Before The End

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Looking back, we both must have known it was over. But at the time I doubt even she would have admitted it.

Amanda was angry at me though, that much was obvious. She told me not to get too drunk, because I had to drive home, so of course I wait straight to the bar and made myself a strong vodka tonic. The first of five in a not very long evening.

It was her friend Tina’s going away party. She was off for a year of study in England that I hoped she’d never return from. I had nothing against her personally. She had rich parents and had a one bedroom apartment on the upper west side all to herself, but that’s not what I held against her. In fact I found her sweet and smart and at my most honest would admit to a strong crush on her. But she had an unacceptable influence over Amanda. Sometimes I heard Tina’s words coming straight out of Amanda’s mouth when we fought. Like tonight, when she told me “I don’t have to dress in a way that makes YOU comfortable. YOU have to find a way to make yourself comfortable with how I dress.”

So there she was, in a tight blue number she’d bought that day (with Tina, of course) at Urban Outfitters. When she showed it to me, I said “Where’s the rest of it?” and the truth is I wasn’t even kidding. Amanda’s short, with perfect curves, and the dress looked just tiny as she held it our in front of her. Now, with it on, It hugged her tits tight and I know from experience that every man in a position to do so would take a peak down the front. For a while, I could see how self-conscious she was in it. I wanted to whisper “I told you so” in her ear, but settled for a few smug smile from across the room that she pretended not to notice.

As the night went on, though, with a few drinks in her system, I started hearing her voice rise above the din, or her laugh break a brief lull. She was, to my dismay, growing into the outfit, feeling the sexiness of it without the inhibiting shame. The fact was, she did look unbelievable hot, with the glimmering fabric pulling out her blue eyes, her long red hair streaming down her chest like it was teasing her breasts.

On their way out the door, her friends Emily and Jason, always a cautious pair, warned me to keep an eye out for her. “She wasted, I think,” Emily whispered as she slid her green jacket on. “Don’t let her do anything she’ll regret.” I laughed and shrugged it off, though the truth was it made me nervous. I’m a jealous person, and though I try to keep it in check, it’s often out of my control.

The party thinned out until there wasn’t anyone left that I recognized. But that didn’t keep me from talking to everyone like they were old friends. I told an obnoxious man in his thirties that he ought to hang out with people his own age, and he left soon after. There were two girls I flirted with openly, an overweight actress and a hot law student with long brown hair and a naive smile. They were set to go out clubbing and invited me to join. “Can’t,” I said. “I’m with my girlfriend.” I said this directly to the law student and was pleased to see the disappointment on her face. “We have to drive back to Westchester later.”

“Where is she?” she said. A Moby album played over us.

“In the bedroom, talking to Tina.” They’d closed the door behind them. Amanda was very upset that Tina was leaving, and I knew they were having some kind of heart to heart.

“Well, we’ve said our goodbyes.” The overweight actress tugged at her friends arm. “Let’s go.” As they walked out the door, the brunette dangled güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her hand behind her. “Goodbyyyyyyeeeeee,” she said to me, without looking back. And with them gone, I was alone.

I knocked, but no one said anything, so I let myself in. Amanda and Tina were both laying on the bed, looking drunk and sad. “Everyone’s gone,” I told them.

“Thank God,” Tina said, and she laughed. The bed was tall, and was tightly made with crisp white sheets. Amanda had slipped off her heels and let her feet dangle off the mattress. Tina laid on her side and her top was so loose even from my angle I could see half her bra.

I walked in and sat at the foot of the bed. They both looked at me, then too each other, and cracked up.

“What?” I tried to smile and be a good sport, but I felt like a joke.

“You’re wasted,” Amanda told me. She puckered her lips like she only does when she drinks. Her face was red. I could tell she was horny, and if we were alone, she’d do anything I wanted.

Tina stared directly at me. She had brown eyes and made such intense eye contact it was almost impossible not to look away. “So you think Amanda looks like a slut?” she said.

My head got warm. Amanda covered her face with her hands and shook her head behind them, exaggerating her embarrassment.

