Boy Zoo Story Ch. 01

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My story and originally published elsewhere. All characters are of legal age.


My friend had convinced me to give it a try. He would join me. We’re both dick-hungry sluts and have been since we both met in our early twenties, though he’s more vers than I am. It seemed like a fun idea. The place marketed itself as a boy-zoo. Bottom boys can sign up to present themselves in the cages. Tops, meanwhile, can browse the cages as they’d like, grope and inspect the boys, take any number of them into one of the play rooms made available to the guests, or even take them home.

The rules are simple: everyone has to be of legal age and is there strictly voluntary. This goes both for subs and for doms. The rules for taking a boy into one of the playrooms are equally simple: no questions asked as long as you return the boy in good working order and respect his safe word. Once chosen by a guest, the boy cannot refuse but boys are free to leave at any time — in that sense they are there completely voluntary.

After signing up, we were prepped shaven, put into chastity, cleaned, collared, etc. Some boys ended up as puppies, others were left just completely naked, and yet others were turned into rubber gimps. My friend was led to another room and I ended up in the puppy room, sharing my cage with another boy, and the room with about half-a-dozen puppies.

The experience of offering myself up in the puppy cage was by far the most humiliating experience I had ever had. Complete strangers groped me, ordered me to turn around and present my boy pussy, probed my holes, etc. They discussed my body, my tightness, compared me favourably to some of the other boys yet unfavourably to some of the others.

It felt demeaning to be compared, groped, probed, and inspected like that. I was wondering why I had come here. Why let myself be humiliated like this while I could get all the dick that I want on grindr? Yet, when an older but, overweight man put his fat dick through the bars of the cage, I felt alive. I wanted to suck it but I was gagged. He told me to just smell it and asked me whether I liked it. The manly smell of his crotch — not clean but not too rancid either — got me super-excited. I’ve smelled similar smells so often yet never had it turned me on this much. Was it the feeling of objectification? I eagerly nodded — I did want his dick, even though I would otherwise never be attracted to his body type.

He smiled as I looked up at him with lust in my eyes. He pointed out that ultimately whether I want it doesn’t matter but that it’s nice that I do. He took one of the leashes provided and clipped it onto my collar: “Let’s go for a walk, boy.”

I followed him on a leash and on all-fours to a play room. The room was equipped with everything you could ever think of for kink, BDSM, and fetish play. He took my gag off but warned me not to speak without being spoken to. He put me on my knees in stocks that seemed designed for face-fucking boys, yet instead of going ahead and fucking my face — I would have been very happy getting Mersin Escort my throat fucked by his thick cock — he started to look though the overwhelming variety of toys and tools lined all along the walls.

He took some nipple clamps with weights on them. I wanted to object and point out that I am not really into pain, but I remembered that I agreed to let men do whatever they want to me as long as they don’t do permanent damage — of course, I have every right to change my mind but if I do I will be asked to leave. I decide that I want to know what he will do to me, how far he will take it, and how much I can take.

The clamps hurt — they bite but it was bearable. Next, he took a leather parachute-looking thing to tie around my balls. I had seen them in porn before but never had any interest in trying it. I guess there’s a first for everything. He fixes it around my balls, which in itself didn’t really hurt, and then he pulled the chains down. That did hurt but it wasn’t excruciating. He connected the chains to metal loops on the floor, just tight enough to make sure I feel it pull but not so tight that it’s hurts too bad.

Next, he took a weird-looking metal but plug with some cables hanging from it. I figure that this is something I can deal with I’m all about the butt play and the plug is not too too big. I guess the cables mean that it vibrates or something. I realize it’s not just a butt plug when he takes an electronic controller and plugs the cables in it. I realize I’m about to be introduced to electro play. The thought frightens me — I had no idea what to expect. Will he start me off slowly, or go full speed straight away. Is it as painful as it sounds? To make things worse, he takes some extra cables and attaches them to my balls — ‘Please be gentle; don’t fry my balls,’ I think.

– “Have you ever played with electricity, boy?”

– “No, Sir.”

These are the first words I say to him. I had not been ordered to call him that but somehow I felt like I might get punished if I didn’t. Somehow, it also just felt right.

