Bi-curious Ch. 13

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Chapter 13: Where do we go from here

It was a couple weeks before Dave and I had any real time to talk about our weekends. Unknown to Dave I got a surprise call from Tina. It is always Sandy that calls so I was very surprised when I answered the phone and it was Tina. We had a nice long talk all about how much she loves my husband and how I feel about her’s.

Since John and I are drawn together and Dave and Tina are also we thought that our next adventure would be to get the couples together that seem to go together. In other words Dave and I would spend the weekend with Tina and John; and Sharon and Tom would get together with Sandy and Dale. Since it was Sharon’s fantasy for a cabin in the woods we would send them up and bring Tina and John down. We talked about all this before Dave and I ever got a chance to be alone.

Tina said she hadn’t gotten John’s side of the story yet either and was going to make time this weekend. I told her I would set aside time for Dave and I also. I wanted to see how much Dave would tell. He can’t lie to me, not because of some deep love. He knows he is no good at it and never gets away with it so he just never tries.

I had Grandma watch Scott so Dave and I were going out for dinner Saturday night. I was dressed to the nines or undressed to the nines but I got Dave’s full attention that night. Just as I thought he would Dave spelled out the whole weekend. He even told me things Tina had not. I was as open as he was. There were no hurt feelings. No one felt cheated on just the two of us relating a loving time with had with someone else. The fact that they are married to each other made it more like being with Tom and Sharon. If any one should be jealous Tom and Sharon should be, but then they have their own loving couple.

If anyone was listening to our dinner conversation I’m sure they would be confused. Dave and I loving on each other like newly weds and talking about our affairs separably with another couple. Then you add Tom and Sharon, Well you get the picture. Over coffee and desert I confessed to Dave that Tina and I had talked at length and I already knew all about his weekend. He started tickling me and I playfully slapped him. All in all it was a loving dinner and the sex afterwards was the best.

In bed after we had fucked each other silly and we were just lying there stroking each other I told Dave about having Tina and John come down. His only question was, “Are we all going to be here or are we going to split up like we did with Tom and Sharon.”

I was kissing his cock and looked up at him and said, :”I think we have both had enough time alone with them. Besides, I want to watch you with Tina now that all our feelings are out in the open. I know you just can’t wait to see me with John now.” With that I took his cock deep in my mouth and all Dave said after that was some moaning.

We set it up for next month, that gave us four weeks. It was just a two day weekend. Tom made all the arrangements and He and Sharon would fly up on Friday afternoon and Tina and John would fly back. Sunday they would reverse it and Tina and John fly back and Tom and Sharon would return with the helicopter. Tom and Sharon even said we could use their house. Tempting as that was we wanted Tina and John on our terms which meant our house. We wanted them to see us as we are and we couldn’t do that at Kelly’s house.

When the day came we were at Tom’s to see them off and wait for Tina and John on the return flight. It is a 30 minute flight there and back so Dave and I had just over an hour alone to get ready for this weekend. We watched as Tom and Sharon took off then went into the bar to wait. Dave and I were both so excited he fucked me on the pool table. We talked and we kissed. We paced. Dave and I were 69ing on the bar when we heard the helicopter coming. We were close but the sound of Tina and John arrival sent both of us over the edge and Dave filled my mouth as I flooded his. So here we are going out to meet our guest with Dave’s cum in my mouth and my juices all over his face. That should start the weekend off fast.

I hadn’t seen Tina since our trip to the west coast and that’s been what 6-7 months. I had forgotten just what a perfect beautiful little body she has. I enjoy playing with it as much as Dave does. Then there was John. We had such a wonderful time together was, it 2 months ago.

Tina came running over and jumped into Dave’s arms. She is such a tiny thing Dave had no trouble holding her. We say she is 5′ but that is with her hair teased. While John didn’t run to me he was there very fast and I was once again in his arms. We kissed and kissed. Dave was still holding Tina. She had on a short little summer dress and when she jumped Dave caught her and was holding her ass, so his hands were under the dress.

