Best Neighbor Ever! Ch. 02

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Ass Hot

I’d love to have your FEEDBACK or COMMENTS on what you like and what you don’t. It’s knowing that someone actually reads my work that inspires me to keep writing. TC 5


When I woke again it was getting dark out. I kissed Kelly’s forehead and gave her a little squeeze, and her eyes fluttered open. “I would love to have you both spend the night with me, but I want to be sure its ok.”

“Oh wow,” she replied, “good thinking! I’m sure we would both love to spend the night, but I have to be home for a while in case the asshole calls. Oops maybe I shouldn’t have said that, but I guess you already know. Anyway, why don’t you two come over and we can have a pizza and watch TV or something.” Then she giggled. “There is one problem, though. We don’t have any clothes!” We both laughed, waking Alli in the process. I rummaged around and found an oversized T-shirt for Kelly, and she ran over to her house. She returned in a couple of minutes in shorts and a Tee, with some clothes in her hand for Alli.

I said I’d order the pizza and go get it, and Kelly went running back again. Alli was still lying naked in the bed, and I couldn’t resist leaning over and sucking on those gorgeous pink Irish breasts, with the hard, red pointed nipples. But we both knew we didn’t have time for anything much else, and I really didn’t want to do anything behind Kelly’s back with her best friend. Reluctantly, we let each other go, and I promised her a rain check. We still owed her a good fucking anyhow, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I called and ordered the pizza, then asked Alli if she thought beer would be ok to go with it. She said, “Great! I’d say it would get us in the mood a little more, but I don’t think we need it. But it will taste and feel good, anyhow.” She headed over to join Kelly, and I headed out for the pizza and beer.

Good thing I ordered extra pizza because we were really hungry. None of us had eaten since early morning, the excitement of the day taking away all appetite. The beer went down really well too, and it was hard to say if that was why we were all so giddy. We were going to sit in the living room and watch TV, waiting for Kelly’s mandatory call. As we sat down, Kelly suddenly said, “I almost forgot, Ron, if you want I’ll give you a quick tour of the house; I showed Alli around while you were gone.” Standing behind Alli, she made a quick beckoning motion, indicating she really wanted me to go.

“Sure,” I said, I’ve never been in this house before, except for the basement.” We all giggled, Alli obviously having heard what had happened down there. Alli settled down as we headed out. When we got upstairs Kelly quickly pulled me into the main bedroom, and I was surprised to find a four-poster bed there. She pushed the door lightly shut and whispered, “I want you to see something.” She took a box out of the bottom drawer of her dresser and opened it. Looking in I saw some Velcro and leather cuffs and some cotton rope. Puzzled, I looked at her.

“They’re restraints!” she said. “I’ve had them for a long time, but never had a chance to use them. But I’ve been thinking.” She flashed me a big smile. “Maybe you and I could use them on Alli tomorrow! It might be a lot of fun, and in the end, I know she would love it! You already know how she is. What do you think?”

Wow. I never thought of such a thing. But she was right about Alli. I had no reason not to go along, and really, it might be fun! “Sure,” I said, “If you are sure she won’t mind. I know we won’t hurt her, But I would hate to upset her.”

“She might be pissed at first, but I know we could do things to help her get over it.” Kelly smiled again. “Just don’t stick your cock in her mouth right away. She might bite it!” She giggled. I watched as she strung the restraints on the posts, and moved them so they were hidden. But as we headed downstairs, a devilish plan popped into my head.

“Nice house, Kelly,” I said loudly as we walked back to the living room. “You did a great job getting it set up so quickly.”

“Well the movers did most of it,” she replied. “I just had to put a few things away.”

No sooner had we settled down than the phone rang. Sure enough, it was “the asshole”. At least he was predictable. She talked a minute or two, said, “Have a nice trip,” and hung up.

She came back and announced, “Party time at Ron’s!” We all laughed and cheered, and the girls spent a couple of minutes brushing their teeth and getting some spare clothes and stuff, then we headed back to my place. I was so excited I was shaking, thinking of spending the whole night in bed with them. I just hoped I would survive.

“We need the bathroom for a few minutes,” Kelly announced when we arrived, so I settled down and watched the news for a while.

When they cleared out I went in and showered and shaved. I didn’t bother putting anything on again. What was the point? While I was brushing my teeth, I heard them start to yell, “Hurry up Ron, we’re starting without you!” Oh brother, I could hardly wait to see what that meant.

