Blind Date Awakening Ch. 05

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I had intended for there to be just one more chapter, but it ended up being longer than I wanted, so I have split the last chapter into two. The final chapter will be published within the next day or two.

I hope you enjoy it! As always, your comments – good or bad – are what drive me to write and post these stories. Let me know what you thought of it!

The piercing tone of the alarm clock came way too early for Charles. He reflexively reached out and pounded on the top, hoping to catch the snooze button and give himself another 10 minutes of sleep, but he missed the mark and the alarm wailed on. After trying another couple of times, he gave up and sat up on the bed, swinging his legs off the side, and reached over and turned on the lamp on the table next to his bed. Finally he could see which button was the snooze, but by that time he figured he might as well get up anyway, and turned the alarm off.

The welcoming silence of the early morning gave him a little time to get his thoughts in order. This would be his first day back at work following the blind date on the Friday night before – the one where he found he had been accidently set up with his sister. What followed was an improbably tale of awakening, guilt, warming, love, lust, conflict…it had been an adventure for sure, but one he wouldn’t have traded for anything.

That blind date had brought him his sister, and in reconnecting with each other, they helped each other climb out of loneliness and despair. His wife had died two years earlier, and she had dumped her husband six months ago. For Charles, it had been two years of withdrawing from life in general. He still made it to work, but other than that, he had cut out pretty much all of his associations, including family. So when he found himself across the table from his sister as his surprise blind date, he hadn’t known about her divorce, or the financial problems she was having because she hadn’t been able to find a job.

That date was an awakening for both of them, but it was the beginning of much more to come that weekend. Going together to her apartment following the date, they found each other crossing the line as they made love, brother and sister, providing each other with much needed sexual attention. Before the weekend was over, they each knew that regardless of the incestuous nature of their relationship, they had found their soulmates in one another.

As Charles was thinking about all of this, he could feel that he was being watched. He turned around and saw his sister Karen, lying naked in the bed, looking up at him and smiling. He loved her smile, and he also loved it when she pulled her covers back and beckoned him in. Charles accepted, and quickly got under the covers with her, lying face to face, body to body, legs intertwined as they enjoyed the warmth they were emitting. They looked at each other, smiling but not speaking.

Finally Karen broke the silence. “Good morning, lover. How are you this morning?”

Charles replied, “I’m great – best I’ve been in a long time. It’s amazing how much better the morning feels when you wake up next to the most beautiful woman in the world. It’s even better when she’s naked!”

Karen blushed with his words. Instead of replying, she leaned over and kissed him lightly at first, then more forcefully as she reached her free arm over his body lying next to her and pulled him tighter. Charles did the same with his arm, and as the heat began to increase, so too did the passion of the kiss. After what seemed like hours, Karen broke the kiss just to catch her breath.

“Charles, are you SURE you have to go to work today? I’m not ready to be apart from you for that long!”

Charles chuckled, and said, “I probably need to go and make sure they remember who I am. I imagine they are going to see the difference in my attitude, and wonder what the hell is going on. I’m not sure I will get much work done, but my faithful department deserves to see the new Charles.”

With that, he kissed her again, then surprised her by quickly laying on his back and pulling her over on top of him.

“Charles, what are you doing? Don’t you have to take a shower and get dressed?”

“If I have to take a shower, I might as well get dirty before! Which reminds me – I’ve got something special for you. Look behind you!”

Karen looked surprised, then look back to see that his cock was standing straight up. Charles said, “He’s a little chilly. Do you know how you could warm him up? I bet I could make it worth your while!”

Karen replied, “I have at least two ways to warm him up. Which way would you prefer?”

Charles thought for a minute, then answered, “I seem to remember this tongue thing you did before, and that seemed pretty good. If you’d do that again, I bet I could get my tongue going as well.”

Karen got the message, lifted herself off of Charles, then turned around and climbed back on, her mouth now over his erect cock. At the same time, she lowered her hips down Hatay Escort on top of Charles until his mouth found her pussy, wet and ready for attention. Before she could get started, Charles tapped her on the shoulder.

“Want to add some fun to this? Let’s make it a game – a game of control. Whoever cums first has to cook dinner tonight. Are you game?

