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‘Well, what did I tell you?’ Mark said, glancing at Peter.

‘I can’t believe she’d do that. The little bitch.’ Peter growled under his breath.

Both men were sitting in a small dark room, staring at the computer screen that projected the camera feed from over the register. The camera had been Mark’s idea when the two, co-owners, of the small hardware store, had started questioning the daily income.

‘I told you she was trouble.’ Mark sighed.

‘I know but look at her!’ Peter replied.

The two had co-owned the little store for over a year and had recently started enjoying some success as the do-it-yourself market started to soar. More at-home-handymen had started coming to the store and the pair had needed to put an ad online to get some help around the till.

Jess had been the most stand out candidate. Not because she was particularly smart or handy with money or numbers but because she was in her early twenties, had long dark hair, a perky butt and the perfect set of shapely boobs. She wore a short skirt, boots and a low-cut top to the interview and both Mark and Peter had noticed that the men of the store had suddenly seemed much more intent on buying something.

She was stunning. The type that you’d more likely see hung on the wall of a shop than working behind the desk. Better still, she wasn’t exactly shy or moderate in her taste of clothing, allowing the wandering eye to glimpse a little more of her than they’d ever dream possible.

Jess’s story had been simple enough. She was currently studying and needed the extra income and had seen the ad. She had flashed a dazzling, almost pleading smile and Peter and Mark had employed her on the spot. After all, she didn’t need any trade knowledge, she just had to scan the items at the register and, well, look pretty. Something, she was over-qualified for.

It had only taken a week or so for the little shop to become quite busy, with tradesmen, builders and bored husbands all lingering around the store, buying odds and ends, just for their opportunity to chat with the pretty cashier.

Jess had seemed to understand her unspoken role within the business and apparently, welcomed the attention, that is, she managed a completely different dress style each day. A way of keeping the predominantly male customers guessing and most importantly, wanting to come back for another look the following day.

Amazing how many astute builders had somehow forgotten a simple tool and had had to come back, often with a partner, to pick up their forgotten item.

Jess had settled into the new role nicely and had almost broken the store when she turned up in a short skirt with a blue G-string clearly visible, riding high above her skirts outline. On another occasion she had worn a plaid shirt, tied neatly in a bow at the front, allowing ample view of her busty cleavage. It wasn’t quite stripper attire, but it wasn’t exactly conservative either. So far, no one had complained.

Mark had been the first to wonder where she was finding the money for a new outfit almost every day but had kept the thoughts to himself. After all, he was a single man of thirty and liked what he saw. He also appreciated the extra income that she was generating and while something about it didn’t quite sit right with him, he was in no position to argue. He had a mortgage on a home he had purchased as a do-it-upper that still had months of work ahead. He had repayments on a new ute he used to keep up appearances and bills piling up. He might have been lucky enough to avoid having kids, or at least any that he knew about, but he still welcomed the boost in income.

Peter was in a different boat. Peter didn’t care how the store made money, he just needed more. He had two ex-wives and two children with each which meant lots of alimony, birthdays and routine phone calls for mundane items like new shoes.

His first marriage had lasted several years before he simply got tired of her. His mind had wondered, and eventually so did his hands and the rest of his body followed suit when a young flirtatious girl at the bar had consumed one too many and had whispered sultry secrets in his ear. He had taken her to the back of his 4wd and would have gotten away with it had she not supplied the condom and left the wrapper under the front seat. It had only taken three days for his wife to discover the foreign brand and put two and two together. It had only taken her two days to leave.

His second wife had also managed to last a few years before, again, Peters mind began to wonder. She was less and less interested in sex and satisfying him so Peter, not wanting to make the same mistakes, had turned to online porn. She had eventually found his secret folder on his laptop and had been disgusted at the folder titled ‘teen’. Peter spent a week explaining to her that they were all eighteen and over and it was a simple fantasy, but she had viewed him, a man of thirty-three, as a pervert and wanted nothing more to do with him. Like the first, once she was done, she was gone.

Peter, a little broken, casino oyna had turned to his old footy buddy, Mark. They had always been friends and drinking buddies and Mark had allowed Peter to stay a few weeks while he got himself sorted out. Peter, a builder, had offered to help Mark renovate his new property in lieu of rent and before long the pair had made quite an indent on the restoration and had dreams of opening a store together. They couldn’t be the only ones addicted to home renovation, right?

