Beebe and Petey Ch. 03

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“Bye, now” Said Dene, turning with a wide grin. “Lover” she added over her shoulder.

Good lord, what a day that had been!

Toward the end of my senior year, all in the same day:

I discovered I had a powerful fetish for pre-cum;

I touched a guy’s cock for the first time–jacked him off, in fact;

Sucked said cock;

Had my tits sucked and licked and fondled;

Had my pussy licked;

Had a mind-blowing orgasm after licking pre-cum, locking said guy’s wrist between my legs while I bucked and screamed;

Met said guy later the same night and lost my virginity; and then, when I thought the night was over

Deep-kissed his sister and got wet all over again.

Dene observed, correctly, that her brother Chad and I had been in love for years without admitting it, much less doing anything about it. That she spoke the truth to us was the key to finally admitting it. It was Chad’s wrist that I locked between my thighs, Chad’s pre-cum I licked, Chad that I jacked off, Chad who licked my pussy and Chad that I exchanged cherries with–at 18 and 19, we were both still virgins. Then, when I thought the day was all over, I took the first step toward a delightful lesbian affair with my best friend, Chad’s sister Dene.

All-in-all, the spring of 1971 was a fabulous season!

Let me bring you up to date.

After that fabulous night, I could barely think, and when I did all I could do was either worry about whether I was a lesbian or fantasize about when Chad and I could jump each other’s bones again. The kiss with Dene kept playing over and over in my mind. WHY on earth did I slip her the tongue! I sure didn’t think about it–it was just, just–well–automatic. Like my tongue shot into her mouth without asking me first! Even worse, I liked it! I mean, in the split second before I realized I was kissing Dene, it felt really good! And when she kissed me back, even longer and definitely on purpose–my head was spinning. If I was honest with myself, and I really didn’t want to be, I had to admit I wished we’d kept at it. And Chad! Wow! We’re in love with each other! My best friend and I are in love and I’ve never been more excited–giddy, tingling (wet) pulsing with energy. Yesterday, Saturday, went by in a blur. I went with Mom and Dad to the beach, then shopping, then dinner out and finally home pretty late. Chad and Dene’s family was gone when we got back and I didn’t get to see either of them all day. It was Sunday now, and I had to go to church! CRAP! Of all the places to have these thoughts running around in my head. If I left a wet spot on the pew I’d just die. Cold shower! Now! OK-guess I know why Ann Landers recommends these things.

I made it through church, but couldn’t abide the thought of Sunday dinner with my parents and bugged out for my sister’s house. I needed to talk to someone I trusted that I hadn’t just tongue-kissed or screwed! It was a good decision. Jan was living on her own, earning her own way and doing it well. She was definitely a free-spirit. Most people thought she was a hippie because of the way she dressed, but she had started a record store/head shop and it had a huge following. She was far more a business woman than a hippie.

Her latest boyfriend greeted me at the door: “Hey Kath! Jan’s in the shower–c’mon in!”

“Have you guys had lunch yet?” I asked.

“Lunch!? We were just thinking about breakfast!”

Bet they had a great night!

“Listen, Tony, I really need to spend some time with Jan. Is there any way I could talk you into heading out to a restaurant for a while?”

“Sure kid. What’s up? You look worried. You’re not knocked up are you?”

“Not a chance. I just need my sister for a while.”

“No problem–I’m outta here. Tell Jan I’ll be at the Waffle House-then out to the airport for the afternoon. That’s where I was going to head anyway. Hey–she’d probably love it if you’d make her some toast and eggs. There’s some fresh OJ in the fridge too.”

“Thanks Tony–I really appreciate it.”

I heard the shower stop and got to work on breakfast. As Jan walked into the kitchen the toast popped up and the eggs were ready to serve–over easy, just like we both loved.

“Hey Jan–haven’t poured the juice yet, but Tony said there’s some fresh in the fridge.”

“Kitten! What brings you by?”

“Let’s eat first, Jan. I’m suddenly absolutely starving. Then I need to talk with you–wow. Do I ever need to talk.”

“Sounds interesting! But you’re right–breakfast Bostancı Escort looks great!”

