Bitten Ch. 05

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Lily couldn’t escape from the heaving mass of bodies; she bounced and bumped through them, gulping back her tears and embarrassment, desperate to get out of this insidious place. But she’d been spun round so much now, she’d lost her bearings and all sense of direction.

The faces blurred in to one giant visage of derision, seemingly hating her for her physical intrusion, openly mocking her for her tear-streamed face.

Thoughts raced through her mind, as much a blur as the encroaching crowd.

How could she have fallen for Buckley’s charade?

How could she have believed Amy was real?

How could she have unburdened her innermost fears, fantasies and ambitions to a charlatan who was engineering a clumsy pass to get inside her panties?

No wonder that shitbag was leering at her so much last night in the store — he’d seen her, legs spread, knuckle-deep inside herself.

She violently pushed a stranger to one side, and the crowd belched her out into an empty corridor.

Her chest heaved as she finally caught her breath. The weight of the night’s events were too much, and she bent over, pushing her hands hard on her knees and felt herself go dizzy.

What did he expect? For her to fall in to his arms when the woman he created had failed to show up?

She wretched dryly, then propped herself against the wall, trying to stop the corridor spinning.

Movement in the corner of her eye made her look down the length of the hallway. From the dark she saw her neighbour striding toward her, no doubt heading back to the dance floor.

Her eyes were locked on Lily’s, who couldn’t look away as she strode ever closer. As she passed her, Lily heard her say, “Go home, you don’t belong here.” And with that, she was gone.

How dare she?

Lily couldn’t believe it.

For a moment she forgot how low she was feeling, and let the indignation rise in her gut. It escaped her mouth in the form of a shriek, “Bitch.”

But she was long gone, swallowed up by the heaving sea of dancing bodies.

Lily stuck her nose in the air impotently and stalked away down the lengthy hall. She had no idea where she was, or where this lead, but she didn’t care so long as it was away from there.

It took her around a corner, then another, the lighting growing dimmer as she went deeper inside. Rounding another corner, she was presented with a line of doors on each wall. About a dozen in all, their paint peeling and handles mottled with years of use.

She hoped one of them was an exit and her chance of escape. The first handle didn’t move when she tried, nor did the second. The third snapped down easily and the door swung open to reveal a janitor’s closet. Lily suspected the cleaning products had casino şirketleri never been touched.

Desperation rose as she tried handle after handle, only to find each door locked, until only one remained. Gripping the metal, she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and hoped. She heard it click open, and felt the door release.

She opened her eyes and was about to step forward when she heard something that made her stop.

It took her a moment to focus on the noise and decide what she was hearing.

It sounded like kissing.

Lily’s curiosity overcame her, so she pushed the door open a little further and peeked around the wood. She could see nothing. But the sound was unmistakable now. It was definitely two people kissing.

She didn’t dare open the door further, but she desperately wanted to, her ferociously bad mood momentarily forgotten. Instead she started to move her head in to different angles, attempting to catch a glimpse of something, anything.

By stepping slightly to one side, she managed to position herself to see a mirror on the wall, and with some more experimentation, she finally saw something worth seeing.

A woman with very short black hair had her back to the mirror, and Lily could see two feminine looking arms embracing her. The image of a snake was tattooed to the woman’s neck and disappeared underneath her white vest top. Standing on tiptoe to adjust her angle, Lily noticed that the woman was wearing black panties. Those embracing arms moved down, and she saw the red-nailed fingers grip the woman’s buttocks and massage them wantonly.

Lily’s clit began to tingle; her lips needed to be licked.

More than anything though, she needed to take her mind off of everything that had happened. She leapt at the opportunity to focus on something else for a moment, and watched with increasing arousal as the two women kissed in the mirror.

She finally caught a glimpse of the second girl. She had a shock of pink very short hair, and her eyelids were closed and coated with some shimmering make up. Her lashes were very long and brushed her lover’s neck as her unseen mouth nuzzled in to the milky white nape.

Lily felt her mouth open slightly, and tried desperately to stifle the soft moan that escaped. The quiet whimper seemed to echo in the silence, and she saw those lashed eyes roll open. The bright blue orbs that emerged didn’t move though, half-focused in pleasure.

A dull ache in her lower stomach reminded Lily that this was something she wanted to feel for herself; a lover’s mouth sucking and teasing at that spot where her neck met her shoulder. She realised her hand was on her breast, so she shifted her thumb to find her nipple and discovered it was casino firmalari rock hard. Through the thin cotton she circled and probed at it, staring intently at the reflection in the mirror through the tiny slit in the door.

