Bi Jeff Gives Good Directions

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Ever since my wife, Janis, and I have discovered the new world of liberated sex we have an entire new outlook on life, especially Janis. I never know what she’ll come up with next.

For instance, we were planning on attending her annual office dinner/dance party at the local Hilton Hotel. Nothing unusual about that until the night of, she appeared in the new dress she planned on wearing.

The soft royal blue cocktail dress clung to her well shaped middle aged body like a glove. Featuring spaghetti straps with a halter tie in back, this dress was in a word, provocative. It also came equipped with a plunging neckline that showed off lots of her large full tits and a hint of her small but erect nipples. I could not believe my ex- ultra conservative wife and mother of our grown children would be seen in public like this. How times have changed.

“My god,” I exclaimed. “You’re going to wear that?”

“What’s your problem,” she purred. “Afraid someone will put the make on me?”

“Well you’ve never dressed like that in public before so what should I think? It looks like we are in for an exciting night. Am I correct?”

Janis’ smile said it all.

The party went well and despite all those sweet young things presence, my wife managed to draw a lot of male attention with her revealing low cut dress. Lots of dancing, socializing, a good buffet, and an open bar lead to things really heating up after a couple of hours.

Janis danced with 5 or 6 other guys of different ages with all very interested in her bountiful mounds of pleasure. I smiled at the many quick peaks down the front of her dress.

With Janis off to powder her nose, I struck up a conversation with a young stud like guy. Jeff seemed very friendly and complimented me on my beautiful wife. Then he added he can see what Janis likes about me as he checked out my older but in shape body. It was a stimulating comment and I thanked him.

Upon Janis’ return, I mentioned meeting Jeff. My wife smiled and ask how I liked him.

“He seemed like a nice, good looking guy, well built, thinks your sexy, and complimented my physical shape” I responded.

“My naïve husband, Jeff is bi. He is one of our college interns and very popular.”

‘Wow, that really takes me back. Knowing he also likes men, does he still turn you on?”

“Five years ago, probably not, but today it doesn’t matter, in fact it’s a plus as far as I’m concerned. How about you? As you know I have experimented with another women but you have never really been with a man, except some “helping along” when I was with Ted.”

“I really am not sure. I know I totally love sex with a woman but a man? The thought of kissing him is nauseating. However, a mans’ cock fascinates me. I’ve often fantasized about making güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri love to another cock. Handling it, tonguing it, sucking it, and yes, having it cum in my mouth. Are you surprised?”

Janis mulled over my feelings then countered, “not really and well seems maybe we could both have a little fun with Jeff. I know he’s interested in me and sounds like you too. Anyway, I would love to watch you suck your first cock. You game?”

After hesitating and stalling, “Well one step at a time. I’ve had just about had the right amount to drink. Maybe I could”.

Janis flirted a little with Jeff then they did a slow dance. She whispered something in his ear. He smiled, pulled her close while his hands slid discretely down to her ass for a little squeeze.

They now were standing before me holding hands. “Dennis, Jeff would love to continue to party with us. He has rented a room upstairs to avoid the drinking and driving scene.

“Great, I replied, as Jeff gave me a quick wink.

I could already feel that tightening in my stomach in anticipation of this new and different sexual experience.

Once in Room 2004 Janis broke the ice with, ” Am I lucky, two gorgeous men who want to seduce me and also put on a show with each other.”

Things were moving very fast. If it hadn’t been for the loosening of my inhibitions ….

Jeff knew we were nervous so he made the first move. Without warning, he took my wife in his arms, held her head and kissed deeply and passionately. His hands again slid down to her beautiful ass then moved up to cup her barely covered tits. At this point Janis stepped back and deftly untied her spaghetti halter top totally exposing her harden nipples and large firm melons as they swayed provocatively.

Jeff at first just admired them, then bent over and sucked each one into his mouth. Janis moaned as her hands urged him on.

“Oh, you are so desirable and I want you badly but we can’t forget your also lonely husband.”

With that we all stripped down to our undies. Janis was on her knees in front of us. She slowly pealed off our underwear exposing two hardening cocks. Jeff was well hung to say the least. She took turns with both cocks fondling, licking, sucking and then rubbed them together against her face. Two cocks at once was really turning her on.

Just in time Jeff instructed Janis and I to couple up “doggie” style on the king size bed. His “instructions” made me feel like we were acting out a porno movie which was even more erotic. After removing her soaked panties, inhaling their distinct feminine scent and lusting at that great view of her uplifted ass and pussy, my cock found those soft pink vaginal lips. Holding her hips I plunged totally in and immediately began güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wildly humping and pumping. Being aware that Jeff was taking it all in, was even more stimulating.

