Bella goes Horseback Riding

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NOTE: This story takes place roughly eight months after my first story “Bella’s Subway Ride”. The subway story is not necessarily a prerequisite, but you’ll enjoy this more if you read the subway story first.


“Horse-back riii-ding!” Susan hummed in a sing-song voice, as she and her friends entered the stables.

Susan had relatives at a ranch, who would occasionally invite her and her girlfriends to spend about a week there. Susan was visiting with her girlfriends, Sarah, Bessie and Bella. As they made their way to the stables, Bella thought about how great it was to be invited to the ranch, to be able to get away from the busy city life for a few days. Bessie and Sarah had been here before. This was Bella’s first visit to the ranch, and she was grateful to Susan for inviting her.

As they entered the stable, she saw that a few guys were already there, and George was among them. She remembered the way they had spoken about George before their trip. When they were getting ready, Bessie had asked Susan whether “gorgeous George” was still at the ranch. Susan had nodded, and they had squealed in delight.

“Who’s gorgeous George?” Bella had asked.

“Oh, you’ll see for yourself. One look at George and you’ll be over that idiot Mark,” Susan had said, referring to Bella’s now-ex-boyfriend Mark. Bella had smiled politely. She didn’t want to tell her girlfriends that they needn’t bother helping her get over Mark. In order to “get over” someone, you need to be in a relationship with them first. What she had had with Mark was more like a one-night-stand that lasted four months.

“Good morning,” George said, approaching her, bringing her thoughts back from Mark to the present. “Need some help getting on the horse?” Bella readily agreed. She was a somewhat experienced horseback rider, so didn’t need any help with the actual riding. But being a petite girl, she could use some help getting on the horse.

When she had met George at the ranch, she understood the nickname “gorgeous George”. At six feet three, he was exactly a foot taller than her, with had an athletic body. He didn’t have what could be called a classically handsome face, but had kind, deep blue eyes. What she found most interesting about him was that, unlike other handsome men she had met, who tended to be self-involved jerks, George was kind and nice to talk to. He was attentive and courteous.

Standing behind her, George put his hands on Bella’s waist and started to help her mount the horse. She felt a tingle of excitement when his hands touched her. There was undeniably chemistry between the two. When they were introduced, he seemed quite taken with her. She was attracted to him too, but had no intention of being a “notch on his bedpost” (or making him a notch on hers, as the girls had seemed to imply when they were gossiping about him).

As Bella’s body rose higher in the air, George’s grip on her waist loosened. She slipped down a little, and his hand started moving up her body, inching towards her underarms and boobs. She felt him taking one hand off her waist, and cupping her buttocks with it. His hand was large and covered almost both of her butt cheeks. As she spread her legs to sit on the saddle, she felt his hand move forward a little, so it was touching her vagina. As she sat on the saddle, his hand sort-of lingered on her private parts for a second or so, and then was removed.

For a couple of seconds, Bella sat there, allowing the surprise and shock of what had just happened to sink in. George had just touched her ass and vagina!! Should she confront him about what he had done? She looked down into his eyes, expecting so see either guilt at what he had done, or the arrogant smirk of an asshole who had just copped a feel. What she actually saw surprised her. She saw a pair of friendly blue eyes looking back at her. Waving at her, he smiled and said “Enjoy your ride.”

Bella’s outrage gave way to confusion. Had he really molested her? His hand was slipping up her waist, what else could he have done? Should he have just let her go, and risk her falling to the ground? And the touching had barely lasted three seconds; his hand had not lingered on her body any more than was strictly necessary. After a couple of seconds of consideration, she decided not to make a big deal out of it. She smiled and thanked him. As she set off on her horse ride, she just shrugged the incident off and put it out of her mind.

Except that she couldn’t put it out of her mind. She was wearing tight jeans over bikini panties, so his hand had touched her over two layers of clothing. But she found herself imagining him touching her there without any layers. This sent her imagination soaring, and caused her to feel very horny. It had been two months since her breakup with Mark, and her body craved sexual release. Plus, being on horseback didn’t help matters. She felt the horse moving between her legs, the movement and the rhythm sending small jolts of pleasure up her body. And so, to her utter embarrassment, by the time her horse mecidiyeköy escortları ride was done, the inside of her panties was a gooey mess. Some of her cream even spilled outside her panties and coated the inside of her jeans. Fortunately, they were a dark shade of blue, so there was no visible stain.