John’s hands weren’t idle as he kissed me. His hands were all over my body and I loved every touch. John put his arm around me and we walked to the bar for one drink before locking up and heading to our place. As we walked past Dave and Tina I heard her say, “I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri love kissing you when you have pussy juice all over your face. Is it Sharon’s or Lynn’s?” Yes this weekend is getting off to a good start.

Dave carried Tina into the bar and finally sat her on one of the stools. John, always the bartender, was fixing the drinks. As John sat the drinks on the bar I said, “We would love to entertain you in this beautiful house but it is not us. We want you to come back with us to our house so you can see who we are without Tom’s money.”

John kissed me then handed me my drink and said, “We wouldn’t have it any other way. The point of the weekend, other than fucking each other silly, is to get to know each other better so that would be perfect.”

We sat in the bar and made out and drank for about an hour before leaving for our house.. We all got into the house and we gave them the grand tour. We hit the back yard and Tina ran and jumped on the trampoline and her little skirt went flying. We watched for a while then Dave joined her. They were fun to watch and suddenly as they were jumping Dave caught the hem of Tina’s dress and with the next jump her dress came right over her head. Now she was jumping in just her panties with her tit bouncing everywhere. Dave caught her and after a couple bounces they lay together on the trampoline with her in just panties.

Dave was all over her. He was kissing and sucking on her tits. He had his hand in her panties. She started striping him and would have had him down to his underwear, if he was wearing any. Since Dave is naked her panties didn’t last long.

Don’t think John and I were just watching. Shortly after Tina’s dress came off so did mine. I had John naked before Tina had my husband naked. I was laid over the patio table and John was fucking me as we both watched Tina and Dave. They were both naked but so far just kissing and playing. They saw John fucking me and Dave rolled right on Tina. He slipped right in and Tina wrapped her arms and legs around Dave for a wild ride.

I had never even thought about fucking on the trampoline but when they started fucking they were bouncing all over the place with Dave’s cock going in and out at the same time. It was the wildest fuck I have even seen. One minute their ass was looking at us then their heads. Dave would be on top then Tina would. The harder they fucked the more they bounced. I’m sure the neighbors would love to see two naked people fucking bouncing over the wall. They never got that high but I don’t think either one cared at this point. She must have cum hard as her legs and arms just fell away and they both lay flat for a couple minutes.

They finally bounced off and came running in to tell us all about it. Now John and I were just at the point of no return when they started fucking. He just kept fucking me the whole time, so he had already filled me twice and I lost count of how many times I came. John’s cock was still in me and we were going for round three. Tina came running in and said, “My God you two have got to try that!”

I was moaning and could hardly get the words out as John was filling me again, “I’m fine right here. Yourrrrr Husband is OH GOD filling me for the thirrrrrd time.”

John was pumping hard getting the last he could in me. Tina kissed his cheek and said, “Way to go hubby.”

John and I were coming down and Tina sat next to us Dave sat on the other side. Even though John and I had finished long ago his cock was still in my pussy and still hard. He came three times in me and was still hard, I was impressed. Now we were just standing there with his cock in me talking to his wife and my husband.

Tina reached under me and felt my pussy and John’s cock. She smiled and said, “I hope he still has some left I want to watch you two.”

John finally started to pull out of me and I was so full of his cum. It started running down my legs. I turned pointing my well fucked pussy at Tina and said, “See what a mess your husband made of my pussy. I don’t want to leak all over the chairs so would you like to ……….” I never finished. Tina was already licking away at my pussy. Since my pussy was facing Tina I was facing my husband and tried to talk with him, “So, was that as much fun as it looked?”

Dave was stroking his cock right in front of my face and said, “I can’t speak for Tina but she didn’t let go of me until I gave her two loads. I don’t know how many she had.”

His cock was looking so good. I couldn’t help myself and just went down on him. John had gone to get some drinks. When he came back out he jokingly said, “Hey, I thought you were with me this weekend.”

I took my head off Dave’s cock just long enough to say, “I’m with you but plan on having both of you more than once this weekend.” I started to put my mouth back on Dave’s cock and stopped and said, “and your wife too.” Then I went back to sucking off my husband.

