Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 10

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date. This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Synopsis Of Story To This Point: Elsa Conner and billionaire Mark Worthington meet at a party, only he hides his true worth and identity from her in fear this nice girl might be another gold digger trying to get into his wealth. When the truth is discovered Elsa breaks up with him in anger over his lack of trust in her. In love, he grovels his way back into her good graces only a condition of reestablishing the relationship is the equal involvement of her sister Cindy. The trio fall deeper in love. There are some awkward moments where Elsa and Cindy work out dating their new boyfriend. They meet and enjoy a sexual evening with Tom on St. Croix during a weekend vacation. Mark’s cute new secretary Melanie gets added to the relationship. After holding off to assert their independence, Elsa and Cindy move in with Mark; Melanie soon joins them in living in Mark’s posh condo. They all learn more about the ever-present bodyguards and security guards around Mark managed by stoic Lucas.

Chapter 10 — Thirtieth Floor Barbecue And Sex Party


I said to Elsa and Cindy, “What shall we do today? Actually, I have all weekend.”

“We just want to be with you,” Cindy crooned as I rolled on my back so I could hold both of the girls against my buff body. They each draped one of their breasts on my chest in a highly seductive and revealing way.

Elsa popped up, “Hey, let’s do another barbecue out on your deck. The weather is supposed to be great.”

I gave her a suspicious look. I’m sure she read it as my being suspect of her wanting to lure Lucas, Andy, Sheila, Margo, or Melanie into some sexy games.

Elsa laughed and said, “Maybe, but that first thought had no ulterior motive. Any other intentions that made you have that look only arose after I saw your wary expression.” She paused and added, “We can keep everything above board … or we can see whether we can make some interesting things happen with other people.”

I chortled, “I like the idea of interesting things. You’ve got my thinking consumed by sex when I’m around the two of you. Hell, even when I’m not around the two of you.”

Cindy asked, “So, did you meet any interesting people while you were away?”

I knew what she was really asking: Did I meet any other females and have sex with them? I replied, “Why, yes, we met, but … well … we only … had intercourse … sitting talking about relocating a manufacturing operation at the conference table.” I stalled out my answer as long as I could to tease the two of them. They laughed. Intercourse in that context clearly meant conversation.

Elsa popped up, “I’ll call everyone, and then Cindy and I can go to the grocery store. There’s one a block over from here.” I wasn’t used to hearing about the details that went into conducting a party; Barnes, Andy, or Sheila, or some of the security detail had handled all of that kind of stuff for me. Suddenly, I felt so domestic.

Elsa used my cellphone to make the calls since I had everyone’s phone number entered in my contact list. Although I told her she could look around in my phone, she didn’t prowl around. She told us she got enthusiastic replies from Andy and Margo, Sheila who said she’d try to bring a handsome guest, and Melanie who wasn’t sure whether she could scare up a date or not.

On a whim, Elsa also called Tom Powers, the man we’d met on St. Croix. He was surprised by the call and talked to her for five minutes or so. He was apparently in New York, and had no plans for the weekend before heading home Sunday afternoon to Denver where he lived. After her invitation, he decided to hop a plane out of New York and come to the middle of the country to be at our barbecue. Later, a text came in on my phone informing me that he’d be with us about five-thirty or six, local time.

Cindy and Elsa rearranged the balcony for the cookout, moving a table and two chaises from the balcony on the other side of the condo unit so everyone would have a place to sit, eat, and later recline if they had a friend.

We ate a light lunch, and then the two of them headed out with a shopping list. Two hours later, they came back with bag after bag of groceries that they’d somehow managed to get to the condo, up in the elevator, and into the kitchen. I watched as my nearly empty refrigerator filled with food and drink. There was güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a happy babble by the two of them that I totally enjoyed listening to; so different from the droning business-speak I’d been involved in all week.

I relished the happy sounds of the two women, and in doing so I realized how empty my life had been before they became my girlfriends. I kind of felt like a man who’d been dying of thirst for a long time but didn’t know it, until he came upon an oasis and realized what he’d been missing.

