Beach Getaway (Sara’s Story)

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I met Ben four years ago and we got married last year. We were well into our 40s when we got married — my second marriage and Ben’s first.

My first marriage was traumatic. Jeff was charming when we were dating, but soon after we were married he became unbearably controlling — always paranoid that I was having an affair. If I came home from work 5 minutes late or dared to spend some time with a friend, all hell would break loose. It was isolating and exhausting. For much of my 30s, Jeff chipped away at my confidence and self-worth.

And the sex was just horrible. While Jeff did have a sizeable cock (which he bragged about incessantly), he had no idea how to use it. He was a crass, lazy lover who would stick it in me as quickly as he could. I was never ready and it often hurt. I came to hate sex — it was painful and humiliating — an awful chore of an unhappy marriage.

In Ben, I had found the opposite. He is intelligent and compassionate — a happy, healthy, whole person who has no need to control anybody. He treats me like an adult. And the sex has always been beautiful. He is a slow, sensual lover. His penis, while average in size, gives me more pleasure in one night than Jeff did in our entire marriage.

But things slowed down considerably after we tied the knot. Sex has become non-existent in the last year — once a month at most. And the sex we were having was losing its magic. That initial spark and excitement didn’t exist anymore. I was starting to feel more like his roommate, not his lover. We were both approaching 50 and I feared we were becoming an old boring couple.

We don’t look particularly old — both of us are fit and slim. Ben has a short, slim frame and an impossibly cute, toned ass. And while I don’t look like I did in my 20s, my ass will still turn heads once in awhile. My C cup breasts aren’t nearly as pert as they used to be, but still fill out a bathing suit nicely.

Ben and I are a nice contrast. I’m nearly 5’10, pale and slightly freckled, while Ben is 5’7, slim, and has beautiful brown South Asian skin. Maybe it’s because I’m half Mexican, but I’ve always had a thing for darker skinned men. Almost all my previous boyfriends were Latin or South Asian or African American.

And in my twenties, I had a healthy sexual appetite. Many of my boyfriends were fun in bed. The pain and drama of romance notwithstanding, I had some great times. I can remember a handful of threesomes, and one or two very skilled, very well-endowed lovers. But all that seems like several lifetimes ago. My first marriage destroyed my sense of adventure and joy.

Thankfully, Ben has been such a healing presence in my life. Our sex life brought a level of joy and openness to me that I had completely forgotten. I never talked about my sexual history with Jeff. But with Ben I did. Not everything. I never went into explicit details, but he had a general idea. He doesn’t have a jealous streak. I think it kind of turned him on. And in turn, Ben shared his sexual history with me — including the fact that he’s had sex with men.

As far as I know, I have never been with a bisexual man, and I have to admit that I was a bit taken aback by Ben’s admission. He told me about six months after we started dating…it was clearly difficult for him to reveal — I was the only woman he had ever told. Ben has had all kinds of sexual adventures with men. I’m so glad that he trusted me with this private part of himself. It made us closer and more intimate. Honestly, part of me is a bit turned on by it. I love Ben — every part of him, which is why I married him.

Our life together is good, but again, the sex was simply not happening. As varied and profuse as our individual and collective sex lives had been, it seemed like that part of our life was over.

To look at us, no one would think anything was missing. In many ways, we have a great life. Neither of us have children, and while we aren’t rich, we have enough money to occasionally enjoy the finer things in life.

One of the luxuries I’ve been able to acquire with all my hard work is a condo by the beach. It’s nothing spectacular — it’s a cozy studio, but I renovated it to my liking, and it has a balcony that overlooks the ocean. I love spending time there. It’s only an hour or so from our apartment, but I’m not there as often as I’d like. Our schedules rarely allow any extended time there.

So one week Ben and I just took a few days off. We got there on a Wednesday and basically just slept for a couple of days. On Friday, we finally ventured out to the beach. It a bit colder than we would have liked, but the sun was shining — we donned our bathing suits and enjoyed feeling the sand between our toes.

We walked towards the southern end of this particular beach, which is the unofficial gay/nude section. This is our favorite part of the beach. It’s very relaxed and peaceful, and because it’s predominantly gay men, I feel comfortable being topless. Ben gets far more attention here than I ever casino oyna would.