‘We are going to have to confront her.’ Mark said, breaking the silence.

The two men had been staring at the screen, watching as their hidden camera clearly showed when Jess had checked to see no one was watching, oblivious to the hidden lens, had taken a small handful of $50 bills and stuffed them down her underwear.

‘We close in ten minutes.’ Mark continued. ‘Let’s wait until the store is empty and then we can ask her about the missing money. I want to give her a chance to come clean and she might tell us how long this has been happening. If she bluffs, we can bring her here and show her the camera.’

‘I’m tempted just to put my hand in there and pull it out.’ Peter said, curtly.

‘Let’s just make sure that if the police get involved, it’s her getting lead away and not you, buddy.’ Mark responded, coolly.

The pair watched as the last customer lingered, clearly quite content to continue his conversation with the pretty cashier. When he finally handed over the money and started out the door, Peter and Mark arose from the side room and entered the store proper. Mark made his way to the exit and locked the door, switching the sign to ‘Sorry, we are closed’ and pulled down the big roller door that covered the entrance. The door was made of steel and provided superior security, it also shut out prying eyes to the confrontation that was about to take place.

Mark turned around to see Peter was already making a bee-line towards Jess.

‘We wanted to have a word with you.’ Peter said, acknowledging Mark behind him.

‘Sure, B1 and B2. What’s up?’ She smiled.

‘Bananas in pyjamas?’ Mark asked, wondering at the reference.

‘Boss one and boss two.’ She laughed, explaining herself. She had an infectious laugh and for a moment both Peter and Mark forgot the severity of the confrontation.

‘We actually wanted to have a serious chat.’ Mark said, cautiously. ‘We have noticed a few…’ Mark struggled for the right word. ‘Discrepancies.’

‘Oh? Like how?’ Jess replied tactfully.

‘We’ve been doing the daily takings.’ Mark started. ‘And it seems the receipts don’t match the till.’

‘What do you mean?’ Jess asked, the first glimpse of panic registering upon her face.

‘Frankly.’ Peter interrupted. ‘We are missing some money. In fact, we’ve been missing some each day for a few days now.’

‘And you think I have something to do with it?’ Jess asked, incredulously.

‘Well.’ Mark glanced at Peter before returning his gaze to the pretty girl. ‘Do you?’

‘Seriously?’ Jess started. ‘I’ve done nothing but sit here and get hit on every day! You seem to have a lot more people here than when I first arrived.’

‘You love the attention.’ Peter smirked, half under his breath but just loud enough to be heard.

‘You didn’t really answer the question.’ Mark stated, keen to get in before a war of words erupted.

‘No!’ Said Jess. ‘I am not taking your money! Although with the extra income I’m generating for you two perverts, I should be!’

‘Perverts?’ Mark stuttered?

‘I’ve seen the way you look at me. You’re just like the others. You think I don’t notice that you ask me to stack all the lower shelves? You love seeing me bent over!’

‘You love…’ Peter started but Mark abruptly cut him off.

‘Let’s not get side-tracked here.’ Mark said, recomposing himself. ‘Stealing is a serious offence. You could go to jail.’

‘I’m not taking your money!’

‘Look, maybe if it was just the onc…’

‘I’m not taking your money!’ Jess roared, through clenched teeth.

‘Okay. Well, maybe you should just come with me.’ Mark said glancing at Peter and beckoning Jess to follow as they made their way towards the storage room.

‘Have a seat.’ Mark instructed.

‘What’s this? Have you perverts been spying on me?’ Jess had taken a seat and was nervously looking towards the computer screen.

Peter pressed play and the three of them watched in silence as the screen whirred into action, the lens clearly focused on the till as Jess, once again, looked around to ensure no one was watching before slipping the $50 bills into the front of her underwear.

‘So, what?’ Jess, caught red-handed, was suddenly defiant. ‘I’m making you guys a hell off a lot more than what I’m taking. It’s just my share!’

‘It’s theft and we’ll be taking this to the police.’ Mark said matter-of-factly.

‘No, you won’t.’ Jess laughed, surprising the two bosses. ‘I’m making you more money than this store has ever seen. You go to the police and lose slot oyna me and suddenly you lose all your customers which means you lose a lot more than the lousy $150 I took today.’

‘You think we are just going to let this slide?’ Peter laughed coldly. ‘You’re kidding yourself! We can find lots of pretty faces and another pair of boobs.’

