Bigger Breasts

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

It was so hard to hold back, when she was out in public. But it was not as if Susie had anything of a choice in that matter, considering that she was a well-known furry figure, in a world where furries and humans sort of lived together. Not always harmoniously, that much was certain, but, well, she had found her own way in it as an anthro mare.

But not everything was easy there, considering her rather large…assets… Of course, there were some special undergarments that would keep her exceptionally large breasts in check, letting her appear the picture of palomino perfection in her office job, which, really, was nothing all that special. But Susie was angling for a promotion and the anthro mare really couldn’t afford anything, nothing at all, to get in her way.

Not even her breasts. And that was exactly why she couldn’t afford to let them out of her special, magical bra until she was home.


In her bedroom, the golden mare panting, her blouse hanging open, scrabbling with the front istanbul travesti fastening clip on her bra. The buckles didn’t want to come unhooked, though that was a feature of the bra too — they called it “more secure”. She called it “an absolute bitch to get off”, but it wasn’t as if the bra company was about to call her and ask her for marketing quips anytime soon.

Yet Susie’s fingers found the catch and let the bra spring free as a long, low, almost sultry, moan slipped from her lips and her breasts seemed to pour out from her body. They were naturally much, much larger than the double-D cups that her bra reduced them too, and she let her hands rub and massage as deeply into them as she dared as they grew.

“Oh, yes…”

There was nothing like that relief, the relief of having her bra off and letting her hyper tits inflate back to their regular size. As much as she loved them, pumping and wobbling larger and larger with every beat of her heart, she knew they got in the way. Why, even the doorways in her home had to be adjusted because she wasn’t able to get through regular ones when her boobs were at their natural size! Even something like that would have been enough to bar her from most lines of work if she hadn’t had the special bra to get them down to a less back-breaking size, though Susie still felt the strain of her breasts day in and day out.

That was okay though. It was her body and she loved hrself exactly the way she was, nickering and whining as her nostrils fluttered, sitting heavily on the edge of the bed. Oh, the weight of her breasts… travesti istanbul It was hardly to be believed as they inflated out and out and out, nipples fat and perky, so thick that they looked easily to have been able to fill a tiny bra by themselves. Well, a bra that she would have considered tiny, but, as her tits grew to be each as wide as her, admittedly slim, torso, Susie’s sense of size and proportion, admittedly, was skewed.

Her breasts rose proudly before her, most certainly defying gravity, but the muscles in her back too were particularly strong to support them. She had to be strong as she lovingly caressed her breasts, shivering at how just a light brush of her fingers sent a little electric thrill through her. Oh, she adored that, all so much, though it was not the main reason that she liked setting her tits free after a long day at work. She just wanted to be herself again, even if making such a sacrifice for the course of having a normal job was something she understood too.

Her breasts expanded, inflating beautifully back to their normal size, up to the size of a beach ball each and growing still. Every pulse of growth gave her the impression that her skin was stretching, though it was all there already and there was nothing to worry about, not as she groaned and leaned back, letting the new weight of her tits settle over her.

“Yes… Nearly there…”

Nipping at her lip, Susie groaned, tail trying to flick even where she had sat on it, her breasts nearly squeaking as they inflated. She didn’t know quite how the magic worked, istanbul travestileri but she didn’t care, her blouse laughable in the fact that the ladies’ shirt would never, not in a million years have covered her breasts in her natural state. It was why she had to have two wardrobes, after all! But she wouldn’t trade her life for the world, not in how she had built it for herself, her breasts growing sweetly to the size of exercise balls and sagging down, very lightly, with the weight of themselves. Of course, they would not sag truly, just enough to give a suggestion of the weight behind them, but the pull told her that they were nearly fully grown.

She most certainly would not have fit through any office doors, at work, not even sideways, with her tits that large…

The thought made Susie laugh and the mare nickered, shaking her head, though it would have been embarrassing. It was less worrying when she was home, less like something that she had to contain and hide, her breasts so sensitive, warming arousal trickling through her as she tweaked her nipples. With her breasts dominating her figure, larger than exercise balls and her nipples larger than even a fist, she whimpered, the return to her usual figure completion.

Having bigger breasts, well… It was not the easiest thing in the world, Susie had to admit, but the mare knew how to handle them, even as she lovingly caressed her breasts, her fingers sinking into her flesh.


She moaned, ears flicking, but she just couldn’t help herself, a smile tugging at her lips, need rippling through her.

A little quickie couldn’t hurt, not when she had returned to her hyper breasts, all which adored so much more love than she usually gave them.

With a smile on her face, Susie squeezed her nipples, breasts rippling with every shift and grind of her body…

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