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Another ice storm whipped through the area, sending motorists into a frizzled commute to their work. It wasn’t the best way to begin a day, having your nerves tested as you white-knuckled your way past stranded cars that lay crumpled in ditches and embankments. Arriving an hour late for work did nothing to ease your nerves as everybody seemed to be in a harried, rush-rush mode that tested your patience. You tried to relax, but the office commotion and noise made that impossible. Somehow you managed to get through the day, skipping lunch to tie up loose ends from coming in late. It made the day seem drag slowly and agonizingly for you.

Then your phone rang. For some reason you just stared at it and felt relieved. It was as if you knew it was going to refresh you. Smiling, you picked it up and whispered “hello” in a very sultry voice. My stomach flipped when I heard your voice. I was amazed that you knew it was me on the line. I invited you to come over to a lakefront cabin after work. Knowing how hectic your day must have been, you needed some pampering and I was only all too eager to give you some.

Our conversation was brief, but it relaxed you and energized you at the same time. You skipped to the fax machine to pick up the directions, paying no heed to the stares from your male colleagues. You ripped out the fax before the machine could spit it out, returned to your desk and began to clean up before leaving. Sure, you would leave early, but you put in your time and work was not on your mind.

So, you drove, again patiently weaving through the blizzard like weather, braving the conditions with a cool air. It took you much longer to find the cabin, but you were more concerned with making it than with racing to it. You scurried up the porch, your body shivering from the cold wind and ice and rain and snow. I opened the door before you could even knock and you flew in. I backed the door shut, watching you as you frantically threw off your jacket, pulling your blouse from your skirt as you did. Instantly my eyes wandered down your legs. You wore black nylons with a grey business skirt, showing off your calves and ankles. Quite honestly, all it took for me was a glance at your ankles. Your heels clicked as you skipped towards me, your cold body embracing me tightly, trying to warm yourself against me. We kissed, staring silently into each other’s eyes.

My hands wrapped around your bare waist, lifting your blouse to rub your sides and back, swinging my hands forward to caress your stomach. You moaned, mashing your mouth into me, your hands plying up my shirt to rub my body, snaking below my pants to grab my ass. Your hands kneaded my ass as mine grabbed your head, pulling you onto my mouth. We moaned loudly as we kissed wildly, mashing our lips together, licking, sucking, kissing, our bodies ramming and rubbing. You slipped your hands from my pants and unzipped your skirt, stepping out of it quickly to straddle my leg. I pushed you up against a wall, grabbing your nyloned ass, pushing your sex into my thigh. I sucked on your earlobe as I ground you onto my leg. Your fingers plowed through my hair, roamed my body as you humped me harder and harder. Your clit was mashed into your nylons as it rubbed against my leg. I slipped my hands under your nylons and clenched your ass hard. We kissed deep and hard, letting the moment build in incredible lustful passion. You squealed with delight, feeling my fingers ply your ass apart, rubbing you onto my leg faster and faster. Your hands tugged at my shirt pulling the buttons off and tearing it, then attacking the skin around my neck and collar, bliting and kissing me wildly. My fingertips split your pussy and our mouths again met in a deep embrace.

Our lips opened and our tongues collided. We felt our breaths exhale into each other’s mouth and sucked in our tongues. My fingers slipped further into your pussy as your clit ground onto my thigh. Your body tensed with pleasure, your nerves tightening with each kiss, each lapping of your tongue, each grind of your hips. Suddenly, in a sensuous flutter of ecstasy, your body released into orgasm. You grabbed my head tightly in your hands and screamed out your orgasm in my mouth, my tongue fluttering inside yours. Your pussy drenched your nylons as your ecstatic nylon clit rubbed into my leg, my fingers dancing inside your pussy and rubbing your ass.

