Bed-n-Brunch Ho

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When I married my dream goddess I had no idea that she had been such a nympho slut before college. I only knew that she’d been the prom queen, and head cheerleader in her high school. In college she became a member of the most elite sorority on campus. And why not, what with her angelic face, long flowing silver white mane that fell in waves down to around her waist that did little to hide her firm lush figure, why wouldn’t every male on campus fall in love/lust with her instantly. Gillian, or Jill as she preferred to be introduced, came from fine Swedish stock. And I adored her the moment our eyes met.

Three seconds after groping her in the back seat of my car I proposed. Six months after I passed the Bar we were married. And it was only two weeks after our honeymoon that I caught her in our wedding bed, down on all fours, getting fucked in the ass by a huge black man named Stud Jones.

I’d just closed an account, and the boss gave me the rest of the day off. As you can guess, I hurried home, parking in the garage before going in the house to search for Jill. All was quiet as I moved first through the kitchen, then the living room before heading down the hallway to our bedroom. I was about to rush in when I heard a moan that froze me in mid step instantly. Since the door was ajar I pushed it open slightly to peek inside.

I froze again as I spotted Jill on all fours naked under a hulking, sweaty black giant whose hard throbbing massive foot long, beer can thick cock ravaged what I considered the tightest white ass on the planet earth in long measured strokes.

“Yeah you like this nigger dick up your pooper, don’t ya slut?” Chuckled the black man in my bed. “You’re Stud Jones married white bitch now, ain’t ya?”

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Yesssssssss! I love your big nigger dick up my tight ass, Stud! Oh FUCK!”

Continuing to saw his big black cock in and out of my wife’s shitter with faster, and faster thrusts they were both oblivious to my presence. My own cock making a tent in my trousers just from watching this adulterous spectacle kept my anger from mounting, and my jealousy in full check. Watching ones wife fuck another man is probably the most deeply buried sexual turn on of every married man, and I was no different, especially if she were to get fucked by someone who was her obvious opposite in every way possible. That she was cheating on me was now a fact. That she looked great doing it was beyond most people’s scope to believe.

“Fuck my ass, Nigger! Fuck me! I love it!”

And Stud’s black ass began to shove the hammer to her butt hole with real zeal then. Jill reaching in between her thighs to diddle her own clitty as her body jiggled rapturously right there before me. The sight of my wife begging that black man to fuck white ass her was better than watching any porno slut as far as I was concerned. So I reached down, unzipped my pants, pulled out my prick, and began to jerk off as I enjoyed the show. It was then that I noticed the gold ring pierced in Jill’s right nipple, and the bruising around it. I was in total shock, and came just thinking of what she had put herself through for her black lover’s cock already, wondering just how long this had been going on behind my back.

I should have taken notice two weeks earlier when she’d trimmed her white pubic fleece into a tight little Mohawk triangle that pointed right at her slit. But she’d said she’d done that just for me, and intended to get a complete bikini wax to keep it that way. I should have figured it out when she began to wear garter belts, and stockings instead of pantyhose a week after the trim. But I hadn’t, and now I could only wonder at how she was going to explain her new permanent jewelry without giving up her secret lover.

I eased back from the door then just as Stud was filling my wife’s ass with his black seed, and headed out the way I’d come in. I drove to the nearest bar, and called home then, telling Jill that the boss had given me the rest of the day off, and did she want me to bring anything home for diner.

“Chinese,” was all she could choke out in reply, and I heard acıbadem escort Stud’s muffled laughter through the line as well.

From that day on I took my lunch breaks at home. Of course Jill showed me the pierced nipple that very night, saying that it had been something she’d wanted to do for years, but had never had the courage, or money for before now. It was then that I saw the ring up close, and knew that it was the 24-karet gold engagement ring with the 2-karet diamond that I’d given her over a year ago. I could hardly accuse her of having another lover do that to her tit when it was my ring. But I could suggest another piercing.

“Too bad you didn’t get your clitty pierced with your wedding band, eh,”

“Maybe next time I will,” Jill replied, then pulled my cock out, and began sucking me off.

Actually managing to swallow my cock to where her nose pressed against my pubic hairs. Something she’d obviously learned doing her black lover, no doubt. Now I’m no puny needle dick the bug fucker, but at nine inches, and nowhere as thick as a beer bottle, I was hardly in Stud Jone’s league as a cock’s man. And too, there was the difference in marital bliss, and an adulterous taboo with fucking a man of color that I had to contend with here also. The kinky kind of kicks that only a true slut would ever dare to take on. But I wondered then, as my cock jerked, feeding the cum from my balls into her mouth, and every day after that if she would ever consider doing those kicks for my entertainment as well as her own? Surely there had to be a way to integrate myself into her secret living fantasy life.