She cleaned herself up and tried to put the whole incident behind her. But the subject of George came up once again that evening, when she and her girlfriends were sitting in Bessie’s room after dinner, and chit-chatting.

“So Bella,” Bessie said, “Has George fucked you yet?” She asked the question as casually as one might enquire about the weather.

“WHAT?” Bella retorted, trying to look as indignant as possible. “No, he hasn’t ‘fucked me yet’,” she added, doing a mock imitation of Bessie’s words.

“Oh come on,” Sarah chimed in, “The chemistry between you two can be detected from outer space. Besides, it’s high time you put Mark the Moron behind you and moved on.”

Bella thought about her affair with Mark. Mark was a guy in her office whom she liked, but, being an introvert, hadn’t done anything about it. Mark, who liked her too, used to flirt with her but hadn’t made a move on her either, probably because he didn’t know how she felt about him. Then, eight months ago, emboldened by her little adventure on the subway train, Bella had started flirting back with him. The sexual chemistry between them had built up to almost unbearable levels, until one day Mark invited her into a secluded part of the office which was unoccupied because it was being renovated.

They had gone into an empty conference room. Mark had removed her clothes, made her sit on the conference table and performed oral sex on her until she climaxed. He had proceeded to fuck her twice, once missionary style on the table, and once doggie style by bending her over the table. That had been the beginning of what Bella liked to call their “fuckathon”. They would sneak into empty rooms in the office, whenever they were taking a break or after office hours, and have wild, kinky sex.

However, as their affair progressed, what started as an exercise in mutual pleasure slowly became an exercise in Mark simply taking what he wanted. It was interesting how he frequently had some meeting/work to attend and only had time for a quickie or a blowjob. And so Bella noticed the intensity of the passion reducing from her side. When she found out that he was screwing around with other girls in office as well, she was almost relieved. When she confronted him about it, he honestly admitted to it, and didn’t make much of a fuss when she broke up with him.

In retrospect, Bella wasn’t mad at him, because, to be fair, they had never discussed exclusivity or anything. But when she told her girlfriends about his infidelity, they got all pissed and started calling him names like “moron” and “jerk”. Bella didn’t bother correcting them. There’s no easy way to explain to your girlfriends “It’s OK girls, I only enjoyed fucking him, and am fine with both of us having moved on.” So she went along with the insults. She didn’t really miss Mark so much, but sometimes missed having a man in her life.

“… takes them to the tool shed,” she heard Susan saying, bringing her thoughts back to the present.

“What’s this about a tool shed?” she asked.

“Oh, there’s a tool shed a couple of miles inside the ranch. It’s not accessible by road, so you have to go there on horseback. George and the other men have to go there once in a while, to bring back some equipment or to do some work there. George sometimes invites girls to go along with him, under the pretext of showing them around the ranch.”

“And he gives them the lay of the land,” Bessie said, and they all laughed at the not-so-subtle pun.

“Have a lot of girls agreed to go out to the tool shed with him?” Bella asked casually, chiding herself for feeling a twinge of jealousy.

“Are you kidding me? Girls practically line up to go out with him,” Bessie said. “He is famous for his sexual prowess. You know what I’ve heard?” she dropped her voice, as if revealing a secret, “I’ve heard that he can bring a girl to orgasm while helping her mount a horse.” They all giggled over this.

“Well, hellooo… What’s up, Bella?” Susan said. Bella realized that her heartbeat had increased and she had gone all red in the face, at the thought of how George had done almost exactly that to her in the morning.

“What? Nothing!” she said casually, desperately willing herself to not show how flustered she was. But she ended up getting even redder in the face.

“Wow! Looks like Bella really has the hots for George,” Susan teased. “Bella and George, sitting on a tree. F-U-C-K-I-N-G,” she said in a singsong voice.

Bella told her to knock it off, and after a little more teasing, Susan left Bella alone.