I slipped away from your lips grip and fell to my knees. I looked up at you and you stared down upon me, smiling, almanbahis adresi flipping your fingers through my hair. I kissed your thighs softly, running my tongue over your nyloned skin, smelling the aroma of your nyloned legs, and feeling the softness of it on my tongue. My hands roamed over your nylon ass and the back of your thighs, rubbing you gently but firmly as I kissed my way down your legs. You spun over to a chair and sat down, smiling, lifting one leg over my bare shoulder, and rubbing your shoe into my skin, over my chest. I grabbed your ankle and helped you rub my chest with it before my hand managed to flip it off your foot, the heel bouncing to the floor. You rubbed your nylon foot over my chest and stomach as I knelt in front of you. I grabbed your ankle and directed your foot to my mouth. Slowly I kissed each toe, one by one, meshed in the nylons. Your other foot, still clad in your shoe rubbed against my bulging hard on. I kissed your toes and ran my tongue along your instep, softly biting your heel.

Slowly my tongue made it’s way up and down your foot, licking it, sucking in each toe, then two, three and even all toes at once. Your hands groped your body smoothing your skin as you felt my warm, moist mouth suck your feet and toes, wetting your nylons and cooling your foot when I moved onto your other, which had been caressing my body. I felt the wetness from your other foot as you rubbed it into my skin, moving it around within the wet nylon itself. After suckling on the other foot I moved up your leg, smelling each one as I kissed my way past your ankles and calves, tracing my tongue along the roundness of your knees. Then my lips began loving your thighs. I kissed them with a wide open mouth, sucking and licking the nylon covered flesh of your thighs, noticing the strong scent of your sex become pronounced the more I kissed and loved your thighs. My lips and tongue pressed into your flesh as I mashed my face into them, kissing the flesh of your hips and thighs wildly before slowing to softly kiss your inner thighs. Your hands played with my hair as I slowly ran my tongue above each of your thighs, avoiding your mound and sex, teasing you.

My hands gripped your lower back as I pressed my lips into your flesh between your navel and mound. Your hips ground towards me, trying to push your sex to me. However, I continued to kiss your stomach, running my tongue around your navel, tasting the softness of your skin, and feeling pleasure grip you, smelling your scent. Kissing and licking, I unbuttoned your blouse, running my tongue up to your shoulders and down your arms to slide the soft fabric from your body. My tongue then traced the straps on your bra, following along the cups, my breath steamed on your chest as I kissed and licked you. I kissed the underside of your cups, slightly feeling your hanging breasts against my lips through the heavy fabric. You leaned forward and released the straps, then tossed the bra aside. I kissed your bare breasts slowly, my tongue rounding them, pressing lightly into the flesh. Then I began kissing them with big gulps, taking in as much of the breast as I could, my tongue rolling over your nipples, feeling their soft and dry skin.

I kissed your breasts and nipples deeply, as if trying to swallow them. Softly I bit down on your nipples, tugging at them, pulling them away from your body and releasing them to bounce your breast. Your body was on fire, your nerves tingling frantically, your breathing deep and jumpy. Your hands rubbed hard against my shoulders and down my back, pressing me into you. My stomach pressed into your mound, I began grinding it into your clit, rubbing it with my flexed stomach. I flicked my tongue at your breasts before starting back down trailing my tongue and pressing my chest against your throbbing pussy and clit.

Soon my mouth was at your mound, my tongue running along the nylon seam that split your pussy. It was wet and smelled of deep sex. I breathed in your aroma, licking your nyloned pussy wetter and wetter. My hands cupped your ass, my fingertips at the top of your nylons. I curled my fingers and slowly slid your nylons down, releasing your ass and sex into the cool air of the room.

My lips mashed into your hair, kissing you hard, licking and sucking as your hips ground. I waved my head and nudged my nose against your wet pussy lips, softly running my tongue up and down them. Softly, I flicked my tongue against your clit, licking it lightly. almanbahis adresi Your body shivered with every glancing touch from my tongue. Your body burst as your clit was teased and massaged and you ground your body in a circular motion, your legs and feet rubbing up and down my body, your hands in my hair. I cupped your clit with my long tongue and began rubbing it, faster and faster. You ground and rubbed your body into mine faster and faster. Your feet slammed to the floor, stomping on it, then rising up to rub my body.