I frequented the kitchen as Elsa and Cindy put away the food and then started to put various foods and condiments in serving dishes. I’d stroll by and pat one of them on the ass, or nuzzle in their neck for a kiss. Not once was I rebuffed, and I felt every one of my advances was welcomed with enthusiasm. Their responses made me feel on top of the world and so in love with them.

Shelia and Steve arrived a little after five o’clock. She had a crock of baked beans she’d made, adding her own touch with maple syrup and other spices to the canned variety. Steve was the handsome man who looked like Fabio who did modeling and commercial real estate. Sheila gave me a full body hug kiss to thank me for inviting her and her friend to our high altitude cookout. We were on the thirtieth floor.

I responded in kind to Sheila, somewhat to her pleasant surprise. Whereas I’d been a bit surprised and stoic when she’d said goodbye a couple of weeks earlier, this time I embraced her and pulled her tightly against me, especially where our hips came together. After our hot kiss I got a megawatt smile from her, indicating that she liked the interaction.

Tom Powers arrived next pulling a roll-on suitcase and carrying a heavy brief case. I took him down to one of the bedrooms on my lower level, got him situated for his overnight with us, and then showed him how to get back upstairs to our party. He was highly cordial and appreciative that we thought of him for our impromptu social event.

Tom told me in a few sentences what he’d been doing in Manhattan, and I felt suitably awed by his work. The fact that he was involved in such negotiations spoke to his competence and business savvy.

Next to arrive were Melanie and a young man named Carter. Carter was her relatively new boyfriend, and he seemed totally intimidated by me. I leaned in and whispered to him that he’d better be very nice to Mel because she was the nicest and sweetest and most wonderful assistant that I’d ever had. I gave him a wink to suggest something sexual, and then made sure he had a beer in hand. He relaxed only a little, and watched my every move. I thought if I’d asked him to fly, he would have made the attempt.

Andy and Margo rounded out the party arriving late, as expected. Margo latched onto me and ground her entire body into mine as she kissed me hello. I kissed back and pulled her to me as I’d done with Sheila, a move that obviously pleased her greatly. I whispered to her, “I can’t wait. Later. We are going to have such a great time. I hope Andy will be OK.” I wondered what she’d do with that, and obviously she imputed some sexual nuance to those words because she gave me a lewd grin and then went off to greet the others. Not too much after that I saw her corner Andy and the two of them were in avid conversation for a few minutes. Margo seemed in charge, a point that made me laugh since he was now the second highest paid employee of Worthington Industries and in charge of all operations everywhere.

After that, I saw Elsa and Andy in a welcoming clutch too. Elsa was doing a little body plastering herself, pushing her lithe busty body against his. She’d also done Tom and Steve the same way. Carter was a little reserved so he’d just shaken her hand. That worked until Elsa got inside his grasp and gave him a full body hug too. Carter blushed up a nice red color but looked pleased with the arousing contact.

The weather was ideal, and there wasn’t too much wind at our altitude. I explained that we were about three-hundred-fifty feet above street level on the balcony. Officially, I was on the thirtieth floor, but I also had the twenty-ninth as part of my penthouse suite. The patio did have Lexan windscreens that could be raised if the breezes got too intense.

Cindy appeared and gave full body hugs to everyone to welcome them, even repeating the hugs she’d given out earlier. She then circulated with a tray of hors d’oeuvres before parking them on one of the tables. She then got into an animated conversation with Sheila that had them both laughing. When I listened in, I could hear Sheila responding to questions about how I’d changed over the eight years since she went to work for me. Most of the changes had been in the few months since I’d met Elsa and Cindy.

Barnes came out of the apartment onto the balcony. He came up to me, “Sir, the two girls have told me that I may take the rest of the evening off. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I wasn’t sure whether to interpret that as a request from you or if they had overstepped. Things in the kitchen seem in good order. Everything is ready to grill.” He gave me a questioning look.

I smiled, “No, in this case they did get it right. Thank you for your concern and for the help I know you’ve provided for them this week. They sing your praises to me constantly. Please enjoy the rest of the evening on your own. If you need, please feel free to take the sedan. We won’t be going out.”