Bella felt a little humiliated by the teasing, and looked forward to humiliating Susan back the next day. They had agreed on a friendly tennis match. The girls etiler escort occasionally played tennis, squash or some other sport, and the loser had to, as they called it, “perform a dare”. The winner got to decide what the “dare” was, usually something the loser would be embarrassed or afraid to do. Bella was an excellent tennis player, unbeaten among her high school and college buddies. She had initially decided to go easy on Susan after beating her at tennis, but now decided that she would make Susan do something really embarrassing.

She was in for a rude shock. Susan was an amazing player who had almost made it to the state level championships, a fact which she had carefully hidden from Bella while they were making the bet. In the first set, she broke Bella’s service twice and took the set 6-2. Bella hoped to rally in the second and third set. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Susan, who was much taller and stronger than Bella, used her height and stamina to her advantage. Bella was completely at bay against Susan’s serves, forehand and backhand shots. She broke Bella’s serve three times in a row, and handed her a 6-0 drubbing in the second set, winning the best-of-three-sets match.

They gathered in Susan’s room after lunch. Bella was mortified at her loss, and furious with herself for being over-confident. It didn’t help that Bessie and Sarah teased her, asking her if this was the first time she had been “fucked by a girl.” They stopped teasing after she angrily told them to zip it.

It was time for Susan to tell Bella the “dare” she had to perform. She went to her cupboard and pulled something out of it. “George is going to the tool shed tomorrow. I want you to get yourself invited and go with him,” she said.

Bella was a little relieved. That wasn’t so bad. She would just accompany George to the tool shed, and politely turn him down if he started getting any ideas. “Sure, no problem,” she said.

“Oh, and one more thing. When you go with him, you’ll be wearing this,” Susan said, holding something out in her hand.

For a few seconds, Bella stared at Susan’s hand uncomprehendingly. Susan was holding what looked like a mid-sized handkerchief. Only after taking it from Susan’s hand did she realize that it was a pair of Lycra shorts. They were so tiny, her wearing them seemed a physical impossibility.

“There’s no way I can get into these,” she said.

“Oh yes there is,” Susan said. “I once lost a game of squash with Bessie. As my dare, she made me wear shorts of the exact same size. If I can get my ass into these, you can too.” Bessie and Sarah nodded their agreement. Bella couldn’t argue with that logic. She had to agree to wear the shorts on the ride with George. The thought of letting George see her in those shorts made her almost die of embarrassment.

“Oh, and one more thing. You may not wear panties inside these.” It was almost as if Susan could sense her mortification, and was adding insult to injury.

That evening, Bella went up to George, and asked him if she could come with him to the tool shed the next day. She desperately hoped that he had made plans with someone else, or something, and would refuse. To her disappointment, but not surprisingly, he readily agreed. “Yes, I’d like that. That would be fun!” he said, his eyes lighting up.

From the way his eyes lit up, Bella could tell what he had in mind. He must be thinking that she wanted some “alone time” with him. This added to Bella’s embarrassment, but she decided that she wouldn’t let anything happen.

The next day morning, after she showered, she put on the shorts. This turned out to be a little adventure. The shorts were so tight, that they needed to be pulled up with some force. But they were very stretchy, and fit her contours, as Susan had promised. Looking at herself in the mirror, Bella almost blanched. The shorts were so short that they barely covered her ass. And they were so tight, they left almost nothing to the imagination. They fit so snugly over her vagina, there was a small camel toe visible. And they hugged the curves of her ass, making her cheeks stick out provocatively.

The camel toe really bothered Bella. If George had the same effect on her today that he had the other day, then her vaginal fluids would form a little puddle down there, for all the world to see. After giving this some thought, Bella said “Fuck it” and put on panties under the shorts. The panties had a G-string going up the crack of her ass, and covered her vagina. So now, the V-shape of her vagina was visible, but at least there was no camel toe.

She wore a normal white bra. She thought for a while about the top she could wear. If she wore a tank top, combined with the shorts it would make her look like a hooker. She tried on a very loose top, sort-of to counter the sluttiness of the shorts. But combined with the shorts, it looked very odd, making her look a bit like a scarecrow. She finally settled on a sleeveless, form-fitting white top that didn’t show any cleavage.

As she was on şişli escort her way out, she was confronted by Susan just outside her room. “We had an agreement,” Susan said crossly.

“Yes, and I am keeping it. I am wearing the shorts, see?” Bella said.