Tina had licked me to two orgasm and one of her own. She sat on the table just watching me. It wasn’t much longer güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and Dave was filling my mouth with his third load. I licked and drank every drop and sat down in the chair. I looked at my watch and said, “Both guys have cum three times and we haven’t been here an hour yet.”

Tina was sitting on Dave’s lap and I asked her, “Do you think these guys will live through the weekend?” She and I both laughed but the guys didn’t think it was funny. They were both spent and would be for a while. I took Tina’s hand and said, “Come with me and let’s let these guys rest.”

Once in the kitchen I fixed us a drink and we sat at the table so we could talk. I started, “I know we talked for a long time on the phone. I know your feelings for my husband and you know my feelings for yours. Now we are here and it is real. How do you feel and how do you want things to go? Do you want to be alone with Dave or are we going to be all together? I thought I was ready for this but now I don’t know what I want.”

Tina was more composed than I was and she said, “We both know we both love both men, right? I want to see you with John as much as possible but I also want some time alone with your husband. I think during the day we will mostly be together, but if you go off with John for some alone time I’ll understand because I’ll most likely do the same with your husband. At night I think we should be apart, in different rooms, alone with each others husband. That will be our time together.”

I picked up her little body and kissed her saying, “That works for me. The guys will do what ever we tell them to.” I kissed her again but on the mouth and much longer then whispered, “Maybe we could even get a little alone time together.”

I sat her back down and we were kissing again. She broke the kiss and said, “Like right now while the guys are recharging?” She didn’t wait for me to answer she just pulled me down to my bedroom. She jumped up on my bed and just like the guys, I had to stand there just looking at her. She is so tiny and so beautiful. I just want to play with her all day long, and that is just what I’m going to do. I jump on the bed next to her, pull her into my arms and kiss her. Our hands start roaming all over each other.

I started sucking on her big tits as she was playing with mine. Then we changed and she was sucking on my tits while I played with hers. My hand went down to her pussy and I was fingering her with one hand and still playing with her tit with the other. She followed my lead and soon her hand was in my pussy as well. It wasn’t long before we had kissed and licked our way into a 69. I have only been with the four women in our group, I’ve been with a few other men but only these four women. I only have these four to judge from but of all of them Tina’s pussy is the most beautiful. For the longest time I just lay there looking at it and stroking it.

I was so in to just looking at her pussy I didn’t even realize Tina was licking my pussy until my orgasm hit me like a bolt of lighting. I screamed and dove in to that beautiful pussy in front of me. I pulled my pussy away from Tina and got between her legs. I didn’t want her doing anything but enjoying the best licking I could give her pussy. She tasted every bit as sweet as she looks. I just can’t get enough of her pussy. Now I know why the guys won’t stop licking a pussy even when you are pushing them away. Tina had cum twice and was begging me to stop but I couldn’t. I couldn’t let go of that pussy.

Tina was coming down from her third orgasm and I still didn’t stop. I didn’t stop until John pulled me from her saying, “I think she has had enough. She looks like I felt after fucking you three times in a row.”

I looked up and sure enough Tina was out cold. All I could do was look at her and ask, “Did I do that to her?”

Dave was sitting next to her and stoking her cheek. She was starting to come around as Dave said, “Well you two were the only ones in here and unless she was fucked silly by a ghost it must have been you. Now you can see why I just can’t stop eating you some times.” I knew Tina was back when she rolled on her side and was stroking Dave’s cock. She looked up at him and said, “Boy, can your wife eat a pussy.”

I was the only one that had not been totally drained. I did have many orgasms in the last few hours but nothing like the others. I knew I could count on John and there is always my husband. Of course if all else fails there is always Tina.

We took a break to eat and all sat around naked. It wasn’t a big deal we just fixed sandwiches and such. It was not just four friends sitting around the table, we were sitting as couples. Tina and Dave were together on one end of the table and John and on the other. John and I were so into each other I all but forgot that my husband and his wife were even there. When I did look over I saw Tina was in her own world with Dave.

Tina was sitting on Dave’s lap and they would feed each other. If something should drop on Tina’s tits Dave was right there to lick it güvenilir bahis şirketleri off. John and I were also feeding each other but it was one handed as I was stroking his cock and he was playing with my pussy. I was getting worked up and told John, “They will never miss us, let’s go in the living room.”