“Thank you, sir. If you just leave the kitchen a good mess after your party that will be fine and give me some way to contribute tomorrow when I arrive. I should be here about ten a.m. Good evening, Sir.” He turned and disappeared into the apartment.

I turned and Elsa was there. She said, “I hope I didn’t behave unacceptably with Barnes by giving him the night off. Cindy and I will clean up, or whatever can wait until tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I thought we might like some privacy.”

I leaned down and kissed her succulent lips. “It’s fine,” I assured her. I told her that Barnes needed a mess to clean up to feel worthwhile.

As the sun disappeared on the far western horizon, Elsa dimmed the lights both inside and outside the apartment. A few stars could be seen despite the light pollution the city lights made in the sky.

Margo came up to me and gave me a very passionate kiss. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, Mark. Tonight, your girlfriend assured me a few minutes ago that it was more than OK providing they could kiss Andy that way — and more.”

I intentionally looked puzzled, “And more?”

Margo reached between us and rubbed the bulge in my slacks. She then took one of my hands and held it to one of her breasts. She whispered, “Yes, and more — a whole lot more.” Another kiss followed, and this one had some tongue in it as Margo and I ground our crotches together. I was getting the idea about what more involved.

I glanced around the patio at the others, suddenly aware of the various arrangements. In one corner I could see Elsa orchestrating a sexy little game with Melanie, Carter, and Steve. There was a lot of kissing and erotic touching going on in their circle. I was surprised to see Mel so open with Steve, as Elsa put the make on Carter.

Tom and Sheila were dancing near the small Bose speaker playing some sexy and dreamy lounge music from Pandora that Cindy had set up. I could see that they’d already forged a warm friendship with one another because the hot French kisses they were sharing sure seemed like harbingers of further sexual interaction between the pair.

The only combination left was Andy and Cindy. By the time I spotted them, Cindy had stripped away her top, leaving her only wearing her heels and the enticingly tight Daisy Duke shorts she’d decided to wear. She was naked from the waist up, and given how those shorts fit, she may as well have been nude. Andy was sucking on each of her breasts as she helped push them into his mouth. I admired her leadership.

I looked back at Margo and she smiled at me. I must have raised an eyebrow because Margo responded.

“It’s all right, Mark. Andy and I have wanted to explore with other people for a long time. Elsa told us that you three were ready to experiment too, and that most of the others were so inclined.” She looked around the patio and added, “I’d say all of the others are so inclined.”

On that note Margo unbuttoned the summery top she wore and deposited the white top in a chair along with her lacy bra. She looked up at me and said, “I love to have them sucked on. I can cum that way.”

I lowered my head and inhaled one of Margo’s tits, only to hear her gasp in pleasure at the sudden sexual connection. I have to admit that I liked the new interaction with her. I always had been curious what she’d be like, but had sublimated my lascivious thoughts about her since she was my partner’s wife. Now I knew she was his hot wife and lusted after me just as I’d lusted after her.

I heard a moan and glanced across the patio to see that Elsa had Carter’s cock in her mouth. She just started to give him one of her sterling blowjobs. I wondered if he’d last more than ten seconds with her; I could see him fighting the urge to cum in her mouth.

Beside the pair, Steve was helping Melanie remove her dress. Unlike the other women, Mel wore a one-piece dress instead of shorts and a top. When the dress fell away she stood there in a thong and matching brassiere. Steve quickly dispensed with the bra, and then helped slide the thong down her sexy legs as she held onto his shoulder.

I would seriously have to reevaluate my secretary. Melanie was hot — a very hot babe. She was small and had what I called a tight body. She had great and very shapely legs, and a mound I had to get my mouth on before plunging güvenilir bahis şirketleri my cock into her pussy. I forgot to mention her perfect breasts. She was a beautiful pixie and made my heart purr.

Mel hopped up to sit on one of the tall chairs that went with one of my high top tables. Steve instantly put her legs over his shoulders and buried his face in her manicured pussy. My God, my secretary was so sexy I couldn’t believe it. I would have to have her later that night.