A week of nooners with Stud Jones later, and I came home to find no one in the house at lunchtime. I had started parking my car on another block after that first day, so I wasn’t worried about them catching me spying on them, or pulling in behind me without my knowing it. A quick tour around the house later, and I was sure he’d taken her elsewhere to fuck. I was on my way out when I heard voices in the garage, and barely managed to scramble into our bedroom closet before Jill led Stud, and another black man into our bedroom. The louvered doors giving me a great view of the entire room.

Dressed in spandex tight painted on white pants, and a loose fitting beige silk blouse, her face made up slightly heavier than conservative, and her hair up in a braided bun, the four inch heeled shoes she wore gave her that tarnished come-fuck-me look. Especially with the stranger’s big black hand cupping her ass when they entered our bedroom.

“Okay, slut,” Stud directed, “strip!”

Without hesitation Jill slipped out of her blouse first giving us a great view of her breasts in a quarter cup white demi bra that not only exposed her nipples completely, but must have kept them erect rubbing up against that silk blouse. Hanging her blouse on the bed post at the foot of the bed, she then put her thumbs in the waist band of those spandex pants, and began wriggling out of them as well. The scene was like a weird version of a voluptuous snake shedding its skin. When she was through with her pants she stood magnifisciently in the center of the room in just the matching white thong, and demi bra set she’d worn on our wedding day.

“Nice lips,” Stud said, and he pointed at what looked like a lipstick tattoo now emblazoned on my wife’s right butt cheek. “Does it still hurt?”

“Mostly it itches,” Jill replied about her new tattoo.

“Well Lou, you better get started fucking her then to take her mind off of it.”

“You got that right!” Lou replied, and picked Jill up putting her down on our bed on her back, then reaching out pulled her thong panties down and off letting them float to the floor indifferently.

In moments his kinky black haired head was between my wife’s white silken thighs. His tongue gliding insidiously along her smooth white flesh to the secret folds of her womanhood.

“Mmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmm,” Jill moaned as the strange black man’s tongue reached her grotto, slid along her moist slit, and slurped against her erect clitty. Her legs atalar escort going up to wrap around Lou’s head at his shoulders as her hands reached down to keep his head in place fisting in the man’s kinky hair. “Ooooooooooooooooo yeah, baby! Eat my pussssssssssssssssssy!”

Stud took the time to get undressed as his friend warmed up my wife’s bottom for both of them. Lou even dipped his tongue into Jill’s asshole to lube that up as well bringing Jill to three quick mini orgasms in the process. It took every ounce of concentration on my part to get my dick out of my pants without disturbing anything else in the closet around me. In the mean time, Lou was kissing and licking his way up my wife’s flesh, tasting all of her. Stopping first to dip his tongue into her navel, then upward between her spread creamy white thighs his black body slithered.

When Lou reached Jill’s heaving chest he took a lip lock first on her quivering left tit. Suckling at her peaked nipple like a starved babe, those thick black lips contrasting outrageously against my wife’s bar room tan. Jill’s skin had always been too sensitive for her to sizzle it out under a harsh blazing sun.

Stud joined them on the bed then, and started to fondle Jill’s right breast, tugging the gold ring pierced in that nipple absentmindedly. Stretching her tittie up like a great circus tent, as I stroked my dick slowly inside of our closet looking on through the louvered door. Jill’s arms wrapping around both men’s heads to hold them in place as Lou moved up further so that his big black cock rested up against her wet slit.

“Yessssssssssssss! Stick it in! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!”

With studied patience, Lou lowered his hips, and I watched as the head of a stranger’s black cock pierced into my slice of white heaven inch by torturing inch.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooooh! Fuck yes!” Jill groaned out, her eyes rolling to the back of her head in demonic rapture as that vile black snake stretched out her fuck tunnel more than I ever would be able to. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Jill’s hips coming off of our mattress to entreat further abuse of her genitals then as Lou started a steady slow in and out fucking of her well oiled twat. Stud moving slightly so as to French kiss Jill long and hard while his black friend fucked in and out of her pussy at a steady pace. His black hands caressing her white flesh everywhere Lou wasn’t. Her body more than anything telling me that she was coming long, and hard right then as she convulsed, and shook the entire bed in the process.

It was similar to what I’d always pictured in my mind of snakes mating what with arms and limbs slithering every which way there on my marriage bed the way the three of them were doing. A symphony of stark three-dimensional black and white prints undulating, convulsing, writhing, shivering, and trembling in a savage tempo of fuck lust as old as time itself. I had to strangle my prick four times to keep myself from hosing down the inside of the closet door.

“That’s enough foreplay, Lou,” Stud said, pulling away from Jill’s kiss. “It’s Oreo cookie time! Role the bitch over so that she’s on top of you, and I’ll stick her in the ass.”

