Better than Test Cricket.

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I guess that I should start by giving everybody some information about Melanie and myself. You will all have to excuse my writing abilities as I have never written anything like this due to the fact that I have never had such a story to tell and probably lack the imagination to make up such a story.

I am a 42yo professional of very average looks. Melanie, my wife, is a 36yo mother to our 2 children who are aged 16 & 13yo. We live in an outer suburb of London. Mel has always been a good looker and walks everyday as well as spending hours on one of those Television Shopping Abdominal contraptions! Her very short bleached hair and 34b-23-34 figure combine to make her the talk of the local residents that she passes on her daily walks.

This story begins with me settling down to watch the Test Cricket on the TV whilst enjoying a few cold beers and the silence of having the house all to myself as Mel and the kids were away visiting her mother & father for the day. As seems to be the norm lately England were not doing so well in the cricket so I started channel hoping and at some stage must have hit the play button on the VCR. The tape sprung into action and the picture changed to a home video showing Mel’s school friend Gina talking to a guy that was holding the camera and my wife was in the background. I figured that it must have been shot whilst Mel was visiting Gina who lives in Florida in May this year. I switched off the movie but curiosity got the better of me and I decided to watch more, so I rewound to the beginning.

The tape started with 2 guys walking along the beach. One was holding the camera and the other was talking to him. They were talking about finding some women to interview. Eventually they stopped and focused in on 2 bikini clad women who were sunbathing together on the sand. I immediately recognised Melanie and Gina but was somewhat surprised by the amount of flesh that they were showing. The guys approached them and told them that they were doing a College Assignment that required them to interview people. They introduced themselves as Tom and Samuel and asked if the ladies wanted to help out.

The questions established their names, ages etc. Whilst they were answering the questions the camera tended to focus on Gina’s large bust and Mel’s stomach. The interview was not at all interesting but I was getting the feeling that this was leading somewhere so I fast forwarded the tape whilst still showing the picture. The scene remained on the beach until the 4 of them all got up together and talked together to an apartment complex that overlooked the beach. They all entered the complex and they appeared to be showing identification to the guys and were filling in forms. After the forms were completed Tom handed Gina some money (I had no idea of the amount as all that US Currency looks the same to me).

The scene resumed with Mel and Gina sitting on a bed once again taking to the guy who was filming so I went back to the play mode on the VCR. They were introducing themselves to the camera and were talking about the sexual experience, fantasies etc. It was my sudden realisation that my Wife was about to do some sort of Porno!

Tom suggested that the ladies should strip and show the camera what they had to show. I was no longer surprised as I watch as they simply started removing their clothes without hesitation! Gina revealed her large breasts that were even better than I had ever imagined – they were large and soft with the roundest nipples I have ever seen. In contrast fikirtepe escort my Melanie’s tits were small but solid and were certainly enjoying the attention. The camera focused on Mel’s stomach as she stood and removed her skirt and panties revealing her little pussy that was completely shaved except for a small strip of hair that seemed to be pointing the way from her stomach to the honey-pot. Mel lay back on the bed and spread her legs and began rubbing her pussy for the camera. Gina was doing the same and I was surprised by the size of Gina’s pussy lips – they were like 2 meat steaks!

After a while Tom told the ladies to kneel on the bed facing each other so that they could take some still shots of the 2 of them. The contrast between my slim and strong wife against her larger and softer friend was quite erotic. Gina then leant forward and took Mel’s swollen nipple into her mouth. This obviously took Mel by surprise, and I could tell that she was confused as to what her reaction should be to this change in events. I guess that her feelings over-ruled her mind because she raised her hand to cusp Gina’s soft boob. The camera then rose up their bodies to show the 2 of them playfully tonguing each other’s mouths. Tom then suggested that Gina go down on Mel’s pussy to which Gina needed no second instruction. She was in between Mel’s legs in a flash and to my surprise Mel just opened her legs to allow greater access.

As I sat watching this I was switching from curiosity to anger to absolute bliss! Here I was watching a fantastic Porno that happened to star my wife!

Gina probed Mel’s pussy like a pro – she spread her lips wide to reveal the silky pink inner lips that were obviously soaking. Mel was holding her own tits as she enjoyed the attentions that her pussy was now receiving. Gina then started to move her body around so that she was in a 69 position. As she began to lower her pussy to Mel’s face I thought that this is just so good. BUT, all of a sudden Mel raised her hand to Gina’s inner thigh and pushed it away.

What followed was a discussion that involved my sweet Melanie saying that she was so sorry, but she just could not lick another woman’s pussy. She had never felt any bi tendencies and was not comfortable in doing it, especially on camera. At this point I thought well that is the end of that but Tom was very good about it and told Mel that it was fine and that she was not going to be forced to do anything that she did not wish to do. The picture on the screen then went blank for a second and when it resumed Melanie and Gina were back on the bed wearing bathrobes and were talking to the camera.

It was then explained by the Tom that the ladies had decided that they were going to take things a bit further. I immediately thought that some pressure had been put on Mel to perform on her friend’s pussy, then Tom mentioned that they were waiting for 2 “studs” to arrive! The girls were then told to undress and kneel down on the floor at the front of the bed. They were then blindfolded using the straps from the bathrobes that they had just removed. Then in came a guy who must have been 60yo who looked like he was generally disinterested in what was happening. He was introduced as Max and was told to stand in front of the 2 ladies. He undressed in front of the camera and revealed a cock that looked like it had no stud qualities at all! The ladies were then told to remove their blindfolds so that they were faced with their stud. As soon as the blindfold was gebze escort off Gina reached out and began stroking the cock that confronted her. Max then pushed her head down towards the growing organ and she simply opened wide and began giving it a workout.