I ate slowly, relaxing some with each bite, sure that Jan would guide me through this web of emotions.

Finally, the eggs were delightfully gone, the dishes were washed and put away and we were back at the table.

“OK–give.” Jan said, raising her eyebrow at me.

It all came gushing out: “Well, I had a wild, screaming orgasm from tasting Chad’s pre-cum while I humped his wrist, jacked him off, had dinner with mom and dad, discovered Chad and I are wildly in love, screwed him and then french-kissed Dene. Do you think I’m a lesbian?” I was talking so rapidly it could have all been one word!

“Whoa!!!!!! Back up, Kitten!! Or maybe you’ve outgrown that name!”

“Yeah. I think I’m past Kitten.”

“Well, back up and start from the beginning, huh? Wait. Let me answer your last question–no, you’re not a lesbian. If you’re in love with Chad (which I’ve known for years, by the way) had a “thundering orgasm” licking his dick and then screwed him (and good for you, by the way) then you’re absolutely NOT a lesbian. We’ll come back to kissing girls in a minute, but tell me the whole deal. Did this have something to do with why you were quizzing me about pre-cum?”

“Yeah–that’s where it started. It’s more than just regular cum seeping up ahead of an orgasm, though. It actually prepares the inside of a guy’s dick so the leftover pee doesn’t murder the sperm on their way out. I got the sex book from the reference section at the library.”

“Holy shit, kiddo! What’d old lady Vance think of that?”

“She didn’t say–she just looked. You know–that over-the-glasses, pinched-mouth, eye-rolling look.”

“HA! Yep!–I know that one!” and she produced it perfectly.

“Well, I got a little obsessed about pre-cum, and I asked Chad if he ever got it. He said he hadn’t ever heard it called that, but he described it perfectly. Then he teased and asked if I wanted to see. I called him on it. And. Oh, Jan! I’ve never had anything like that happen ever–not even with the vibrator you got me. I tasted it, his pre-cum, I mean, and the minute that drop hit my lips I began to cum like I’ve never felt. I mean, I was all the way out of control–I couldn’t stop! Poor Chad thought I was having a heart attack and lost his boner.”

Jan didn’t say anything, but her eyes were really wide.

“After I came back to earth, I jacked him off, got blasted with cum all over me and had to bail out of Dene’s window because her mom came home.” “I managed to help mom with dinner and then Dene came over and told me she heard us. We all three walked down to the park, and Dene worked on us till we admitted we loved each other. Then she left, and Chad and I screwed on the picnic table. He came pretty fast, but it was a lot–need to talk to you more about that later–and then we walked home. Dene met us by the house and came in with me. When she left, that’s when we kissed. It started out as just a hug and a peck on the cheek, but I zigged when she zagged, we kissed on the mouth and I slipped her the tongue. I didn’t even I realize I’d done it! I was like my tongue just jumped out! Why would that happen if I wasn’t a lesbian?” “And then she kissed me back and we tongued each other, and I kind of liked it, so how could I NOT be a lesbian?”

“Slow down, kid–take a breath.” “First, don’t worry about kissing Dene. Girls make out with girls sometimes–it doesn’t mean you have to give up guys. Second, I’m just thrilled beyond words for you, and I’m thrilled that Chad was your first. I really didn’t want you to give up your cherry to Hank or some dork that would go shouting it around the locker room like he just conquered Mt Everest or something.”

“I got his too” I said.


“I got Chad’s cherry–I was his first too.” I smiled and looked up into Jan’s eyes. “I’m just over the moon about finding out we’re in love and that we got each other’s cherries.” “And before you say it, I know it’s a figure of speech for both of us. Thanks for the vibe and advice, by the way. His dick was kinda tight, but it didn’t hurt.”

“Oh, sweetie” she said, getting up to hug me, “you’re at the beginning of a great new part of your life.”

Then she added: “You ARE keeping on track with the pills, right?”

