Birthday Present

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“Happy Birthday, Arthur!” Sandy exclaimed as she opened her door to her paramour. He smiled and hugged her, their lips fused open together, their hands gripping and sliding over the other’s back and buttocks.

“So, what did you get me?” he asked as they paused for breath.

“Not what, but who,” Sandy corrected.

“Say again?”

“Look, sweetie, I know you love me and my pussy, but let’s face it: you love women. So I got you another one.”

Arthur looked at her incredulously as he took this in and then smiled. It was going to be a long weekend by the sea.

“Alright then, where is she?”

“Uh uh, she’s going to watch us for until she warms up and decides the time is right. Heck, you may not even see her until Sunday–‘less you’re good to me.”

“Oh, for gosh sakes, Sandy, she’s my present. But if you insist . . .” and Arthur leaned to kiss Sandy on her forehead, her eyebrows, cheekbone back to her ear where he licked lightly at the spaces curving inward. Sandy closed her eyes and shivered, her hands sliding over his chest. As he probed her ear, Arthur’s hands moved from her back over her shoulders and down the outside of Sandy’s arms before sliding up from her hips to her ribs and then the upward slopes of her breasts. Sandy wriggled at the sensation through the soft blue cotton that draped her body. She loved the way he touched her, matching the mood between them, and with his tenderness this evening Sandy was already looking forward to hours of languorous climaxes.

Arthur could smell her pussy opening with her anticipation, but he kept his hands above her waist, circling her hardened nipples through her dress, stroking her belly with his fingertips while their lips met again, tongues delicately curling about each other. His cock thickened and strained upward against the bind of his pants and then against the lower curve of Sandy’s mons when they hugged more closely.

“You’re all the birthday I need, Sandy,” he whispered and knelt before her. With his nose Arthur swept back and forth over her belly, slowly descending to the warmth radiating below. Sandy’s head fell back as she sighed. “So sweet a smell from your pussy, let me kiss her.” And so saying he lifted her hem above her knees, the cloth brushing over her thighs until the gold hairs of her delta and the widening gap between her labia were exposed to his adoring view, his roving thumbs, and the attentions of his mouth.

Letting her dress fall back over his head like a hood, Arthur inhaled long and loudly before beginning his licks at the base of her slit. Sandy fought not to stumble and Arthur gripped the cheeks of her ass as he slowly, lightly worked his way up the exposed folds of her pussy. Her juices began flowing in abundance, Arthur swallowing between compliments. He pushed his nose in her crack and slid upward, pulling out just as he brushed past her hooded clit. Again, this time letting his tongue follow more deeply, once, twice, thrice until Sandy rocked with waves of tingling pleasure. Arthur didn’t stop, however; his face wet from the sweating heat and her soaking cunt, he enclosed her clit with his mouth and sucked it in, his tongue whirling around the hood. Now she shuddered and bucked, screaming in ecstasy, her hands clenching the head under her dress, “O god, yes! Yes! YEEESSS!”

“Do you think my present liked that?” Arthur asked once he stood up again, kissing the beads of sweat on Sandy’s brow.

“Um, yeah, if she’d seen it.”

“Oh, come on, you mean she’s upstairs?”

“That’s right, you’ll have to start over,” Sandy said with an eager grin.

Minutes later, Sandy was crouched over Arthur in a sixty-nine on her bed, sucking deeply on his free-standing cock while he returned the favor with flicks to her pussy. Arthur was reveling in the power of Sandy’s mouth and the view of her star-puckered anus and the shadowy curves of her backside as he looked up when Sandy sat back, pressing his head into the mattress and her mound into his face. Arthur would have protested but for the fact that he couldn’t speak. Nor could he see–instead he felt another body climb on the bed. He faintly heard giggling as the new person got astride his legs and a small hand took hold of his slickened cock.

“Happy Birthday again, baby,” Sandy cheered as Arthur felt the head of his knob slip into the visitor’s wet and exceedingly tight cunt. He could hear his groan echoed by the woman whose labial lips were closing around his cock, and he let her work it all the way in, which she accomplished by alternating between slow, spiraling rotations of her hips and pauses in which she took deep breaths. She took her time, apparently distracted by something Sandy was doing to, or with, her, for his lover was leaning forward, giving Arthur some breathing space. It didn’t stop him from lapping at Sandy’s cunt, and she began rocking back on his face to a third orgasm.

Meanwhile, his prick’s captor began a slow grind on his hips, intensifying the pressure on Arthur’s member by clenching the muscles of her cunt just as she bottomed out canlı bahis şirketleri and began pulling back up. The feeling was exquisite–Arthur reached out to touch the mystery woman but Sandy grabbed his hands to her breasts. Nothing to do but work harder, he thought, lapping and sucking at Sandy’s cunt with greater vigor in an effort to make her come again, fall off him, and give him a view of his present.

“Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah,” Sandy spasmed over his face, her hands clenched in Arthur’s stretched out to the sides. Go Princess, go, thought Arthur of his moaning lover impaled on his stiffened tongue. As if she heard him, Sandy fell back over his head, giving Arthur his first view of the woman milking his prick with such skill.

It only made him harder. She was Chinese and petite, her hair short and breasts large and round for her delicate frame, chest tapering to a narrow waist that swelled again to the hips now riding Arthur’s. Her skin was an ivory white and suffused with a light gleam of sweat as she smiled at him.

“So”–she ground her pubis and clit down on the base of his cock– “Do you like”–slowly she pulled back, her labia exposed among thick black hairs as they dragged along his length–“your birthday present?” Again she pushed back down as she leaned forward, her tits extending toward him, her tiny, bushy cunt somehow swallowing something much, much bigger.

“Best I’ve had this year,” breathed Arthur as he thrust upward and reached for her nipples. “And your name is . . .?”

“Ming . . . Ahhhh,” she breathed as his fingers stroked her breasts and pinched her suddenly taut, darkened nipples. Ming shivered at his touch and the accelerating motion of their groins. Arthur’s hand slipped down to her hips to hold her as her cunt clenched his blood-engorged cock. Sandy, meanwhile, had recovered to crawl behind the other woman. Without pressing on Arthur’s flexing legs, she straddled them while hugging Ming’s tiny body, pressing her mons to Ming’s writhing bottom and crossing her arms across Ming’s chest to hold and rub her breasts.

The waves of an enormous orgasm began roiling through Arthur’s present. ?Aaah eeeee!” she began screaming when Sandy slipped one hand down her flat belly, fingers extending around her throbbing clit and pushing down toward the base of Arthur’s pounding prick. ?Yes!” yelled Arthur as he butted at the rim of Ming’s cervix, deep in her glove-like cunt, and began shooting jets of come. She fell forward, screaming with pleasure, Sandy falling with her, her pointed nipples pressing into his chest. As the Ming Wei gasped into the mattress to Arthur’s left, Sandy came forward to kiss her lover passionately.

The three cuddled on the bed, stroking bodies, caressing faces, brushing matted hair.

“So where do you find present like her?” asked Arthur.

“Hey, does Target tell Walmart? She works with me, and I’m having a hard time keeping you a secret.”

“Then I’m her present as much as she’s mine. Ming, what’s your pleasure?”

“I didn’t see what you did to Sandy downstairs, but you seem to have a clever mouth.”

“Sandy thinks so. Please, lie back against Sandy and spread your thighs. I’m sure you two have much to share.” Ming did as Arthur suggested, and turned her head to meet Sandy’s friendly mouth with her own. Sandy caressed the Chinese’s face, fingers sliding over her now dry skin to Ming’s breasts. She avoided the nipples, hefting the orange-sized tits and stroking Ming’s belly.

Arthur meanwhile was kissing and sucking at the insides of Ming’s thighs. He bounced back and forth as he advanced to the ruffled black bush that joined them. Arthur licked the crease between one thigh and her groin, dragged his tongue across her lower belly and descended down the other crease. His nose was full of rich smells: Ming’s sweat was mixed with a jasmine oil brushed on the lips of her pussy; the pungent flow of her juices ran with his semen as it dribbled back to the bed from the far reaches of her cunt.

“Eastern star, I bow to your beauty,” intoned Arthur, making the women laugh before his tongue began probing the bottom of her slit. He sucked and swallowed the liquids flowing there. He stiffened his tongue and began flicking his way up the center of Ming’s pussy.

“Ahhh,” sighed Ming happily. She threw her arms up and back to grasp Sandy’s head; the effect was to push her chest and breasts out against Sandy’s warm sliding hands, which now began roving over Ming’s nipples, pinching them with increasing force between her fingers.

Arthur began stabbing deeper into the tight folds, methodically working from bottom to top. He dodged Ming’s tiny button, instead surrounding it with the warmth of his mouth while his tongue curled deep behind it to rasp against the roof of her cunt.

“OOH,” gasped Ming at the contact with her G spot. Arthur repeated the deep lick, once, twice, three more times and then sucked her now unhooded clit deep into the wet heat of his mouth.