Karen replied, “You’re on – if you thought the first blow job was good, you haven’t felt anything yet!”

And with that, the contest began. Charles went immediately for Karen’ clit, lashing it repeatedly with the tip of his tongue. He could tell he was hitting the mark by the way her pussy lips twitched with his attack, as well as being able to feel the vibrations on his cock, caused by her moans. As she was struggling with his oral assault, Karen cupped her tongue and concentrated on the head of his cock. She bathed it with her saliva, while constantly massaging it with the curl of her tongue. She had both hands free, so she cupped his balls with one, while gently rubbing and stroking the base of his cock with the other.

Soon both were feeling the effects of the oral ministrations on each other. Charles would blow cool air over his sister’s clit, then seconds later, Karen would do the same thing to the head of his cock. She would use the end of her tongue to massage his cock with rapid taps, only to have him do the same thing on her clit.

Finally, as Karen was massaging his balls, she felt them rise up, and she knew Charles was getting close. He was trying to think of anything he could to delay the inevitable, but that was hard to do, considering his tongue was buried deep in his sister’s steaming snatch. Since he knew he couldn’t hold off much longer, his only option was to try and speed her orgasm up. To make that happen, he inserted a finger into her pussy, got it wet, then followed with a second. In rhythm with his tongue, he thrust those fingers rapidly in and out. His work was paying off, as Karen’s pussy let forth more juices all over his fingers.

Both Charles and Karen were in the home stretch. Trying to hold themselves off while trying to get each other off was certainly interesting, to say the least. Finally Charles couldn’t help it anymore, and he pulled his mouth away from Karen’s pussy long enough to say, “I’m cumming!” Karen didn’t slow down a bit, and as he went over the top, she kept his cock in her mouth as the familiar pulses shot rope after rope of creamy sperm. Charles couldn’t believe she hadn’t pulled off before he came. It was something that Jessica would never do.

Realizing he had been defeated, he decided he wanted to reward the victor with the best orgasm possible. So as Karen was sucking the sperm out of his cock, he returned his mouth to her clit, where he latched on and sucked on it for all he was worth. In combination with his fingers now scraping the upper inside of her vagina, it set Karen off, and she rewarded Charles with a forceful shot of clear liquid down his mouth as she came, screaming on Charles’ cock which was still lodged in her mouth.

They stayed on top of each other for the usual amount of time it took for their heartrates to decrease to the point where they could relax again. Finally Karen rolled to the side of her brother and sat up, before sinking down on top of him again, this time facing each other. She began to lightly kiss him again as she caressed the hair on the side of his head, just above his ears. Charles had his hands on her back, slowly rubbing and massaging as they both glowed in a post-orgasmic state.

It was Charles who spoke, snapping them both back to reality. “What do you want for dinner, my dear? Looks like it’s my turn to cook!”

Karen smiled and said, “Surprise me – I know anything you cook will be fantastic!”

They kissed again, still just several light pecks on the lips. Charles turned his head to look at the clock on the table beside them, which told him it was later than he expected. “Damn, beautiful, I’ve got to get up and get going. It doesn’t look good when the boss is late!”

“Charles – wait!” Karen grabbed his arm, keeping him from sitting up. “Tell me one thing you loved about Jessica.”

Charles remembered her pledge from yesterday. He didn’t know if she would or not, but he was pleased that she did. “I loved her breasts. They sat so high up on her chest. They weren’t big at all – in fact, they were smaller than yours, but they were perfect on her body. Her nipples were so sensitive, that she quickly became aroused even with just the slightest touch.”

Karen could tell that he was picturing Jessica’s breasts as he shared. She took his hand and placed it on one of her own breasts, causing him to smile back.

“Was that too much information,” he asked. “Did I share too much?”

“God, no, Charles – I love hearing you tell about her. It shows me just how much you loved her – not that I never doubted it before. But seeing your eyes glow as you talk about her makes Hatay Escort Bayan my heart warm. Thank you for telling me that.”

