Bigger Down There Ch. 14

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Apologies for the even longer than usual delay between chapters. A combination of exams, holidays, time-out and career choices have all been contributing factors, but I am back with Chapter 14.

To bring you up to date, I have retained my rather masculine haircut which I remain thrilled with as it still has a deliciously sexy feel to it, and things have progressed, and are continuing to progress well with the lovely Freya.

My wonderful, and passionate partner Helen is of course aware of my dalliances with Freya, and I always have to bring her up to date when I come home. If you have just started to read about me from this chapter, there are a few things you should know about me.

Firstly, Helen, my partner is old enough to be my mother and is in fact the mother of my best friend from school. My obsession is with my cunt, and I have spent all of my young adult life doing my utmost to make it bigger. I have never been with a man, not because I don’t like or have anything against the opposite sex, it’s just that I am completely absorbed by the beauty and eroticism of the female gentalia, something that I have in common with Helen.

If you were to see my lady bits, you would probably be quite shocked initially, because I am very sizeable where it matters. Put plainly, I am abnormally large cunted. I have always had a well developed vagina and labia; it defines who I am as a person, and far from being embarrassed or inhibited by this, it defines who I am as a person, and I have done my level best to stretch my labia and open my hole up to a size well beyond that which most people would consider normal or decent. It was almost by chance that I discovered that Helen had a similar preoccupation, but she has had a few more years than me to mess her cunt up.

I don’t think that I would go so far as to call myself promiscuous, but our relationship is probably best described as ‘open’. We do however share everything and we have no secrets. You would almost certainly describe us both as sexual deviants, and I am very comfortable with that, and in the same way, I am very comfortable in my own skin.

I have learned to ‘let myself go,’ and neither Helen or I (or Sam her daughter) have any inhibitions.

I met Freya at my Gym several months ago now, and she has been a quick developer. I thought I had a few fetish’s, but Freya has plenty of her own and I am so fascinated by her that I keep going back for more.

She is trying to get me into tights which I am not keen on, just because they are so un-sexy, and also she is also urging me to let my cunt fuzz grow out, but for the main part I like a smooth box. As it is, I’ve found a sort of a compromise.

As a present to Helen, I got myself waxed a while back, and Helen loved the feel of it afterwards, but to do that, and for it to be effective, you need a bit of growth so that the wax has got something to lock on to, and so instead of shaving between waxes, I have been letting myself get just a little bit hairy.

The reason that Freya wants these two things of me, is that she is heavily turned on by a sweaty cunt, but there is some payback because although I am not really an oral girl (I prefer the much more physical experience of a fisting or stretching), she tongues me out in a way that I have never experienced before and I love the effect it has on her.

The other thing is that by her own confession, she is an avid masturbator, and has told me more than once that she needs to get herself off at least three and regularly four times a day.

I have watched her jill herself off and it is quite something to observe. She really goes to work on herself, and I have realized that her biggest cums come from when I am standing over her with my cunt just touching her face.

She had mentioned that her 32nd birthday was coming up, and I was very flattered to be asked if I would like to come to a little gathering she was having at her flat (actually it’s perhaps more of an oversized bedsit than a flat), which I happily said that I would, and she said that I could bring Helen as well if I wanted to. I was mildly surprised that she was holding the get together at her place which is not exactly sized for a party, but assumed that it might just be a cost driven thing.

On the evening of the party, I duly turned up with a bottle of red and with Helen in tow who was carrying a bottle of white.

You pretty much go straight into the flat from the entry door (by which I mean there is no hallway or foyer), and although there were plenty of nibbles and things out, it didn’t look as if this was going to be a well attended event. The only seats were the two seat sofa, and the two chairs from the table, one of which was pulled out and facing into the room, and this is the one that Freya took.

Freya looked her usual elegant self, and was dressed in a pair of lycra leggings which showcased her remarkable legs to maximum effect, and a loose cotton Vee necked jumper, under which I was pretty sure she was braless.

I’d actually canlı bahis gone for a shortish flared skirt (which was slightly longer than, but akin to a tennis skirt) and a billowy top, mainly because I was going to a party and thought that I should make a bit of an effort, and Helen had a very sexy blue dress on (well I thought it was sexy anyway!) that resembled a skater dress which I hadn’t seen before, but it looked outstanding on her and was very flattering.

