Best Friends (with benefits) Forever

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Author’s note: As always, I’d like to thank LittleAlison (amazing author on this site) for helping me along on my writing journey. I firmly believe, if not for her, I wouldn’t be writing. Next I’d like to send out a huge thank you to Macktosh for doing a fabulous job cleaning and editing my little story. Lastly, I’d like to thank my ears. LOL. For overhearing a conversation at a BBQ this summer that inspired this story.

BEST FRIENDS (with benefits) FOREVER

Raven and Robyn

Raven. Not the greatest name for a slim, petite, blue-eyed blond. But that’s just how things go. And I’m not very good at keeping stories short, but I’ll try my best.

Robyn and I practically grew up together. Her mom had a small daycare she ran out of her remodeled basement. And I was one of her mom’s daycare kids. Robyn and I were the same age when we met, around four years old. Summer after summer we became closer and closer as we watched each other grow up. She was the Yin to my Yang. Robyn had an older sister Brenda that was five years older than us. Except we didn’t see her much. Brenda wouldn’t lower herself to play with little kids.

Even though I eventually grew out of daycare. Robyn and I stayed friends. Best friends actually. All through high school and beyond. We shared more laughs and tears than I can count. We were physically close too. When we were little we would often hold hands. It just felt… right.

Then later, we would sit up tight next to each other on her couch watching TV or just reading. I remember feeling a little empty when she got up to do something. Looking forward to her return, and for the sides of our warm bodies to be touching again.

But it’s our sleepovers that I remember the most. Nothing sexual mind you. Just a real close friendship. Eating pizza together, reading stuff online or watching old black and white movies on TV. Then just laying there in her bed. Laughing and giggling about boys mostly.

Sometimes the subject of our friendship would come up. We made a pact to always remain friends no matter what happened in our lives. One night, we interlaced our fingers together with one hand. And did a pinky swear with the other as a way of sealing the best friends forever pact. It seemed like an innocent and magical time.

As our teenage years progressed I looked forward to every sleepover with butterflies in my stomach. Again, nothing sexual, we were both straight. It just felt sooo good to be laying right next to Robyn. Why…? Well, I was an only child, and Robyn was as close to me as any sister that I could ever have. And that closeness was as precious as gold to me.

I eventually went off to college in another state. But I would come back often to visit my parents and of course… Robyn. She said college wasn’t for her and ended up moving around from job to job. And from boyfriend to boyfriend.

By the time we both turned twenty-one we were kinda wild. We would go to bars and WE would pick up guys. Take them to bed, rock their world and never see them again. Then return to the peaceful comfort of her bedroom, climb into bed and compare notes on their, and our, sexual prowess. Confessing to each other what we did to them and what they did to us. That usually ended with us laughing like fools.

We also learned one night while comparing sexual encounters that we both liked dirty talk. Both saying it and hearing it. Our wild ways coming through I guess.

Also by that time, we were hugging often and giving each other ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ kisses on the cheek. I never loved anyone outside my family as much as I did Robyn. She was the sister I never had. To say we were comfortable around each other would be an understatement.

When I graduated near the top of my class with a nursing degree. Boston General scooped me up and offered me a six figure salary. I couldn’t say no. I tried to get Robyn to move up to Boston with me. But she wanted to stay in Schenectady, New York with her family.


One day, late night actually, like two in the morning. My cell phone was going crazy. Normally I just let it ring. Figuring it was the hospital trying to get me to come in to cover someone’s shift. When I finally answered the phone, it was Robyn. Crying harder than I’ve ever heard before. My pulse immediately doubled and a cold sweat started pouring out of me. My heart broke into a million pieces as she told me through tears that her pregnant sister Brenda died of a drug overdose. Right downstairs in the kitchen of her parents house, while she was sleeping upstairs.

See, as wild as I thought Robyn and I were, her sister Brenda was a thousand times worse. She’d been doing drugs for years and had been to rehab on several occasions. And besides being pregnant, Brenda left behind two fatherless toddlers as well. A sad situation all the way around.

I never let Robyn hang up on me that night. If I didn’t constantly hear her voice, I would have thought something istanbul travesti bad would have happened to her too. I threw some clothes in a small overnight bag and flew like the wind to Robyn’s parents’ house. My heart was racing as I broke every speed limit along the way. Again, I never let Robyn hang up. I even listened while she tried to console Bernda’s kids.