“Yes, but I specifically said no panties. How do you explain this?” she quickly pulled down the side of Bella’s shorts, revealing the side strap of her panties.

“Hey!” Bella retorted, angry at her personal space being invaded like this. “Knock it off. What I wear under the shorts is none of your business.”

“Well, it IS my business. You are supposed to perform the dare exactly like I asked you to. When I lost the bet to Bessie, I, too, wore those embarrassing shorts without any panties, because that’s what she asked me to do.”

Bella was angry at Susan: For teasing her about George, for beating her so easily at tennis, and for making her wear these ridiculous shorts. Her anger reached it’s breaking point, and she lashed out at Susan.

“Well, I am not a fucking whore like you!!” she yelled.

She immediately regretted saying that, and opened her mouth to say something re-conciliatory. But no words came out. The slap across her face was so sudden, it knocked the breath out of her. For a moment, she didn’t realize what was going on. And then, a stinging, burning sensation to her left cheek made her realize Susan had hit her with the palm of her right hand.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What’s going on?” Sarah said. She and Bessie had heard the yelling, and had come out of the room to investigate.

“How DARE she call me a whore?” Susan said. Tears were running down her cheeks, and Bella could see that she was genuinely hurt.

“OK, let’s all of us just calm down. OK?” Bessie said. She and Sarah had gotten themselves between Bella and Susan, to prevent the cat-fight from escalating further. “We’re not boys; we don’t get into fistfights,” they chided Susan. “Just calm down and let’s talk about what the problem is.”

“Well, the problem is that Bella is wearing panties, after I clearly asked her not to,” Susan said. She seemed a lot calmer than she was a minute ago. “I want her to take off her panties, and as a penalty for not following the spirit of the dare, I want her to take off her bra as well.”

“That only seems fair,” Bessie said, and Sarah nodded her agreement.

Bella was too stunned to speak. She couldn’t believe all the girls had unanimously agreed to make her go commando and bra-less. But she didn’t have the strength or willpower to argue. The slap had left her stunned. And so, she went back to her room, and came back in a few minutes, wearing the shorts, the top, her tennis shoes, and absolutely nothing else.

George was facing away from her, getting the horse ready, when she entered the stable. He heard her arrive, and turned around to face her.

“Hey, so you ready to …” he stopped mid-sentence when he saw her, seeming stunned by the view. “Wow, you look… Um…” he stammered, not quite knowing what to say, “You look very pretty,” he finally said, looking up and down her body appreciatively.

“Umm, thanks,” Bella said awkwardly. She could sense that he was sexually aroused by her short shorts. She felt the familiar tingling feeling between her legs. Embarrassed, she held her hand in front of her crotch, feeling awkward and vulnerable.

He started walking the horse out of the stable. It was a large horse, and had a very large saddle, where two people could easily fit.

“Are we… are we riding the same horse?” Bella asked. The thought of riding with George, their bodies touching, while wearing the short shorts, made her even more uncomfortable.

George misunderstood her concern. “Oh, don’t worry,” he said, patting the horse, “this one is a real beauty. He is trained to carry two people. Not that you would add a whole lot of weight on his back, anyway,” he added, smiling. “Plus, he is trained to trot on auto-pilot. Riding him will be no trouble.”

Bella didn’t want to seem fussy, and couldn’t think of a good reason to refuse to get on a horse with George, so she went along. When they were outside the stable, George mounted the horse. He sat at the back of the saddle, and extended his hand to Bella, so he could help her get on the saddle in front of him. Holding his hand, Bella mounted the horse. As she spread her legs to sit on the saddle, she could feel the shorts stretch even thinner than they already were. The shorts went up the crack of her ass, exposing the fleshy contours of her buttocks, and barely covered her vagina below her. It took her a second to find her footing on the other side of the saddle. She blushed deep red at the thought of George getting a look at her barely-covered ass from behind.

Just as she was about to sit down, George pulled on the reins, making the horse suddenly start galloping. Bella let out a yelp of surprise, and sat down on the saddle abruptly. She ended up sitting on the palm of George’s hand, which he had positioned ahead of him on the saddle. It took her a few seconds to sit properly on the saddle. After these few seconds, the logical part of her brain told her to push George’s hand away from under her, and politely inform him that nothing would be happening between them.

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