After introductions and the usual small talk (with most of the talk going on between Freya and Helen — the usual ‘great to meet you at last,’ and ‘Andrea has told me so much about you’ type of stuff), and following a couple of carefully worded questions around how many were coming to the gig, she quietly admitted that we were the only guests, and that it had been a bit of subterfuge on her part as she wanted to meet Helen, and hadn’t been able to think of another way to make sure that she did.

In fairness to her, there were several birthday cards on show and the timing was clearly very close to her actual birthday, so the ready and convenient excuse had worked out quite well.

We topped our glasses up which always helps to loosen inhibitions a bit (not that I need any help in this area), and as Freya is very easy company (as well as being easy on the eye), conversation wasn’t a problem.

My intuition was telling me that Freya wanted to change the thrust of the conversation, but perhaps she couldn’t figure out how to do it or where to go with it.

As it was, Helen came up with a cleverly worded question — maybe not so much a question, but more of a statement.

‘So I gather you have been leading my gorgeous partner astray . . . . . ‘

Freya stalled answering and got up to refill our glasses which obviously gave her chance to come up with her response. Blushing very slightly, she said that it wasn’t completely one sided, and that I had done as much of the leading as she had.

‘Yes, she can be a bit of a minx like that,’ Helen replied, but I can tell she’s quite intrigued by you.

‘You mean she’s told you that I am a fervent masturbator?’ she asked looking directly at Helen. ‘Did she also tell you that she likes to watch, and that she gave me one of my biggest ever cums by standing over me while I did it?’ she continued.

I can easily believe it, Helen countered. ‘She’s quite a girl is Andrea, and I love her for it. ‘Perhaps you’d have an even bigger cum if we were both stood over you.’

Freya actually gave her pubic mound a little prod with her fingers, letting out a barely discernible sound that was something halfway between a grunt and a gasp.

‘You’d do that for me?’ Freya questioned with a faraway look in her eyes.

‘I think we’d quite enjoy doing that for you, wouldn’t we Andrea?’ ‘Well that’s something to look forward to before the end of the evening,’ Helen pronounced. ‘It’s always better when you’ve had a bit of a build-up.’

It was barely noticeable, but I was sure that the crotch of Freya’s leggings was just that bit darker than it was when we had sat down.

We consumed a good hour or so just chatting away, but it was very sexually loaded conversation. Nothing blatant, just around like and dislikes (not that Helen or I have many dislikes), and the atmosphere was becoming befittingly arousing.

At a point where I felt we were running out of conversation, Helen asked Freya if there was anything in particular about me that turned her on more than anything else.

Freya paused for at least a minute, as if to consider her answer, drew a breath, hesitated again, and the said rather quietly, ‘I think she has the most erotic package I have ever seen. Actually, I have started to routinely masturbate myself before I go to sleep just thinking about what she’s got between her legs. ‘

‘I mean, it’s a work of art. So ‘out there’ and sexy. I could stare into her lips and that beautiful opening all night and just cum again and again. I’ve got myself off at work at least twice when the vision of it swims into my mind. I just can’t help myself.’

‘Take your panties off Andrea, let Freya have a look at the goods. I’d like to see this.’

It wasn’t really an instruction or command, so it wasn’t said in a domineering sort of way, but I must admit, it did charge me up a little bit being told what to do.

I slipped my Sloggi Silhouette Brazilians off (I’ve only just discovered these and they’re as sexy as hell), and Helen very gently told me to go over to Freya and lift my skirt up, and I did exactly as I was told. I walked across the small gap between us, stood in front of Freya and raised the hem of my skirt.

It was a wonderfully liberating and powerful moment, and I thrust my cunt out to ensure that I was fully on show.

I could now see Freya struggling to avoid touching herself through her leggings, but her fingers kept straying down to her crotch to give herself a few very brief strokes, and there was evidence of a light sexual aroma bahis siteleri emerging.

I couldn’t resist it. Taking a firmer hold of my skirt with one hand and letting go with the other, I moved my free hand down and pulled my labia open to expose more of myself.