“I didn’t say that.” I felt very defensive. It was true, I hadn’t said that. But that was how I’d felt, and somehow Tina had clued right into that.

“But don’t you think she looks sexy,” Tina said, ignoring my response. “Look at her in that tight blue dress. Don’t you just want to push it up over her ass and fuck her?”

Amanda laughed loudly at this. And she squirmed on the bed. I tried to laugh myself, but only managed a broad, empty smile. Tina didn’t break one bit. She stared at Amanda, running her eyes down her body. “I mean,” she went on. “Look how sexy her tits are, hugged closely like that, like they’re just dying to be licked.”

It got very quiet then. The music was still playing in the other room, but it sounded miles away. My heart sped up. Amanda looked down, not smiling anymore. I wasn’t either. I extended my hand and touched her ankle. Just that touch made her quiver. Her skin felt foreign to me.

“Go ahead,” Tina said. She shifted over onto her stomach, like she wanted a better angle to watch from. “Touch her.”

Part of me knew this was a mistake, that what I did now might determine our relationship. And if I was sober, I might have been able to stop myself. But right now it was beyond my control. I leaned over Amanda’s legs and began kissing them. The back of her shins, up over he knees, the base of her thighs. Behind me, I kicked my shoes off and heard them fall to the floor, one after the other.

I could hear Amanda’s deep breaths as I slid her dress up over her ass. It was tight, but the dress was so short there wasn’t far to go, and quickly her white panties were visible. I ran my hand over them, feeling her mound through the wetness of the thin fabric. Amanda moaned. I looked up and saw her eyes were closed. Then I looked to Tina, who had pushed even closer to her, and was now extending her hand onto Amanda’s face. She gently caressed her hair.

I pulled down Amanda’s panties, all the way to her ankles. She raised her knees so they slid off her feet. It was the first thing she’d done that made it perfectly clear that she wanted this just as desperately as I did.

My tongue pressed into her pussy like it was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri warm and melting. I’ve never tasted anything so amazingly soft. And her entire body quivered around me as my tongue gently tickled her swollen clit. I forgot where I was almost. My entire focus was on her response to me, what made her tremble, what made her tighten up inside. I slid one finger inside her, beneath my tongue, then a second. I don’t know how long I fucked her like that. Her moaning was so quiet, I wasn’t sure if I could hear it or feel it inside her body. And when she came, the satisfaction was so intense, it was like I’d cum as well.

I did not think about Tina this entire time. So when I looked back up I was stunned. Amanda’s dress straps had been slid off her shoulders, and were pushed down below her breasts. Her white lace bra was unhooked at the center, and her tits were exposed. They were so pale, in comparison with the dark blue of her dress. Her nipples were hard and wet, and Tina’s fingertips teased one and then the other.

But it was Amanda who was licking Tina’s breasts. Her tongue extended, glistening pink as it teased Tina’s nipples. Tina looked up to the ceiling, as she leaned in to bring her breasts closer to Amanda’s mouth. Her shirt was discarded on a pillow, and she was in nothing but black panties.

I just watched them for a moment. My cock was pulsing inside my khakis. I put my hand on it, and I knew I could make myself come so easily, through the pants if I wanted to. Amanda looked at me as she continued to suck on Tina’s breasts. Then Tina looked at me too.

As I took off my clothes, they kissed deeply, stroking each other’s hair, lovingly running their hands over their bodies. I slid my boxers off, and they didn’t look to me, though they must have seen my cock, extending as it was out into the air.

I moved between them, touching both their bodies now. I didn’t know how Tina would react to my touching her, so I started safely on he knee, then slid my hand up, inch by inch. With my other hand, I caressed Amanda’s breasts. First one, then the other. They were so alive, I could feel her heart beating beneath them. It made me bold, and I slid my other hand up the back of Tina’s leg, underneath her panties, and I held onto her soft ass.

She finally broke from Amanda, and she leaned her neck down and kissed me, making her tongue dance in my mouth. But she quickly stopped, and she bent all the way over, so that her tits dangled just above the bed. Then she licked my cock, flattening her tongue against the shaft. I looked to Amanda then. I was afraid. But she looked calm. And she used the moment to remove her dress, pulling it up over head head.

