Big Mike Ch. 13

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Mike had left me to rest in his bed after demolishing me with his cock. He laid me down into his huge body groove and tucked me in under his gigantic blanket. It was pretty cute. Then he’d left to go clean up the mess we’d made in the kitchen. A cracked cabinet and a pool of sex juice; it definitely could’ve been worse.

Before long I heard Aron come home and I hoped to God that Mike had cleaned up the mess. Judging by his tone I guessed that he had. He only sounded a little bit startled instead of in full awkward panic. Although I didn’t really know whether Mike cared what Aron thought or not. I didn’t know how well they got along. Aside from a few quick exchanges with him, I didn’t know Aron. I didn’t even really know Mike that well, honestly.

It had been less than two weeks and I’d been absolutely smitten with him since the moment we’d met. I was constantly fawning over his size and thinking about the shape of his body and the deep tenor of his voice. I knew a bit about him: he was from the city, he had two sisters, his parents were still married, he worked at the comic book shop, and he had generally checked out of adult responsibilities and social convention. I didn’t really know his opinions on things that weren’t related to the Marvel cinematic universe or anime.

I hadn’t told him much about myself either. He knew I didn’t have any brothers or sisters but he didn’t know anything about my parents or where I was from. I’d told him that I’d dropped out of college after pursuing psychology for two years. I hadn’t shown him any of my art, only my modeling photos, which are pretty lame. I hadn’t told him about the places I’d traveled, thinking he might feel bad about being unable to fit on a plane.

I told him I wasn’t looking for a long term relationship. That was true, but I probably would’ve said that regardless just to keep from scaring him off. Feeling him hold me in his arms made me question my resolve, however. Being cradled by his burly arms and massive chest made me question how I could ever feel any better. I touched my aching pussy while I held onto that thought.

Mike fucking me all bent over like that had been an overdose of both pleasure and pain. While I lay in his bed, the pain remained and the pleasure was only a strong memory. My back, ass, and thighs felt bruised. My pussy was tender inside and out. I was sure I was gonna call in sick the next day; I couldn’t handle being on my feet at the restaurant.

I heard Mike and Aron talk for a while, though I couldn’t make out much of what they were saying. I wondered what he was telling Aron, what details he was revealing and what opinion of me he was passing on. Neurotic girl stuff, just overthinking his opinion and questioning my own. I was snuggled up and hidden in his blankets when he came back in the room.

He closed the door behind him before he spoke. “Felicia. You alright?”

I peeked my eyes out from under the blanket, eyeing his frame in the dark room.

“Mm-hm. I’m just sore. I’m not paralyzed.”

“Oh…well that’s good.” We shared a fake little chuckle while Mike walked to the bedside and sat on the edge of his mattress. His incredible weight caused the bedframe to groan and shift.

We looked at each other in silence for a sec, in slightly new territory. I’d always done my best to pleasure Mike, and then toddled off abruptly after. I never wanted to be too girlfriendy with him, just in case. That time however, partially because of the tenderness of my thighs and abdomen, and partially because my lust was becoming something else, I really wanted to spend the night with him. I was just afraid to ask.

“So…” I put my arms over the blanket so that just my chest and below were covered. My eyes adjusted to seeing his face in the dark. “You want me to get the fuck out of here?”

Mike didn’t answer right away. I couldn’t bring myself to just ask him outright, so I took a more passive-aggressive route to test him.

“Um…do you want to? I mean, are you alright? I can call you a cab.”

A typical and unromantic response, so I wasn’t surprised.

“Eh…yeah…I guess so. I can go. I was just thinking…I don’t know…if you want…would it be alright…if I just slept here?”

Again, Mike took his time in responding. It was an excruciating three to five seconds.

“Uhhhhhhhh…yeah, well…if you want to. I mean, I don’t think you’re gonna get very good sleep with me, honestly.

“Oh, okay.”

“I’m kind of a loud sleeper.”

“Yeah, right.”

“And…I’m not sure it would work. Just the…space issue.”

“Yeah, for sure. Yeah.”

We mumbled over each other until I sat upright, letting the blanket fall down and expose my chest, black bra-clad. I swung my legs out to the side and sat next to him for a second. I put my hand on his massive thigh to help push myself up to my feet.

“I’ll get dressed. Is my stuff here?”

The bed groaned as Mike shifted in his seat to face me.

“Yeah, it’s on the dresser. But…it’s not that I don’t want you to Kastamonu Escort stay…”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

I kept my back to him while I started to get dressed. I felt myself slipping into a resentful little pout, so I gave myself a metaphorical slap in the face to shake it off.

