Being Late for Work Pt. 02

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Ted was just turning into the parking lot at the office when his phone notified him he had a message.

Parking he opened the message and there was a picture of his wife Patti lying back on their bed naked.

“See what you’re missing.”

“Fuck,” he whispered looking at her lying there like that, “Yes, I see what I’m missing baby.” he messaged her back. She sent one more picture, this time she was sucking a dildo into her mouth, “Mmmm, suck that dick hon,” he messaged her.

He glanced at his watch and realized he was going to be late for his meeting, picking up the folders of the reports he had worked on last night he got out of the car. “Gotta run babe, gonna be late for my meeting, love you bye.”

“Alright,” she messaged him sending him one more picture this time of her spreading her pussy

open. “Have a good day, love you.”

“How can I have a good day when you send me sexy pictures like that?” he said out loud walking across the parking lot, he put his phone in his pocket and went into the building.

Walking into the meeting he felt his cock throb, thinking of her lying on their bed like that. He knew this was going to be a long drawn out meeting and he was dreading it. He would much rather be home fucking his wife.

Two hours later Patti had finished her house work and she was just so horny she couldn’t stand it.

She lay back on the bed watching porn on her laptop, teasing her pussy with a dildo. Patti had enjoyed sucking him off earlier in the shower, but she needed to cum. She licked and sucked that dildo until it was dripping wet. She needed to feel a cock in her pussy.

Finally she rubbed that toy across her pussy, teasing her clit with it, moaning. She made sure she would get a good picture then she slid that dildo through her pussy lips. Pushing it inside of her wet, hole she moaned loudly. “Mmmm, baby, I need you to fuck me.” she messaged him.

She wanted to feel him touching her. In and out she fucked herself, “don’t you want to fuck your wife?” she asked him sending him another picture of her pussy full of that cock.

Looking at his watch Ted realized the meeting was only half over, it would be at least two more hours before the speaker would be done. He was bored out of his mind when his phone vibrated in his pocket. Glancing at it he saw his wife had sent him two more pictures.

Taking a deep breath he opened the message, almost afraid to see what she had sent this time. “Damn,” he whispered out loud, seeing her with her legs spread and that dildo deep inside of her slit.

“You say something Ted?” Andy his co-worker asked him.

“Um, uh no, no I’m fine.” Ted said, glad Andy couldn’t see what was on his phone.

“Honey, I’m in the middle of a big meeting.” he told her, hoping he didn’t make her mad.

He would love to just be with her but it was mandatory for him to be at this meeting.

“I’m just so wet and horny.” she texted him back.

“I know you are darling, just hang on until I get home tonight.” he sat there trying to think of a way to get out of his next meeting so he could go home early.

“Well, alright if I have too.”

“Try and be a good girl until I get home.” he messaged her, thinking of how much he wanted to be with her right now.

“I need to feel your cock inside of me.” she messaged him back. “Don’t you want my mouth on your dick?”

Sighing he felt his cock throb in his pants, she was being a little tease. She knew this was a very important meeting that he couldn’t get out of.

“Have a good meeting.”

“I’m trying too, see you when I get home.” he messaged her, feeling his cock stiffen, he kept looking at her pictures. He was thankful nobody was sitting close to him. He couldn’t afford a hard on right now.

“Alright, bye-bye.”

“Bye honey, love you.” he messaged her, he might have to go so far as to turn his phone completely off. He hated to do that but he had to concentrate on these meetings.

“Is everything alright Ted?” Andy asked his friend, worried something might be wrong at home.

“Oh, no, everything is fine.” Ted said thinking about his horny wife, playing with those toys. He had to admit he did love to watch her fuck herself with them. He finally had to stop thinking of his horny wife and concentrate on the meeting.

“Man oh man, am I glad that meeting is over with.” Andy said to Ted as they walked out of the conference room almost 2 hours later. “I almost fell asleep, I know that guy is one of the bosses but he is boring.”

“Yeah, yeah he is.” Ted said turning his phone back on to see if he had any messages or missed calls. Seeing that his sweet, horny wife had left him a video,

” Andy will you excuse me for a few minutes.” Ted said walking toward his office.

“Oh yeah, sure.”

Getting to his office he went in and closed the door, sitting at his desk he opened the video. There was his wife lying on their bed still naked, with a dildo in her pussy, she slowly fucked herself. In and out he watched that dildo enter her tight, wet pussy. He could gorukle escort hear the sounds of her wet pussy.