Charles gave her breast a final, gentle squeeze before he stood up and headed to the bathroom to take his shower. As he washed himself, visions of Jessica lying naked next to him came to mind, and he felt a stirring in his cock once again. Normally, he would have considered masturbating, but he knew that he was short on time, and he also knew that Karen had just taken care of that a few minutes ago.

He stepped out of the shower, dried himself off, and headed back into the bedroom. As he looked into his closet, deciding what to wear for the day, he had momentarily forgotten that Karen was still lying in the bed. When he grabbed the suit and shirt he was going to wear, he turned around smiled at his beautiful sister, still naked, and looking completely satisfied.

“What are your plans for the day, my love?”

Karen replied, “I’ve got a couple of things in mind. I thought I might hit the pool again – in the black one piece, of course. I also thought I might call Lori and she what she was doing. Is it okay if I ask her to come over and work out in the gym downstairs? I didn’t know what the rules were about that.”

“Of course it’s okay,” Charles replied. “All of those facilities are for the owners to use as they see fit, and that includes guests, as long as an owner is present.”

“But technically, I’m not an owner. In reality, I’m just your guest.”

Charles walked over to the bed and cupped Karen’s face between his hands. “Listen to me. You are an owner. This is OUR condo. Anything I have is yours. If someone asks, just show them your key, and all will be fine.”

Karen gave Charles another quick kiss, before saying, “I love you, Charles. I can’t believe all this has happened!”

“I can’t believe it, either. But I’m sure glad it did!”


The day went well for both. Charles did indeed announce to his staff of his new life (not mentioning the incest part), including issuing an apology for his depressed behavior the last two years. There were hugs and tears to go around as each welcomed him back and told them how happy they were for him. Even Stan seemed less annoying than usual, as he gave Charles a playful punch on the arm after little meeting was over.

Lori came over to the condo to spend the day with Karen. They worked out in the gym for an hour or so, then followed that up with a quick shower and a dip in the outdoor pool. That afternoon, they had lunch together and did some window shopping. If Lori was having any second thoughts about Karen and Charles’ relationship, it certainly didn’t show.

Charles came home from work carrying groceries for supper. Since he’d lost the bet earlier in the morning, he decided to go all out on dinner, making lasagna, garlic cheese bread and a crisp tossed salad. Karen sat at the breakfast bar enjoying the culinary display her brother was putting on. As he cooked, they talked about the phone calls Charles needed to make to his daughters, trying to set up their visit over Labor Day weekend.

As soon as Charles put the lasagna in the oven, he turned to Karen and said, “Let’s make these calls to Catherine and Ciara. It’s not going to get any easier if we wait longer.” They both sat down on the bar stools at the breakfast bar.

He fished his cell phone out of his pocket and pulled up Catherine’s number. It rang twice before she answered.

“Hey, dad – what’s going on? It’s been a while since you’ve called me.”

Charles felt a tinge of guilt before responding. “I know, Catherine, and I’m sorry. I’ve been a real bad father the past couple of years. I hope I can make it up to you sometime.”

“Dad, I’m not trying to make you feel guilty. It’s been hard on all of us, and we know how much you and mom loved each other.”

Charles paused a little bit before continuing. “I’m calling because I have some news, and because I need to ask you a question. As soon as I get off the phone with you, I’m going to call Ciara as well. I need to talk to both of you.”

Catherine perked up. “As a matter of fact, Ciara is with me right now. We both took a day off for a girls’ day out. Let me put the phone on speaker.”

There was a couple of seconds of delay, then Ciara’s voice came on. “Hi, Dad – it’s so good to hear from you. How have you been?”

Hearing both of his daughters’ voices felt great to Charles. He really hoped that he could salvage what had been missing from his relationship with his girls the last couple of years. He knew he couldn’t go back in time to repair any damage that might have happened, but he could sure work to make things right from here on in.

“Well, actually, that’s why I’m calling. I’ve got some pretty big news to share with you. My assistant manager from work and his wife set me up on a blind date last Friday.”

“What?” Ciara and Catherine exclaimed together. Then Ciara continued, Escort Hatay “You went on a date?”

“I know, that doesn’t sound like me, but they convinced me to go. So I arrive at the restaurant, and found out the date they had set me up with was your Aunt Karen. You can imagine the look on our faces when we saw each other for the first time.”