I walked in to find canlı bahis the two of them locked in a furious 69. I had killed the lights in the house, leaving only the bathroom on, but they looked great together in the dim glow. The low light accentuated Kelly’s dark tan and Alli’s light skin. I moved near the bed and just watched for a while. The soft moans and slurping noises, not to mention the two gorgeous bodies squirming in front of me, had me hard in no time, just looking.

Alli was on top, and her face was buried in Kelly’s pussy. I could see her tongue going up and down, deep in Kelly’s slit. Each time she reached the bottom, her tongue rammed into Kelly’s cunt, lips locked over her swollen lips. When she slid back up, she found Kelly’s clit and I could hear her sucking on it. That caused Kelly to groan and writhe on the bed. From where I stood, Kelly’s face was buried between Alli’s ass cheeks, only her wild blonde hair visible. But Alli’s hips were working, grinding down on Kelly’s face so hard that every sound she made was muffled.

Finally I couldn’t stand any more and leaned over the bed, running my hand over Alli’s shoulders, then down her back. When I started making circles on her hard, smooth ass she lifted her head long enough to look at me and say, “Oh fuck, Ron! That feels so damn good!” Her wet face shone in the dim light.

Kelly’s muffled voice from between Alli’s thighs said, “Dammit Ron where you been?”

“Right here watching you the whole time,” I replied, “you got blinders on or something?

Alli cut off any response with a mock growl, “Shut up! Don’t talk with your mouth full!” And I watched as she ground her pussy down hard against Kelly’s hidden face.

I couldn’t resist any longer, and recalling how the two of them had tag-teamed my cock earlier, I decided to return the favor. I climbed up on the bottom of the bed between Kelly’s spread legs and started kissing and nipping my way up her thighs. Her hips had already been rocking under Alli, and they started to pump harder. When I got up to Alli, she lifted her head with a smile, and we shared a long deep kiss, and I licked some of Kelly’s juices off her face. “Want some?” Alli giggled.

In answer, I buried my face in Kelly’s pussy, grinding against it as I rammed my tongue deep into her cunt, drinking whatever juices Alli had left for me. Kelly knew instantly what had happened, and I heard a muffled growl as her hips lifted off the bed and she ground her pussy against me. Immediately, her juices started running and I lapped them up. I slid my tongue up between her lips and found her swollen clit peeking out of its hood. My lips latched on to it and I sucked hard, grinding my tongue down against it. I don’t know what that caused Kelly to do, but Alli’s head arched back and she let out a high pitched screech, and her ass started rolling in circles as she pressed down on Kelly.

My cock was so hard it hurt, lying on the bed, and I decided to get some for myself. I pulled myself up to my knees, then grabbed Kelly’s legs and lifted them to my shoulders. I wanted to plunge my hard cock into Kelly, and watched Alli, stroking myself as I waited my chance. But when Alli looked up and saw me she gave me an evil grin and grabbed my cock at the base, sliding her lips over the tip and engulfing me right down to her hand. She started rocking back and forth, sucking hard, her lips tight. I was gasping at the wonderful sensation of the sudden blowjob.

But then Alli pulled my cock back out of her mouth, and guided it right to Kelly’s wide open hole, pushing the tip inside. Kelly bucked, and even half suffocated between Alli’s thighs she gave out a howl. It sounded sort of like a high pitched “Ohmyfuckinggod!”. With one long hard thrust I buried myself to the hilt, gasping at the feel of her tight tunnel clutching me. Her hips immediately started rolling and lifting, and I answered by grasping her hips and fucking her with long hard strokes. Alli’s fingers ground little circles against Kelly’s clit, before she bent down and sucked it in. I think we could have made her cum in nothing flat, but I wasn’t ready for this party to end so soon.

I slowed down and pulled back part way, giving her only little half strokes, and we heard a muffled groan from someplace beneath Alli. Alli saw her chance and grabbed me, pulling my cock from Kelly’s cunt and swallowing it in one motion. Really into it now, she tried to take all of me, and succeeded in getting most of me down. I could feel her throat contracting, and drool was dribbling from her mouth, but with her head back like that, she had a lot easier time.

She slid me out again, gasping for breath, but when she started to suck me in again I moved my hands from Kelly’s hips to Alli’s head and pushed hard. My cock slid down her throat until my body was pressed against her lips and I was imbedded in her throat. I know she had never taken a cock that deep before, and the look in her eyes was one of sheer amazement. I held her for a moment, then gave her a chance to get another breath. Surprisingly, she bahis siteleri slid me out very slowly, perhaps analyzing the feeling. “Oh fuck, I don’t believe it,” was all she could gasp out.

