Birthday Surprises

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**This is my first story, so please keep that in mind**

“Happy birthday baby,” I wake you up by wrapping my lips around your head already throbbing from your morning wood. “Looks like someone’s happy to see me.” Your eyes snap open and you look down to see your head disappear between my lips again. I circle your tip with my tongue and I can feel you shiver in pleasure. There really is no better way to wake up. You see I made you a plate of all your breakfast favorites sitting on nightstand by your head, but you are far too preoccupied to think about food right now while I’m slipping you deeper into my mouth. My pussy starts to overflow seeing how turned on you are, and I guide you deeper into my mouth, tilting my head back to allow you access to my throat. You moan and place a hand on the back of my head. My tongue peaks out as I bury you to the hilt in my throat and I press my tongue against your balls, I know how crazy it makes you. I pull you out of my mouth and your cock is swollen and gleaming with my saliva. “Mmmmmmm,” I moan as my clit starts to throb.

I go back to sucking your cock and you eyes start to wander. You see my petite frame in the morning light. My curves exaggerated by my position. Your eyes trail down my spine to my ass which is sticking straight up into the air while I gag on your cock from my knees. My long dark curls are held back loosely by a scrunchy and as you move your eyes back towards my face I lock my light blue eyes with yours, my glasses framing my face in a smile as I seal my lips around your base and swallow hard, hugging your entire cock in my throat. A moan escapes your lips and I can feel that you’re about to cum. I slip you out of my mouth and run my tongue up the length of your shaft to your pulsing purple tip and bury you in my throat for the final time. I suck lightly on you milking your cock and I feel you lose control as you cum down my throat. I swallow it all with a silent gulp and when the last streams of your hot seed are released I ease you out of my mouth with a grin.

I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and get up from the bed. My nipples erect from the breeze coming through the window. You eat your breakfast while I clean up. I give you a wink and head towards the bathroom. Famished from your orgasm you devour your breakfast before I make it back to the bedroom. I come back in without a word and you put the tray to the side curious as to what lies in store almanbahis adres for you. You know me all too well and so you know I’m not nearly finished with you. I reach into the closet and come back out with a key. Your face lights up because you know exactly what this means. You follow me as I make my way to the chest of drawers. I bend over popping my ass out to tease you. I unlock the bottom drawer and pull it open. My collection of toys never ceases to amaze you. I pull out the satin wrist ties and come back towards the bed. I undress you and then myself, taking my time to slip my panties down to my ankles as I step out of them. You can see I’m shaved and your erection comes roaring back to life hungry for more. I straddle you with a grin, and reach over to tie each of your wrists to the bed posts, as I do my nipples graze against your bare chest, I lean further over and my right breast hovers over your mouth. You lift your head and catch it in your lips and pull me down on top of you before I can tie your other wrist. You start sucking and my pussy seeps onto your stomach. I moan as goosebumps form across my skin. I pull my nipple from your mouth. “Hey, none of that!” I order in a stern voice. I finish tying your wrists and slide down so I’m sitting directly on your cock. My hot shaven cunt presses your dick flat against your stomach.

I can feel us both throbbing and you dart your eyes to where our bodies touch. My pussy lips separating as if to kiss your cock. “I want to hear you beg for it” I whisper. You waste no time giving me what I want, and as soon as I hear you say how much you need my pussy I lift up your shaft with my hand and place your head at my entrance. “Good boy.” I force my pelvis backwards burying you inside me. You feel your dick race past my entrance and rub my all-too-familiar g-spot, and finally come to a sudden halt as you hit my cervix. The sensation makes us both quake, and I begin to ride you. I drag my nails down your skin as I buck against your hips. My moans start to get louder and I lose my previous cool persona, beads start forming on my skin and I tilt my head back. Your urge to wrap your arms around me is overwhelming and so you try to tug at your restraints. They are bound nice and tight, just the way I want them, and watching you struggle for power brings me over the edge. My orgasm rattles through me as I gush down your shaft. I slam you against my g-spot as my orgasm ends. My almanbahis adres will to dominate you grows weaker with each passing second as I take a moment to rest. You start lifting your pelvis against me. I nearly forgotten you haven’t finished. I giggle and slide you out of me. Your face is a mix of terror and disappointment as I get off the bed.

