Birthday Treat

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Why do children – is that what you call an 21 year old? – all want to outdo their friend when it comes to birthday parties, especially that all important 18th.

Matt, my son, was falling into this category perfectly; he wanted more people, more booze, more food, a better band and, it seemed, all the girls that he fancied he had a chance with, which appeared be most of his college! This was going to be a dangerous night!

Matt is my only son, born to me when I was 28, he meant everything to me and it would fair to say I indulged him, a fact my husband John frequently pointed out to me. But, hell, you’re only 18 once and soon he’d be gone. So for his 21st I made a special effort.

John and I booked the function room in a small but very pleasant local hotel. We arranged for all the things he wanted and we let him invite as many friends as he chose. The function room was self contained with its own entrance, toilets and bar which made it perfect for our needs.

On the evening in question John and I were summarily dismissed and told not to reappear until 1:00 the following morning in order to collect Matt and the four friend that would be staying over at our house. To make things easy the hotel manager had given us the key to the function suite so we could lock it all up without him having to stay awake. To be honest this suited us too.

So John and I had booked ourselves a table a restaurant we enjoyed and looked forward to pleasant evening together. It was all a bit of a rush, but after a quick shower and a squirt of my favourite perfume behind my ears, we were off. Later on we would both go and pick them all up, to avoid them having to drink & drive and to ensure all was ok. Not that we had any doubts, of course!

At 1:00 o’clock precisely we were there as promised. Waiting outside like kindergarten parents, and a little unsure about what we were about to find. Anyway, all was well, yes, they were a little raucous and yes, they’d had too much to drink, but from what I could see there were no limbs broken, the hotel hadn’t burnt down and the manager was nowhere to be seen – hopefully sound asleep!

The boys piled into the car, I locked the function room door, and we headed home. Just five minutes later we were there and everyone piled out again.

Suddenly Matt exclaimed “Where’s illegal bahis Harry?”, he’s meant to be staying with us too.

There was much laughter amongst the boys and it quickly became clear that someone needed to go back for him. John was already deep in the kitchen making coffee and chocolate so I volunteered to nip back.

The hotel was pretty much in darkness but I fumbled around with the key and let myself back into the function room. It reeked of beer and cigarettes awkwardly reminding me of the mangers clear instructions “No Smoking”.

I called for Harry but there was no response, so I checked out all the places I thought he may be, on the floor behind the bar, locked in a loo, even on the street outside but there was no sign of him.

Thinking he must have gone home with someone else I went to lock up again shouting one more Harry back into the room as I left. It was then that I heard it. A sort of muffled moan, and it was coming from the cloakroom, the one place I had not checked.

I put a single light on and went back in and opened the cloakroom door which was immediately on my right. To be honest I was a little nervous of what I might find, but there, right in the middle of the small gloomy cloakroom, was Harry. He was lying on his back on a green baize covered trestle table – stark naked! Not a stitch, everything on show.

His hands and legs were tied to the table legs, there was a handkerchief stuffed into his mouth and his eyes were covered by a girls scarf tied tightly behind the back of his head. He couldn’t see or speak, and frankly, I was dumbstruck too!

I just stood there, mouth wide open, trying to take in what I was looking at.

Here was this beautiful 21 year old body stretched out before me, with not a stitch on and quite unable to do anything about it. I don’t know what came over me but I just stayed still for over a minute, saying nothing, even though Harry new there was someone there and was desperate to be rescued.

I knew this whole situation was getting the better of me when I started to become aware of my juices trickling down my inner thighs. Here I was, a 43 year old married women, drooling over an 21 year boy. Ok, he was naked, and it’s true his cock didn’t look like a boys, even in its frightened flaccid state, but I really illegal bahis siteleri should know better, I knew his Mum, we played tennis together, she’d never forgive me.

Now this is where it all went wrong! Or right, depending on your point of view!

The fact that I had still not spoken put me in the wrong anyway and since Harry had no idea who was there, the bad part of my mind told me this was an opportunity far too good to let pass; so without moving from where I stood I gently reached down and brushed my fingers across his right nipple, it instantly went hard and his cock steadily fattened up right in front of my eyes, growing in jerks until it was standing bolt upright.

He may only be 21 but he was built like a real man. He wriggled rather unconvincingly protesting in a muffled voice. But it was not a real protest and anyway it was not going to stop me now so I pulled a chair up to the table and sat down with my head at the perfect level to study his beautiful cock which was now just inches from my face.

I touched his nipple again and his cock sprung forward a few inches and then bounced back. I was so fascinated I repeated this again and again – very naughty! I could see the muscles in his arse tensioning too, sucking in his cheeks every time. I could be jailed for this but nothing could stop me now, this was going to be one of the best moments of my life and besides, I was far too horny myself to turn back now!

Slowly and very gently I let my had stroke the tip of his cock, his arse contracted again and his hips lifted slightly. I could see every hair on his shaft, every vein as it strained, and the most beautiful purple tip I had ever seen poking out his rippled foreskin. I gently peeled it back revealing a taught and shiny head with little drops of juice on its tip.

God how I wanted to lick them off but that would be too far, so I scooped some up on my finger and tasted it. Wow! – that was good – I’d forgotten men could taste like this. By now I was finding it hard to sit comfortably I was so wet and I had to keep wiggling my bottom to try and find a split seconds relief.

Now was the time; I very slowly wrapped my hand around his shaft, not moving it, just holding it tight; I could feel it swelling as the blood pumped into it; I lessened my grip and canlı bahis siteleri started to move my hand gently up and down, in long slow strokes.

Harry had now lost it and was working with me to increase the length and intensity of my movements, his arse was lifting faster and further with every stroke. This boy was going to explode!

It was easy to see he was about to come because with all his strength his arms pulled against the ropes that restrained him, his hips lifted right off the table and the veins on his cock looked as if they were about to burst.

Suddenly it happened; jet after jet of hot thick spunk, all over his tummy and my hand; some even made it up to his chin. You can only come that that when you’re 21, that I can tell you!

I had still not said a word and Harry had no idea who had exploited his predicament this way. I quickly wiped him and my hand with my scarf, stood up, put the chair back, the light off, and left, locking the door behind me.

“I couldn’t find him” I shouted from the kitchen. “Not a sign”

There was much laughter from the boys and eventually they owned up to what they had done and where he was to be found.

John volunteered to go back again, to protect his embarrassment.

Fifteen minutes a very bedraggled looking Harry, wrapped in the car rug John kept in his car, was drinking hot chocolate in the kitchen.

“How long were you there for?” I asked.

“An hour” Harry said, “I can’t believe no one came to look for me.”

“You must have been freezing” I said.

“I was” said Harry, ” and pissed off that I was tied up while the others had all the fun.”

Just for a moment his eyes rested on me, quizzically, I thought he was going to smile. But instead he just slowly said, “Do you know, you smell lovely today.”

He paused, then went into the lounge shouting friendly abuse at Matt and the others.

John then told me the story; how he found him.

“How cruel boys can be,” he muttered as he put his foot on the pedal bin to drop in some rubbish, seeing my scarf screwed up in the bin he commented that he thought I liked that one.

“I do, but its ripped – don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of others.” The evidence must go!

Half an hour later we were in bed and, as every night, John put his hand, in a cuddly way, straight between my legs.

“Bloody hell” he said, wiping the juices off his hand, “you are one wet and horny woman tonight!” Shame the house is full of kids.

Yes, I thought, I suppose it is.

Written by Bruce4672

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