Blow Harder!

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Philip poked his head around our dorm room door and asked, “Hey, are you girls practicing?”

“Just cleaning,” I said. I held up my rag, then resumed polishing the bell of my sousaphone.

“Oh, okay,” he said, and he was gone.

“He is so weird,” said my roommate, Rachel. “We can barely get him to show up to practice with rest of the drummers, but he seems to stop by here every ten minutes. What’s up with him?”

“I think he has a thing for watching us play our tubas,” said Debbie. She had brought her prize possession, an enormous 6/4 size contrabass tuba, down to our room to use my polish.

“What?” I said.

“Come on, you haven’t noticed how he’s always staring at us?” Debbie said. “He tries to pretend he’s not, but I always see him looking.”

“Yeah, I saw,” I said, “but I thought he was just staring at your superboobs.” Debbie’s nickname was Double D, and it wasn’t because of her initials.

“Naw, he stares at you, too,” Debbie said. “You just don’t notice. Remember Linda, who was in our Stats 201 class? She used to go out with him, and she said he had this weird thing about making her blow stuff up.”

“What, like with explosives?” Rachel asked. Tammy, who was usually quiet, giggled softly.

“No, airhead,” Debbie said. “Like, balloons and beachballs and stuff. She said that’s what got him off. He kept asking her if she’d take tuba lessons, and she said she didn’t have time, so instead he’d ask her to blow stuff up and puff out her cheeks really big like Laura here does when she plays her tuba. He actually pointed her out once as an example. ‘Blow like she does,’ he told her.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this when it was happening?” I asked. “That’s so pervy!”

“I dunno, I thought it was kind of funny. But that’s what he did. He bought this giant beach ball and wanted her to blow it up while they did it.”

“Did she so it?” Rachel asked.

“She said she tried, but it made her tired and dizzy. Then he tried to get her to blow up these really big balloons, and he’d kept saying ‘Bigger, bigger, bigger,’ but after a couple of them popped in her face, she decided she’d had enough of his weirdness and she dumped him.”

I eyed the bag of balloons sitting on our shelf. Debbie and I used to blow up two or three balloons until they burst every day to keep our lungs in shape, but we had to stop when people complained about the noise. We’d still sometimes have blow-to-pop contests out on the field.

“That’s ridiculous,” Rachel said. “No one gets off on watching people blow tubas and balloons and stuff.”

“He does,” Debbie says.

“No way.”

“I’ll bet you ten bucks,” Debbie said, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

“You’re on.”

“I’ll be right back,” Debbie said. She set her giant-size tuba on its bell and went outside. A few minutes later, she returned with Philip in tow. He came in, and immediately locked his eyes on the giant tuba in the middle of the room. I don’t think he noticed Debbie locking the door.

“Hey, so, are you girls practicing or what? We have that–“

“Shut up, Philip. We want to ask you something, and we want a straight answer. Do girls blowing tubas turn you on?”

I’ve read about people suddenly turning red as a beet, but until that moment, I’d never actually seen it happen.

“I… that’s… that’s ridiculous! Who would… who…” He was stammering like a broken record.

“Let’s find out. Rachel, grab his arms.” Besides being a drummer, Rachel was a swimmer, and she was strong. She pulled Philip’s arms behind him and held him in a lock. He was still bright red, but he didn’t seem to be resisting.

“Laura, take off his pants,” Debbie ordered. Tammy started to laugh.

“What?” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I said. “This is your idea, you take off his pants!”

“You’ve got more practice, slut!” Debbie said with a big grin. Now Tammy was giggling uncontrollably.

“Fine,” I said. I loosened Philip’s belt and opened his fly, trying to avoid touching his thing (I only brushed it once). I pulled his pants to his ankles, then dropped his boxers, and for a moment fond myself face to face with Philip’s pecker. Tammy saw this and literally fell over, grabbing her sides and screaming with laughter. I figured being alone in a room with four women would be enough to give Philip a hard-on, but I guess the embarrassment and humiliation were too much, because his cock hung limp.

“Now blow,” Debbie said.

“What?” I said. “That’s disgusting!”

“Not him, you dumb bitch! Your tuba!”

“Oh!” I said, and felt my ears get warm. I picked up my sousaphone, put it on my shoulder, took a deep breath, and began to blow a simple oom-pah-oom-pah bassline.

“Omigod, it’s working!” Tammy said (probably the longest sentence from her in a month). Sure enough, Philip’s cock was slowly starting to grow, and Philip was staring at me, his mouth agape.

“I want to see!” Rachel said, peeking around. “Blow some more!” she said.

