Becoming Bi Ch. 04

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I’m taking my shower while the girls are upstairs in the bedroom trying on their new outfits. Just thinking about it is making me hard like hell. It takes all the will power that I have not to jerk off.

I come out of the shower dry myself up, put on my thick robe and run upstairs imagining the girls trying on skimpy little outfits or sexy underwear. God I’m horny, after that blowjob with Steve and then Kats sexy way of telling me to join her and Mel in the bedroom, my balls on fire.

I turn the corner and walk into the bedroom to be greeted by the most beautiful sight in the world; Kat is laying-down on the bed, Mel’s on top of her in a 69 position. They didn’t even open their packages; I guess they went for each other’s body right away. So they’ve been at it for some time now. Facing me is Mel’s beautiful ass with her cunt on Kats mouth. Kat looks up at me and winks. I never thought I’d see this. Kat isn’t as open about bisexuality as I am, we’d often talked about it and she wasn’t sure if she’d like to go down on another girl, sometimes when she was really horny she’d say she’d like to try it, but other times it was out of the question and the opportunity never came up. But here it was, right in front of my eyes, Kat with another girl’s ass on her face, what a turn-on. I could just stand bahis firmaları there and look at this beautiful sight forever. Kat kissing, licking, munching on that delicious pussy. looks like she’s really is enjoying this.

Kat grabs both of Mel’s asscheek and spreads them real good at the same time winking at me; she’s sucking on Mel’s clit and her eyes beacons me to join in, what else can a man do! Kat’s head is close to the end of the bed so I kneel down on floor and bring my mouth to Mel’s ass and kiss those beautiful cheeks, I hear Mel moan in Kat’s pussy, I guess she didn’t here me come up, she isn’t pushing me away so I guess it’s OK for me to keep going. I then start licking my way towards the centre. I lick all around her puckered asshole without touching it, up and down the crack. Looks like it’s giving Mel some nice feelings, she is moaning constantly now so I bring my tongue to her sweet target, I tongue fuck her ass, she moans louder which is sending nice vibes in Kat’s pussy who in return starts to moan also. Both girls are now moaning in each others pussy, the more they moan, the more vibration this makes, the more they suck on each other, the closer they’re getting to cumming. My mouth is practically glued to Mel’s ass; I hold on to her so my mouth doesn’t come off her asshole, they kaçak iddaa are now bucking and moaning louder, almost screaming, Mel’s the first one to cum she tenses up and screams in Kat’s pussy never taking her mouth away, her head is bucking, moving up and down like she’s giving a blowjob to a tiny cock, from where I’m standing I can’t see really good but it looks like she has Kat’s clit in her mouth. This does it for Kat, she cums like crazy. I move back just in time to look at them buck in each others arms, trashing around, they then calm down and stop sucking each others pussy, they just lick the pussy juice leaking from those spent cunts. They spend the next five minutes are so just licking and kissing between their thighs. I’m standing there mesmerized by the beauty of it all, sprouting the biggest hardon I’ve ever had. If they keep this up I think I’ll blow my load without even touching myself.

There’s only one thing more beautiful than a woman orgasming, it’s two women orgasming at the same time. Of all the beauty in the world there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman reaching an orgasm and then coming back down from that peak. If I ever live to be a thousand years old I know I’ll never see anything more beautiful.

I move closer to them and kneel on the bed as they turn to look at me. kaçak bahis They shift around so their faces are close to my cock, Mel gets a hold of my cock with her sweet lips and she starts sucking, Kat starts licking my balls and then sucks them in her mouth. Shit I’m gonna blow anytime now, this feeling is unbelievable. All of a sudden Kat lets go of my balls and gets up, I don’t quite understand what she’s doing but I can’t really think anyway. She goes behind me and lays down on her back with her head real close to my ass, she wiggles herself so her head ends up under my ass and she starts licking, hhhooo fuck, she’s now rimming me, fucking my ass with her tongue, Mel sees that I’m loosing control so she starts deepthroating my dick. That’s it, I can hold on any longer, Kats tongue in my ass, my cock buried to the balls in Mel beautiful mouth, I start to cum and god do I ever cum, I’m pumping loads of cum down Mels throat and she doesn’t miss a drop she just stays right there glued to my crotch, I can feel the muscles in her throat draining my balls.

As the last drops spill from my dick Mel pull her mouth away and licks the last drop with her smooth tongue, Kat now gets out from under me as I collapse on the bed. In a daze I see my two beautiful girls share a passionate kiss, sharing whatever’s left of my cum.

This is too much for little old me and I doze off as I here the doorbell ring.

Until next time. Take care of yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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