A thousand thoughts were running through my mind. Not least of which was that now, Robyn is an only child too. But at least we had each other. Two twenty-five year old sisterly friends. I promised myself as I white-knuckled it down the highway that night. That I would do anything for Robyn. Anything at all. There would be no request that I would say no to.

My phone died as I pulled up to Robyn’s parents’ house and noticed the last of the emergency vehicles leaving. About two dozen concerned family and friends filled the house. A strange thing to see at 4 a.m. They were all talking in hushed tones. I pushed my way through the crowd to try to find Robyn. I couldn’t find her. So I just yelled out, “Robbbyyynnn!” The emotional pain in my voice was clearly evident. I heard, “RAVEN, get up here!”

I shot up the steps two at a time. Straight into Robyn’s room. I flew into her outstretched arms and almost knocked her down. I hugged her so tight until her legs collapsed and pulled us both down to the floor. I held her as she cried like someone was stabbing her over and over. It caused me excruciating pain as well. I never heard anything like it before in my entire life. I whispered to Robyn the promise I made to myself. The one I made as I drove to see her. There would be no request that I would say no to.

The next few days were tough. And I never let Robyn out of my sight. But as it does, time marches on. A few weeks became a month, a few months became a year. A year became two years. And as it did, and as impossible as it may seem. Robyn found a way to deal with the loss of her sister. And, at the same time Robyn and I grew even closer. I don’t think that was a coincidence.

When I would come to visit, Robyn latched on to me like glue. We would sometimes hold hands like when we were kids. And we still had sleepovers, still in one queen bed. Still nothing sexual. We would talk into the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes about her sister, sometimes about guys, and sometimes about nothing at all. Just being next to her was a warm wonderful feeling.


By the time we were 27 our wild days were mostly behind us. And we both had steady boyfriends. But when I came to visit, our world consisted of just the two of us… No man’s land if you will.

We still liked to go out and have a few drinks, but nothing like the old days. We just sat at a table, Robyn drinking her beer and me with my red wine. But, we still had a problem. And I’m not being conceited, but Robyn and I were a couple of pretty girls. We both had long blonde hair and blue eyes. And where I was slender, petite and had sort of a 12 year old girlish frame. Robyn was taller, and let’s say, a little more filled out. She had a narrow waist with generous hips and breasts. She had that womanly hourglass figure that I wished I had.

So that meant that some guys in the bar wouldn’t leave us alone. We were constantly getting hit on. And after Robyn rejected this one guy about five times, he shouted out, “What, are you two a couple of lesbians?”

Robyn’s face went mean, she shot up, her chair flew back, she threw her beer in his face and said, “Yeah we are, what’s it to ya asshole!” He was pissed, and looked like he wanted to hit Robyn. But a couple of guys from the bar came over and pulled him away from us. We weren’t bothered the rest of the night. And that gave us an idea.

From then on, whenever we went out, AND, we didn’t want to be bothered. We would walk into a bar holding hands. Then we would sit hip to hip right next to each other rather than across from each other. We were pretending to be a lesbian couple. It worked for the most part. But once in a while we had to step it up a notch. If either of us saw a guy coming over to us. Robyn and I would kiss, on the lips. Not just any kiss, a lover’s kiss. THAT always worked. I also noticed that the kiss caused tingles down my spine. I loved how Robyn’s lips were so soft. I loved how Robyn’s lips tasted like watermelon. And I loved how Robyn’s eyes sparkled when we broke our kiss.

Then one night after we had more drinks than we normally do, Robyn said, “Quick, some guy is coming.” Then she took her finger and immediately spun my face towards hers and kissed me. This kiss had more passion, more affection, and yes, more love than any other kiss we’d shared. At that moment I felt Robyn’s all encompassing love for me. And as we all know, alcohol has an amazing effect on completely eliminating one’s inhibitions. So I kissed her back… hard. Our warm tongues found each other instantly. We kissed like we’ve been kissing passionately istanbul travestileri for years. It was satisfying and wonderful. I quietly moaned into Robyn’s mouth. And she into mine. My heart started pounding. My hands started moving as if they had a mind of their own. Slowly caressing her soft blonde hair, slowly gliding over her round shoulders. Her hands did the same to me. Goosebumps traveled throughout my body in tingly waves.

