Black Masculinity

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A lot of people think that only young folks have sex. I’d advise you not to believe in any of this crap. Older folks can have perfectly satisfactory sex lives. My name is John and I have a story to tell you. I’m a forty-six-year-old African-American male, standing six feet two inches tall, lean, with dark brown skin and curly black hair. I was once a sergeant with the New York police department. I served them for twenty years. Ten of those years were spent with my lovely wife Eileen but she died of cancer a while ago.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this old codger found himself alone in the world. My eldest son Jeffrey works as a police officer in the Bronx. My middle child, Susan also works as a cop. My youngest, Paul, turned twenty four last month and joined the fire department. He’d always wanted to be a fireman and I supported him in his dream. Yes, sir, I am proud of my children. I lived in a nice house in Long Island. A very comfortable place. The mortgage was fully paid and I didn’t have much to worry about by way of finances. I was just collecting my pension and feeling bored out of my mind.

Yes, I was seriously bored and thinking about writing a book about my experiences as a policeman when suddenly, new neighbors moved in. A Latino family. The father, Julio was a cop, and the mother, Rita, was a social worker. They had one daughter, Lolita, who was twenty years old. Lolita was an okay-looking gal but she had issues. A college drop-out and a weed smoker to boot. Not someone I would have liked to associate with as a married man and police officer but as a widowed ex-cop, she seemed glorious to me. We got acquainted really well rather quickly.

Lolita was a tall, somewhat chubby girl. Chubby, with a rather plain face but a firm-looking, large behind. Yes, this girl had a big booty and a rather chunky body. I’d say she was around five feet ten inches tall and weighing two hundred and twenty pounds. Women never admit their weight but as a cop, I’ve had to tackle some violent men and violent women. I’m pretty good at guessing somebody’s weight. I’ve had to carry quite a few of them on my back over the years. It’s probably because of these losers that I sometimes feel some back pain. Anyway, I got over that when Lolita started to visit me frequently.

The thing about Lolita is that this girl was a freak. You won’t believe the stuff we did together. The first time we hooked up, she gave me a blowjob in my garage while I worked on a red Toyota I had just purchased. Right then and there, Lolita got on her knees and sucked my eight-inch, uncircumcised black dick. Lolita sucked on my dick and licked my balls. This girl was one hell of a cocksucker. I couldn’t believe how good she was. I came twice istanbul travesti in one half hour. This chick was amazing! next, I put on a condom and took her on the hood of my car. Lolita lay on her back, legs spread. I slid my cock into her pussy, and pumped my cock in and out of her sweet pussy. She screamed as I pounded into her like there was no tomorrow. We fucked and sucked for a long time, and then started it all over again. By the time we were both done, our bodies were covered with sweat.

Lolita and I both lay on the carpet of my garage floor, not caring about the mess or the sweat. The sex was that good. We would hook up regularly from that day forward. One time, Lolita invited one of her friends into one of our little sex games. Lolita introduced me to her friend, a slightly chubby but beautiful woman with jet-black hair and milky white skin named Alicia. This dark gal was in her mid-thirties. I learned that Alicia had been one of Lolita’s classmates back in community college. Nowadays, Alicia worked as a nurse and also attended night school. I liked this young black woman. I soon found out that she was a very sexual being, much like Lolita.

Man, if you’ve never been with two sexy, sexually experienced and willing women at the same time, you’re missing out! Lolita and Alicia gave me a treat. First, Alicia sucked my cock while Lolita licked my balls and fingered my asshole. Lolita licked and probed my asshole as I thrust into Alicia’s mouth. Alicia looked so pretty as she sucked on my cock. I also noticed that she was a better cocksucker than Lolita, who was much younger than she was. Alicia drank my seed when I came, it was awesome!

Next, I took her. Alicia had a fantasy of being fucked in the ass by a strong black man. I was happy to oblige. Alicia got on all fours and spread her butt cheeks wide open. I positioned myself behind her. Lolita came and licked Alicia’s asshole before applying some lube on it, then she guided my cock into her best friend’s asshole. I slid my cock into Alicia’s asshole. Alicia gasped as I went in, and I continued to go inside her. Inch by inch, I slid down into her depths. With Lolita’s encouragements, I began to fuck her, hard. Alicia winced but did not scream as I began to give her white booty a serious anal pounding.

Meanwhile, Lolita played with Alicia’s pussy as I fucked her. Man, that was awesome. Watching a sexy Latin girl licking a white girl’s pussy while my cock went up her ass. This was the most awesome sexual sight I’d ever seen. Alicia moaned, whether from Lolita licking her pussy or my thick cock in her asshole, I couldn’t tell. I fucked her for a long time, loving the feel of her tight ass wrapped around my cock. I loved istanbul travestileri pounding into her and feeling her soft flesh yield to my thrusts and man power. I loved every second of it. When I came and filled her ass with my black man’s cream, she screamed loud enough to wake the dead. I loved that sound!