It was relatively sparse. Ben and I found a nice spot and set up our towels. We both fell asleep.

I woke up some time later and noticed the beach was still relatively empty. A few random folks here and there, and a gay couple that was about 15 feet away from us. They looked to be around our age — maybe a bit younger. They looked to be Latin — perhaps Puerto Rican. They were both completely naked.

On this part of the beach, that’s not at all unusual. I’ve been to this part of the beach many times and had seen a multitude of sizes and shapes of naked bodies — men and women. And of course, a particularly attractive body will occasionally catch my eye, but it’s not something I usually take stock of.

These guys, however, had some noticeable assets. Both of their penises were flaccid, but bigger than many erect cocks I’ve seen. Or maybe they weren’t completely flaccid? I wasn’t sure, and then realized maybe I shouldn’t be looking at their cocks.

I took off my top and headed for the water…the water was cold, but it felt great. I swam and splashed and played and really enjoyed myself. I implored Ben to join me, but he refused. As I walked back to our towels, I was aware of how the cold had made my nipples very erect.

“Is it cold?” I heard. I looked to my right and one of our naked neighbors was talking to me. For a moment, I thought he was making fun of me and my hardened nipples.

But as I looked at him, I realized I was wrong. He had a kind, genuine smile on his face and was genuinely asking. He was tall and slim and, again, the size of his member was hard to ignore. I blushed, wondering why I was checking out a gay man’s penis.

“It’s not bad,” I blurted out. “Go for it.”

He and his friend (lover? partner?) made their way into the water as I got back to our towels. Watching them frolic in the water, it was clear to me they were a couple. They had a joy and an intimacy about them that was fun to watch — even heartwarming. They had the energy and spirit of young children — innocent and kind.

“You guys want some food?” I asked them as they left the water. I had brought all these drinks and snacks, and something about these guys made me want to break bread with them — or in this case, gluten-free crackers.

They toweled themselves off first and walked over towards us and introduced themselves. The taller one, who asked me about the water, is Junot, and his friend is Carlos. Both of them were still naked and I was still topless. Ben had his trunks on.

They were both friendly guys — particularly Junot. Junot is tall — nearly six feet perhaps, and slim. His fit smooth torso, dark features, and buzzed haircut were striking. Carlos is about my height, beefier and hairier, with a thick head of dark hair. Both guys, I realized up close, are uncircumcised.

We chatted for quite some time. I’m not one for pseudo-spirituality, but these guys just had a wonderful vibration about them. They are not Puerto Rican as I initially guessed, but Costa Rican. Costa Rican Spanish and Mexican Spanish is slightly different — but close enough. I love speaking Spanish — it’s such a beautiful, musical language. Ben doesn’t speak it, but he kept up as we went back and forth between English and Spanish.

I suppose it’s kind of strange to stand around half naked talking to strangers, but we were hitting it off so well that I kind of forgot we were all basically naked (although I have to admit, Junot’s cock kept catching my eye — I was careful not to stare). Junot it turns out is a musician and Carlos is a visual artist. I drag Ben to music shows and art galleries all the time — I think he likes them well enough, but it’s really more my thing. I own several guitars that I love to play when I have time — two of them I keep at the beach condo. Junot and I must have gone on for half an hour about our tastes in music and guitars.

I invited the guys over for a proper dinner, some guitar playing, and maybe some marijuana. The guys enthusiastically accepted. I’ve never heard of a musician turn down good weed. We got dressed, packed up, and headed for the condo. I checked in with Ben to make sure he was okay with company — he gave me an affirmative peck on the lips.

I love to cook and entertain — and as soon as we got home, I made sure everyone had something to drink and some pot brownies to snack on while I prepared a quick dinner.

I let the guys get cleaned up. Ben showered first, and when he came out he didn’t bother to get dressed. I shot him a “what the fuck are you doing” look.

“What?” he asked. “You’ve been naked all day,” he offered.

Maybe because I already had a few pot brownies, I didn’t care. I laughed at Ben. “OK Naked Man,” I teased him as I saw his cute little ass walk away from me.

The guys showered — and they also remained nude. After serving dinner, I quickly showered — and perhaps out of peer slot oyna pressure — I didn’t bother with clothing either. I did feel apprehensive — somehow I felt more self-conscious in my own apartment than on the beach. But Ben was here — and these guys are gay — they’d be looking at Ben more than me.