“UUNNNHH!” cried the Chinese with the sudden orgasm that rocked her body. canlı kaçak iddaa As Sandy rubbed and pinched Ming’s nipples, Arthur gripped Ming’s flexing rounded buttocks and clamped his teeth, buffered by his lips, on her clit. She screamed again as his tongue pressed its tip, mimicking the action of Sandy’s stiffened fingers over the peaks of her superstimulated tits. Ming writhed in the pain and ecstasy, restrained and held between the two lovers until she wilted.

Arthur was by now completely aroused again–he loved seeing how a woman came. ?My turn again,” he said cheerfully as he motioned Ming to roll over and Sandy to slide down so that Ming could lie on her, pussy to pussy. Sandy hugged her smaller friend and threw her calves over Ming’s knees to spread her legs for Arthur’s approach. Arthur paused to admire Sandy’s close-shaven blonde pussy and pink and purple labia in such close proximity with the wild and matted black mane of Ming’s bush and the reddened lips it framed.

“Leave the driving to us, Ming,” he said as he positioned the tip of his hardened cock at her slit. Holding her by the white curves of her hips he repeated the short thrusts of his tongue. Arthur slid one hand between the women’s bellies to stroke Ming’s clit with his fingertips while his knuckles rubbed Sandy’s. He thrust deep into Ming’s tiny cunt, withdrew slowly, and drove forward again. It was easier than the first time only because Ming was too tired to clench his prick with the muscles of her cunt, but there was nothing like running into a woman from behind for the satisfaction of depth. He pulled back out, almost completely, feeling for his slick member when he met another hand fingering it and Ming’s soaked pussy.

“Go on, blow out her candles, and you might get two for one,” urged Sandy. Arthur grinned and picked up speed, driving his cock deep into Ming’s cunt, her breasts into Sandy’s, and her mons into his palm, his knuckles into Sandy’s clit. Sandy responded by driving her hips up as Arthur pounded forward, and Ming fell into a keening wail of exhaustion countered by the constant stimulation of her body. She was coated in sweat. Arthur slammed against the slippery twin balls of her ass, which had broken into goose bumps. He felt the tingling in his balls.

“Here . . . I . . . come . . . ? he grunted and began bucking in triple time, shorter strokes lodged deep and tight in Ming’s cunt. Ming continued her cry, tight nipples pressed against Sandy’s adding to their excitation and Sandy began spasming as quickly as Arthur. “OH OH OH OH OH AAAHHhhhhh,” she shouted in concert with her lover’s exclamations. Arthur spurted once again, semen refilling Ming’s liquefied cunt as he bucked against her.

It felt almost as good just to lie on Ming as it had to fuck the daylights out of her, and Arthur pulled out his softened cock reluctantly. Sandy released her hold on the Chinese’s legs and together they made a place for her in the bed, where she quietly passed out.

The next morning Ming Wei awoke lying face up on the bed. Eyes still closed, she remembered last nights pleasures and stretched languorously.

“Mmmm-oooo” she smiled and cooed as someone’s lips met hers in a soft kiss that turned into a longer, firmer one. Meanwhile someone else was kissing and licking her belly, slowly working up to her ribs and breasts. She kept her eyes closed, uncertain who was kissing her where and not wanting to know. Her nipples stiffened into sharp black nibs as the mystery mouth sucked and chewed on them; someone’s fingers began sliding gently over her pussy’s lips. Ming sighed in the middle of another kiss and at the break the two mouths changed places. The hand at her pussy continued its ministrations, the fingers sliding deeper between Ming’s slippery folds. Another finger joined the lips of her mouth and began imitating the motion in her cunt, sliding in and out as the tongues intertwined in their wet rubbery embrace.

Then her mouth and pussy were empty, untouched. Ming breathed heavily in the pause. It went on, and she wriggled on the sheets in anticipation. Where were her teasers? Her nose told her Sandy’s pussy was suspended above her; she felt fingers at her pussy again and then Arthur’s cock pushed relentlessly inward.

“AHHH, yesss!” Ming cried, throwing her slim white legs around Arthur’s hips. But her cry was cut off as Sandy lowered her pussy onto Ming’s open mouth. Arthur pressed her legs up and under his shoulders, folding her almost in half as he thrust up her tightly pulsing cunt. He sucked on her breasts while Sandy rocked her cunt back and forth past Ming’s gasping lips and tongue, for the Chinese was orgasming, her cunt clenching Arthur’s hardened tool. He filled her again and again with his rod, its length pressing against her sensitized clit until she slackened. He looked at Sandy’s pussy, now dripping on Ming’s soaking face.

“Alright, princess, your turn. On your back, and put your head over the edge.”

“It’s about time, Arthur, you’ve barely touched me.”