After watching how much Alicia had enjoyed it, Lolita demanded the same treatment. It took me a moment to gather up my strength, but I rose up to the challenge. The big girl got on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open, exposing her tight asshole. The sight of a plump woman’s butt hole instantly got me hard. I pressed my cock against her back door, and pushed. Lolita did not scream when my cock went into her asshole. Nope, she did not scream at all. Instead, she howled like one of the damned! Alicia watched, fingering herself as I slammed my cock into Lolita’s butt hole. Yeah, it turned out to be a fantastic experience.

Lolita and I had a lot of fun experiences together. We discussed some fantasies of ours. Lolita told me that she had slept with girls and boys but had never been with two men at the same time. This bisexual vixen believed in trying just about anything at least once. Some of it was starting to rub off on me. Hell, this sexual she-devil even got me to try a threesome with a guy. One day, we brought home a handsome stud named Ricardo from a bar. Lolita knew him from her college days too. Apparently, Ricardo was a bisexual stud. I met him. He didn’t look at all the way I thought gays looked. He looked like a straight man. As we talked, I found out he was an okay guy. I wouldn’t mind the three of us having a threesome.

One night, Ricardo went home with Lolita and I. He was a tall, muscular young Latin stud who worked as a corrections officer in an upstate prison. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend, a Haitian actress named Marie. I’ve been with a few Haitian women. They’re very hot. Yeah, I liked them. The three of us got naked after a few drinks to loosen us up. Lolita gave Ricardo a blowjob and I stroked my penis while watching them. They looked good together, I must admit. Ricardo leaned back and closed his eyes as Lolita sucked his dick.

I watched as Lolita licked Ricardo’s balls and sucked on his dick. His cock was thick and uncircumcised, much like mine. Lolita looked at me as she sucked on his dick. Next thing I knew, he came and she drank his seed. Yeah, this girl was freaky. Lolita lay on her back, with her legs spread. Ricardo came and positioned himself on top of her. He slid his cock into her pussy, and began to fuck her. The guy looked like he was enjoying himself. Why shouldn’t he? Big girls are hot and they give you better travesti istanbul loving than skinny broads sometimes!

Watching Ricardo humping the hell out of Lolita, it was hard to believe that he was bisexual. When he winked at me, I suddenly had no doubts. Yes, this guy was bisexual. He fucked Lolita for a long time, thrusting into her hard and deep. The girl was moaning and screaming his name. Yeah, I could tell that she was enjoying herself. Maybe that’s why when she asked me to join, I did without too much hesitation. What’s the worst that can happen?

Lolita told me that both she and Ricardo wanted to get fucked in the ass by my dick. I was hesitant. They offered to blow me, and I accepted. Lolita sucked on my cock and Ricardo began to lick my balls. I am not queer or anything but it felt good to have a man and a woman sucking on my stuff at the same time. I was okay and all set and ready to fuck the hell out of them after they gave me the best damn blowjob ever.

First, I went into Lolita’s ass. I slid my cock into her asshole and began ramming into her. Lolita lay on her back, biting her lip as I fucked her. Ricardo lay next to her, sucking on her large breasts as my thick black cock went in and out of her butt hole. Next, I decided to try some man booty. I pulled out of Lolita’s ass and plunged my cock into Ricardo’s ass. The Latin stud did not gasp as my cock went inside him. Oh, no. I could tell that he liked it and this wasn’t the first time he was getting some cock up his ass. He was loving it. I pounded into his ass, and I must say, I loved every second of it.

Lolita watched as I plunged my cock into another man’s asshole. I’ve fucked her in the ass many times and she loved it. Now, another man was getting the pleasure. Ricardo cried out in pleasure as I fucked him. Lolita leaned over and sucked on the Latin stud’s cock and balls as I plundered his bottom. I must say that a man’s asshole felt as wonderful as a woman’s ass. Oh, yeah. A tight hole around my cock felt good, no matter whom it belonged to. I came not long after and pulled out. When I did, both Ricardo and Lolita drank my seed like it was the sweetest thing ever.

A little while later, Ricardo left us and we went back to bed. Yeah, I was having a lot of fun these days. Lolita was something else. I liked this chick. When it came to sex, she was always ready to experiment and she was never jealous. I liked that. In the times that followed, we had a lot of fun with other people. We brought both men and women in our bed. Let’s be clear about one thing : I always do the fucking, I never let anyone fuck me. I will fuck a woman’s pussy, and her ass, while her man watches. I will fuck a man’s ass right in front of my girl. But I will never let anyone put anything up my ass. Why? Because I’m the man! I still consider myself to be heterosexual, though a bit more flexible sexually than most straight men. I’m having fun and it’s all good. That’s all I’ve got to say on the subject.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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