Beauty and the Boss Ch. 02

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It had been three weeks since Layla and James shared their first erotic moments together. Layla had lost many hours of sleep lately. James constantly ran through her mind. His piercing eyes and intoxicating musky smell lingered on Layla’s mind constantly. She fell asleep thinking about him, dreamt about him, and woke up wishing he was cozied up next to her.

James was making more frequent appearances at the office where Layla worked. He would use seemingly pointless excuses to stop by, even if it was only for a moment. James and Layla always stood a little too close to each other. They would intentionally brush up against each other in the hall and Layla would lean over his shoulder while he was reading an important document. She would rest her large voluptuous breasts on his back when she gently leaned forward. Her silky brown hair brushed along his cheek and he would move ever so gently towards her to smell the floral scent of her locks.

Layla was becoming impatient. James was indeed married and they had agreed to not contact each other until it was safe to do so. The last thing James wanted was to get caught cheating. He enjoyed making love to Layla but would absolutely hate the misery of being found out. James had not initiated a rendevous since that first afternoon of bliss. Layla had had enough of the waiting. She needed James, and she needed him now.

That evening, Mr. Price, Layla and James attended a trade show. Layla was determined to approach James with a proposition. Layla used the loud atmosphere to mask her conversation with James. She leaned into him and whispered in his ear.

“James, I miss your body.”

“And I miss yours baby.”

“We need to get together” Layla said with determination and an ounce of pleading in her voice.

“I know, Layla. You know it’s hard for me to steal away for a couple of hours without my whereabouts being questioned.”

Mildly disappointed and feeling slightly rejected, Layla huffed and said, “I know. But I could really use some stress relief. I’m taking a big midterm in two days.” Layla was being playful and shot James her perfectly crooked smile. He couldn’t resist her.

“Ahhhh, so you need some stress relief? I’ll see what I can do,” said James.

Layla could see the wheels turning in his head. She planted the right seeds. The rest of the evening was eventless. They all parted separate ways. Layla was happy to be headed home. She needed lots of sleep and tomorrow was her day off.

The next morning, Layla was awoken escort şişli by her cell phone vibrating. She wanted to ignore it. She wanted to just roll back over and fall asleep and hope to dream of James once more before she got out of bed. Against her own wishes though, she retched over to her nightstand and through bleary eyes read the awaiting text message:

“I’ve got some free time this morning. Any thoughts?”

It was from James! Layla was ecstatic! She replied nonchalantly with, “Yeah, I’m free. Where? When?”

James replied, “Drive towards the office. I’ll send you an address and a room number.”

Layla was mildly surprised that James was getting a hotel room for them. She had hoped that she would get to lay in a bed with him instead of lay on the hard uncomfortable floor of his office.

Layla hopped in the shower as fast as she could and did a pretty bang up job of her makeup. She put on a comfortable pair of jeans, a grey fitted tank top that perfectly accented her flat stomach and large breasts, and the sexiest pair of black heels she could find. She didn’t want to keep James waiting at all. She tried to drive the speed limit but kept driving faster than she should. Half way through her drive, James sent her a text with the hotel address and the room number. It was at that moment, that her wishes had been granted.

Layla parked her car behind the hotel. She walked around to the entrance and shot a smile at the front desk clerk. Layla spoke first. “Room 212?” The clerk smiled as if she knew what was about to happen and waved her hand in the general direction of room 212.

The walk towards room 212 felt long, but Layla knew the anticipation was dragging time for her. She counted up the room numbers until she finally reached 212. The door was cracked open, so she walked in and locked the door behind her.

The narrow hallway that led towards the bedroom suite was darkly lit. Layla hastened around the corner where she found James sitting in an over sized brown leather recliner. He had his feet propped up and he was watching the History channel.

Layla looked at James, then at the TV, then back at James. She waved her hand and gave him a casual hello. As with last time, James patted his lap and beckoned Layla to sit with him. She slowly walked over to him. Seizing the opportunity of his already reclined position, Layla laid on top of James. Their eyes locked and then their lips locked. Layla cradled her arms around James’ neck and held him tight. James escort beşiktaş pushed his tongue into her mouth and licked her ferociously. He nibbled on her bottom lip. This made Layla let out a carnal growl. James caressed the small of her back and moved his hands down her round tight ass. Layla began to grind her very wet pussy over his growing erection. James followed Layla’s movement. Their bodies formed a beautiful ebb and flow of seductive movement.