“Oh yeah honey fuck me!” she moaned loudly, that dildo in her pussy felt so good.

“Fuck me hard, make me cum!”

“Do it baby, fuck your pussy.” he said out loud, damn he wished he could leave work

and go home and surprise her. He watched as she continued to fuck herself, finally

bringing herself to a loud climax.

“Ummm gonna cum baby, ahhh,” she moaned climaxing, “I’m cumming, oh fuck!”

Patti pulled that 6.5 inch black dildo from her soaking wet slit, taking her time she rubbed it across her mouth, “Mmmm, I need to get fucked so bad,” she said looking right at the camera, then she took it deep in her mouth making herself gag on it.

“Damn my baby girl is horny.” he whispered still watching her.

“I need a cock in my pussy, or my mouth or my ass.” she reached for the bottle of lube and poured it all over her pussy, making sure the camera picked up the lube running down between her ass cheeks. Putting the bottle down she spread her ass cheeks apart, showing her tight pink puckered hole.

Ted got up and quickly locked his office door, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans he released his hardening cock. Sitting at his desk he continued watching his wife teasing her tight back hole. Stroking himself he watched her.

“Oh, I need a dick in my tight ass.” she moaned taking the black

dildo and rubbing it across her ass hole. “your wife-slut needs to get fucked.”

“Oh you’re going to get fucked, as soon as I can get home,” Ted said feeling his cock throb. “yeah baby girl, rub that dildo all over your tight ass.”

“Ahhh,” she whimpered, slowly pushing the head of that black cock inside of her tight ass hole. “fuck,’ she said looking at the camera. “I love a dick in my ass.”

“Oh I know you do,” Ted said, “take that cock in your ass.” he watched as she

eased that dildo inside of her hole. “Take it, oh yeah baby.” he thought when she pushed that dildo deeper inside of her back door. Reaching down he stroked his throbbing cock.

Patti slowly took her time and worked that toy in and out of her ass, she loved to feel

it opening her up. Reaching for the lube again she poured more over her pussy and ass.

“Lube that hole baby girl,” Ted said watching her fucking her ass, he got so turned on watching her taking a dildo or a real dick in her mouth, pussy or her ass.

“I need YOU to fuck me.”

“Fuck this,” he said suddenly said, turning the sound down on his phone. Picking up the office phone he dialed his bosses extension. “hey Mike, Ted here, look something has come up and I need to go home.” He buttoned and zipped his jeans even though he had a rock hard cock. Oh please let me leave early, Ted thought needing to feel her mouth on his cock and then to feel his cock pounding into her pussy.

“Is something wrong?”

“The wife is sick,” Ted said hating to lie to his boss but he needed to get home.

“I know we’ve got that other meeting.” he said feeling bad about leaving before

the second meeting.

“Look, it’s your wife.” Mike said “you go and take care of her.” Mike said being

understanding. He knew Ted never asked to leave early or take days off for anything. “I’ll call you later and let you know how the meeting goes.”

“You’re sure it’s not a problem?”

“No, not a problem.” Mike said, “hope she feels better soon.”

“Oh I’m sure she will,” Ted said knowing she would feel 1000% better once she got

fucked. “I’ll be in early tomorrow, and again I’m sorry.”

“Take care of your wife.”

“Oh I plan on it,” Ted thought to himself, “See you in the morning, bye.”

“Bye, now get out of here.”

*****Twenty Five Minutes Later*****

“You want to get fucked baby,” Ted said out loud pulling into the driveway. He could see her on the porch watering her plants. “I promise you will get fucked good.” he said putting the car in park.

Patti looked up and saw Ted pulling into the driveway, thinking something was wrong she put her watering can down and walked toward the car. “What’s wrong? Are you sick?”

He noticed she was wearing a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt, and knowing her not wearing any panties or a bra. “No, I’m not sick.” he said getting out of the car and walking up to her and hugging her tight, “you have one minute to get naked and get into our bed,” he whispered in her ear, “do it.”

Not saying a word Patti walked over to the porch and picked up the watering can and went into the house. She pulled her tee-shirt off and unzipped and unbuttoned her shorts, dropping both to the floor.

She could hear Ted coming into the kitchen through the garage. She went up the stairs as fast as she could. She was so glad that she had taken a shower a few minutes before she had went outside

to water her plants.

Ted gave her a few minutes before he went upstairs, he was just going to have to punish her for being such a tease. She knew exactly altıparmak eskort bayan what she was doing when she sent him those pictures and that video.