I peeled off my pants, breaking away from your clit to remove them entirely. You loved the feel of your nyloned feet rubbing my bare legs as I dove back into you, smothering your clit and pussy with my tongue. I jabbed the tip in and out of your wet, throbbing pussy, taking it out to tickle your clit. Your hips were bucking wildly, your hands pressed into my head, rubbing me into you. Faster I licked. Faster, harder, smothering your clit, sucking it, rubbing it with my face. Your body was raging inside and out, flailing with desire and lust, raging with passion. You screamed aloud, trying in vain to let the ecstasy out. Faster I licked, covering your clit and pussy with my tongue, rocking my head into you. Screaming, your body felt as if it was going to burst. Then you let go. Your body flushed with orgasm after orgasm, pulsating from the fleeting sensation of pleasure that was flowing through every nerve and muscle. You panted hard, trying to catch your breath. Icontinued to lick and suck, your bucking hips punching your sex into my mouth. Your body raged with orgasmic delight, your nerves on fire throughout your body, your skin slick with sweat and tingling from passion.

Your hips wrapped around my waist hard and you pressed harder and harder. You were engorged with orgasm, feeling it flow throughout your body. It was laborsome for you to even breath, your stomach helping jet out your emotional exhales into the room with moans and shouts. I raised myself up, slowly pulling your legs from my waist, tugging off your nylons. You got up and moved to the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. Instantly, your body was soothed by the fire’s heat and the softness of the fur on your naked body.

You laid on your back, spreading your knees apart, offering your throbbing pussy to me. My erection was stiff and wagged as I approached. Bending down to you, I leaned to one side, kissing your knee while rubbing the tip of my cock against your clit. Your hand gripped my shaft and directed it to your pussy. I grabbed your wrists and spread your arms wide, pinning your hands to the furry rug. You wriggled your hips, trying in vain to get my cock to slither into you, but I played against it, rubbing the underside of my hard on against your pussy and clit. I rocked on you slowly, massaging your clit and pussy all the while staring deeply into your eyes.

We rocked slowly together, feeling our bodies energize together, buzzing with passion and desire. I fucked your clit, rubbing my cock over it as I ground my body onto yours, our hands clenched, our eyes locked. Your legs wrapped around mine, your ankles hooking around mine, you began bucking your hips faster and faster as you whispered for me to fuck you. You wanted to fuck so badly, but I was in bliss loving your body, feeling your pleasure. There was plenty of time for fucking.

I continued rubbing into your body with mine, our hands clenched together tightly, our eyes locked together. We rocked slowly in our passionate dance, your back comforted by the soft, plush fur, our skin warmed from our desires and the roaring fireplace. Pops from the burning wood sent flashes of light into the room as I slowly lowered my head. Nuzzling gently into your neck, my tongue softly slid along your skin, my lips gently kissing your collarbone and shoulder, then back across your neck to the other shoulder. All the while my cock was pressing against your clit, my balls rubbing your pussy lips.

Your breathing intensified, as did your moans. I licked the underside of your arms, my dangling erection bouncing off your mound and stomach as I moved. I kissed your palms pulling you up with me as I knelt upright. Your legs wrapped around my legs and you slowly guided yourself onto my shaft. Our mouths were inches away from each other, breathing hotly on one another as you slowly lowered your pussy onto my cock, feeling it ply apart your lips and slowly sink in. Deeper, deeper, you slid onto almanbahis adresi me, your pussy swallowing my rigid cock. Finally you sat on my lap, my cock stuffed all the way inside you.