“No way, man!” Lou replied, pulling his cock out of Jill’s cunt then. “I’m paying for this, you get under her, and I’ll take the Hershey Highway!”

“Fair enough,” Stud agreed, and helped Lou pull Jill over top of him.

Once Jill straddled Stud, she reached down, and guided his ebony iron, and sat all the way down on it impaling herself with close to twelve full inches of throbbing, nearly beer can thick, black cock. I almost gasped in total astonishment at seeing my bride’s poor little slick white slit warped out around that huge black alien prick then. And I damn near choked when Lou pried his 10 inches up my wife’s tight white ass next. The thin white line of flesh between those two gigantic black cocks had to be stretched to the limits of its elasticity. And again I had to strangle my cock just behind the head to keep from blasting off, and exposing my position to the others in my bedroom.

“Oh aydınlı escort Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Jill screamed out with close to two feet of black muscle firmly embedded inside of her white body like some vile, demented crack whore servicing her pimps in some dark trash filled back alley.

“Oh yeah, slut,” Stud moaned, “you like that, don’t you?”

“Yessssssssssssssssssss! Yes! Yes!”

“I’ll bet her old man would bust a nut if he could see her now,” Lou chuckled, and then started to saw in and out of Jill’s quivering tight butt then.

“He’d bust more than one nut, I think,” Lou said.

“Oh! Uhn! Don’t…uhn… stop! Please… don’t… stop… fucking… meeeeee!”

“I don’t think this slut cares one way or the other,” Lou replied, and then picked up the pace as Stud’s cock began to move counter to his butt slamming strokes. “Oh man, this bitch has the tightest white ass I’ve ever fucked!”

“I told ya she wasn’t no regular fucking Ho, didn’t I?”

“You got that right Stud! And worth every mother fuck’en penny, too.”

“Penny my ass,” Stud barked back, “I told ya, a fucking grand, and no less!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, but she sucks my cock clean afterwards, right?”

“Of course,” Stud snickered, and gave a particularly vicious thrust up into my wife’s pussy for good measure.

“Cum… ing! Cum… ing! Cum… ing!” Jill cried out then.

“That’s it bitch, take it! Take it all!” And Lou jammed his prick all the way up Jill’s asshole as he came up her rectum.

Jill, and Lou’s orgasm must have triggered Stud’s as he too, after grabbing two fists full of tight Swedish ass rammed his cock deep up into Jill’s spasming twat to dump his greasy load of slime right up against her cervix. My own cock twitching like an insane fire hose then as wad after wad of my own crud splashed against the inside of the louvered bedroom closet door. I almost passed out from the explosive force of my cock being at last allowed to cum after all that had taken place thus far. But I held on to see Lou disengage from Jill’s asshole, and crawl around so that she could suck his slimy cock clean. The sight of my wife licking, and sucking ravenously on that shitty black prick would have made most men gag in reflex, but it just kept my dick from going soft. As did the sight of her evacuating bottom when Stud pulled out from under her. My wife’s raw open portals looking like a sewage dump in progress as thick creamy gray white sludge cascaded out of her ass, and cunt to form a nasty puddle on the bed spread between her legs then.

“Ewwwwwwww!” Lou laughed, and when Stud handed him his trousers, he reached in the right front pocket, took out a was of hundred dollar bills, and while Jill continued to clean his cock counted out ten bills, and placed them on the night stand next to Jill’s side of the bed. “Well worth the money, Stud. How’s every Tuesday sound?”

“Same time?” Stud asked.


“That’ll work,” and Lou shook Stud’s hand on it, “as long as her husband doesn’t come up with some family thing, of course.”

“Deal,” replied Lou.

Eventually, after the two black men got dressed, and left, Jill got off the bed, and nude, gathered up the bedding, and took it down to the laundry. Allowing me to sneak out of the house, and return to work.

I told her later in that same bed how I was impressed at her willingness to undergo the pain of piercing, and getting a tattoo just for me. Her giggled reply was as exciting as the rim, and blowjobs she gave as we sixty-nined. The vinegarish flavor of her cunt telling me that she had douched after taking on those two black men single handedly, Oreo cookie fashion didn’t particularly take away from the heavenly aroma of that sweet Swedish pussy.

I knew then that I loved her more than I would ever have thought possible. I also decided right then not to let Jill know that I knew of her professional infidelity to me. Nor how I felt about being cuckolded by it. After all, it wouldn’t be the same for either of us if I did. Instead I made a home project out of the closet, and the closet from the adjoining guest bedroom putting a special panel in between them so that I could get into my bedroom closet from the guest room. And since the guest bedroom led out onto the back patio through sliding glass doors, getting into it would be no real problem at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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