I put the big mouthpiece to my lips and blew a series of long, loud notes. I remembered what Debbie said about my cheeks and tried to puff them out as big as possible. Sure enough, Philip’s penis was rising and elongating.

“Do you like seeing Laura blow her big sousaphone?” Debbie teased. Philip just stood, as if struck dumb.

“Holy shit, you were right!” Rachel said. “Blow the big tuba for him, Laura. Let’s see what that does.”

I’d played Debbie’s big contrabass only once before. It weighed a ton, and Debbie’s thighs were a lot sturdier than mine. I pulled the chair from the desk and heaved the big monster tuba on to my lap. I had to crane my neck to reach the mouthpiece. I took another deep breath, and this time I didn’t have to think about puffing my cheeks. That big tuba took a lot of lungpower to play. I blew a deep, rich note, and Philip’s dick all but shot skyward.

“Keep blowing like that, and he’ll be blowing his load!” Rachel said, and laughed.

“I bet I know what he would like,” Debbie said. “How about a little topless tuba, Philip?”

Debbie turned away from us and unbuttoned her blouse, then reached around her back to loosen her bra. She turned around, and…

“Holy shit, girl!” Rachel said.

I had never seen Debbie naked, and I realized we gave her the wrong nickname. We should have called her triple-D Debbie. Her breasts were huge, with nipples as big as the tip of my pinky neatly centered in pale pink areolae the size of dessert plates. All of a sudden, I felt self-conscious about my own C-cups, and realized I was subconsciously pressing Debbie’s giant tuba against them.

I glanced over at Philip’s cock. Had it gone a bit more flaccid? I think it had. Apparently, I was more turned on by her tits than he was. And here I thought all boys had a one track mind.

“May I?” Debbie said, picking up my sousaphone. She put it over her head, one giant breast neatly framed by the brass tubing. She inhaled, put the mouthpiece to her lips, then took one of Philip’s hands and placed it firmly on her breast. Staring right into his eyes, she blew a big, long blast.

By the time her lungs were empty, Philip’s cock was pointing straight at the ceiling again.

“Blow, Laura,” she said, and together we played what I thought was a rather good duet, especially considering how much my legs hurt from her ten-ton tuba.

“Oooh, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I want to try, I want to try!” squealed Rachel.

“Better give her mine,” I said to Debbie. “She’ll keel over if she tries to play this thing.” Debbie helped Rachel get the sousaphone on her shoulder. It seemed to dwarf Rachel’s lithe swimmer’s body.

“Hey, Laura, why don’t you give Philip a little hand?” she said. She made a loose fist and started sliding it up and down.

“That’s gross!” I said.

“Come on, you’re always complaining about how you never get laid. This’ll give you a little action. And I already let him feel me up.”

“You made him feel you up,” I said.

“Shut up and start jerking the guy off, willya?”

I sighed and thought, what the hell. I stood next to Philip and put my hand around his cock. It was very warm and very, very hard. I felt a little gross, but I also felt a little thrill stirring deep inside me.

“Blow, babe,” I said to Rachel. “I don’t want to do this all day.” Rachel took a deep breath, put her lips to the giant mouthpiece, and blew. We heard the amplified hiss of air from the bell of the sousaphone.

“Don’t blow it like a balloon, silly!” Debbie said. “Buzz your lips, like this. Then do it in the mouthpiece, like this.” She hauled the big contrabass tuba up into her arms and blow a long, deep note. I felt Philip’s cock spasm in my hand.

Rachel inhaled again, and this time the tuba made a faint, buzzy note.

“That’s it,” I said. “Now blow harder.” From the tuba, a more assertive note.

“Harder!” Debbie said. “Blow as hard as you can!”

Rachel filled her lungs and blew again, crossing her eyes as her cheeks bulged comically. This time, a loud note, if not a terribly melodic one, sang out from the sousaphone’s bell.

“There you go!” Debbie said. She began to play an oom-pah-pah melody on her big upright tuba, while Rachel blew a series of loud, off-key notes on the sousaphone, her face reddening from the effort. She blew one big final note, then stopped, panting.

“Oh my God, how do you girls do this for hours on end? I’m exhausted!” Rachel laughed.

All this time, Philip stared and moaned, and I’d swear I felt his cock grew even bigger. And I was getting wetter and wetter. I could just bend over, and let him… eew, no, this was Philip and that would be gross.

Then, a quiet voice: “Can I try?”

It was Tammy, who had been so quiet that I had forgotten she was there.

“Here take this thing off me,” Rachel said.

“No, I want to try the big one,” she said, almost apologetically.