The camera was focused on Gina giving head to the now expanded cock. As the camera pulled back I could see Mel just watching her friend juicing up the cock. She was certainly having no problem taking the whole of it into her mouth and then allowing the saliva to overflow from her mouth. I could tell by Mel’s expression that this was territory that she had no intension of travelling. Gina and her friend then went to the bed and got into a 69 position. The scene continued with Gina and Max fucking wildly until the big cum shot across her tits had me longing to do the same.

The screen once again went blank and resumed with the ladies once again on their knees naked on the floor with the blindfolds applied. As they were kneeling the cameraman reached out from behind the camera and pulled Gina out of the shot leaving my Melanie waiting like a deer in a spotlight. Suddenly a figure of a man positioned himself in front Mel next to the camera. I could tell by his pants that it was a new player in the scene as they were those shiny sporting track pants that I have seen the younger guys wearing. As he removed the pants the first thing I noticed was the gold bracelet on his jet-black wrist! The second thing I noticed was the largest cock I had ever seen even whilst it was just semi hard. It must have been at least 7 inches long and as think as a small child’s wrist before it was even fully at attention! There was a sense of anticipation as the blindfold was removed from Mel’s eyes. I expected her to shriek or turn away but instead she just stared at the cock and then looked up at the dark figure in front of her and then back to the cock. Without any invitation she opened her mouth and tried to cram the head into her mouth without too much success so she just kissed the end whilst wanking the length with her hand. It was so obvious that she was very into her task and that this was no chore that she was being asked to perform.

Whilst Mel was chewing on her new bone Gina took the opportunity to position herself under Mel so that she had full tongue access to her pussy. The work that she was doing on Mel’s pussy was certainly paying off for our black friend’s cock which was now as solid as a rock and was longer than both of my wife’s hands put together along it’s length! This seemed to spur on the black star as he attempted to ram more and more of his cock into her throat, only to met by her gagging and spluttering – this seemed to amuse the black guy and the cameraman!

There must have been a signal from off the camera because they all moved and Mel was positioned on the bed with her legs spread. Even from a distance I was able to see the moisture between her pussy lips. The guy then went down on her and gently licked her clit and outter lips. Straight away Mel let out a small squeal and clamped her knees around his ears! I had never seen her so hot and unreserved! He inserted a finger into her hole and removed it to announce that it was so tight and to show the camera the coating that was no on it! After a while of working her over with his tongue and one finger he asked her if she wanted more and was acknowledged with single nod of the head.

As he stood over her his black cock jutted out like a baseball bat ready to hit a home içerenköy escort run. He spat on the tip and positioned it at the entrance to my wife’s pussy. I was hoping like hell that she would suddenly tell him to stop but I was also loving the scene! As he pushed forward Mel propped herself up on her elbows to watch the invasion of this black meat into her white pussy. It was obvious that it was hurting her so much that she was on the border of agony and ecstasy. As soon as he had worked in his length he began ramming her harder with long strokes which just made her hornier – her feet were against his arse pulling him inward on each stroke. He commented on how small her husband must be cause this was one tight pussy. (By this time I was way beyond caring).

Next he pulled out and demanded that Gina get down and give his cock some mouthing. He laughed at Mel’s juices that had coated his cock, which now were to be cleaned by her best friend. Gina only had the chance to give it a quick clean with her mouth when he lay back and told Mel it was time to ride his cock. She faced the camera and began to lower her self onto his length. It was so sexy to watch her pussy stretch open to accommodate his girth and then the pussy lips being pulled outward as she lifted herself upward. It was also too much for Gina who promptly started to play with his balls and give her pussy the occasional lick! This was just too much for me too; I took my own cock out and gave it a few strokes before I was cumming into my own hand.

On the other hand this guy on the screen had great staying power. He was ramming his cocking into Melanie so fast that she was not able to control herself and collapsed forward onto the bed, as her legs were unable to support her weight above him.

She turned around without being told and began to suck the cock that was giving her so much pleasure. She was sucking and wanking it so hard I thought that she was going to pull it off! He then told her to position herself for some doggy action. He also told Gina to get under her cause he wanted his balls licked as he ploughed his new conquest. He then fired his cock into Mel’s pussy in one hard stroke causing her to scream in ecstasy! He wasted no time in building up the pace of the strokes and instructing Gina when to lick his balls and when to tickle Mel’s clit.

All of a sudden he stopped and announced to Mel that he was stopping. Mel looked confused and told him that she did not want to stop until he had cum. He then told her that the only way he was going to continue was if Mel went down on Gina whilst he was doing her doggy. Mel looked down at the task she was asked to perform and without a word she lowered herself into the pussy! She was rewarded by the black cock just sliding back into her and pumping like crazy. This did not last too long when he stopped and told her to get back onto her knees on the floor. He carried his cock to her face level and it erupted across her face. She responded by wanking it dry and then drawing it into her mouth to clean it properly.

Then screen then went blank and returned with Mel and her new black friend sitting on the bed partly clothed. Tom asked if she had a good time to which she responded that it hurt at first but ended up hurting so good! Tom asked if she enjoyed the fact that she had experienced a big black cock to which she responded that she now knew why they say once you have gone black you never go back!

The screen went black and that was it – finished. I stopped the tape to discover that England had once again lost a test match! I on the other hand felt that I had lost something too but also gained something. At this stage I am still coming to terms with what I have seen and will decide if it is better to confront her or leave it alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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