Black Journal Ch. 04

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Duncan Cyrus, age 20, Widow

Over the Christmas Break I went home. I go home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Labor Day Weekend, but sometimes for Spring Break. I usually stay around the house and do homework mostly. It’s quiet at my childhood home. My parents are usually out and about doing their thing ever since I left for college. Even during the work week they are always finding something to do outside the house. That Christmas Break I wasn’t planning to do anything but catch up on sleep and workout in the garage.

My mother, usually I say mama, but I use mother when I know she wants me to do something that is going to be unusual. That time she asked me could I visit Old Ms. Withers down the street. She is a kind and gentle woman. She even gave me a couple of presents during my birthdays. Her size has always been in the ssbbw (super-size) range. It just depended on the season that her body definition changed. Seriously I learned her through the time of year and her body changes.

Spring – long hair style, contacts, dresses, stable weight 275 to 285; Summer – curly hair or pig tails, shades, skirts or shorts, stable weight 265 to 275; Gaziantep Oral Escort Fall – hair buns and braids, jeans or formal pants, stable weight 275; Winter – hair hidden by beanie but mostly naturally curly, jeans only, stable weight 275 to 285. As you can see, I pay attention a lot to your ass.

My mother didn’t give me any specifics, so everyday around 1 pm I would walk to her house. She’d invite me in the place smelling of cinnamon or sugar. Something always sweet. She was wearing fitting jeans, a sweater, some reading glasses, and some festive socks. She’s half black and half white. Even though she’s old, around 65, she walks like she is 30 and showed off like she’s always trying to seduce me. That day was no different.

Our usual greeting was a big hug and she would always peck me on the cheek. We would sit at the table and she would make me some hot chocolate. I hate coffee. We would then proceed to talk about life up until that day. She was never nervous or fidgety around me until that day. I asked if she was alright. She assured me it was nothing to be concerned about. I asked if she would like a massage or anything to calm her down. She accepted the massage. I walked behind her, placed my hands on her shoulders, and rubbed with medium strength. She let out a relieved sigh and settled more into the chair. I wasn’t thinking anything dirty because in a sense I didn’t think of Old Ms. Withers in that manner. Her daughter a couple of times, but that was because years ago she gave me a secret handjob on the side of her house one night. Old Ms. Withers laid her face on the table and smiled with content. I went lower on her back and she let out a sexual moan. How did I know? It was like a breathless gasp.

I was on her sides when she lifted back up and my thumbs happened to touch under her breasts. I cupped them in instinct and she didn’t resist. I groped and played with her chest hearing her sultry sighs. She stood up and had me kiss her with vigor. We walked into her living area and she started ripping her clothes off. Her form is heavily exquisite for a woman her age. Cellulite yes, but it’s actually somewhat erotic. Like having her stripes saying she is a veteran. I had my clothes off too in seconds and I had her sit on my dick. She rocked on my johnson for a good while; creaming and gushing all over my lap.

I grabbed her monstrous cheeks and made her bounce up and down. For her size she is suppose to crush me, but I workout to handle women twice her size. She screamed out words like, fuck me with your fat black cock, or, keep banging my old pussy. I have her get on the palms of her feet, I maneuvered my palms under her cheeks, and I stabbed upward. She hadn’t felt this before. Old Ms. Withers took my dick without care. Slippery her regions were, so easy my rod assaulted her pussy. The swish and swash sounds were music to my ears.

I told her I was about to cum and she got off me. She stroked my juices onto her face. I covered her front and she was surprised I had built all that up. Between you and me, I jacked off that same morning when I got up. She rubbed a bit on- and into her skin and then went to the bathroom. I sat on the couch satisfied, but not spent. Give me an hour or two and I’ll be ready. Ms. Withers came back out freshly wiped. She seemed very cheery. She sat next to me and we cuddled; she more fondled my member for about an hour. For the rest of the break I would go over, we would talk, and then fuck in one position and adjusted our angles in said position. Old just didn’t describe her anymore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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