James’ moaning began when Layla slid her hand down the front of his pants. James wanted to take control of the situation so with one fell swoop, Layla was up in the air and tossed gently on the bed, landing on her back. James followed and threw himself on top of her. Their wet kisses lasted for a while. They loved to kiss each other. It was like grade school all over again and they savored every moment.

It didn’t take long for their clothes to fall completely off their bodies. Layla wasn’t even sure how her shirt came off, but she didn’t stop to think about the logistics. All that mattered was that she was with James and she was utterly naked.

James removed his last article of clothing; a pair of navy boxer briefs. Once these were tossed aside, Layla was able to bask in the glory that was his enormous cock. James roughly pushed Layla’s legs apart. He squarely fit his hips against hers and grabbed his cock. James caressed Layla’s clit with his head. She loved how good this felt. She was very wet and very ready for him to enter her. James teased her for some time. He would insert his long fingers into her pussy and rub her clit. He worked her up to the point where her body was thrashing about the bed. Layla began to thrust her hips hard into James’ fingers. He took this as his cue to finger fuck her hard and fast. Layla felt the wave of an impending orgasm wash over her entire body. In an instant, every muscle clenched in exquisite pleasure. Layla’s body fell still and the only movement came from her trembling lips. Quiet sighs of satisfaction parted with her lips. James sat next to her and enjoyed every moment of her orgasm. He placed a gentle hand on her thigh and lightly squeezed. This brought Layla out of her orgasmic trance. At once, Layla wanted to please James just as he pleased her. Layla sat up, her perfect breasts glistening in the dim light. She crawled her way over to James and touched his bare rock hard chest. She pushed him onto the bed and mounted him. Layla stroked his hard cock before placing it inside her wet pussy. escort beyoğlu James closed his eyes and leaned his head back. His breathing was heavy and his grip on Layla’s waist tightened. Layla slowly rose up and down on his cock. With each movement, James would push up towards her to get just a little bit deeper. James pulled Layla towards him to kiss her. Layla tried to not break stride, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to fuck him and kiss him at the same time. His tongue flicked and his mouth sucked her lips. He fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples. James wrapped his arms around her body and in a very fluid movement, laid their interlocked bodies on their side. James continued where Layla had left off. He pumped his cock in and out with increasing speed. His hands grabbed at Layla’s hair and he pulled so hard her head jerked back. Layla moaned and yelled at him to pull harder. James didn’t hesitate to oblige. They fucked like this for many minutes. James’ body was ready to come. He had reached a pivotal point and needed to explode inside Layla’s warm pussy. Deeper and deeper, James’s cock went and with a final thrust, he spilled his hot load in her pussy.

A layer of dew glistened over Layla’s body in the aftermath of their sex. James ran a single finger up and down her stomach sending chills up her spine. Layla laid their with one hand draped over her forehead and the other wrapped around James’ neck. She took these moments to smell his thick locks of brown hair. She loved the way he smelled. They laid there for many moments drifting in and out of a light sleep.

Layla woke up first. She listened to her lover’s heart beat and pulled him closer. This movement woke James up. He smiled at her and kissed her forehead. Layla could feel a tear come to her eye. She wasn’t sure why she got so emotional when James would gently kiss her that way. But she didn’t mind it. She gave him her classic crooked smile and quickly thought of something else to get her mind off of her emotions. James returned the tight embrace and patted her on the ass. Layla laughed and said “We should do this more often.”

James replied, “We should do this every day.”

Layla nodded and said, “Honey, we do this everyday in my mind.”

With that, James chuckled and left the bed to take a shower. Layla knew she had to leave alone, so she hastily got dressed and left the hotel room. She left a note on the bed for James that said, “Thanks, Mr. Carrick. You were amazing. xoxox, Layla” She ran down the hall and to her car. She didn’t look back, but she could almost feel James’ eyes on her as she was leaving.

For the rest of that day, Layla was stoked. She went to bed that evening completely satisfied. That night, she wouldn’t have to use her vibrator.

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