She engulfed my head once more, and, with a little bit of help, succeeded taking me all the way again. This time she rocked back and forth, stroking me before pulling back. She smiled and put my head back into Kelly’s cunt again, which now had her juices running from it. I had stood about all I could take, and rammed myself in again, fucking her hard with no intention of stopping. I was ramming myself into her, slapping against her dripping pussy, and Alli suddenly sat up and starting giving high pitched cries, grinding on Kelly’s face.. Whatever Kelly was doing, it was working.

My cock was beyond hard and I was beyond stopping. I pounded Kelly at the same time Alli bounced up and down on her. Her body was writhing and her hips were matching me thrust for thrust. I think Alli came somewhere along the way, and her hips were still pumping forward and back. Suddenly Kelly arched so hard that Alli pitched forward and on to the bed. With her sudden freedom, Kelly let out a scream that reverberated through the house as a titanic orgasm overtook her. I rammed myself into her a few more times, then impaled her as I pumped my cum into her, hips bucking so hard her body bounced with each thrust.

When I finally was able to breath again, I heard Alli whimpering softly against the sheets and Kelly simply gasping, her body heaving. I suddenly realized her legs were still draped limply over my shoulders, and I eased them to the bed. Slowly I crawled up somewhere near her and collapsed, arms and legs splayed out. Minutes went by before I could move again, and then I pulled myself over to Kelly and kissed her, tasting nothing but Alli’s juices, which covered her lips and cheeks. Her face looked red, and I was afraid it was raw from the way Alli had been grinding on her. All Kelly could do was moan.

Somehow, Alli managed to crawl up to my other side, and I when I turned and kissed her, I tasted Kelly. I draped an arm over Kelly and Alli wrapped hers around me. The three of us were quickly asleep, or maybe, passed out. That must have been a hell of a pizza.

I woke up after 1 AM, needing to get rid of the three beers I drank with the pizza. I pulled myself loose from Alli’s arms as gently as possible and stumbled to the bathroom. My face and body felt a little stiff in several places, where I was coated with dried cum. I needed a shower! I had just turned the water on when the door opened and Alli came in, looking half conscious like me, but luscious as ever. She draped her arms around my neck and leaned against me, head on my shoulder, red hair pressed against my cheek. “Oh my god,” was all she said.

I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead, then whispered, “I hope this is as good for you as it is for me.”


I pushed back from her and said, “Honey, I’m glad you’re here, I want to talk to you.” She looked up at me with questioning eyes.

“Last night, Kelly told me she wanted to surprise you in the morning, putting restraints on you in her bed. I guess you can fill in the details after that. But I thought it might be more fun to turn the tables on her. What if we grab her and tie her down first?”

“Oh damn, that would be fun, she knows I would go along with it. But it might be even more fun to surprise her!” She giggled, and gave me a big smile. “Let’s do it! She will be SOOO pissed! And I have something in my bag that might add to the fun a little!” She gave me a big smile and giggled.

“The ties are attached to her bed, hidden behind the posts. We’ll just have to grab her and do it,” I said. “I bet she’ll fight like a tiger. I can hold her down, but you will have to attach the cuffs.”

“I can’t wait to see what happens,” she giggled.

“Well right now, I need a shower, would you like to join me?” I asked.

“Mmmmmm, you know I would. But I need to pee first. Start and I’ll join you in a second.”

I got the water adjusted just right, and when she pulled back the curtain I took her hand and helped her in. Of course the warm wetness felt wonderful, and I held her against me as we let the water stream down over us. My lips found hers and we enjoyed a long, languorous kiss. We had only just met, but certainly we were strangers no more.

Suddenly, the curtain was pushed open again and Kelly said crossly, “Hey neighbor, did you forget about me?”

“Get your gorgeous ass in here and we’ll show you how forgotten you are!” I laughed.

We pulled her to us and the three of us hugged. Those two soft wet bodies squirming against mine felt wonderful, as we kissed and fondled each other. Somewhere along the line, Kelly felt my rapidly hardening cock press against her and she reached down and grabbed it. Playfully tugging, she said,” Is this any way to greet your new neighbor?”

“Depends on the neighbor,” I replied, “and in your case, I just wish it was harder!”

