Between the Lines Ch. 02 – Camping

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Don’t forget to read chapter 1 first. All characters are over 18 years old.


‘Ohmigod, that was good. Stop, I need a break. You can fuck me again once you tell me what happened on the camping trip?’

‘Well we went camping …’

‘Come on, that’s when you fucked those girls isn’t it? It must have started then. Who started it, you or them?’

‘Well, it’s a long story…’

‘That’s all right, I’ve got all night’

‘Well, we parked the car at the main car park. The camping ground was pretty full, with a few big family groups with noisy kids running wild so we thought that wouldn’t be much fun. So we discussed what to do. I remembered a secluded place a few hours down the track so we put on our packs and headed there.’

‘You mean the place you and I went to once? With my cousins Meg and Tony?’

‘Yes that’s the one, and…’

‘Ohmigod I remember that trip. You and Meg, and me and Tony. And then…’

‘Anyhow we headed there, took a bit of finding because the entrance was completely overgrown, but I remembered it was just past a really distinctive tree which amazingly is still there. We pushed through the scrub and found the foot track which led to the little clearing just over the river.’

‘And the swimming hole, my god, I remember what we got up to there! You remembered too, didn’t you? THAT’s why you took the girls there, you dirty old man!’

‘Well I did start to remember that weekend, which felt a bit awkward, but of course it didn’t mean anything to the girls. Anyway, shut up and let me tell the story…’


We set up the tents and the girls decided to go swimming while I organised some of the camping stuff. About ten minutes later, I heard them calling me, saying the water was great and that I should come in. So I changed into my bathers and walked down to the swimming hole. I could see their heads and shoulders in the water and realised their bikinis were on their towels on the sand! Interesting, I thought! I started walking down to the water and they both stood up, showing me that they were indeed topless, and presumably naked under the water. ‘We’re skinny dipping’, they said, ‘Get your gear off and join us!’ I was reluctant and said I’d just go a bit further downstream so they could have some privacy. But they weren’t having any of that. ‘Come on, Dad’ called Natalie, ‘you’ve seen us before!’

‘Yes but not for a long time’, I replied.

‘All the more reason to do it now, Tom’ said Allie, although I wasn’t sure why. Then they started chanting,’Skin-ny dip-ping, off with your clothes!’ This was all seeming a bit silly, so I did as they suggested.’

– Was your cock hard like it is now?

Well, it was starting to get a bit hard, so I ran into the water as quickly as I could, with their eyes on me! Once I got closer, I could see their breasts in full detail, Natalie’s small and pointed with perky nipples, Allie’s full and rounded. The water was so clear, I could see their pubes. I was glad to see that they were unshaven, Nat was blond and quite sparse while Allie was dark and thick.

We all swam round in the water for about half an hour, splashed each other, played chasey, that sort of thing. It was all completely innocent, although our hands occasionally brushed up against each other’s bodies. The girls decided they’d had enough for now and walked out of the water to their towels, giving me spectacular views of their backs and bums. I waited a few minutes for my cock to deflate a bit and by the time I got back to the beach they were sitting on their towels in the shade, still completely naked.

‘Come on Dad, we need you over here’ exclaimed Natalie.

‘What for?’

‘We need you to tell us whose body you like best!’

My jaw dropped. What the fuck! ‘Oh, no, I’m not getting into that!’

‘Come on Tom, I think I’m too fat and my boobs are too plump and a funny shape. Nat thinks she’s too skinny and she’s barely got any boobs! We need a neutral opinion! We can’t ask the boys at school, cause they’ll just say what they think will help them get into our pants. But we trust you!’

‘Well, that’s very kind of you to say that, but I don’t think it is appropriate.’

‘Come on, Dad, don’t be silly. It’s not as if you haven’t seen us before.’

‘Yes, come on Tom!’

‘Well, I think you’re both absolutely lovely’, I said truthfully but hesitantly.

‘And…? Come on, we need more than that!’ they both cried.

‘Well, Natalie, you’re tall and willowy, your skin is clear, you have lovely blue eyes like your mother and your breasts are absolutely in proportion to your frame. They’re a beautiful tear drop shape and they stand out beautifully from your chest. And they’re topped with lovely puffy nipples…’

‘But they’re so small!’

‘Don’t worry about it. They’ll get larger as you get older or if you have babies. For now enjoy them! I’m sure most boys would find them very attractive.’