“You sleep with one of those Darth Vader machines?” I wanted to consider his reasons and not drift too far into my own disappointment.

“The CPAP? Uh…yeah, I’ve got one. You know about that, huh?”

I shrugged as I got dressed.

“Well…I know what they are. I just figured. Makes sense, you might not wanna show me that. I wouldn’t care about it though.”

“Yeah…sure. It’s just that it makes noise. So I figure you wouldn’t get great sleep. And if I don’t use it then I snore like a motherfucker and wake up a few times throughout the night.”

“Yeah, okay…” I put my jeans on and was fully dressed. “I could always just leave though, if I can’t fall asleep. It would be nice just to lie next to you, to feel your chest rise and fall.”

I turned to face Mike and he looked away when I did. I said those words to try to make him feel less ashamed of himself, but as I heard myself speak it sounded like I was nagging him. Not attractive.

“Uhh…yeah, I guess. It’s just…” Mike took a long time answering, and it made me cringe. He obviously didn’t want me staying over and I kinda regretted even bringing it up. “I’m just afraid…that I might hurt you. You know? Like…I roll over sometimes…and I’m a really heavy sleeper once I’m out. So…”

“You’re afraid you’re gonna crush me?” He looked pretty glum when I asked him that.

“Yeah…pretty much.” We didn’t say anything for a bit. I felt awkward again.

“Okay, well, that’s wise. I get it. I just can’t stop thinking about your body, exploring all of it. But I’m getting ahead of myself. You’re right.”

I returned to his side and pressed my hands into his knees, leaning into him for a kiss. He let me kiss him without embrace. I stood upright after. Even with him sitting, he was nearly taller than I was.

“Ummm…” I walked away from him for a sec, not sure of what I was about to say, yet nonetheless compelled to speak. “”Are we, uh…dating? Like, can I start telling people I have a boyfriend?”

Mike took his time, which spurred me on to fill the silence with words.

“I mean, I’m not asking you to take me out to restaurants or anything. I’m fine just coming over here and ordering pizza or whatnot. I’m pretty low maintenance. I just figured, um…I’m not seeing anyone else. I’m not planning on seeing anyone else. I really think you’re great, Mike. I like you a lot. The girls at work try to set me up occasionally, and I’d love to tell them that I’m dating a big gorgeous guy.”

Mike’s turtle speed was agonizing as I waited for him to respond, to say anything to support me on the branch that I’d crawled out on. He didn’t do much; rather, he just kneaded his fleshy thighs while I dangled.

“I mean…yeah…yeah, I think you’re great too, Felicia. More than great, you’re…unbelievable. You’re this beautiful, perfect girl who just fell in my lap. And being with you is so damn easy, that…I kinda don’t believe it’s real. I keep thinking you’re going to realize that you’ve had your fill and you’ll kick your fat guy fetish.”

“No,” I said softly. Mike shrugged.

“Well…what about sex? What about tonight? I hurt you…and I knew that I was hurting you as I was doing it. And…it felt damn good. I just wanted to…”

He paused, and I walked back towards him.

“What?” Mike sighed heavily

“I just wanted to…fucking…wreck you. To hurt you. I mean…you know I’ve never been with a girl before you, so I never really knew what it was like. I never thought about how it would be. I just thought that my size made me…disgusting to girls like you. I thought if I ever got with a girl I would l have to beg for some ugly girl to touch me. Or pay a pretty one. But now that I’ve gotten comfortable with you, being around you and touching you…your petite little body in my hands and your tight little pussy stretching around my cock…”

He was turning me on even while delving into his fat guy self-pity. I grabbed one of his big thick thumbs with each of my hands.

“Now that you’re comfortable with me, then what?” I felt his heavy breath on the bare skin of my neck.

“I feel like…I’m becoming addicted to it. To dominating you. I want to fuck you harder and harder every time. In more positions. And if I ever got on top of you, I’d crush you…but I…think about it a lot.” His words sent a shiver up my spine.

That thought wasn’t new to my mind, either. Every night that I’d gone to sleep since meeting Mike, I’d done so with a pillow squeezed between my thighs and the image of his bearded face looking down at me, his palms planted on either side of my head, and his tremendous body grinding into me with the weight and strength of an angry bull.

“I…I Kastamonu Escort Bayan think about it too, Mike. I wouldn’t mind trying…”

Mike cupped his fingers around my wrists so that he smothered both my hands with his fat palms.