I go back to the drawer and pull out a sleek, clear, glass dildo. I come back to the bed and face away from you, my legs on either side of your torso. My pale thighs split apart and you the best view you’ve see all day. My small shaven pussy is dripping and you can see my swollen clit begging for attention. You can’t help but want to wrap your lips around it. I position myself to go reverse cowgirl, but instead of letting your dick inside me I slip in the glass dildo from between my legs. I moan dramatically watching the jealousy on your face as I fuck myself. You can see my juices coating the fake cock and it makes yours ache with anticipation. Just to drive you even crazier I reach around with my free hand and slip the tip of my index finger into my tight little asshole. My clit throbs in time with your cock as I moan loudly. You jerk at your restraints wanting so badly to have your digits in my ass. Your balls start to ache as I fuck myself harder, burying the finger in my ass to the second knuckle. My body trembles in ecstasy as another orgasms rips through me. I throw my head back and scream, my pussy gushing down the handle of the dildo and onto your pelvis. I take the dildo out and remove my finger.

I lift up your cock and you immediately thrust upwards forcing yourself into my pussy. I ignore your misbehavior and push the glass dildo in my ass. The sensation of being so full is intoxicating. My pussy feels even tighter than usual as it makes room for the dildo in my ass. I start riding you fucking myself in the ass as I go. You feel yourself about to burst but hold off making sure I climax again. It isn’t long before my legs start to tremble. “Make me cum baby,” I whimper and it’s all the incentive you need to start bucking wildly against me. I bury the dildo in my ass as you bury your cock in my pussy and I climax harder than the other two times combine. Feeling me cum brings you over the edge and you burst inside me. The teasing I did to you was totally worth it. You cum so hard it fills me up in seconds and starts dripping between my legs. I pull out the dildo almanbahis adres and collapse on to you. My back lies on your stomach feeling the sweat on our bodies as we both lie gasping for air. I tilt my head back and kiss you deeply. After a few moments I slide you out of me. I untie your wrists and you rub the feeling back in them.

I get up to put the toys away, all this fucking has tired me out. But as I turn around looking forward to snuggling I see you’re already off the bed, standing over me. I forgot you had such a quick recovery rate. You grab me by the waist and turn me around. You wrap a hand around me and slide your finger tips down my neck to my chest. My breasts heave as I sigh and you cup one in your hand twisting my nipple. You force me on the ground and reach in the drawer fumbling around for something keeping a hand on me to keep me in place. I glance over and see you grabbed a bottle of lube. You quickly coat your dick, seeing my shaved pussy and ass made you hard very fast. You pull your dick down and press it against my puckered asshole. I moan submitting to you, laying my head on the carpet and sprawling my legs further apart. I reach up and pull my cheeks apart with my hands as you force your head into my ass with a slight popping sound. I gasp forgetting how much bigger you were than my little dildo. You stretch me open and force your way deep into my bowels. I hold my breath as my body takes you all in. My pussy reawakens, dripping down my thighs as my clit drums a heavy beat that vibrates my body. You pull your dick out suddenly and watch my asshole gape. I hold my cheeks apart knowing how much you love the look.

You put more lube on your cock and slide back in slowly this time. A guttural moan comes from both of us as you start pumping my ass. I reach underneath and start rubbing my clit feverishly. My pussy gushes from jealously as you spank me hard leaving a perfect hand print. My ass is so tight it’s milking your cock and you know you won’t last much longer. I rub my clit harder my moans shaking the walls. “I want to feel you cum in my ass. Please baby!” I cum for the third time soaking the carpet and biting my lip. You spank my other cheek and with one last thrust burst inside of me. I would think this being your third you wouldn’t have much cum left but you surprise me with your volume. After the moment passes and your balls are thoroughly emptied you pull your dick out of my ass and I collapse on the floor. I lie still for a moment too exhausted to move. “I can’t wait for it to be my birthday,” I sigh. You get up and laugh loudly as you make your way to the bathroom to shower off. Singing “Happy Birthday to me” the whole way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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