We sat there, almost motionless, feeling every tiny move and the incredible pleasure it gave us. Our arms were wrapped tightly around each other and we rubbed our chests together, looking down as we rubbed. Your nipples pierced into my skin and I mashed my lips into yours. We kissed hard. We kissed deeply, moaning and breathing harder and harder as we kissed deeper and deeper. We embraced tightly; rocking slightly to feel my cock firmly entrenched deep inside you. Our lips danced over each other’s face, licking and kissing wildly.

We rocked faster and faster until we were finally fucking, your hips ramming your pussy onto my cock, your tongue down my throat. We slapped together and you rolled me on my back. Your hands splayed across my chest and moved down to my stomach, rubbing my skin as you humped my stiff cock. You grabbed at my sides and began rubbing your clit into my crotch. Our lips breaking away, you sat up. My hands gripped your hips, kneading their flesh and moving them in unison with your thrusts. Slurping sounds from our sexes intermingled with the crackling of the fire and our moans as we fucked. You slowed your thrusts, slightly grinding your clit into my crotch. I fired up several hard thrusts, slapping my cock deep inside your pussy, harder and harder. Then you sat back down, reaching back to grab my legs and twist on my hard on.

We were both on fire and I felt my climax coming on. I sat up and attacked your bouncing breasts with my mouth, moving from one then to the other and back and forth. I licked your chest all over, my hands spreading your ass, my fingers digging into your flesh and rocking with your thrusts. We were fucking wildly, screaming our ecstasy into the room when you pushed off on my shoulders. Lifting off of me, I fell back, panting wildly to catch my breath.

You walked over to the hearth and bent over facing the fire. You felt the hot air warm your face. You gripped the sides of the base of the hearth, your knees on the furry rug, spread wide. I approached you from behind and slid my sensitive head into you. You circled your hips and bucked back, but I withdrew quickly. Gripping your hips, I slowly slid my cock into you, then slowly out. In slowly, out slowly, again and again, my cock slowly fucking you. You began rocking faster and faster. Suddenly we were thrusting wildly into each other, my crotch slapping into your ass as my cock rammed deep into your pussy. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper, my cock pummeled your pussy from behind as the fire heated you in the front.

I continued thrusting harder and harder until I stood up and raised you from your knees by pulling up your hips. You bent forward, your breasts swaying in the heat, slapping against your skin as I thrust into you, faster and harder. You screamed knowing that the time for another passionate eruption was nearing. I had passed the point of no return and slammed into you wildly, groaning and grunting aloud as my tired body jerked each thrust into you. Our grunting songs echoed over the crackling fire and soon turned into screams of passionate ecstasy as we both were swept away. My cock pounded into you, it’s tip hammering your clit with each thrust, banging scream upon scream from your mouth. I jiggled my thrusts, jackhammering your pussy and clit from behind, sending you over the edge. Tap, tap, tap, I fucked you, faster, harder, deeper. Your body convulsed with each thrust, feeling my cock jab into you faster and harder. Your nerves pulsated, fueled by the passionate fires within and around you. Your hands gripped the stone hearth as my cock rippled your body into another orgasm. Hearing your moans sent me over the edge and I came with a loud scream, banging my cock deep into you with an earthy rage.

I continued bucking into you, draining every last drop deep inside you, ramming deeper and deeper, forcing you into a continuous moan as your orgasm petrified your body into a state of passionate paralysis. I could not stop and encouraged more thrusts with each moan from your lips. Our bodies were jerking uncontrollably, feeling every pinprick of pleasure that tingled the deepest root within our bodies. Finally we slowed to a stop, our bodies shaking from the simultaneous orgasm. You turned, feeling the fire warm your ass. We kissed lightly, then deeply, pressing our worn nakedness together before falling to the comforts of the furry rug. We lay there, kissing, cuddling, nuzzling, caressing our buzzing bodies, slowly recuperating from our own blizzard of incredible sex. Again, our eyes locked and we were oblivious to the world outside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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