Faster than I could blink, Margo and I were nude. She knelt in front of me working my long shaft into her mouth and throat. I stroked her hair in a loving and caring way. She looked up at me with smiling eyes as she proceeded to deep throat every inch of my hard cock.


The night was working out so well, and it was only nine-thirty. Cindy and I had strategized the evening and then worked out a plan, and we’d started working our plan. We had ten players in the game. Cindy and I were no problem; we were the instigators. Mark was also willing to do our bidding when the time came, if he even needed instruction.

Because of our past evening with Tom, we were certain that he would be amenable to however the evening unfolded. We were pretty certain that anything sexual didn’t need to be with one of us, although we would have welcomed the need to start off with him.

We were also pretty sure that Margo wanted a shot at Mark, based on the flagrant goodbye she’d given him a couple of weeks earlier. Our guesstimate went up further at the way they greeted each other.

That left Andy, who Cindy wanted to engage; Steve (Fabio) a total unknown; Sheila, a total unknown, but probably very experienced; Carter, an unknown; and Melanie, also unknown but we were certain that with her looks she’d seen the movie a few times.

I took on the task of getting Carter, Melanie, and Steve engaged in a sexy game. We started with a simple game of spin the bottle, although with four of us wondering how the other two of the opposite sex kissed didn’t seem like much of a game. I guess it helped that I’d already given Carter the full-body French kiss in welcome, and then hinted to everyone that tonight was supposed to be a risqué and sexy time. The idea was which member of the opposite sex kissed the best, and then French kissed the best, and then petted and paid attention to erogenous zones the best, and so on. We no sooner got started than we decided we didn’t need the bottle; that was even at Mel’s suggestion. She liked kissing a guy whose hair was longer than hers and made us all laugh.

Mel and I worked up from simple friendly kisses to really passionate, tongue-involved, skull-searching, soul-wrenching French kisses that rocked everyone’s world. We teased because the guys refused to kiss each other, but the girls kissed everyone. By the time we were through, the guys had huge erections in their pants that I made a point to augment by stroking the bumps with a devilish grin. Mel saw what I was doing, and joined in. The guys kissed around our necks and ears, and then down into our cleavage. Hands started to touch everywhere. I think Mel saw where the arc of the evening was going, because some of the others on the balcony by then were half naked or even involved in blowjobs.

We moved from best kisser — with no clear winner, to best feeling through clothing, to best feeling female breasts without clothes, to best blowjob, to best fuck. The progression took a while, and I worried that Mel and Carter would drop out. Carter really got off fucking me, and somehow managed to hold off cumming longer than Steve did. Mel liked Steve, and confessed that part of her fantasy was being taken by the guy on the cover of one of the bodice-ripper novels, ergo Fabio, ergo Steve. He didn’t disappoint. We traded partners, and he knew his stuff.

I aimed Tom at Sheila, and he turned on his natural charm that had been so sweet and captivating in St. Croix. Tom figured out what I wanted for the evening as soon as I made the suggestion. Sheila instantly liked the man, because it didn’t appear to take much for the pair of them to get sexually engaged as the evening went on. She barely gave Steve a glance, although they’d come to the barbecue together.

Cindy later told me that turning on Andy was like flipping a light switch. She suggested they start making out and bingo he was all over her. Fortunately, she liked having him all over her. The fewer clothes she wore, the more all over her he got, until they were fucking madly away on one of the chaises we’d moved from the other balcony. Andy had fabulous staying power and they set a good example for the rest of us by going first.

I watched Mark lead Margo to one of the chaises, and soon they too were fucking. Margo was making very appreciative noises as she bounced up and down on his long schlong. She had a great rack, and I noted that I really wanted to suck on those tits later.

I stood for a moment and tested what I felt watching the man I love fucking someone else. I felt arousal … excitement … lust … love … hope that he was having a good fuck … and desire to couple with him later. I knew we’d have time together. Amazingly, I didn’t feel all that jealous. I was about to fuck Carter.

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