Tammy played the oboe, and she was classically trained. She always sat up straight, she never puffed out her smooth ebony cheeks. Perfect discipline, certainly not Philip’s thing. I guessed all the work to get him off would be on me.

Tammy sat on the chair. Debbie, still topless, put the giant tuba on her lap, and I took my sousaphone from Rachel. I stood next to Philip, pressing the instrument against his arm. I didn’t think little Tammy was going to do it for Philip. Maybe getting stroked off by a girl blowing a tuba would bring Debbie’s little experiment to an end, because I certainly didn’t think Tammy would put on much of a show.

With one hand I pulled the mouthpiece to my lips, and with the other I started stroking Philip’s rock-hard cock. Tammy drew in a long, slow breath through her nostrils, put her mouth in the giant cup of the mouthpiece, and blew her first note.

And when she did, I nearly squeezed Philip’s cock right off.

Little Tammy, little, quiet, composed Tammy, who played her oboe so softly, apparently knew how to blow those big horns. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Her cheeks bloomed into two big ebony domes as she blew a long, loud, wavering note. And then another, and then another.

“Damn, girlfriend!” Debbie said.

She started up a big, loud baseline, and I blew a counter melody into the sousaphone, stroking Philip’s cock while Debbie, one big soft breast pushing into my arm, worked the valves on my horn. Philip was breathing hard, but I could barely hear him over our tubas. I was stroking his cock in time to our impromptu rhythm. Then Tammy paused, and I stopped blowing.

“Ready, Philip?” she said. “Are you ready to watch me blast this big tuba as hard as I can?” Philip just stared.

“I said, are you ready to watch me blow this great big tuba for you? Because I won’t do it if you’re not ready.” It was a tone of voice, and a quantity of words, I had never heard from Tammy.

“Y-y-y-ess,” he stammered.

“Yes what?” She asked.

“Yes, I’m ready,” he said.

“Yes you’re ready for what, Philip?”

“I’m… I’m ready for you to…” I felt a drip of precum run down onto my hand as he finished, “to watch you blow that big tuba for me.”

“Okay then,” she said. “Here we go, Philip. I’m going to blow for you.”

Tammy filled her lungs, inflated her cheeks to a size that would put Dizzy Gillespie to shame, and blew a deep reverse scale: Do, te, la, so, fa, me, rey, approaching the bottom end of the big tuba’s scale… but stopping short of do.

She paused, stared straight at Philip, and drew in a huge breath, And then she BLASTED that fucking do, loud and low and unbelievably loud, her neck straining, her cheeks blown up like giant balloons, her eyes boring into Philip’s, the room seeming to shake from the rock-bottom note she was blowing from that giant tuba.

“Oh my fucking God!” Philip said, and I felt his cock begin to spasm under my hand as he blew his own big one, a hot load of cum that sprayed my tuba and (with a little skillful aiming from me) Debbie’s big breasts.

“Well I guess you owe me ten bucks,” Debbie said to Rachel.


That was the second-to-last time we exploited Philip’s little tuba-blowing fetish. Debbie was right, I was quite eager to get laid. I straddled Phillip while blowing my sousaphone, and while it was hard to hold a steady note, that didn’t seem to bother Philip; the problem was he came almost instantly, but man, did his super-stiff cock feel good inside me… at least while it lasted.

All it took was a little percussion piece from Rachel, which consisted of her blowing up a balloon (until it busted) and Debbie blowing his cock (stopping well before he busted) before Philip was rock hard and ready for the main event: Me bent over a giant beach ball (which Debbie and I had blown up for the occasion), Phillip fucking me from behind, while Tammy and Debbie played Jungle Fever (you know, the song from Boogie Nights), topless Debbie playing the higher parts on her own sousaphone while little Tammy blew the bass notes on Deb’s giant contrabass tuba.

Philip stared and so did I, finding that I was turned on by watching the girls blow their tubas just as much as I was by Philip’s hands on my tits and his cock in my cunt. From that day forward, playing my tuba has never been quite the same; I now enjoy it much, much more. That was also the beginning of a hot affair with Debbie, which was rewarding but a little rough on our instruments (it turns out Philip isn’t the only one turned on by busty tuba-blowing girls). But that is another story for another time.

When we got our clothes back on, we told Philip that if he breathed a single word about any of it, especially the part about fucking me, the entire campus would know about his strange little fetish.

Philip avoided us after that, but of course he couldn’t avoid band practice. Every time I catch him looking at me, I blow a little harder, inflate my cheeks a little bigger, and wink at him. He always blushes and looks away.

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