We broke our kiss about a week later and with glossy eyes and trying to catch my breath I whispered to her, “So did that guy keep walking past us?”

With a deliciously mischievous smile and squinty eyes Robyn whispered back, “What guy?”

I just laughed, turned a little red and sat back in my chair. But her kiss still lingered on my lips. My hand mindlessly stroked the back of her hand. My heart secretly hoped that she would kiss me again. But why? I asked myself.

I guess there were a few reasons. First, Robyn is my best friend. A friend I would take a bullet for. So what’s wrong with a little harmless kissing?

Second, it made me feel sooo good because she was such a great kisser and her lips were sooo soft and warm. Every kiss gave me kind of a naughty thrill. Me, kissing another girl like that. I mean, my boyfriend Tony is a good kisser too. But Robyn’s kisses are on another level. The way her sultry eyes would look deep into my soul. The way her hand would cup my cheek as we kissed. The way her other hand floated down my goosebumped arm… Well, let’s just say I felt an arousing tingling somewhere I didn’t expect.

Third, and most importantly. I was beginning to have feelings for Robyn that went beyond friendship. I felt a pull to be closer to her. To touch her in ways I never have before. To feel her bare skin against mine. I didn’t know what to do with these new feelings. So I pushed them way down.


The next few times when I came to visit. We seemed to be kissing more often. We would kiss hello and goodbye right on the lips. Exchanging sisterly ‘I love you’s’ often. It made me feel wonderfully loved… And Robyn seemed genuinely happy for the first time in a long while.

So it was around this time that whenever we went out, Robyn would kiss me before we even sat down. One of her signature, tongue dancing, goosebump raising, heart pounding, panty moistening kisses. She said it was so she could let everybody in the bar know right from the start. WE are NOT available.

I should have asked Robyn what all this kissing was about. But, truth be told, I didn’t want to scare her away. I didn’t want to make her standoffish toward me. I didn’t want her to…stop. But actually, one night at a bar she brought it up.

She told me that despite outward appearances, she and Brenda had an uncommonly close relationship. I didn’t ask what she meant by uncommon. I just let her continue.

Brenda shared with Robyn her struggles with drugs. And how some guys would get her high just so they could take advantage of her. Brenda told her it was hard to say no to sex, any kind of sex when you’re strung out on cocaine, or meth, or heroin.

When Brenda died, it left a huge hole in Robyn’s heart. Along with some guilt for not doing more to stop her from doing drugs. And also some distain for guys in general.

“I think that all this kissing is to somehow fill this hole in my heart…” she said, looking down then back up at me and finished. “And the good and bad of it, Raven… is… it’s kinda working.”

I took a deep breath, looked her in the eyes and said, “Robyn, if a little kissing helps you deal with that devastating pain. I guess I can do that. But are you sure you’re not mistaking romantic love for sisterly love?”

A huge smile came over her face. “Maybe.” Then she surprised me by saying, “But wouldn’t it be fun to find out?” I smiled back at her. Then she came in for a kiss and I happily obliged. I could never resist kissing Robyn. Her lips were just so incredibly warm and soft. I was drawn to them like a moth to a flame. We broke the kiss and giggled to each other. Both of us happily ignoring the romantic implications.


One weekend when I came to visit, I announced that I was engaged to Tony. Robyn’s family was thrilled for me. And so was Robyn. But I could tell something was wrong. And I also knew that there’s no way she would ever tell me the reason. Not sober anyway. But of course, I had a pretty good idea.

While everyone around us was chatting. I asked Robyn if she would go out with me to celebrate. She said we would. But then she leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Let’s step up the pretend lesbian thing this time so no one ever bothers us again. We’ll pretend this is a date. A real date between two girls. You go to your parents’ house and get ready and we’ll meet at the bar in an hour… Just nod if you agree.”

I gave her a huge smile along with my approving nod. After a few minutes I said my goodbyes and travesti istanbul left for my parents’ house just across the river.

I was nervous getting ready for my date with Robyn. Real butterflies-in-the-belly nervous. Her words kept rolling around in my head. ‘Let’s step it up.’ What did she mean by that? I had no idea. I also had no idea what to wear. I didn’t bring much with me. So I just put on what I originally planned to wear. Just a white camisole top, dark blue jeans and sandals. And because I had very little in the chest department, I didn’t bother wearing a bra. It was summer after all.

