey and rub it ever so gently along his lips; I think it would be best that I cleaned that up now! With the look of seduction in my eyes, I bring my lips closer to his and slide my tongue along his lips. I know he wants me. He opens his mouth, inviting me in to search the passion that is waiting to be set free.

Oh god he tastes so good. I can feel his hand trailing between my breasts, his breath is heaving with probability and cause. I’m unbuttoning his shirt and sliding my hand through the coarse hair on his chest, my fingers caressing over his taut muscles. My hand reaches the buckle on his pants; with one swift movement I undo it. His large masculine hands are massaging the tips of breasts, slowly but surely his lips start to lead an erotic trail from my mouth, down my neck, and straight to my rose buttons tips. “Aaahh”…. the lascivious feel of his tongue sporadically thrashing at my nipples. I throw my head back in utter bliss, and try very hard to focus my attention back on him. Zonguldak Escort

Now that I have his pants unzipped I slide my hand down to the surprisingly large girth that awaits me. It’s a throbbing mass that beckons me to stroke its hunger. I start to bite on his erect nipples while my hand starts gyrating up and down his cock. The look of satisfying pleasure spreads across his face, and exits his mouth in quiet little moans. My tongue traces down his chest making its way to where he really would like my ready and willing mouth to go.

I move my hand down to his balls and start caressing him while my mouth finally arrives at its destination. I look up at him and he looks at me, placing his hand on my head, willing me to go down on him. Holding the base of his cock with my other hand, I aim my lips at the tip of his cock. I rest my lips on the tip for a split second and release my thrashing tongue onto the peak of his hardness. There’s no stopping me now, I will suck this mans juicy cock wildly till I nearly bring him to orgasm, but not quite! Oh how I do love to suck.

I thrust his dick deep inside my mouth and cushion my lips around his shaft firmly, as my mouth travels up and down him, my tongue wraps around his stiffness with every plunging motion his rigidness takes into my offering mouth. I can feel him thrusting his groin further inside me, and his hand pushing down on my head with great force. I can pretty much tell now that he is well on his way to releasing a ferocious load of his fluid inside me. I slower the pace a little, as I am not yet ready for him too finish this journey. I move my lips down to his balls and take them into my mouth and suckle on them. His pre cum starts to drawl down his cock and is welcomed by my mouth.

Fuck…. I can feel the sexually energy emitting from his body; his pulse is almost jumping out of his penis. In one swift movement he places his large hands under my arms, pulls me up beside him and lays me down.

Hastily he unbuttons the rest of my blouse, and tugs at the zipper on my skirt. He wants me lying here bare-naked so he can take full Zonguldak Escort Bayan advantage of all that my body has to offer. I beckon him to rid himself of his clothing, because when the time is right I don’t want anything to get in my way.

He pounces onto me like a crazed animal, hands around my waist…. his mouth sucking my nipples eagerly; his hand is sliding up the inside of my leg, reaching my inner thigh. My insides are tingling at the thought of what will happen next. I can feel his large fingers teasing the hair on my wanting pussy. Aahh…. now his fingers are sliding between the cushioning of my pussy, gently rubbing at my clit. My breath becomes erratic, for I just want him to fuck me with his finger. Its almost like he is reading my mind; in one swift movement I can feel two finger inside me, the whole length of his fingers thrusting deeply inside me. I straddle them fiercely. You have no idea how good this is feeling.

He leans over to the champagne cooler, and I wonder what it is that could possibly distract from me at this very moment! Two ice cubes in his hands, why? He puts them in his mouth and brings his head between my thighs while his finger is still fucking me, and places his hot, but also cold mouth on my clit. I can feel his tongue licking and sucking the boundaries of my pussy, like a feeling I have never experienced before, the sensation of ice cubes swirling around on the point of desire is like nothing I have ever felt.

Now I can feel the coldness entering inside of me with two agile fingers, his mouth taking me to the edge of ecstasy wildly growling me out. I don’t know how much more of this I can take before he sends me over the edge. My whole body is squirming to the rhythmic beat of his finger fuck.

I honestly can’t take this anymore; I need him inside me now! I bring his head up to mine and taste myself on his lips; our kissing is deep and sensual. I don’t have too tell him what I want now, he can read me like a book.

I sit him up with his legs laid out on the blanket; place myself sitting over him with my legs wrapped around his muscular Escort Zonguldak back. Rising my body up I meet his eyes, then I bring myself down onto his so my pussy is touching the tip of his cock. Down I go, he is completely inside me. It feels so nice having his thick long cock entirely inside, slow and steady I ride him, to enjoy the full pleasure.

My fingers softly glide up and down the skin of his back, awakening the full sensations of his body. I begin to ride him harder, my breast rub against his chest. He is loving it! His pelvis is thrusting into me with craving enthusiasm. Tightly my arms wrap around his neck, I fuck him the way we both want. I need more control of how I wish to please us both.

I throw him back so he is lying completely on the blanket and straddle him using every possible movement and angle of my pussy, to aspire to our ultimate desire. As I fuck him intensely, I start to enjoy the sensual pleasure of me rubbing my clit with my fingers, whilst bobbing up and down on this sexy beast of a man. The moans that exhale from his mouth turn me on and drive me to fuck harder, my pussy tightens around his dick with strengthening force.

With sweat beading down our warm skin he exits me and rolls me onto my back. Not for too long though; he has full control now; spreading my legs wide apart he drives himself inside me. He enjoys watching his cock slide in and out of my wet swollen pussy. His whole body is now on top of me while his hands are on my shoulder adding downward pressure onto me so his dick can achieve the welcomed climax we have been working towards. I know he couldn’t possibly plunge into me any deeper; I can feel the base of his shaft slamming against my pussy.

He pushes my legs back over my head and holds them together tightly. Oh god the pleasure this position creates due to the tight friction is beyond description.

If he holds my legs any tighter I’m sure I will bruise, but at least the bruises will remind me of the awesome fuck I had! The moment has arrived! His teeth gritted together tightly; fucking me intensely to both our delight; but the end is inevitable. I feel the hot sensation of him exploding inside me, cum oozing out everywhere. Can’t waste the best bit!

I hurriedly position myself to lick up his still spilling liquid from his cock. As I tenderly suckle him he easily slides his fingers inside me too climax me to my inevitable orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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