“Don’t worry–I’ve never missed a one. But Jan, what do I do now? How do I talk with Dene? And how do I keep from screwing Chad in front of his mom? I’m so damned HORNY!” Ümraniye Escort

“OK–let’s tackle Dene first. I don’t want or need to put words in your mouth, but here are a few things I think are important:

First, take a walk with Dene, just the two of you. Tell her what you told me–that your tongue just kind of shot out, AND that you liked it, AND

that I told you that it doesn’t make you a lesbian AND that you’re sorry if it made her feel weird. I’m betting it didn’t;

Second, don’t tell anyone else about you and Dene. The world is full of idiots and their blather is why you were worried about being a lesbian.

We’re in the 70’s, for God’s sake, and people should know better, but they don’t;

Third, tell mom and dad you and Chad are dating. They’ll be thrilled. We all love Chad;

Fourth, really work at keeping the kind of easy, open relationship with Chad going. People work for years to get what you two already have. Sex

will take care of itself.”

“Oh, and let me get something for you.” She left the room for a bit and came back with a thick, three-ring binder.

“Do you remember my friend Alex? He was 2 years ahead of me and we dated for a while. In fact he got MY cherry. Anyway, he’s a doctor now, and he’s writing a book about sex! This is a draft–he thinks he’s got a publishing deal lined up for it. The title he came up with was “A Dr’s Guide to Good Sex.” Tony and I read it together and thought he ought to call it “Joyous Sex.” He said he might. If you think you can keep it hidden from mom and dad, you can take it with you–it answers EVERYTHING. I even looked up pre-cum after you asked me, and you’re right–he says the same thing.” “If you’d rather, you can come over here after school and read it. For that matter, you and Chad probably need some place with a little privacy. Tony and I are never here till after we close the shop, so use your key and help yourself in the afternoons. Just don’t leave a wet spot in my bed” she said with a wink. Then we went on to discuss guys and their dicks, and a good many other things. I was so happy to have time with Jan.

“Hi you two–safe for a guy to come back in?” Tony called from the back door.

Holy Cow! Jan and I had talked for 4 hours. I’m surprised Mom hadn’t called looking for me.

“I better scoot” I announced. “Jan, you’re the best sister and the best friend in the world” I said, hugging her tightly.

“I love you bunches, Kitten, I mean Tiger” she said, returning the hug and kissing my cheek. Then she whispered: “Fuck him good, sweetie, and love every minute!”

Dene was out front as I got back. I took Jan’s advice and told her straight out. When I said I was sorry if it made her feel weird, Dene said: “Weird, yeah, mostly surprised. But the biggest surprise was that I liked it too, and it made me a little wet. I went home and fingered myself to an orgasm, pretending it was you. Then I felt really guilty. So Jan says that doesn’t make us lesbians?”

“She says girls sometimes make out with other girls, but it doesn’t make us switch teams–it’s just “extra.” “And, Dene–she says Chad and I can use her house after school! And she’s got this great book about sex–way better than the reference desk–and the guy that got her cherry wrote it! We gotta go over there tomorrow and read about girls making out.”



“Can you come over after dinner tonight?”

“Sure. Wait–“

“I think we should experiment first, read later.”

I sucked in a sharp breath. “Really?”

“Yeah, really. You game?”

“Will Chad be home?”

“Nope–and neither will Mom and Dad. They’re all going to Hank’s house for some kind of team rah-rah deal. You know, Chad the super-star alum and everything.”

“Okay–see you after dinner.”

Another challenging dinner. I managed to keep up with family banter for a while, and then took another piece of Jan’s advice.

“Mom, Chad and I are going to start dating.”

Mom and Dad tried to be cool, but Jan was right. They gave each other that “parent” look and smiled.

“That’s nice dear. Is that what you had to see Jan about?”

“Well, mostly I hadn’t seen her in a while” I lied, “but she said she was happy for me and that I should tell you too. Oh, Mom” I blurted, “Jan said you’ve all known Chad and I loved each other even before we did. Is that true? Was it that plain to everyone but us?”

“Well, dear, we didn’t know for sure, but you and Chad have the kind Anadolu Yakası Escort of closeness that even some married people don’t have. Even when you were really young, you always had a kind of energy when you were together. We’re happy for you if you and Chad recognize that too.” “You and I will talk some more about boys later” she added. Dad’s ears got a little red, but he kept quiet.