“No, that’s the thing. I know you’ll let me try. I mean…I love how forward and kinky you are, but it scares me, too. Before I met you…I had stopped watching porn, stopped jerking off…I didn’t even think about it. And then you came along and kinda…re-ignited me.”

“And now I’m horny all the time, every day. I just wanna grab you and fuck you and try all these new things. I guess…make up for lost time. And you keep letting me. Not even letting me, but begging for it. But sooner or later…I’m gonna hurt you. And more than that…the things I think about doing to you…they’re not something you do to someone you care about. They’re not…ladylike.”

Mike was pouring out his heart to me, but unfortunately I had to laugh when he said ‘ladylike.’

“Felicia…” He released me from his grip and straightened his back to sit more upright.

“No, I’m sorry! I’m not laughing at you. I like that you’re being honest. And I thought I was the one overthinking things. Guys are supposed to be the simple, straight-forward ones…” It was kind of a joke but he didn’t laugh. Once again, he’d unloaded enough on me that I had a lot to work with. It was my time to coax the stubborn beast. “Let me…let me give you my take. Let’s lie down for a sec.”

Mike humoured me and shifted over into the central body groove in his bed. I perched on the remaining few inches of mattress at his side and let myself fall into the crevice that formed from his tremendous body sinking in. As I tensed my core, I was again reminded of the tenderness between my thighs. His big arm wrapped around me and pulled me in snug against his heavy chest.

I tilted my head back to look up at him. The room was dark and it was warm and cozy lying next to him. The expanse of his lungs provided a gentle squeeze between his arms and his chest. The sublime feeling made me want to just bury my face in his armpit and doze off, but I maintained my train of thought.

“Okay, so…it’s like you said…you felt untouchable and you felt powerless around women. You lost your sexual agency.”

“You getting all psychoanalytical on me?”

“Yes, it’s Freud, shut up. So then, enter me, precocious vixen. I reminded you that you had a dick and flipped the whole sex-power dynamic on you. And now you’re getting used to pushing the speed limit with this engine and you’re kinda scared at how much faster you can go.”

Mike stared up at the ceiling, not speaking but not arguing with me.

“And on one hand, you’ve got this thirsty girl to lord your newfound sexual power over. But on the other hand, the more comfortable you become with me, the more you begin to see me as something more than a sexual object.”

Mike was quiet, but stirred once he realized I’d stopped talking. He looked down at me, nuzzled into his shoulder. I looked up to him with a hopeful bounce in my eyebrows.

“Eh? Eh?”

“Yeah…alright, that sounds about…ninety percent accurate.”

“Yyeahhh. Freud for the win.”

Mike smirked and squeezed me a bit with his arm and looked back up at the ceiling. To my surprise, he quickly slipped into a personal anecdote.

“It’s funny…I almost got laid, once. My dad and my uncle had this junk and recycling business. And we had a little party one night when I was like…eighteen or nineteen. And some guys were drinking in one of the back rooms, and my uncle…he’s a crazy guy…he hired a couple prostitutes.”

“So the guys bring this girl in and leave the room. And I was buzzed so I wasn’t that nervous. And this girl was pretty. She was…well, kinda like you. Slim and blonde, and, heh…she even wore a red dress like yours.”

I laughed a bit, but my interest was piqued. I kept stroking his big belly, listening intently.

“And my uncle had told me…she’s all yours, just fuck her brains out…so, I was going to. She was down on her knees, really obedient, just begging to suck my cock. And then…boom, the door opens, and it’s my dad. He’s furious, he kicks the girl out, he tells me to pull my pants up, and he punches my uncle in the face.”

“And that night he lectures me, telling me not to mess with girls like that. He told me only cheap sluts will act like that, on their knees begging for it. He never knew his dad, so he ended up being pretty traditional, out of spite, I guess. He doesn’t like sleeping around before marriage.”

“So this last week I’ve been imagining what advice they would give me, my uncle and my dad. My uncle would say…fuck this girl, have your fun, don’t worry about consequences. But my dad would tell me either not to touch you, or at least to be respectful, be a gentleman.”

The story ended and we lay there in silence for a bit. Even with my arm stretched out, I couldn’t come close to Escort Kastamonu getting around the apex of his belly.

“Aww, that’s sweet. I like your dad.”

“So you want me to be a gentleman and not fuck you into the kitchen cabinet?”