“Does your little slut do this?” Tina said. And then she took my cock in her mouth and her head began to pump up and down. I dug my hands into her hair, pressing down, pulling at the roots.

“Suck his cock, Tina.” Amanda settled back on the bed, and slipped her hand between her thighs. She spread her legs slightly, so I could see her open pussy, and she played with herself, never taking her eyes off Tina’s mouth over my cock. Tina must have sensed this, as she shifted to give Amanda a better view. “Take it deep into your throat,” she said, her voice shaking.

Just as I was on the brink of orgasms and started pumping my cock more quickly in Tina’s mouth, she pulled away. There was a calm moment, with none of us touching each other. My cock pulsed, glistening with Tina’s saliva. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Amanda continued to fuck herself, but very slowly. Tina looked her intensely in the eyes.

“Amanda, I want your boyfriend to fuck me now,” she said.

I looked to Amanda. Her face was so quiet and calm. And she nodded, almost imperceptibly, never changing the rhythm of her finger in her pussy.

Amanda slid up the bed. Tina removed her panties and moved onto her knees. Her pussy hair was more tightly clipped than Amanda’s. She was thinner, with smaller tits. I felt like I could lift her in the air and fuck her like that for hours. Instead I slid my cock in her tight hole. She craned her neck up at the sensation and let out a bold groan.

I was so close to coming already, it was difficult to fuck her. The slightest tension in her pussy brought me to the brink. Tina, maybe out of frustration, began to eat Amanda’s pussy as I slowly moved my cock in and out of her. Amanda teased her own tits and arched her back slightly off the bed. It was almost painful how badly I had to cum, and how much I wanted this all to last. I moaned with each pump, and Amanda began to moan as well, until I could tell she was having another orgasm, this time with Tina’s tongue inside her.

After she came, she moved away. “Lie on your back,” Amanda said. And Tina did, separating herself from me. We both looked to Amanda. She knew what she wanted now.

“Slide up over her,” she told me. “I want you to cum on her face.”

I paused for a moment. My cock was throbbing, desperate. Amanda was calm and in total control of her desires. I slid my knees along tina’s body until her lips were just beyond my cock. Amanda leaned over to the night stand and filled her palm full of white moisturizer. Then she moved around behind me, leaned over, and held my cock in her warm, creamy hand.

“You like to fuck my friends?” she whispered in my ear. “Is that what you like?” She was pumping, slowly. My cock isn’t big, but it looked perfect to me at that moment, sliding in Amanda’s grip, just inches away from Tina’s face.

“Yes,” I said. I put a finger inside Tina’s mouth and she sucked it hard. Behind me, Amanda pressed her pussy against my ass. Tina’s eyes were locked on me, waiting. She touched her fingers to my balls and started to tap them.

“You want to cum all over Tina’s face?” Amanda whispered. Her breath tickled my ear. I nodded. I was so close. One more word.

“Oh God,” Tina said. “Cum all over me.”

“You want me to lick it all up off her when you do? Is that what you want to see? Me licking your cum off Tina’s face, off her lips, off her tongue?”

The cum exploded from my cock, shooting onto Tina’s face. Amanda quickened her pumping motion. Tina held my balls as the wetness touched her. She let out a long gasp, like despite all the anticipation, my orgasm had surprised her. Soon I was just dripping cum into Tina’s open mouth. She had her tongue extended to catch it.

I moved out from on top of Tina and Amanda immediately replaced me, lowering her naked body on top of her friend. They kissed each other, their breasts together, and Amanda licked my cum of her face, as she’s promised. She looked like one cat cleaning another. Now that I’d cum, I began to feel the loss, that instantly. The two girls continued to kiss and grope each other, and I wanted to join them. But my time had passed.

A few days later, Amanda told me she was moving out. Tina had offered to let her stay at her apartment while she was away. It was sad, the whole process of breaking up, and I came to understand that what the three of us did that night was an important part of it. That without that experience together, the kind that no troubled relationship can survive, she’d never have had the courage to leave me.

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