I got a text to meet her at a place called Danny’s Bar at 8 o’clock on the north side of town. I half remembered someone mentioning the name before. I just didn’t remember what they said about it.

I got there a few minutes before 8. And I noticed the name on the bar. It wasn’t Danny’s Bar, it was Danni’s Bar. I remembered now, it was a lesbian bar. I laughed heartily to no one. OK, this is what Robyn meant by stepping it up. Ya know, I don’t care. Robyn’s my best friend, and I always said that I would do anything for her.

I took a deep breath, grabbed the door handle and walked in. It was kinda dark. With dim colored lights scattered around the bar. There were several tables off to one side so I headed in that direction. Just as I sat down a pretty waitress came over to ask me what I was drinking. We could have been twins. She was the same girlish size as me, long blond hair like me, And we were practically wearing the same thing.

She noticed our similarities immediately, smiled and said, “Well honey, if you’re anything like me you want a white wine.” I smiled and giggled a little and said, “Sorry sweetie, red wine please, Merlot if you have it… Oh and a light beer too.”

“Oh, so you have a date coming soon, great, well my name is Gwen, I’ll be your server. AND I’ll be right back,” she quipped with an upbeat tone. She spun quickly towards the bar that wasn’t very crowded. I happened to catch the sensual movements of her cute little derrière as she sauntered away. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Looking at women I mean. And not just shapely rear ends either. Lips, eyes, hair, hips, the curve of a woman’s neck, the curve of her calf… Just so many things.

“You’re not cheating on me now, are you Raven?” Robyn’s voice dripped with fake jealousy. I must have been staring at Gwen longer than I thought, I didn’t even notice Robyn come in.

“No, I would nev…” I stopped talking because I just noticed Robyn. All of Robyn. She had her bright blonde hair pulled up in a slightly messy but sexy way. With gorgeous eye makeup, red lips and dark rimmed glasses. (She normally wears contacts). A bright white silk blouse sans bra, a definitely not respectable length silky black skirt that showcased her womanly thighs. Bright red heels completed her… I think she was going for a sexy librarian look? She nailed it as far as I’m concerned.

My heart was beating a mile a minute. I’ve never been physically attracted to another woman before in my life. But today, right now, I had to admit to myself that I was. Then came the hello kiss. Being where we were, Robyn didn’t hold back at all. She wrapped her tanned arms around my slim waist, pulled me in tight for a never ending kiss. Our tongues dueled for hours, our hands wandered through reach other’s hair and over each other’s bodies discovering every curve. My heart hammered inside my chest. My body went into tingle overload and my panties became incredibly wet. Oh God, the effects she had on me.

We broke our kiss, and with glossy eyes and wobbly legs, we sat down. Gwen brought us our drinks. “Well, THAT was quite a show, girls! Will there be another one next hour? She spoke with a laugh.

The almost always confident Robyn just said, “With any luck, yes!” We sat down and composed ourselves. As if what just happened was nothing out of the ordinary, We talked like we usually did when we went out. Both of us ignoring the feelings that went beyond friendship.

Only this time Robyn was asking me a ton of questions about my now fiance Tony. And not that that subject had ever been off limits. But Robyn was asking some extremely intimate questions about my sex life with Tony. Again, we’ve had many intimate conversations over the years. This just seemed to come out of the blue.

“So how do you and Tony like to fuck, doggy style?” NOW I can detect some real jealousy. And I’m not mad. But I think she had a few shots of liquid courage before she got here. And if I know Robyn it was tequila, the truth serum of all alcohol.

And not that we haven’t cursed around each other either. We could keep up with the best of them. This just seemed a little out of character for her at that moment. But I have to give as good as I get I suppose.

And in a voice that conveyed my annoyance at her jealousy. “No, but I love it when Tony pounds me into oblivion missionary style,”

Robyn’s jealous face was replaced with her usual cocky smile. Then I smiled back and we both laughed heartily. I think that was some kind of test. Although, truth be told. I wasn’t joking, that’s often what I want when it comes to sex. A good hard pounding. I like to be dominated.

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