“That’s weird, Dad,” Ciara answered. “Who would have thought that could ever happen?”

“I know, it was about the last thing I expected. It turned out to be one of the best dates of my life, not that I’ve had too many. I found out that she had divorced her husband six months ago, and she had tried to call me to tell me, but I never returned her calls. Turns out I’d was being an absentee ass to more than just the two of you.”

Catherine spoke this time. “Dad, c’mon, don’t beat yourself up. We understand how hard this was on you.”

“I know, but that’s still no excuse. What Aunt Karen showed me was that even though your mother had died, there was still much to live for. I was too busy feeling my own pain to see that others were in pain as well. I had shut off my love to those who needed it from me.”

A tear came to Karen’s eyes as she listened to her brother talk to his daughters. She had flashbacks of that blind date he was telling them about. She remembered the pain he was describing, and as they stood up and hugged each other at their table that night, she felt as if the thaw was beginning to start.

Charles continued with his conversation with his daughters. “Basically, she reached down and grabbed me from the dark hole in which I had placed myself. She saved my life. After that date, I’ve had perhaps three of the greatest days in the last two years.”

“Oh, Daddy, that’s so good to hear!” They could hear the relief in Ciara’s voice as she spoke. “We have been worried about you for a long time – worried to the point that we weren’t sure you were going to survive this.”

“I’ve heard that from others also. I’m so sorry I got that way, and I do hope that you’ll look past these past two years and welcome me back.”

“Of course, Dad – We’ve missed you, and we still need you,” exclaimed Catherine. “I can hardly wait to see you again!”

Charles spoke again. “We’ll talk about that in a little bit. There’s one more thing you should know. When Aunt Karen got her divorce from Roger, she moved to the city here, and has been trying to find a job, but with no success. Since her savings had almost dried up, I invited here to stay here with me. I have plenty of room, and believe me, it will be nice having someone around to talk to. I know she’ll help keep me from going back to my dark place.

He glanced over at Karen and smiled as he blew her a quick kiss. “I figure it’s the least I could do for her, after she basically saved my life.

“That’s great, Dad,” Ciara replied. “Do you know how long she will be staying with you?”

It was Karen’s turn to look at Charles to see what his answer would be. “There’s no set timeline. She still needs to get a job. I’m going to see if I can at least get her an interview where I work. She’d have to work in a different department, but if she could get on there, I know that it would be a good job with a good company.”

“That’s true,” replied Catherine, in her usual analytical way. “They’ve certainly taken care of our family in the past.”

Charles took a deep breath, then continued. “Girls, I have one more thing to ask. I was hoping that maybe I could talk the two of you to coming for a visit on Labor Day Weekend. We have some other family business to discuss that I don’t want to visit about over the phone. It would just be the two of you for this visit – you would need to leave Steven and Craig home. Is it possible that you could do this for me?”

There was silence on the other end, and Charles knew that the girls were looking at each other, trying to figure out why their father would make this strange request.

Finally Catherine spoke. “I think I could make that work, Dad. Steven was planning a guy’s only fishing trip for that weekend anyway, so I’m free. Ciara, what about you?”

Again there was silence, then a reply. “Just because it’s been so long since we’ve seen you, I’ll figure out a way to make it work. Craig will understand. He may not be too happy, but he will understand.”

“Excellent!” Charles replied. “I’ll pay for your airline tickets. I’ll see if I can get evening flights for you on Friday, then put you back on a plane home on Sunday evening, so you can have at least one day of your holiday at home. Girls…thank you.”

“Thank you for what?”

“For agreeing to come and see me, and for giving me another chance to be your father again. I love you two so much!”

“We love you too, Dad – see you in a couple of weeks!”

Charles pushed the end button on his phone, then turned to Karen, who was smiling at him. “Okay, we got that set up – time to spend the next two and a half weeks worrying about how that is going to turn out!”

Karen reached out and grabbed Charles’ hand. “I hope it works out the way we want it too. Again, Charles, if it would be best for your family for me to go somewhere else, I would do it. I’d hate to, but I would, just for you and your girls.”

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