“You are a BAD, BAD girl.” Ted said walking into the bedroom, taking his shirt off and tossing it on the dresser. “what am I going to do with you?” he asked walking over to where Patti sat on the bed.

“I’m sorry honey,” Patti whispered looking up at him, “I need to be punished.”

“Yes,” he told her, “yes you do.” he looked down at her, damn she had him so turned on from that earlier video, “suck my cock.”

Patti reached for Ted’s belt, then quickly unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans.

She could see his boxers were damp, so she knew she had gotten him turned on at

work. She just couldn’t help herself sometimes she just had to be a tease and get

him all horny and excited.

It made it bad for Ted, there were a few times when he had to go into the men’s room and jack off. But he could never get upset with her for it. He knew she had a high sex drive and she just couldn’t help herself.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked her, putting his hand under chin, making her look up at him. “do it.” he ordered her. Putting his hands in her hair he wanted her mouth on his cock.

She pulled his boxers and jeans down and he stepped out of them. Looking up at him again she reached for his balls, she caressed them, feeling how heavy they were.

“Suck me,” he told her tightening his hands in her hair. He had a tight grip on her long hair, he knew she got really turned on when he pulled her hair.

Patti slid onto the floor in front of him, looking up at him again she leaned in and licked his balls, teasing, nibbling them one after the other. She felt him hold her head between his hands.

“Ummm,” she moaned finally after a few minutes of teasing him, taking one

of his balls into her mouth. God, she loved making love with him. She didn’t care if she got punished for being a bad girl, she was his bad girl.

Ted felt his cock throb, she did know how to lick his balls. “Mmmm, yeah.” he said looking down at her, watching her sucking on his balls one after the other.

“easy with the boys.”

He could hear her moaning while she sucked him, he knew he should have stayed at work but damn it, he needed her just as much as she needed him. He was going togive her everything she wants, he thought when she quickly flicked her tongue all

over the underside of his balls.

“Fuck!” he groaned, she knew that was one thing that would get him going.

“oh yes my wife-slut suck those balls.”

Patti felt her nipples harden and her pussy getting wet. She needed to feel Ted fucking into her tight,wet pussy. Glancing up at him she slowly licked his balls one after the other.

“That’s my wife-slut,” he told her looking down at her licking him, “you deserve to get spanked,” he said to her, “spanked hard, make your ass red.”

She couldn’t answer him, she reached up and stroked him, precum dripping from the

head of his rock hard dick. “Mmm,” she whimpered, she felt him grab her hair in his hands and forcing her to look at him.

“My slut is such a good cock sucker,” he whispered to her, “but a VERY naughty girl.”

She let his balls slip out of her mouth, she looked at him, “Yes, I was naughty.”

“But, I do love it when you’re naughty.” Ted tells her, taking her hair and pulling her mouth toward his cock, “suck me.” he orders her, rubbing his cock across her lips. He always loved to feel her mouth on his cock, her soft lips wrapped around his cock head.

Patti stroked his cock, feeling Ted rubbing his cock over her lips. He gently pushed his cock into her mouth. “Mmmm,” she moaned sucking his cock, she sucked his cock like a pro. In and out she took him deeper, she could hear his sighs of pleasure. Flicking her tongue all over the underside of his cock head, she heard him groan.

“Fuck yeah, just like that.” Ted looked down and watched her expertly suck his dick. “Feels so good baby,” he whispered to her watching her taking his member even deeper into her mouth.

He loved the way she was sucking his cock and stroking his balls, but he needed to feel her hot, wet pussy wrapped around his dick. “Stand up,” he tells her, he pulls his rock hard cock from her mouth. He helps her to her feet, taking her into his arms he kisses her passionately. She wraps her arms around him and savors the feeling of being in his arms.

“Lie down,” he tells her gently pushing her back onto the bed, he crawls up on the bed with her, between her legs. “Do you know how horny you had me at work?” he asked her while she got comfortable. “I thought I was going to have to jack off in my office.” he admitted to her, he spread her legs.

Patti just watched, “I know I was naughty,” she answered watching while Ted slowly licked up the inside of her left thigh. “umm,” she moaned when he flicked his tongue across that sensitive spot at the top of her thigh.

“Yes, nilüfer eskort bayan yes you were naughty.” he told her looking up at her, “but I understand my

baby girl is just so horny all of the time.” he commented nibbling her thigh, teasing

her with the tip of his tongue. He could hear her sharp intake of breath when he

sucked the tender skin in the crease of her leg, he heard her gasp at the feelings

he was giving her.