Suddenly I felt something probing my ass. Jeff, positioned behind me, pointed his large lubricated condom covered penis at my ass hole and was applying pressure. At first I objected but then relaxed and tried to accommodate him. With a sudden push he was by my ass muscle and fucking me! The pain was excruciating but then stimulating as his embedded cock penetrated deeply and found my prostate.

This was too much. I was fucking my wife and getting ass fucked at the same time. My god, the experience was just too much. I could hold back no longer. With a loud guttural cry, I made a deep thrust into Janis’s pussy, felt Jeff’s cock movement deep in me, and shot my large hot jet of cum into her waiting love tunnel as she too experienced an equally hot orgasm.

As Jeff pulled his hard cock out of my sore but well fucked ass, my satisfied but softening manhood slid out of Janis. After my passionate wife and I softly embraced, I swung around sitting on the edge of the bed in anticipation of our “director’s” next instruction.

“Okay Dennis, it’s my turn to enjoy your sexy wife.”

Standing, Jeff removed the condom leaving his throbbing manhood still very hard and pointing invitingly upward.

“Wait, there is something I want to do first,” I finally got up enough nerve to say.

Now I was on my knees and took his throbbing cock in my hands, massaging his slippery hardness slowly. Then with one hand I rubbed his cock back and forth across my lips and began tonguing his spongy pre cum covered crown.

Jeff responded by moaning and urging me on with his hands. Janis was wide eyed, smiling, and encouraging me to continue.

I never knew making love to another man’s cock could be so stimulating.

Next I started licking his long veined shaft and worked my way to his balls. I sucked each one gently into my mouth, inhaling and tasting his strong musty male smell.

Our male friend was now rocking back and forth as my tongue worked its way back to his penis head. I then began jerking his shaft slowly and gently sucked his swollen cock bulb into my mouth. I was all consumed with its softness as my tongue explored his ridge and circled its enticing fullness. This was like the first time I tasted pussy! His pre cum was like nectar and his manly smell was intoxicating

As we were both getting close to losing it, I noticed Janis totally absorbed in what we were doing and was finger fucking her pussy.

Jeff finally gently pushed me away. “Are you sure you haven’t done that before? You really have a great technique. Your mouth güvenilir bahis şirketleri is like a soft silky glove, oh so good.”

“Just natural I guess. You’re the first but maybe not the last. You are an Adonis and I do feel like totally consuming your tantalizing manhood.”

Jeff suddenly pulled away from my oral love making. “Janis, I need to satisfy my hetero feelings.” Jeff positioned her on the bed and missionary style, plunged his young hard cock through her waiting puffy cunt lips and deeply into her love tunnel.

I was lying on the bed next to them, enjoying their passionate sex as much as they were, while fondling my surprisingly recovering hardening cock.

Now their coupling became more frenzied as they rocked and humped faster and faster.

Janis suddenly stiffened, raised up, and shuttered and cried out, “yes, yes, ahhhh, goood,” as she experienced a shattering orgasm.

“Oh Jeffy, you are wonderful. So hard and filling, my young stallion.”

Jeff looked over at me and my almost totally hard penis. “It’s time for a climatic finish.”

Again with Jeff’s instructions I was on my back. He had my hot wife face forward, straddle herself over my cock and guide it into her sopping pussy. He then moved up and sat lightly on my chest holding his cock just inches from my face.

While balancing herself by holding on Jeff’s shoulders, Janis began steadily riding my cock. Jeff was jerking his cock with equal determination only inches from my face. I’m about to get double pleasured again.

Suddenly, and after all of tonight’s lovemaking, Jeff looked up, tensed, closed his eyes and finally shot his huge saved up load of cum into the back of my waiting mouth. I swallowed greedily while savoring the creamy sweet tantalizing taste. So this is cock sucking…

Meanwhile Janis was totally enjoying her ride on my shaft. I could feel her stiffen for another orgasm, then I too, despite my age and normally long recovery period, shot another load of jism up her pussy.

We all finally collapsed in euphoria on the bed.

I’m sure for Jeff this was business as usual but for me it was a totally new world that I didn’t want to end quite yet.

“Janis and Jeff, you were great and I want to give you both a token of my appreciation.”

Ladies first, I crawled between my wife’s legs raised her ass slightly and tongued off her dripping pussy lips and the crack between her cunt and ass where cum had leaked from her pussy lips and settled. I will never tire of that taste of fresh sex as I eagerly consumed every drop.

Next over to hopeful Jeff, I took his now deflated cock into my hand and proceeded to totally consume and tongue after licking away our sex fluids. Now the night was complete. All this because of my liberated wife and her sexy cocktail dress.

Later my light headed wife exclaimed, “looks like you suck well, maybe as good as me.”

“Never, you’re the best my sex cocksucker. You’ve certainly had more experience.”

“Yes, I have and maybe more than you realize.”

Hum, what does that mean?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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