We sat around our cozy dining table in the buff — eating and chatting and becoming blissfully high. We were telling our ‘couple’ stories — when we met, how long we were together, etc.

It was then that it became clear that Junot and Carlos are not a couple. I was kind of shocked. They seemed to have a strong connection, I was so sure they were a couple.

And then it came out that they are not gay.

Junot and Carlos are bisexual. And they are lifelong friends who both used to be married to women. I don’t know why this surprised me so much. I know many gay men. Except for Ben, I didn’t know any men who identify as bisexual.

I became uncomfortable suddenly. It’s one thing to be sitting here naked in front of relative strangers who are gay. But these guys are at least partly interested in women. Part of my comfort, and perhaps part of my attraction, was the fact that they had no interest in me sexually. I wanted to get dressed.

I didn’t. Instead, in my anxiety, I blurted out that Ben is also bisexual. I shouldn’t have done that. Ben is extremely private about that part of his life. I was taken aback as soon as I said it. I looked to Ben immediately and gave him a panicked “Is that ok?” look. He seemed totally fine with it. He even cracked a joke about how we’ve all sucked cock. He seemed to be having as good a time. We all were. I felt safe again.

I saw Junot eyeing my guitars. “Want to play?” I asked.

I showed him my two guitars. He picked one of them up and started playing — it was incredible — he is a masterful guitar player. I watched him in awe and envy as he played that guitar with command and ease. I was mesmerized.

He asked me to join him — I was embarrassed. “I’m not nearly as good as you,” I objected.

But it wasn’t a contest for Junot. It was all about fun. I played a song for the room, and Junot looked at me askew. “You’re good!” he exclaimed.

We played song after song, singing and laughing. We were a strange sight I’m sure, naked with our guitars. But I was having a great time. I couldn’t remember the last time I had so much fun. I was getting a little paranoid that I was gushing over Junot a bit too much. I gave Ben a few “check in” glances, and he still seemed to be having a great time.

At one point, I kept trying to play a particular song and was having trouble with a particular chord — the F major. Junot could play it without skipping a beat and showed a few tricks on how to play it smoothly. He got behind me, positioning my arms and fingers to properly play the chord. He is a very good teacher, and within a few minutes I was able to play it much better. Not nearly as well as Junot, but definitely better. I’ve always had trouble with that chord, and it felt so good to make tangible progress on it.

As Junot was teaching me, I could feel him behind me. In this precarious position, he was being a complete gentleman. There was no hint of anything lewd or sexual coming from him. But I could still feel his cock against my ass. It was large and soft, and part of me felt that it was starting to grow. I was very aware of his penis. And I was also very aware of Ben watching us. I gave him some reassuring smiles — he didn’t seem bothered by what we were doing.

I have to admit, the feel of Junot’s cock against my backside was a turn on. I had been taken with Junot since I met him. But realizing that Junot is not gay made my attraction more real — and much more confusing with my husband Ben watching us. These thoughts raced through my mind, but ultimately, I was having a wonderful time — and was letting loose in a way I hadn’t in years.

After a day of beach and an evening of food and fun, we were all starting to fade. Junot and Carlos started to pack up their things, but I didn’t see the point of them trekking back to their place. We have a futon couch that folds out to a bed, as well as the queen-sized bed Ben and I sleep on. I insisted they spend the night. I don’t think I had any other motive other than hospitality, but part of me just wanted to spend more time with Junot. We set up the futon for them, and all of us dozed off quickly.

I woke up a few hours later needing to pee. I tip toed to the bathroom, careful not to wake anyone. As I was about to get back into bed, I noticed Junot on the balcony. I could see his silhouette in the moonlight. He was still nude. His body looked beautiful. He was facing away from me — looking out onto the ocean.

I joined him. We chatted quietly in Spanish. At first, we talked about the day and the beauty of the ocean, but the conversation veered into deeper topics — life, art, love. We talked about our failed marriages and shared the canlı casino siteleri pain of divorce. We must have been out there for almost an hour. We had been facing out onto the ocean for most of our conversation, but the way the moon hit Junot’s face was remarkable. He is a beautiful man.

We looked at each. I got lost in his eyes — his beautiful brown eyes. I felt his lips against mine — momentarily dazed by the sensation. And then I kissed him back.