Without warning, she felt her own foot betray her by pushing it open slightly more. It moved silently, and the extra room gave her a more comfortable vantage point. She saw a flash as the red nails of one hand arced in to the air, and swished down to hit the other woman’s ass cheek with a stinging slap.

The snake writhed as her back arched and Lily heard her moan appreciatively.

The nails dug into the flesh as the pink haired woman squeezed the buttock hard.

Maybe it was the movement of the spank, but a waft of the musky air began to tease Lily’s nostrils. She could smell their arousal. And she could feel her own. She’d hoped to experience something real tonight, and the momentary pang of a disappointed memory faded quickly as another spank reined down on that taut ass cheek.

Lily had never wondered how that felt before, but now she was overcome with a desire for someone to spank her. Maybe she wanted to be punished for her misjudgement, or maybe she just wanted to feel like a naughty girl. Either way, she began to sense her own wetness down there.

Her tight skirt didn’t make for easy access, but she didn’t care. The two women were kissing harder now as she pulled the hem upwards and exposed the crotch of her red panties. Her finger brushed the silky cotton and she found it even wetter than she’d expected.

The sound of juicy slurping drifted to her ears, and she realised those red nails had disappeared inside the other woman. She craned her neck to get a view, and saw the black panties had been pushed to one side. She saw the knuckles moving as the fingers probed her deep and fast.

Lily wanted to know that feeling.

But all she could do for now was push her own panties to one side and push her finger deep inside her wet folds. A moan escaped her lips again, and again the pink haired woman opened her eyes. This time though they focused on something. The mirror.

She looked right at Lily in the reflection, making her gasp in astonishment.

But she didn’t react, she simply continued to nuzzle on her lovers neck, staring right at Lily in the full length glass, seeing her finger deep inside herself, matching the motion of her own fingers.

Lily massaged herself deeper, staring right back into those bright blue eyes, framed under a shock of very pink hair. She felt a trickle of her juice teasing down her own thigh.

And then she got a full view of the snake tattoo, as the woman tugged her vest top over her head and discarded it to one side. güvenilir casino Lily sensed she wanted her tits sucked, but the pink haired woman seemed lost in this moment, her mouth passionately caressing the neck as her eyes bore into Lily’s.

Lily pulled her fingers from her pussy and lifted them to her lips. She sucked down on them seductively, tasting herself, staring at the woman with lust.

The red nails raised in to the air, and curled up into a beckoning motion.

Lily couldn’t believe it.

She was telling her to come in.

Amazingly, she felt herself stepping through the threshold, turning inside and seeing them in the flesh. The red nailed hand was held out and she reached up to take it.

The feeling of skin on skin was electric, and her eyes locked back on those bright blue staring orbs. She felt her fingers stroking her wet digits, and then the grip tightened and she was pulled closer.

The heat from their bodies was palpable, and she felt two hands on her hips now, pulling her ever forward, her eyes unable to look away. Lily felt herself pressing into the naked back. All three women moaned at the new tactile feeling, as Lily breasts pushed into her snake decorated spine. The heat on her nipples danced throughout her body and sent waves of sensation through her clitoris.

The red nailed hands snaked around her hips and gripped her buttocks through the skirt, massaging them roughly.

Lily felt herself leaning down to that neck, and planting a soft kiss on the wet skin. She tasted the saliva that had been left there by the sucking, and teased at it with the tip of her tongue. Her forehead pressed against the soft pink hair, and the woman inside their sandwich groaned and writhed with pleasure.

The feeling of another woman massaging her ass, the feeling of her lips teasing and caressing someone else and the utter excitement of the situation made Lily want more. She wanted to touch them with her fingers.

She wanted to slip her hands between the two women and find the dark haired woman’s tits.

She wanted this moment more than anything right now.

Suddenly, the pink haired woman moved her head, and revealed her mouth. Her lips were full and wet, a string a saliva roping down to the neck below.

Lily dared to lift her fingers to flesh, but this angered her, and she hissed like an animal, lunging forward with bestial force, pushing all three of them towards the door.

Terrified, Lily stumbled backwards out in to the corridor, staring wild-eyed at the animal anger in those blue eyes. For a brief moment, the woman looked like a sharp toothed wild cat, and the door slammed shut.

Her ankle collapsed under her as she ran away — horrified and overcome with fear. She bounced off of the walls as she stumbled around corners hurriedly, then ran head first in to someone. She felt backwards on to her ass, and the momentum sent her head flailing backwards, thumping on the floor behind.

Everything went black.

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