“Oh yes,” she whispered, watching every move he made, “I need you.”

“You will have me, right now this is for you.” he told her licking and kissing her

from one thigh across the top of her pussy to her other thigh. He could see her wetness, he wanted to lick it all, taste her sweet juices. He was going to take his time and really make love to his wife.

“Oh baby, yes.”

Ted continued to make love to her, licking and giving her love bites on her tender skin.”Umm, so good,” he whispered to her. He could smell the sweet scent of her pussy, he gently rubbed the tips of his fingers over her pussy lips. He wanted to just sink his throbbing cock inside of her but he was going to wait, make it last.

He glanced up and she lay there with her eyes closed. Lost in her own world of sensations. She was gently pinching her nipples between her fingers, teasing them.

“Ahh,” she whimpered when she felt Ted gently sucking her pussy lips into his mouth. “yes, oh baby.” she moaned looking down and watching him.

Ted reached for the backs of her thighs and pushed her legs back, she rested her legs on his shoulders. He loved how wet she was getting with her juices, he loved the taste of her tight pussy.

Ted eased one finger inside of her tight hole, she was always tight, no matter how much she had played with her toys or how many times she had been fucked she was tight. “Tight pussy,” he tells her looking up at her, “your pussy belongs to me.” he tells her fingering her deeply.

“Baby yes, oh yeah feels so good.”

“Does my baby girl want to cum, hmmm?” he asked fucking her with his fingers, he could hear her gasps of pleasure, he loved to hear her moans, loved to watch her cum hard. He got so turned on when she climaxed, he enjoyed it when he knew she was enjoying their love making.

“Harder,” she said watching him fucking her tight hole with his fingers, he continued to lick her pussy, flicking his tongue across her clit, this made her jerk with pleasure. “yeah, so good.” she moaned reaching down and putting her hands in his hair holding him down on her pussy.

He noticed that her breathing was getting heavier, the faster he finger fucked her the more she moaned. “Ummm, you like when I finger your tight pussy?” he asked her watching her expressions of pleasure.

Patti was jerking with the sensations he was giving her, “Oh baby I need to cum so bad,” She raised her hips, wanting his fingers inside of her deeper, “deeper baby deeper,” she begged him. She reached for her nipples, pinching them hard, twisting them, wanting to feel some pain.

Ted’s cock was rock hard, he could feel it throbbing, he could feel the precum leaking out of the head. He leaned down and licked her clit, sucking it into his mouth. Fucking into her pussy with his fingers, harder and deeper.

Ted pulled his fingers away from her pussy, licking her juices from his fingers. He watched her pinching her nipples between her fingers.

“Oh don’t stop, please don’t stop.” she said, feeling him grasp her by her hips, “I’m so close.”

Ted didn’t say a word to her, he crawled up between her spread thigh’s. Hovering over her he leaned down and took her left nipple into his mouth, sucking on it. God, he was just as horny as she was, he wanted to sink his throbbing dick into her tight pussy. He wanted to feel the walls of her pussy grasping his dick. “Mmmm,” he moaned gently biting down on her nipple, flicking his tongue across


“Oh yeah baby, bite me.”

Back and forth he licked and sucked on her nipples, finally he couldn’t stand it any more he had to be inside of her. Reaching down he grasp his cock and rubbed it over the entrance of her hole, teasing her. Not saying a word to her, he pushed the head of his member inside of her, he watched the expression on her face when he pulled out of her.

“Don’t take it away, please?”

“I’m not, I promise.” he told her pushing his cock back inside of her a bit deeper, holding himself inside of her, feeling her tightness around his dick. “So good,” he whispered to her leaning down and nibbling on her ear lobe, biting her there. He heard her gasp of pain, that made his cock throb. In and out he pushed his cock inside of her, slow and steady.

Kissing her passionately, he fucked her, he looked down at her and thought of how much he loved her.

Her pussy felt so good around his cock, so slick and tight, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she was almost begging him, she wrapped her legs around his back trying to pull him into her deeper. “I was naughty this morning, sending you pictures and video,” she told him looking up at him.

“Yes, yes you were.” he tells her pulling his cock all the way out of her, he rubs his cock across her pussy, rubbing it over her hard clit. He was so horny at this point he was afraid he would cum too soon. “Guess, I just have to give in and make love to you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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