We kissed slowly and sensually. Our tongues slowly dancing in each other while our hands roamed each other’s backs. His embrace was strong and all encompassing. I could feel him grow against me and when I looked down, I saw his erect penis. I was mesmerized by its size and beauty. I would have guessed eight or nine inches. I gently stroked him. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted it.

Almost in a trance, I dropped to my knees. I took him in my mouth. The moonlight. The ocean. This beautiful man’s beautiful cock in my mouth. I felt sexy. I felt desirable. I was getting very wet.

I licked and sucked and stroked his cock — his groans were getting loud. I took his cock out of my mouth and silently urged him to be quiet.

At that moment, reality set in and I went into a small panic. What was I doing? How could I do this? My loving husband was just a few feet away asleep in our bed. I shouldn’t have been doing this, yet here I was.

I looked at the big beautiful cock in front of me and just couldn’t help myself. My lust overtook my reservations and I sucked Junot off like a porn star. He held onto my shoulders as he came — I swallowed, something I rarely do.

We tip-toed back into the apartment. Junot went back to the futon, and I went to the bathroom to clean-up. I rinsed the remnants of Junot’s cum out of my mouth. I was in disbelief at what had happened. I had never once cheated on Jeff — who was an awful husband. Ben is kind and thoughtful, and I just betrayed him. A few feet away from him. What have I done?

I looked in the mirror and saw my nearly fifty year old body — I felt shame and remorse, but I was also aroused — deeply profoundly aroused. I hated what I just did and I loved what I just did. How will I tell Ben? Will I tell Ben?

I crawled back into bed and curled up next to Ben, wondering if I had just ruined our marriage. I could feel him breathing. I could feel his hand grab my breast. I could feel his hard cock against my backside. He started grinding himself into me.

Without warning he thrust himself into me — hard — I gasped. My pussy gave no resistance, but I was still taken aback. Ben has never been that aggressive. Before I could say anything, Ben raised my hips up towards him and had me on all fours. He grabbed onto my hips and just fucked me.

The sound of our skin slapping against each other was loud. Coupled with our animalistic grunts, it was obscene. The fact that Junot and Carlos were in the same room should have stopped us, but it didn’t. As Ben continued to aggressively pound me from behind, any sense of propriety or decorum vanished. I knew I was being watched…and I liked it.

As I was approaching an orgasm, I could see Junot from the corner of my eye. He was standing on the other side of the bed — naked and magnificently erect. I could see the mix of lust and wonderment in his eyes. I admired his handsome face and beautiful lips. I came. Ben came.

Ben collapsed onto the bed, but I remained on all fours. I turned my head and looked back at Ben. We held eye contact for several seconds. We were both dazed. I didn’t know what to say. He didn’t either. We remained silent.

I turned my head back to the room to find Junot’s cock in front of my face. I caressed it with one hand and looked back at Ben. Again, we stared at each other silently. I cannot describe what we were communicating. Anger? Lust? Complete confusion? I didn’t know. But the arousal was overwhelming. Ben had recovered quickly and was fully erect. And I was in heat. I couldn’t stop myself.

I kissed Junot’s cock. Then I rose up and kissed Junot. He kissed me back. We fell onto the bed, Junot on top of me, pushing Ben out of the way. I wrapped my legs around him and we continued our make out session. His cock rubbed against my pussy and the head slipped in.

Just his cockhead was thicker than anything I’d experienced in a long time. It felt so good I let out a long, guttural groan of pleasure. He penetrated slowly and firmly, and by the time he bottomed out, I was in ecstasy. Orgasm hit me instantly and continued in waves.

In this moment, I have to admit, I completely forgot about Ben. I forgot about everything — its as if Junot and I were in our own alternate universe. I was jarred out of our fantasy as we switched positions. On all fours, I could feel Junot even deeper inside of me, and I could see Ben.

I didn’t believe my eyes. Across the room, Ben was also on his knees. In front of Carlos. With Carlos’ cock in his mouth. I know Ben is bisexual but to see it in person was surreal. Ben clearly knew how to suck cock — Carlos’ entire cock was in Ben’s mouth. Carlos looked to be in ecstasy. He was cumming. Ben was swallowing. In that instant, Junot came inside of me.

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