Birthday Memories Ch. 01

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Growing up with Angie, my older sister, I’ve always had the benefit of learning from her. She’s helped me through school, puberty, learning about sex — everything. Her breasts are a bit bigger than mine and her inner labia are longer and fuller, we share the same facial features, eye and hair colour, and even some of the same mannerisms. We could be mistaken for twins and often are.

Some of my fondest memories with Angie include birthdays. For my eighteenth birthday, she gave me a realistically shaped vibrating dildo with a suction base, and instead of just giving it to me, she really gave it to me! She thoughtfully loaded it with fresh batteries before wrapping it so it would be ready for use immediately. For as long as I can remember, her gifts had been of the naughty kind, so as always, we’d scurried into my bedroom so we’d have privacy when I received her gift. She stood behind me and peered over my shoulder as I unwrapped the rather long, rectangular box. Fumbling with the paper, she whispered into my ear that she thought I was really going to like this present. Maybe it was her breasts pressing against my back or maybe it was her warm breath on my ear, I wasn’t sure exactly why, but I could feel my pussy tingling. She wrapped her arms around my waist, rested her hands on my skirt over my pussy and kissed my neck gently just as I opened the box. “I hope you like it, Becky,” she whispered. As I gazed at the penis-shaped toy, Angie began to inch my skirt upwards with her fingertips until my already wet knickers were exposed. She slid one of her hands inside a leg opening and rubbed her middle finger over my clit and down between my shaved lips. We both moaned simultaneously.

As Angie drew her finger back up over my clit, she giggled briefly and then said, “I was hoping I could go down on you to get you ready to try out this bad boy, but I don’t think that’s necessary.”

I turned my head towards her and answered, “I’m so wet, I’m sure I could get it in now, but you know how much I want to feel your tongue probing me. Besides, I’m sure you’ll want to taste me before I start playing with it.”

I dropped the box on my bed and then turned around to kiss my sister. As our tongues wrestled each other inside our hot mouths, our hands expertly undressed each other, fondling just the right spots as they moved. Within just a few moments we were both naked, my hands squeezing Angie’s breasts and her fingers stroking into my pussy.

“My god, girl! You’re dripping! I have to get some of that in my mouth now!” she said excitedly. She guided me onto the bed positioning me on my back and with my knees raised and parted. bursa escort In another second she was kneeling between my open thighs, lapping her tongue up and down between my lips and over the very sensitive bud above them. I think either of us would’ve been content to let her continue and bring me to an orgasm, but we both wanted to play with the new toy. After a few minutes of enjoying her working her magic on my pussy, she paused, smiled up at me, and reached towards the box. Thanks to her forethought, the dildo was out of its original packaging and was ready and waiting to be used. She pulled it out and held it up for me to see. “Look here, it has a suction cup on the bottom so you can stick it to the bed frame, tub or something smooth and then you can fuck it just like a guy. It’s also got a vibrator to make it even more fun.” She pushed the power switch on and then lightly pressed it to my clit. She knew I liked it, but moved it downwards towards my opening, slowly rubbing it in between my glistening lips.

“Quit teasing me, sis! Push it in!” I pleaded.

Using one hand, she spread open my lips and with the other she pushed the head of the buzzing toy inside. “Damn, girl! Not a bit of resistance! Who have you been fucking?”

I blushed. “Nobody,” I replied.

“What have you been sticking into your puss, then?” she queried.

“Oh, you know… mostly those things you told me about,” I responded as she pushed the last couple of inches in.

Grinning devilishly, she asked, “Mostly? Tell me what you’ve been up to or I’ll take this back.”

After a couple of seconds of silence, she started to withdraw the dildo. Afraid she might actually take it away from me, I finally told her a few of the things I’d been inserting into myself. “Okay, okay. I’ve used my curling iron, carrots, cucumbers, the toilet bowl brush handle, a bunch of markers, Dad’s cigar tube, and, and… I’ve fisted myself, too.”

“You pervert! You fisted yourself?” she exclaimed. “And does Dad know you’re fucking yourself with his cigar tube?”

“Yes, I’ve fisted my pussy and no, Dad doesn’t know about the cigar tube — and he better not!”

Angie had a look of shock on her face as she said, “Oh, girl! I want to see you fist yourself!”

“Maybe after we put this toy to work,” I responded.

“Okay, get up, and get down on the floor on your hands and knees. Over here at the end of the bed.” Angie pointed at the leg of the old wooden bed frame as I did as I was instructed. She licked the base of the dildo before sliding it all the way into my pussy and then told me to back up to the bed. After lining me up she pushed the bursa escort bayan dildo firmly against the leg of the bed, making sure it was stuck securely. “Okay, you little slut. Hump it!”