Jess was silent for a minute. ‘Maybe we can make a deal?’ She looked up at the two bosses.

‘I don’t think your in any position to negotiate.’ Peter sneered but he watched, transfixed, as Jess reached down between her legs and pulled out the three $50 bills. She managed to let her hand linger just long enough that both Mark and Peter got a full view of her bare pussy.

‘Here’s the money from today.’ She said.

‘And what about the rest?’ Peter demanded, his eyes darting back between her legs.

‘It’s gone. You think these uniforms come cheap?’

‘We don’t provide you with a uniform.’ Mark said softly.

‘Exactly. You expect me to look all sexed up and keep the customers happy on my own dime.’

‘I guess we can provide you with a uniform.’ Was his weak reply.

‘And not show off my assets?’ Jess said, bringing both hands to caress her bust. ‘The men in this store would much rather see these two than you two!’

Peter and Mark looked at each other then back at her. It was hard to deny she had a point but still, she was stealing from them!

‘None of this has anything to do with the money you owe us.’ Peter sneered, aware that his pants had adjusted slightly.

‘Look fellas.’ Jess started. ‘You need me here as much as I need to be here. We all need the extra money so how about we make a deal?’ Jess continued before either man could get a word in. ‘We all know some items don’t sell as well as others and some items have a better profit margin, why don’t you assign certain stock for a commission and stack those shelves nearer the register so that all these horny guys have to look through it to stare at me. I can then use my “persuasion” … Jess raised her hands to mimic the quotation marks. ‘To convince them to buy more of that product and in turn, you give me a percentage. That way, you sell more of the stuff that no one wants, and I can earn a little extra.’

Both men looked at each other with a similar bemused expression.

‘I mean.’ Mark started. ‘It makes some sense.’

‘What about the money she has already taken? How can we trust her!’ Peter sneered.

‘I’m sure she’ll agree to pay that back? Mark said inquisitively while looking back at Jess.

‘It’s gone.’ She confessed. ‘The deal starts now.’

‘So…’ Started Peter. ‘You want us to forget that you stole from us, let that money slide, keep you employed and then offer you a commission on top? Are you serious?!’

‘You won’t dob me in because you need me.’ Jess stated confidently. ‘This way you can sell the harder stuff and make more money, giving me a percentage of only that stock means you get more than you do now and so do I. It’s better for us all.’

‘And we just let the thieving slide?’ Peter repeated

‘Maybe, I can repay that another way?’ Jess suggested seductively, her hands running down her leg.

‘Oh?’ Said Peter, suddenly more interested in the negotiation.

‘You delete the tape, promise not to go to the police and give me what I want, and I’ll give you what you want.’ She said, staring at Peters crotch.

‘What do you think I want from a thief?’ Peter asked, his voice not matching the tone of his words.

‘You agree to my terms and I’ll jack you off’ Jess said matter-of-factly, looking Peter square in the eye then turning to face Mark. I’ll give you both hand jobs now and the deal starts tomorrow. You can call it our little handshake on the deal.’ She smiled.

‘Woah. Hold on a minu..’ Mark began to protest but Peter cut him off.

‘Your mouth.’ Peter said

‘What?’ Both Jess and Mark replied simultaneously.

‘You give us both blow jobs’ Peter continued. ‘You’re trying to talk your way out of this, let’s put that mouth to better use.’ He said snidely.

Mark was about to protest when he heard Jess speak first. ‘Deal.’ She said. ‘But first, you delete the tape.’

‘Get on your knees and show me you are serious, and I’ll delete the tape when we are done.’ Peter shot back

Jess immediately got off the chair, lowered herself to kneeling position right in front of Peter and grabbed his obvious erection with both hands. ‘Serious enough?’ She asked with a raised eyebrow.

‘Show me what you can do.’ He sneered.

Jess continued to massage Peters hard-on through his trousers, using both hands to feel his throbbing cock. It was growing by the second and eager to escape the boundaries of his clothing.

Jess leaned in and put her teeth on the top of his zipper, slowly she used her mouth to pull down the fly, allowing Peters bulge a little more freedom. Skilfully, she reached into Peters briefs, the kind all tradies seem to wear these days, the kind with a little access patch at the front. canlı casino siteleri Jess grabbed a hold of Peters member and brought it out through the patch and via the fly, it sprung forward through the opening in all its glory, the 7 inches springing to life.

