Black Cuckolding Journey Deux

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Wanda Philogene here. I’m a young black woman of Haitian descent living in the City of Brockton, Massachusetts. Recently, I divorced my African-American husband Roger Stephens and hooked up with Sean Prescott, a tall, handsome white guy whom I met at the local hospital where I work as a nurse. Sean and I are lovers, and let me tell you, this white dude can definitely lay some pipe. Sean and I even teamed up to cuckold the hell out of my former hubby Roger, and it was a lot of fun.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got some great news. I am exploring the BDSM lifestyle as a full-fledged dominatrix, with Sean’s encouragement. I even set up a website called Haitian Dominatrix For You, and we’ve got a lot of subscribers. Apparently, the idea of a Haitian dominatrix intrigues a lot of people across Massachusetts and beyond because they think of us Haitians as a quiet, church-going and deeply conservative lot. If they only knew.

I had the pleasure of dominating a lot of guys lately, the first and foremost being my lover Sean Prescott. The tall, athletic and red-haired white dude has a nice thick cock and doesn’t mind cramming it down my throat or up my tight, juicy cunt. Sean likes to fuck me roughly, just the way I like it. I love riding that thick dick of his while he sucks on my big tits and slaps my thick ass. We go at it for hours and hours, Sean and I, and it’s always good dirty fun.

A lot of sisters out there think that every white dude has a small Johnson and that’s just not true. I think you will find guys with big dicks in all races and cultures. I also know that black guys are, on average, bigger than other guys down below. That’s true in many cases but not every case. Still, as a woman, what matters more to me is how the guy in question relates to me and how he treats me. If a big dick is all I wanted, I could buy a big dildo at the adult video store and fuck myself with it every night without the headaches Ataşehir Escort that relationships bring. I’m just saying.

Sean is currently away visiting family in the City of Hartford, Connecticut, and although I miss him, I am not about to stay in the house like an old lady. My daughters are visiting their grandparents in Florida, so I have the house to myself. I was browsing online when I came across a BDSM enthusiast calling himself DarkBro1988. As far as online chat buddies go, this one was definitely out of the ordinary.

I was quite surprised to meet a black guy who was fond of black female domination, since most black men seem allergic to us dominant sisters. I chatted with DarkBro1988, one thing led to another and I ended up booking a session with him. The brother was young, but he was so enthusiastic about strap-on dildos and bondage that I decided to give him a chance. I’ve been dogging brothers since my divorce from my African-American husband Roger Stephens, but I decided to see DarkBro1988 and see what happens.

DarkBro1988 showed up at my dungeon, and I was surprised to see a tall, dark-skinned and nerdy-looking brother standing there, clad in a red silk shirt, black tie and black silk pants. Dude looked like he was going to church or something. Also, this dude was barely twenty, so he couldn’t have been born in 1988 like his moniker said. When I asked him about that, the brother smiled and said 1988 was the year his parents got married. Oh, and can you guess what his real name is? Eugene, the most nerdy name anyone could ever give a brother, I swear!

I invited Eugene inside, and we talked for a bit. I like to get to know my subs before we begin. Prior to inviting Eugene/DarkBro over, I asked him to take a lengthy shower and clean himself up down below. You see, real life isn’t like a porno movie. You can’t just have sex on the fly, or fuck a dude with a Bostancı Escort strap-on dildo without making him clean his ass first. I don’t know how those porno people do it but I stick to reality. Eugene followed my instructions to the letter, and he was polite, and most importantly, he paid me upfront. Two hundred dollars for a precious hour of my time.

Eugene is a student at Bunker Hill Community College, and comes from a Trinidadian background. The brother is shy with the ladies and he is seriously into all those BDSM porn scenes that he watches online. Well, I promised Eugene the experience of a lifetime, and I definitely did not disappoint the brother, even if I did go easy on him a bit on account of him being a first timer and all. Eugene is only twenty years old and he’s quite a sweet brother. Not a jerk like my ex-husband Roger Stephens. So I treated him well.

I gave Eugene of Trinidad the full black female domination experience. I made the tall, nerdy brother strip before me, and examined his body. Not bad at all. Good build. Good size dick. Nice ass. Decent face. Lively eyes. Keen mind. I can definitely work with Eugene. I bent the cute, nerdy brother over my knee and gave his ass a sound spanking. First I spanked Eugene with my hands, then I used a wooden paddle on his ass. Eugene screamed as I spanked his ass, which made me just laugh and spank his ass some more. The world is always talking about the fabulous booty that us black women possess. Truth be told, black men have cute butts too and as a dominant black woman, I love to spank them.

After giving Eugene’s ass a firm thrashing, I took him down what I call the Circle of Pain. I used a chastity device to trap Eugene’s big black dick so he couldn’t get hard without feeling pain. Hell yeah, pleasure and pain go hand in hand in my world. I stripped down to my bra and panties, and Eugene’s eyes went wide when he saw my Kadıköy Escort thick, big-busted, big-bottomed and deliciously voluptuous, chocolate-hued body. I bent over and Eugene smiled, and then winced. When I saw the look of pain on his handsome face, I laughed at Eugene. Pain and pleasure, remember?

Next, I bent Eugene over and made him spread his ass cheeks wide open, then I used Aloe cream to lube him up. I donned the strap-on dildo, and Eugene turned around and saw me stroke it. I loved the look of fear and lust on Eugene’s handsome face. I’ve never fucked a black man with a strap-on dildo before, and I am a black dominatrix. This would be a first time for me as well, I guess. I caressed Eugene’s ass, and then pressed my dildo against his butthole. With a swift thrust, I went in.

I fucked Eugene with slow strokes of the strap-on dildo since he was new to it, and he screamed as I took him to the edge. I smacked his ass and Eugene bucked wildly as I fucked him. It was glorious. I enjoyed digging into Eugene’s ass with my strap-on dildo and listening to his raw screams. At some point, I removed the chastity device from Eugene’s dick and stroked him until he came. Sighing, Eugene thanked me profusely and I smiled victoriously. Pleasure and pain, a good dominatrix knows how to administer and control both.

Yeah, that session with Eugene the sexy Trinidadian nerd definitely opened my eyes. I still find black men beautiful and I want to sex them up. White guys are great but I still love my chocolate. I am going to have my cake and eat it too. I hugged Eugene goodbye, and thanked him for coming. I was all smiles. In fact, when I showered before going to bed, I fingered my cunt while thinking of Eugene’s sexy body instead of Sean Prescott’s. And you know what? I didn’t feel any guilt or shame about it. Any of it.

What does that tell you? I, Wanda Philogene, am a Haitian dominatrix and a black woman in a relationship with a white guy. I still hate my former husband Roger’s guts. Yet I still love black men and will continue enjoy them spiritually and physically. Eugene is just the beginning. An open relationship, that’s what Sean Prescott and I have. Works for me. Peace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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