‘That’s just what I’m always telling you, Natti, they’re perfect! What about Kars Escort me, Tom? That must mean I’m really fat!’

‘Not at all, Allie. You’ve always had a much more rounded body. Even back in the days when I’d supervise the two of you in the bath I was struck by your round little body compared to Natalie’s slender one. But I always thought you were perfectly proportioned. And now I can see that you are even more perfect!’

That seemed to satisfy them and they lay there quietly in the shade. I must have dozed off, because I woke up some time later hearing a squelching sort of sound. I looked over and saw the girls had moved into a new patch of shade and were now next to each other. I had a perfect view up their legs and could see that they were both masturbating. And what I noticed most was that they each did it differently. Allie had the fingers of one hand jammed up her vagina while the other hand was vigorously rubbing her clit, whereas Natalie had one hand stroking her breast, pulling on her nipple, while the other hand did slow circles round her labia and clitoris, with one finger dipping and out of her vagina. As I watched they started breathing more heavily and panting, until eventually they both came together. As they came down from their orgasms, they linked hands and turned toward each other with a deep kiss. My brain, still a bit fuddled from sleep, was processing all this and storing it away in my memory as potentially useful information. Not that I expected to use it…

While this was happening my cock was fully erect and I couldn’t help stroking it, bringing a bit of precome to the tip. I realised gradually that two pairs of eyes were watching me. I pretended that I hadn’t noticed and kept stroking it until my whole cock was lubricated. I decided that was enough for now and that I could finish myself off later in the privacy of my tent.

‘Let’s go for another swim!’

‘Last one in is a rotten egg!’

We all rushed down to the water again. This time the water play wasn’t quite as innocent…


After cooking our dinner and eating it we sat round the campfire, partly clothed because the evening was still warm. I brought out a flask of brandy and offered the girls a few nips. The conversation flowed:

‘Tom, does It hurt when your penis gets hard like before?’

‘No, why do you ask?’

‘That’s what the boys say. They say if we don’t make them come, they’ll end up with blue balls and that it’s the worst pain ever.’

‘Ha, that’s just something that boys say to make you go further than you want to – I might have said it myself sometimes… But I can assure you they’ll survive. And if they don’t like It they can make themselves come… Anyhow, how do innocent girls like you know about this sort of thing.’

‘Come on, Dad. We’re not stupid!’

‘And we’re not social rejects either! Do you think we haven’t messed around? But you might be right, we’re the most innocent of all our friends.’

‘How do you mean?’

‘Well, I think we’re the only virgins, or almost-virgins, amongst our friends. Most of the girls, Amy, Josie and the others, have regular boyfriends, their parents let them sleep over. Big Jess and little Jess, you know them don’t you Dad, they’re lesbians and in a relationship, with each other that is. Sarah and Beth seem to have a new guy each week. They’ve been going to the over-30s gig for a year (I don’t know how they get in, I think they gave the security guys blow jobs once), anyhow they seem to pick up every week. I guess there’s no shortage of older guys wanting to screw teenagers, and Sarah reckons they’re much more experienced than the guys at school. And Lucy and Sophie, I heard a whisper from Sophie once that they have a thing with Lucy’s dad – don’t be so shocked, Tom, we’ve been reading about it and it’s not that uncommon! Yasmin’s been fucking her brother Gary for a couple of years now.’

‘And do you remember Claire, who was at our school last year? Red headed Claire, whose dad drives limos for weddings and things. And she works at that lingerie shop. Well I caught up with her last week, at first I thought she’d put on some weight. Well she has, but her rounded belly is because she and her dad are having a baby together! They’ve been fucking since prom night last year. And her mum’s totally cool with it! In fact Claire reckons she had set it up. She looked amazing.’

‘And my cousin Marie, remember her Nat? She came over for Christmas 2 years ago. Anyhow, she and her dad, my Uncle Tim, have just had a little girl. And that all started because Auntie Carol made them go on dates together. Supposedly so that Marie would know how to behave with a boy. Yeah, right! Turned out her mum wanted them to get together because she had a thing with Don, you know, her son from her first marriage. Marie gets it on with Carol too. It’s all very complex. But it sounds great and they’re all very happy.’

‘And don’t forget you and Mark…’

‘Shut UP!’