“So do bahis şirketleri I,” she giggled, and started pulling in earnest, stroking hard along my length. In seconds she had it just like she liked it, hard and ready. Alli reached down and grasped me too, admiring Kelly’s work.

Kelly dropped to her knees on the rubber mat, and started sucking on my head. I gasped at the sudden wave of pleasure. I pulled Alli to me and clamped my lips over hers, pushing my tongue into her willing mouth. Those red nipples were rock hard as she ground them into my chest. I put a hand on Kelly’s wet hair, urging her to take more of me, and she quickly obliged, sucking hard as I slid into her throat. I let out a ragged gasp, “Ohhhh yeahhhhh.”

My fingertips found Alli’s hardened nips and I squeezed and twisted gently. She moaned into my mouth as our kiss continued. When our lips finally parted she kissed the side of my neck, then started moving lower, her lips and tongue teasing my body. She put her hands on my shoulders, then let them slowly slide down, until finally she was kneeling next to Kelly.

Kelly held my cock as they kissed each other, then offered it to Alli. She eagerly slipped her lips over me as Kelly held me steady. Her head bobbed in and out fast as she squeezed her lips tightly around me. I suddenly realized that I was being passed back and forth pretty much like a joint, and they had no intention of stopping. I decided I might as well go with the flow, and grasped the head of each one in turn, and started enthusiastically fucking their mouths. In no time at all I was throbbing and tingling, my legs shaking, and I shut my eyes and waited.

The feeling grew quickly, and when Kelly took me suddenly into her throat, I exploded. She gulped at the sudden flood, and pulled me out, where I managed to cover both of them with the final spurts of my cum. The water quickly washed it away, and I watched as they kissed, still on their knees. The sight if the two of them, still kissing and fondling my cock, water washing over their wet faces and bodies, was one of the most sexy, erotic sights I had ever seen. It had been a cooperative effort, for sure. I gave each a hand and helped them up, then kissed each one deeply in turn. They could have saved my orgasm to share with them, but they preferred to give me my pleasure. I was grateful to both of them.

We laughed and giggled as we washed each other, teasing and kissing at the same time. When we climbed out I toweled off and headed for the bedroom again, pulling the covers up and getting comfortable. They stayed long enough to dry their hair and who knows what else, judging by the laughter. By the time they joined me in the bed, I was getting sleepy. They crawled under the covers and snuggled up on each side of me, our arms around each other. I’d have fallen asleep even sooner if it didn’t feel so great.

I woke again a couple of hours later to a very interesting sensation. Kelly had rolled off of me and was lying face up, only a hand still resting on my stomach. But Alli had somehow pulled herself up almost on top of me, her arms locked around my neck, her red hair pressed against my cheek. That smooth soft body on mine felt wonderful! I put both arms lightly around her and started running my hands slowly and lightly up and down her smooth back. In a minute or two I heard “Mmmmmmmmm”, so soft and low it was a purr. That’s about how I felt, too.

I kissed her forehead and felt her stir against me. As I stroked her, I reached down a bit further so I could run my hands over her smooth ass. Her lips lightly kissed my neck. When I squeezed her firm cheeks lightly, I felt her hips press her pussy against my leg. No doubt about it, she was damp. I slid my hands up her back and along her sides, and I felt her arms tighten around my neck. With her arms stretched out like that it was easy to run my fingertips lightly over the sides of her breasts, and I did. Her hips started to rock slowly, pressing against my leg, and I could feel the wetness from her pussy making it slippery.

She lifted her head and I could see her smile in the dim light as our lips locked together. As her tongue slipped into my mouth my hands slid under her and cupped her breasts, my fingers letting the nipples slide between them. Each time I squeezed, my fingers pressed against those nipples, and they became hard and pointy in no time. She was moaning softly now, in time with the motion of my hands and her hips. She had spread her legs so she could press her pussy hard against me.

Suddenly, I felt Kelly’s hand slide down my stomach and grasp my cock, which was already rock hard, of course. As the fingers squeezed her sleepy voice said, “Hey, did you two forget about me?”

“No Honey,” I replied, “we have been waiting for you. C’mere!”

She pulled herself up onto my chest and I turned my head to give her a long deep kiss. Her hand started moving slowly up and down my cock as our tongues tangled and played. I put an arm around her and Alli reached across me to run her hand up and down Kelly’s body. I found one of Kelly’s breasts with my hand, and I was squeezing Kelly and Alli at the same time. They were both quietly moaning and moving against me, and my breathing became ragged as Kelly’s hand felt better and better.

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