Freya had gone quite quiet, but her breathing intensity increased, and now she couldn’t leave herself alone.

She widened her lithe legs so that her left hand could take some more energetic swipes of that nice long slot through her leggings which were now noticeably damp in the right places.

‘Oh, you really do like her hole don’t you,’ Helen voiced quietly.

Freya attempted a nod, but her mind was elsewhere.

‘Why don’t you lie on the floor and let Andrea kneel over you. I’d like to see that.’ I heard from Helen.

Freya didn’t need a second invitation, and as she lay on the floor, Helen offered to help her pull her leggings off.

I needed my skirt out of the way so I took it off as I prepared to get myself into position, and having removed it, helped Freya out of her sweater.

Once Freya was naked, I knelt over her face with my face looking towards her feet so that I could watch her take charge of her cunt and clit.

Helen watched for a few minutes and moved herself round, presumably to watch Freya’s face.

About thirty or forty seconds later, I was conscious of Helen’s naked body as it appeared in front of me. She lowered herself down, facing me and told me to ‘budge up.’

Up until that point, I think that Freya had been fairly oblivious to Helen, focusing all her attention on my cunt and her orgasm.

All of a sudden, she now had two cunts over her face. Two cunts that were just about touching and that Freya was trying desperately hard to stab with her tongue.

Freya’s moans became louder and it seem as if she had lost the ability to form words.

Helen and I rubbed our lippy slits together, occasionally dipping ourselves down so that Freya could dab our very slutty cunts with her now very energised tongue.

I’m not sure who was enjoying this more; Me, Freya or Helen. I could feel Freya’s nose around my perineum which is very sensitive, and aware of how wet I was, some of my juices must have been dripping onto her face.

I moved a bit further back so that she could get a proper sampling of Helen’s sublime cunt.

It might have been the quickest I have known Freya cum, and she stared bucking and seemingly gasping for air. She came violently and loudly, and I had to lift myself up a bit or I am sure she would have hurt her face the way she was thrashing about.

I pushed myself back off her face completely as she calmed down, but her calmness was short lived because Helen had heightened herself and now Freya could feast her eyes on Helen’s truly exceptional genitalia.

My cunt is well developed for my age, and I have spent a lot of time stretching myself out, so it looks a lot more like a 50 year olds well fucked and heavily used gash rather than that of girl who is barely into her twenties, but Helen’s is something else again.

Helen’s cunt almost makes mine look like a Barbie slit by comparison. Most men probably would be turned off by Helen’s permanently gaped and profusely lipped clout, but I could quite happily spend the rest of my life worshipping it.

‘Bucket Cunt’ doesn’t do it justice and she would never be able to feel a cock — that ability has been lost a long time ago, but for me, it’s not only an inspiration; it’s an aspiration.

I aspire to get my cunt to look like Helen’s, and even then, it wouldn’t be enough. I want to be able to accommodate a double fisting with ease and to be able to take a dildo size that probably hasn’t been invented yet.

I want people to be shocked and to stare when they see my cunt for the first time (or even the second or third)!

But that’s me. Freya was seeing Helen’s magnificent slit for the first time, and it looked for all the world as if she was struggling to take it in. She was wide eyed and mesmerised.

To add to the spectacle, Helen now had her fingers in both sides of her cuntal opening so that she could fully expose Freya to the enormity of her very impressive, fuck box.

Freya was beside herself and her fingers were already creeping back to her own slot as she gazed wide eyed at what was in front of her.

‘Christ Andrea,’ she moaned. ‘You never told me that she was bigger than you . . . . She’s, I mean she’s, she’s just amazing.’ Oh Christ, I’ve got to cum again.’

I sat on the floor and watched as Freya brought herself off, all the time gazing at Helen’s heavily over-developed crotch.

‘Oh my God, you can come again,’ Freya said, suddenly much more coherent.

Freya was going at her own clit and lips so hard I was concerned she would hurt herself, and she came quickly and abnormally squishily and there was a lot of mess seeping from her battered cunt crack.

We let Freya return to some degree of normality which took more bahis şirketleri than a few minutes. Helen seemed very pleased with herself about the impact she had had on Freya, and because I can read the signs, it was clear to me that Helen was not done yet.