My mind was boggling, especially after our Kars Escort Bayan discussion from the other week, including the ideas of mothers setting up these arrangements between father and daughter. These girls didn’t seem at all bothered by the idea of fathers and daughters having sex. In fact they seemed quite excited by the idea. I can’t deny I was too. And wasn’t Allie’s brother called Mark? What was that about? I can’t remember my cock ever being so hard before. And they kept glancing over my way, looking at my lap and grinning.

‘Anyhow at school they call us the ice queens – Allie’s the blow job ice queen and I’m the hand job ice queen – cos we won’t let the guys do anything else. I guess it’s mostly because we think it should be something special with someone we care about. At least we’ve got each other.’

‘And looking at yours, I’m worried we’re too small, it wouldn’t fit inside.’

‘What do you mean?’ I spluttered.

‘Your penis, your cock, it’s so long and thick and hard, Tom, I can’t see how it would fit inside me. The boys at school, they’re much smaller, but even theirs look too big for us.’

‘Well, leaving aside the fact that we shouldn’t be talking about our body parts like this, I can assure you that your bodies are designed to allow that. A woman’s vagina is designed to stretch to allow a baby to come out, and have you ever heard of a penis bigger than a baby? The main thing is to prepare yourself with enough lubrication so that it doesn’t hurt. Young girls like you shouldn’t need any artificial lube, when you get sexually excited your body produces plenty of natural lubricant. That’s what the idea of foreplay is about. So don’t worry about it, when the time comes you’ll be fine, as long as you are prepared. And the best way to ensure that, is to make sure it’s with a guy that you care about and that cares about you, someone who’ll focus on your pleasure, not just his.’

Shortly the talk round the campfire died down and the girls went off to bed, hand in hand.

I waited up for a while longer until I could hear muffled moans from the girls’ tent, which reached a higher and higher pitch before subsiding. Then I went to my own, undressed and got into my sleeping bag. Thinking about the day’s events in the light of our discussion the other week, I started to stroke my cock and drifted off to sleep dreaming of my young companions.


At some time I was woken by a loud noise. I looked up at the sky and felt pounding rain drops. Funny, I thought, wasn’t I in my tent? A huge gust of wind swept over me, with a torrent of drops and I realised I was in the middle of a storm and my tent had been torn to ribbons. My sleeping bag and clothes were soaked and I was getting cold. I heard a voice from the other tent.

‘Dad, are you ok?’

‘Not really, my tent has disappeared and I’ll have to find shelter’

‘Well come in with us, there’s room’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Well where else are you going to go?’

I realised there was nowhere else so I gathered a few of my sodden things and dashed to their tent, opened the flap and threw myself in.

‘You’re soaked, take those clothes off!’

‘Oh yuk Tom, you’re freezing. Get them off before you get hypothermia!’

‘We’re cosy here, come and sleep under the bedclothes.’

It did look cosy. Their tent was in a much more sheltered location and the bedding was dry.

‘But I haven’t got any dry clothes’

‘That’s alright, we’ve seen you before. Besides we have our dry t-shirts on.’

‘You sleep in the middle and we’ll get you warm again.’

The bedding comprised a couple of sleeping bags, one on top, one underneath which were partly zipped together. Very inviting, what could I do? After all, all my stuff was soaked. So I stripped off and lay down between them, being careful not to let my growing cock get too close to them. After a while the storm abated and we all went back to sleep.


I was having a wonderful dream. My cock was being sucked. At first I thought it was you, but I realised soon enough that it was different, this girl was good but not as experienced, at least not with MY cock. She was learning her way to it. As I gradually woke up I remembered where I was and with whom. The words ‘blow job ice queen’ came into my mind. I couldn’t really see much but I realised the girl had fairly short hair because I couldn’t feel it draped over me. Allie then.

As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I realised that she was squatted above me, sort of in a 69 position. Her black pubes were inches above my face. I raised my head and buried my face into the hot, strongly scented area between her parted legs. My tongue went directly into her sweet tasting vagina and I began to suck for all I was worth, savouring the syrupy, tangy nectar of the girl as it flowed over my probing tongue.

I was in heaven! She tasted and smelled so exquisite! Just as I had remembered a teenage girl would!

‘Ohhhh! That’s so good! God!’ I could Escort Kars hear her even though her creamy thighs were now pressed against my ears. I could feel her scented, bushy pubic hair tickling my nose as I ate her out with a vengeance, licking up and down her tangy, slick trench with a broad, rigid tongue.