‘Well, aren’t we excited.’ Jess cooed as Peter tried to grab the back of her head and push her towards his erection. ‘Not yet, buddy. You can wait for being so rude.’ And with that she got on all fours and seductively crawled her way to where Mark had been standing, dumbfounded by the events.

‘Ah don’t look so shocked, Marky Boy.’ She whispered. ‘I know you’ve been dreaming of my lips up and down your shaft ever since I got here.’

Mark could do nothing but gawk as the pretty cashier pulled down his pants and revealed his bulging underwear. Continuing her tease, Jess slowly licked her tongue along the outside of his briefs, tracing the bulging package within. Mark’s breathing grew heavier as she brought her eyes to meet his and simultaneously pulled his underwear free, putting her face close to his groin so his member sprung forward and lightly slapped her cheek.

On her knees and with her eyes still locked to those of her boss, Jess opened her mouth and whispered, ‘What are you waiting for?’

Looking down at his employee, Mark succumbed to the tease and grabbed himself in one hand, aiming towards her parted lips and enjoying the sight and sensation as his hard cock disappeared into her willing mouth.

Jess allowed him to pish within her mouth, keeping her lips firmly around his shaft, creating a seal as he inched his way forth. She used to her tongue to flicker over the head and tip of his erection, moving in slow circles and inwardly smiled as her favoured routine caused the familiar low grown of satisfaction.

Jess looked back over to her co-boss and beckoned him to come towards her. Peter needed no further invitation and within seconds Jess had her hands on both of her employers, her head bobbing down on one before swapping to the other. Each time she kept her lips firmly around the shaft and swirled her wet appendage, enjoying the moans she was provoking. Jess continued to stroke the free cock while her mouth kept rhythm with the other, each man transfixed on her performance.

With her hand wanking back and forth on Mark, Jess turned her attention to Peters sack, carefully riding her lips along his shaft, kissing her way towards where he stones hung, swollen and taunt. Knowing his eyes followed her every move, she lingered before prodding her tongue forth to ride over his wrinkly skin. With caution she took one of his testicles between her lips before managing to get her mouth around both, with his erection against her forehead and with both testicles within her mouth, she hummed, causing Peter’s head to rock back in pleasure.

Watching her and with a new feeling of extasy, Peter couldn’t help himself. ‘God, I want to fuck you.’ He said.

‘That wasn’t the deal.’ Jess reminded him before switching back to Mark, her mouth immediately taking him in and pushing his tip towards her throat. Jess continued to bob her head back and forth, each thrust getting a little further along Marks hard meat. With one lunge, she went a little too far and gagged. She withdrew and sat back coughing.

‘I guess your mouth has had enough.’ Peter sneered.

Jess recovered control of her body and rose to stand between them. Without a word she stripped, taking off her shirt and bra before pulling her pants and underwear off in one motion. She smiled, standing before the two gawking men both of whom had been taken by surprise and had their mouths agape as they surveyed her young, tight body, their erections pointing towards her.

‘Judging by your reaction, maybe this should be my new uniform.’ She giggled, enjoying the amazement on their faces. ‘If you want this.’ She said, bending over to show both men her shaven intimate areas. ‘Then it’s going to cost you a uniform allowance.’

‘A what?’ Peter stammered his eyes and mind elsewhere.

‘You’re going to pay for my clothes.’ She said, bending over the table and spreading her legs slightly, beckoning Peter to join her. ‘Deal?’

‘Fine.’ He said without acknowledging his business partner. With a few steps, he was behind her, grabbing her hips and pushing his hard cock between her legs. Both Jess and Peter groaned as his member worked its way down her passage.

Jess grunted as Peter went to work behind her, thrusting himself deep within her before pulling out only to thrust in further again. His throbbing meat squelching against her damp walls while his testicles spanked against her butt cheeks.

Mark watched intently as his partner ravished his cashier before he moved to sit on the table, right beside Jess who understood his intentions and moved so that he could sit on the table between her arms which held her for support. Her head now positioned between his legs, she brought her lips to his cock, a heavy thrust from behind propelling her forward to take his erection.

Jess got into a rhythm with each thrust from behind pushing her head forward along the shaft in front. She timed it so that the momentum from behind allowed her to satisfy the member between her lips, enjoying the moaning and panting.

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