We left what was left of our food and headed into the living room. I wanted something to eat and it was not a sandwich. John sat on the couch and instead of sitting next to him to keep making out I sat on the floor in front of him. He had just sat down and his cock was in my mouth. He was nice and hard and I took my time. We moved from that to a 69 then he was fucking me. It was a much slower fuck that on the back patio. We took our time and I had three orgasms before John emptied into my pussy.

It was almost two hours before we saw Tina and Dave again. I have no idea where they were or what they were doing and right now didn’t care. I was well fucked and knowing Tina, so was Dave. They came in and joined us in the living room. John and I were on the floor having just finished fucking. They sat on the floor with us. We talked for a while and there was a lot of petting and stroking.

It was only 8:30 but I suggested, “We should call it a night and go to bed. We have a full day tomorrow.” The others started yawning and acting like they were tired. We all knew we were going to bed just to be alone and fuck our weekend husbands.

I told John that I wanted to take a shower and I would meet him in the room. He offered to shower with me and as tempting as that was I told him, “Believe me it will be worth the wait.” I took my shower and had brought a nightie with me. I got all fixed up and put on my nightie.

I ran into Dave in the hall and all he said was, “Wow, John is going to enjoy unwrapping this package.”

I walked into the bed room. John was in bed with the covers pulled back on my side. When his eyes saw me he was speechless. I came over to the bed and said, “I hope that look means you like what you see.”

John got out of bed and came to me. He put his arm around my waist and walked all the way around me. When he was once again in front of me I said, “I wanted to give you a gift that showed my love for you.”

John still had not said a word with his mouth but his actions told me all I wanted to know. He pulled me to him and kissed me. He kissed me softly and tenderly and not like the urgent sexual kiss from today. It was truly a lovers kiss. Then he whispered in my ear, “I love you to, Lynn.”

He slowly untied the top of my nightie and as it slid down my arms he planted soft kisses down my neck and over my chest. The top fell to the floor and he kissed my tits ever so softly. He kissed his way down my body and was on his knees. He ran his tongue across my skin at the top of my panties. Slowly he pulled the panties down and his tongue followed the panties until they dropped to the floor. He gave my pussy several gentle kisses and licked it only once. He then picked me up and lay me on the bed.

He was on top of me kissing me. His cock was right at my pussy. I wanted him in me. He whispered in my ear, “I never knew I could love two people so much.” As he said the words he slid his cock deep in my pussy and just held it there. I was in love and had my lovers cock deep in my pussy but I could not respond, all I could do was moan as he pulled his cock slowly out. He quickly shoved it back in and made sweet love to me. When he came deep in me my orgasm was not one of those that blow off the top of your head. When I felt him cum in my pussy a warm glow spread through out my whole body. It spread down to my toes and out my fingers finally coming to my head. I returned it to him in our kiss and felt everything flow from me to him.

We lay there whispering “I love yous” to each other and he made love to me again before we drifted off to sleep. My last thought before going to sleep was, “I hope Dave is getting as much love as I am right now.”

Saturday morning, our one and only full day together and it was all sex. Once we all met in the kitchen for breakfast everyone was all over everyone else. Cocks, pussy, tits all were open for anyone who wanted to play with them and we all wanted to play. Tina and I had our time together, mostly to get the guys recharged which always worked. When the guys went to get dinner Tina and I had some time for just the two of us.

All day long it was the four of us and we made the most of it. Tina and I each had both men at once. Each of the guys had their three-way with both Tina and I. We fucked our husbands as much as we fucked our lovers. We even had some four-ways. Once I was on my back and Tina was over me like a 69 but our heads were over each other. We were kissing and playing with each others tits. My husband mounted me with him on top while John was fucking his wife from behind. Tina and I kept kissing till both shot off and filled our pussys. Then Tina came on down so we were in a 69 and was licking my husbands cream from my pussy and I was doing the same to her. It didn’t take the guys long and they were ready to go again. This time it was John fucking me as his wife licked my pussy. Dave got behind Tina and shoved his cock deep into her as I was licking her. When the guys came we licked their cocks clean and went back to the pussy in front of us.

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