Well, crap. Didn’t really want that, but it won’t kill me. She already knows I’m on the pill–she set that up. Probably a lecture on “saving myself for marriage.”

“I’m going over to Dene’s tonight to work on Physics for tomorrow. Chad and his folks are over at Hank’s house, so we’ll be able to concentrate.” I didn’t mention that Dene and I had knocked out the Physics in study hall.

Then regular dinner drivel resumed.

I showered again, then headed to Dene’s.

Dene was wearing a nighty when she let me in. She didn’t say a thing–just led me down to her bedroom. She pulled me into a hug, cheek-to-cheek. I was very aware now of her breasts pressing into me. Strange–I’d never paid attention to that when we’d hug before. She whispered in my ear: “Are we still OK here?” I kissed her cheek lightly, then loosened the hug and separated just a little. I looked into her eyes, then closed mine and kissed her softly, lips slightly parted. Her tongue darted across mine. I felt my nipples tighten. Then we clinched tightly and began making out like I used to with Hank and felt my pussy moisten.

We came up for air after a few minutes and Dene said again: “Still OK?”

“More than OK,” I admitted. “My nipples are stiff and my pussy is wet.”

“God. Mine too. And we’re both panting like we’re with guys in the back seat at the drive in!”

“This is definitely weird, but Dene, I’m loving it!”

“Me too,” she said, and moved her hand to my right breast. “Can I kiss it?” she said?

My hands shook as I unbuttoned my blouse. I couldn’t get the damned bra unhooked and turned my back to Dene. I don’t even remember my bra sliding off or turning back around but now Dene and I had resumed the lip lock and she was playing with both my tits. I can’t say she was better at it than Chad, but it was great and different. Man, between Dene and Chad, ol’ Hank was history!

“You can play with mine too,” Dene said, “if you’re comfortable with that.”

“Let’s get you out of this,” I said, and with boldness I don’t usually have, lifted her nighty over her up stretched arms and hugged her to me–bare breasts to bare breasts. Ohhhhhh–what a sensation THAT was. I can remember it as clearly as if it happened yesterday. We held each other that way for a long time, kisses becoming more and more fervent, and then I lifted my hands to caress her tits. I actually got so lightheaded I thought I might need to sit down.

“Let’s get you out of those shorts, lover, and head over to the bed,” Dene said as she loosened my shorts. Shorts and panties were on the floor and we were both naked in each other’s arms. We interleaved our legs as Chad and I had, and I felt Dene’s thick bush against the front of my thigh. She reached around and cupped my ass in her hands and ground into me. “This is wonderful, but really, let’s get on the bed now,” Dene urged.

“Dene, I’m on the verge of an orgasm, I think,” I gasped.

“Can I touch your pussy?” she asked.

I guided her hand to my slit and she ran two fingers into my pussy, stroking in and out, then brought them up on either side of my clit and began to squeeze it lightly between them. That was it for me. I exploded again, and with effort didn’t scream this time–just bucked and gasped against her hand.

“Now me,” she said, guiding my hand down into her bush. God, her pubes were thick. She was trimming aggressively, I knew, because of swim team and the Speedo suit that loved to let stray hairs spray out the sides, but it was still at least twice as thick as mine. I could feel the stubble where she’d removed her “treasure trail’ as I later came to call it–the pubic hair that stretched from her delta up to her belly button and even on toward her sternum. As I stroked her, my fingers dancing on her clit and my wrist nestled in her pussy hair, I HAD ANOTHER GODDAMNED ORGASM!! What the hell! I’m coming from just fingering my friend? (It turned out to be a more specific trigger, but I didn’t tumble to that until later.) Then Dene finally came and she put MY screaming fit with Chad to shame. I’m surprised my folks didn’t think we were being raped and come running in to rescue us!

“Well” Dene finally said.

“Well, indeed,” I replied.

“Are we still OK here?”

“Think so. We may need to experiment a little more to be sure,” I grinned.

Then we heard the garage door go up.

–to be continued

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