Once Freya had recovered from her two quite brutal orgasms, Helen started to tease her.

‘You’re quite a cummy girl aren’t you? Andrea told me what floats your boat, but she didn’t tell me how hard you go at it.’

‘Actually, I’m usually more gentle, and I quite like to draw my cums out, but you and Andrea practically goaded me into those two in quick succession, although with you two in the room, I think I could probably set a personal record for the amount of times I do it in a day.’

‘Well Andrea and I haven’t cum yet, and I can’t speak for Andrea, but I definitely need to,’ Helen said in a fairly serious tone.

‘We’ll give you a break while we give ourselves some release,’ Helen said cheekily. ‘Andrea, get your butt over here and give me some pleasure.’

As it was, Helen gave me some pleasure first, but she was wickedly vocal along the way. She started by having me sit facing Freya and slightly to one side so that she could gain comfortable access to my milfy labia, whereupon she proceeded to pull them outwards and open, repeatedly displaying the full extent of my open hole and clit. Once she knew I was ready she started probing before entering me with the fingers of her left hand.

I didn’t have any time for subtlety. I grabbed Helens wrist and made it very clear that I wanted and needed her hand in me. I’m physically slightly stronger that Helen, so although she was attempting to hold back a bit, using both of my hands round her wrist, I more or less forced her hand into me, thumb and all, and once I had succeeded, encouraged her to piston in and out of me.

I orgasmed a bit more rapidly than I normally do, but I think that was because by now, I was dying to see the effect of what I was planning to do with Helen would have on Freya.

I pushed her back onto the floor, and took the two cushions from the sofa, placing one under Helen’s head, and one between the small of her back and her ass. I wanted unfettered access, and the angle is sometimes quite important.

As I would have expected, my left hand slid in with ease, and I progressed to moving it in and out of her slack, sloppy and womanly fanny, and it wasn’t going to require too much warm up or preparation for me to introduce another hand.

Helen lay back wantonly, legs well apart, and she grabbed her ankles to pull herself open wider to give me the requisite access.

I slipped the four fingers of my right hand into her slick cunt box, and spent a minute or two moving them around before the full assault of my thumb, and by definition, my complete hand alongside the other.

I always like the bit when the widest part of my hand slips through the collar of her roomy cunt, the point where both wrists are now nicely gripped by the elasticity.

Frey was wide-eyed. She rose to her knees and started stroking her twat with some energy.

‘That’s just the most sluttish but sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Both fucking hands. Fuck, I want to be able to do that.’

‘You mean to fist Helen, or to take a proper fisting yourself,’ I enquired in as suggestive voice I muster up.

‘Fuck, I don’t know. Probably both. That’s so fucking hot.’

I stepped up the pace of my abuse of Helen’s spectacular gash. If I’d have had a third hand, I’d have attacked her ass which was just looking at me as if to say ‘don’t forget me.’

Although I clearly couldn’t do that, I wasn’t about to leave her ass unattended. Without withdrawing either of my hands, I very carefully moved myself around so that I was now seated in front of Helen. That cushion under her rump was going to come in quite handy.

With her vagina pointing upwards, and together with a degree of caution, I was able to carry on double fisting her, and now my feet were nicely aligned with her ass. I moved one foot forward and pressed my big toe against her anus.

That had an electrifying effect on Helen. She tried to push herself onto my big toe, and I tucked my remaining four toes under the sole of my foot so that my big toe was not quite in, but neatly centred to prod her rear hole.

I kept up a gentle pressing motion, probing and then pulling back from her rosette.

I would have asked Freya to give Helen’s tits some pleasure, but she was so engrossed in her own act of masturbation that I don’t think she would have heard me even if I had asked.

Freya was unusually vocal and despite having cum three or four times already, produced a very wet, messy and noisy orgasm. There was an opaque juice dripping from her long wank hole and she virtually fell backwards as her climax subsided.

I needed to bring Helen off, so I diligently extracted my right hand from her now super loose fanny, and turned its attention to her clit.

I showed her no mercy! I fingered her clit the way a jazz pianist would finger a keyboard — fast and furious.

‘You fucking dirty girl Andrea,’ she moaned as her orgasm washed over her. You fucking love violating my mify cunt don’t you.’

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