“Ah…well…” I needed a second to gather my thoughts, but I could tell Mike was just joking with me. “You can do both, you know. Oscar Wilde said, a gentleman is someone who’s never unintentionally rude. So if a lady is asking for a big cock in her throat, well…it would be ungentlemanly not to give it to her.”

He laughed with a touch of disregard. “If you say so…”

“Okay well, how about this? We’ll make a deal. We can kill two or three birds with one stone here. Let’s say…you take your uncle’s advice for two weeks. We’ll pretend that I’m that prostitute in the red dress and you can make up for lost time and try all the things you wanna try. I’ll be your personal call girl. And then, after you’ve gotten some of that out of your system, you try out your dad’s advice. You be my boyfriend and we’ll do relationship stuff. And at the end of that month, you can decide whether your uncle or your dad is right. Or whether you’re just sick of me altogether.”

Mike looked down at me and seemed to consider my proposal.

“Yeah, well…okay, but…what about the sex? Sooner or later I’m gonna lean on you the wrong way and-“

“I’ve got a plan for that. Trust me. Just give me a couple days to go buy something. I’ve been considering some fat guy sex logistics for a while now.”

Mike breathed out a heavy sigh and the air seemed to carry some pessimism along with it. His seven hundred and fifty pound frame was an ounce lighter after our conversation. Mike’s body was so big and warm that he invited me to fall asleep next to him, whether he realized it or not.

“Okay…alright…a four-week plan. That sounds pretty good. And what will being your boyfriend entail? Are you gonna want me to dress up and meet your parents or something?” That was cute. I smiled with excitement.

“No, but I’ll meet yours if you want!


“No, but don’t worry about phase two. You just think of all the kinky things you’ll want to do to me over the next two weeks. I can wear the red dress if you want.”

Mike smiled and rolled over a bit towards me. His big belly swallowed me up some so I was pinned down under a quarter of it.

“Oh yeah? As long as you don’t mind it getting stained again.”

I chuckled along, enjoying both his assertiveness and his oppressive bulk.

“You’re the boss. You can text me before I come over and tell me what you want me to wear. How you want me to act. You can setup each day like your own customized porn scenario.”

“Ohhh, okay. Like…naughty nurse? Or French maid?”

He rolled over a bit more, dragging me into the quicksand of his body and the bed.

“Anything. Any sexual whim that enters your mind, just say the word. I’ll show up with bells on and be your obedient little pet.”

Mike smiled big. We held each other’s gazes for a minute or so. He lay on one side and had pretty well smothered me under his belly. It was so damn cozy I just wanted to fall asleep in his warmth. Yet again, I felt the pride of having tai chi’d Mike’s stubborn insecurity.

“Hmm…this is gonna be a fun two weeks,” he said.

“Yeah…so…now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…how do you feel about me spending the night?”

We were already in perfect fat guy cuddle position. All I needed to do was close my eyes and drift off into his heavenly sasquatch embrace.

“Nah, you should get the fuck out of here.”

“Wha- Really?” Mike laughed big, shaking his belly on top of me.

“Yeah…yeah, if you’re gonna be my prostitute then of course I’m kicking you out. You can sleep over when you’re my girlfriend. Until then, hit the curb, slut.”

I was incredulous, but eventually I chuckled along with him. He lifted up some belly fat and allowed me to move from under him.

“Wow…you didn’t take long to get into character…”

“No, Felicia…seriously, it’s not that I don’t want you to. It’s just…look, I just ate two whole pizzas. I have to take…the biggest shit right now. And whether you’re my trashy hooker or not, you’re not ready to be in the vicinity. It would traumatize you.”

I stood still, covered my mouth with my hands, and just laughed breathlessly. I couldn’t believe how I’d ended up in that ridiculous dating fiasco but I loved where I’d landed. I continued getting dressed to make my exit while Mike called me a cab.

“Okay…that’s fair. Very wise of you. I’ll limp home and recover, and you can text me when you want my two week trick to start.”

Mike slowly rose up from his bed and saw me out as he headed for the bathroom. Luckily, Aron had gone to his room so we had a moment of privacy at the door. We stood face to face, my chest pressing against his belly as he spoke down at me.

“So the restaurant you work at…I’ll text you a list of dates to book off.” He didn’t smile when he spoke.

“Oh…yeah, sure. I think I can…do that-“

“You better…otherwise, I’ll have to punish you.” His big hand slipped around my back and he gave my butt a strong squeeze. Reflexively my body tried to squirm away, pressing me deeper into him.

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