‘Ohhhhhh,’ she moaned as I felt her lifting her soft arse from the couch cushion and her leg muscles tightening, ‘suck! Suck me hard! I’m coming! Suck it out!’

I did! I entered her and sucked and sucked as I felt her vaginal walls clutching at my deeply buried tongue. I sucked even harder and I could taste her sweet cum as I drew it into my mouth and for the first time in ages swallowed the very essence of young, teenage girl.

Allie’s hands pushed my face from her soaking crotch and she sat up quickly, wrapped her arms around me and hugged me.

‘Tom, I want you to fuck me.’

‘Are you sure? Don’t you want to wait for someone your age?’

‘I don’t think I’ve ever learned anything from those boys. I want to learn from you. I always have.’

Maybe the ice queen was thawing. Or was I just starting to notice something that had always been there? I looked down at Allie, lying on her side, waiting, and lay down behind her. Her curvy back was to me and I could feel her soft bum on my cock and smell her fragrant, brown hair in front of my face.

I wanted to savour all of this!

I ran my hand up and down the curves of her round body. I felt the outside of her hot thighs and then ran my hand up her body and clutched the most wonderful, warm, smooth, firm, plump breast I had ever felt (apart from yours that is!) Its nipple was hard and supple. I put it between my fingers and heard the breath catch in her throat.

I ran my hand down her flat, smooth stomach to the patch of downy fur at her hard pubic bone. I ran my fingers through the hair and then pushed them between her legs. Her labia were wet which was hardly surprising after her orgasm in my face. I pushed my finger into her slit and felt her open her legs a little. I began to swirl my fingers around her protruding clitoris and felt her stiffen as the pleasures surged through her body.

I began to rub my stiff cock on her bottom and towards the opening to her vagina but had to stop for fear of ejaculating before I even got it in her. She was just TOO sexy a thing to even imagine. I was shaking with anticipation of plunging my cock deep into her centre.

I pulled my hand from her cunt and pushed my fingers to my nose. Ohmigod! The smell was wonderful!

It was time! This was it! I was going to have it! I made one more check of the sleeping bag on the other side. Natalie was still sleeping. I could make out the outline of her chest as it heaved with the deep breathing of her slumber. She would never know! I pushed my arm under Allie’s waist and down to her cunt. I used my fingers to open her furry lips and felt her legs open for me. I reached down with my other hand and took my cock and guided it down her soft arse crack until I felt it pushing into her slick girl notch. Allie shifted so that the angle was just right and I slowly began to enter her.

God it felt so good! She was so damn tight! I pushed harder and felt the knob at the end of my shaft pop into her open vagina. The sensations were incredible! I pushed some more and heard, and felt her hold her breath for a moment. It seemed to be hurting her but she didn’t say for me to stop. I pushed in some more and heard a sound squeak from her mouth.

‘Does it hurt?’ I whispered.

She shook her head.

‘Can I put it all in?’

She nodded.

‘You’re so much bigger than my brother!

That made me bigger still! I pushed some more. A full two inches was in cock heaven now! This girl was tight. Very tight! I pushed some more as I began to rub her clit with my fingers. I figured I should take time to make sure she was lubricated before I went any further. I softly rubbed and rubbed her trigger, going a little faster and harder as I began to feel her moving her lower body around on my hand and cock. Soon her young, heart-shaped arse was churning and I pushed my cock further into her vagina. Most of it was in now and my urge to come was overpowering! I stopped rubbing and she lay still for a time. I waited until my breathing had returned to normal and then I pushed the rest of my cock into the heat of her body and began to fuck this curvy little girl for real.

I fucked and fucked, hearing her whimper and coo as I penetrated her. She soon began to fuck back on me and I thrilled to the sensations of my cock in her belly and her soft bottom pressing into my lower stomach. I began to rub her clit harder and heard her starting to chirp from impending orgasm.

I started to thrust with greater speed and fury. A frenzy took hold of me and I began to lose control. I fucked her hard, hearing her arse slapping on my loins as I deeply thrust into the tightest cunt I had ever known. I could smell her sex really strongly now and it spurred me on to even greater levels of carnal lust. My balls were about to boil over and I was at the point of no return.

Then I felt her insides start to clutch my cock in a strong pulsing grip. Allie’s legs went tight and I knew she was coming again!

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