I felt the friction of the dildo dragging smoothly along the walls of my pussy as I leaned forward, then inched myself back a little bit before slamming myself back towards the bed. I knew it wasn’t a real cock, but it felt damned good! I continued fucking myself as my sister watched. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was being fucked by my favorite porn star. I could feel my wetness slowly coating my lips and my upper thighs as I pushed back and forth, and then I felt my sister’s bum pressing against my face.

“Eat me, slut! You know you want it!” she demanded.

She knew me all to well. I did want it. I wanted to be her little slut. I angled my mouth upwards until my tongue was able to touch the puckered rim of her arse, and even before I leaned forward, she pushed back against me, forcing the dildo all the way inside my pussy. As my tongue entered her arse she sighed loudly and then told me, “You’re such a good slut! Such an obedient little, arse-licking whore you are! Keep eating me and fucking yourself!”

I did as she instructed, pounding myself back and forth on the dildo while shoving my tongue as deep into her arse as I could. Although it felt amazingly good, I also felt so nasty with my face buried in between the cheeks of her arse. She made me continue for several minutes before she raised her bum up an inch or so. “Eat my pussy. Eat it good!” she said. I eagerly did as I was told, slurping up the saliva that had dribbled down from above and the copious amount of her own juice. “How’s your slutty cunt doing?” she asked.

“It’s starting to get sore,” I replied, hoping she’d take the hint. I got no response. “It needs to be kissed and licked. Please?”

Angie crawled forward just far enough that I could no longer get to her with my tongue. I reached forward and pulled down on her pussy lips. I wanted to squeeze them tightly but they were so slippery I wasn’t able to.

“Oh, that’s right!” she said excitedly. “You were going to show me how you fist yourself! Get up, you nasty slut!”

As I crawled forward leaving behind the dripping dildo, Angie gave my bum a sharp slap and then ordered me to suck the dildo clean. “Go on, show me how you suck cocks.”

I turned around, opened my mouth and sucked the toy in. I felt her hands pushing my bum forward, forcing the dildo into the back of my throat. She held me like that until I started choking. After releasing the pressure momentarily, she pushed escort bursa me forward again, and again I started to choke. She repeated this several times until my eyes were watering so badly that my makeup was running down my cheeks. “I’ll bet you’d rather have a guy’s cum smeared all over your face, wouldn’t you?”

With the dildo filling my throat I nodded yes. All she said then was, “sometime, slut.” She abruptly pushed two of her fingers into my pussy and after pulling them back out, smeared my juice over my bum. “Up on the bed. It’s time for the show.”

Feeling somewhat humiliated by the things I’d just done, I complied with my sister’s demands and crawled up onto the bed. I propped myself up on a couple of pillows, spread my legs wide and then proceeded to insert two of my own fingers into my already slightly stretched pussy. Angie stared intently. I wanted to make her wait a little before I completely stuffed my hand inside. While very slowly stroking my fingers in and out, I used my other hand to circle my clit. Angie’s nipples hardened, as did my own. I tucked a third finger inside and gently stroked all three in and out. I teased her by holding them all inside, motionless, and then eased them all the way out, holding them up to her mouth. A glistening string of my wetness stretched from her lips to just inside my pussy. She sucked my fingers into her mouth and licked them clean before I returned to my task. Forming a cone with four fingers, I eased them into my hole. I felt a certain snugness that I hadn’t noticed with only three fingers. I liked it. Easing off the pressure just a bit, I tucked my thumb into the cone and gently pressed back inwards. It wouldn’t go at first, until I applied pressure with my other hand. Slowly but surely, my pussy opened up and my hand disappeared inside.

Although I had done it several times before, this time it felt more intense and arousing, probably because I was being watched. It was rather awkward due to my position, but I managed to spread open my fingers a little, stretching my hole even more. My breathing quickened as I felt my orgasm about to begin. Suddenly I felt Angie licking and sucking my swollen clit and pressing her hand against mine. I began to orgasm immediately and with by hips bucking wildly, I started cursing loudly. “Fuck! Fuck! You cunt! Oh fuck yes!” She placed her mouth over mine to muffle the sounds, but I jerked my head to the side so I could catch my breath. I slapped at her hand so I could get my own hand out of my gushing hole and then lay there on the now drenched sheet, my body still trembling.

Being the good sister she is, she allowed me to lay there untouched for a brief time before she licked each of my fingers clean and then nuzzled her face between my soaked thighs and kissed my puffy, stretched pussy lips. She looked up, smiled and said, “Happy birthday, Becky!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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