“That’s about to change.” Arthur pulled canlı kaçak bahis out of Ming’s clinging cunt, his cock still hard and purple with tension. He got off the bed and held his prick, wet and sticky with Ming’s juices, before Sandy’s face. He looked down at her and his present, the two woman prostrate on the bed. One petite, porcelain-pale, soaked in sweat, legs and arms splayed, her bushy, red-rimmed gap still open where Arthur’s cock had been moments before, her breasts rising and falling slowly and heavily. Next to her was his lover lying facing him, her fuller, creamier body more composed but slightly tensed with anticipation, slightly shiny with arousal. Her breasts moved with Sandy’s shorter breaths; her pussy fell out of sight below the roundness of her belly. It felt great to fuck two women, to keep them coming, to keep them satisfied with all the skills at his command.

“It’s feeding time, sweetheart, open wide.”

“Goddamit, Arthur, it’s my cunt that needs filling, not my mouth.”

“You’ll get yours, now swallow.” And she did, in great gulps, her hands reaching back to grab his buttocks and pull him to her. Arthur looked down at his dick disappearing into her mouth and steadily filling her throat. He trembled as Sandy’s esophagus pressed on the rim of his knob. He gently stroked her there and she quivered. Sandy moved his hips back and forth to catch a breath as Arthur leaned forward to grab her tits. He milked and pinched her nipples, now thick and hard as she milked his cock. Arthur released Sandy’s throbbing breasts, pulled back a moment and then leaned further forward, filling her throat again, until he could look down at her close-cropped pussy. He could barely contain himself but went down on her pink lips just enough to suck her clit up and down a couple of times.

By this time Sandy was writhing, and Arthur straightened up, pulled out of her mouth and jumped on the bed. He swung between her spreading legs and fell on her, his fingers guiding his lubricated tool into her notch.

He was in before she knew it, and he slammed forward the full length of the prick she’d been deepthroating a moment before. Sandy, still gasping for breath, was stunned.

“Wuuhh!” she exclaimed as she lost the air in her lungs. Arthur slid out and fired back up her cunt, his pubic bone colliding with her clit, his balls against her perineum. Sandy was undone, needing air at the same time that she could feel the orgasm rising from the force of Arthur’s attack. Her groin began tingling, vibrating, as Arthur gripped the cheeks of her ass and pounded her cunt again. She lay there, arms still over her head, legs simply trembling on the bed while her man gave her no chance to recover, to respond in any way but an orgasm. Panting between her heaving breasts, Arthur filled her again and again with thrusts that ended with his tingling knob against her cervix.

“Oh God, Sandy, fuck me! Here . . . I . . . come! AHHHHH!” And he began to spasm, shorter, sharper pokes as his balls contracted and the head of his prick exploded with the release of nerve endings and sperm. Sandy’s cunt and hips reacted as well–she rocked upon the mattress under Arthur’s thrusts, the rest of her sweating body shaking and trembling with sensation and exhaustion.

When he finally rolled off Sandy, Ming, who’d been watching with increasing interest, piped up.

“Can I have some of that, or do you need breakfast first?”

After breakfast and the fondling and joking that went with it, the trio went to beach. It was sunny and warm, the tide high, and they walked a long way, far from the gathering crowds near the refreshment stands and the boardwalk. Ming was wearing a black-and-white striped hiphugger bikini that stretched with the fullness of her breasts and hinted at the warmth of her mound. Sandy filled a one-piece turquoise suit of shiny, thin lycra. The split of her pussy was plainly visible as were the full buds of her nipples. It was all Arthur could do to not stroke her cameltoe in public. They stopped and set up camp, literally, for Arthur had a tent as well as towels and a basket.

“Last one in is a dead jellyfish!” yelled Sandy, and they raced into the breaking waves. They dove and surfed in the warm water before moving out into deeper water among the swells. There the three kissed and hugged one another, their lips and tongues tasting the salt water mixing with saliva, their hands and fingers probing, pinching, and stroking breasts, pussies, and Arthur’s rising cock through the fabric of their swimsuits. Ming jumped into Arthur’s arms, her legs straddling his hips. He pumped her jiggling body, his hands pulling her bikinied bottom toward him, her pussy mashed against his compressed cock until she cried out. Sandy was next and took even less time to come while half-floating in the water as Arthur’s fingers pulled her asscheeks apart under her suit.

Then they headed back in to shore, where the breeze and midday clouds made them shiver. Sandy’s and Ming’s nipples stood out in sharp relief and Arthur gathered them under a towel which he rubbed rapidly over their wet bodies, their breasts, bellies, and bottoms. He crouched behind them as they crossed their arms over their chests and Arthur, enjoying the view of their damp behinds, pushed the ends of the towel between their legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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