– “Don’t worry, I won’t go anywhere near full strength.”

– “Thank you, Sir.”

– “Not in the beginning, at least.”

As he turns up the dial just a little bit, I feel shooting pains through my balls and boy hole, but I manage the pain for now. However, my body spontaneously jerks and as a result I pull on the parachute on my balls that pain is intense. I try to relax and let my balls get some respite, but then he turns up the voltage a bit higher. My body jerks again I cannot help it. The pain in my balls is now excruciating and as I once again try to relax to loosen the grip on my balls, he keeps the current at the last level. Starting to adjust to the pain from my balls and hole getting fried with electricity, I try to not pull on my restraints, and with that on my balls.

He turns off the current and I can somewhat relax. Just that little bit of electro play has me sweating and exhausted but also straining in the chastity cage they put on me. Do I secretly Mersin Escort Bayan like electro torture? Am I learning new things about myself? Will I leave here being hooked on pain and torture?

The man grabs me by my cheek and turns my head up towards him. He tells me I did well. I smile and say “Thank you, Sir.” Somehow I feel a need to be told I did well — I never wanted that before; I never craved the approval of older men before. This experience is bringing out new sides to my sexuality.

– “Did you enjoy that, boy?”

– “Yes, Sir.”

– “That’s a good boy.”

I smile again and he dangles his thick dick inches in front of my mouth. I assume he wants me to suck it, so I open wide and inch toward it. However, he pulls away and slaps me hard in the face.

Stunned and confused, I look at him in shock. He looks furious!

– “Did I give you permission to suck my dick, bitch?!”

– “No, Sir! I just thought…”

– “You’re here to do what I say not what you want to do, and certainly not to think!”

– “I am sorry, Sir!”

– “My dick will be your reward if you serve me well.”

– “Thank you, Sir.”

He browses some more through the collection of toys and pulls out a funnel gag. I have seen those before and I know instantly what he’s planning to do. Once again, I am terrified. I have never had any interest in watersports and the thought disgusts me. Yet, I was also certain that I would hate electro play.

– “Did you ever drink a man’s piss before, boy?”

– “No, Sir.”

– “Do you want to try it?”

I hesitate. Is he really asking me? Do I have a choice. He notices my hesitation and explains: “I’m not going to force you if you don’t want to. Just know, however, that if you stay here, sooner or later someone is going to make you drink piss.”

I know my choice. Either I don’t drink piss and I leave after this man is finished with me. If I do want to experience more, I might as well drink his piss now.

– “Sir, I’d love to drink your piss.”

He smiles and calls me a good boy again. These words, which I would have found degrading and infantilizing before, now fill me with joy. I eagerly open my mouth wide as he brings the tube of the gag toward my face. As I open my mouth, he spits in it first and then places the gag, like spitting in a man’s mouth is just routine for him — I’m guessing it might be. Somehow, getting spit in my mouth just makes me feel like I am exactly where I’m supposed to be — just a toy for a man to do with as he wants.

He fastens the strap of the gag behind my head and I am now a perfect human urinal for him: mouth forced open with an inviting funnel, restrained on my knees. He holds his semi-hard dick about an inch above the funnel and waits. I am in awe of this sight. How have I come this far in so little time? Here I am on my knees, about to drink the piss of a man I would normally not put out for and somehow I cannot wait to drink his piss, be a good boy, earn his approval, do whatever else he forces me to do, and hopefully Escort Mersin be rewarded with his dick.

At this point, however, the blowjob is not what I think about. I just want to serve him and if he wants to reward me at the end of it, that his choice not something I can expect or earn.

He knows I am eagerly anticipating his piss — he smiles, tells me that maybe I haven’t earned his precious bodily fluids. He spits down the funnel and walks away. He sees the disappointment in my eyes and laughs: “See how quickly you’ve come to crave my piss, and you haven’t even tasted it yet.”

He comes back and this time starts pissing. It is a strong flow and the piss is quite clear. He must have had a lot of water, yet it still tastes quite strong — bitter and pungent. I struggle to keep up. He takes a step back, still pissing, and pisses all over my body instead of into the funnel. When he pisses on my hair, I bend my head to make sure he manages to soak all of it before the stream runs out.

I am dripping in his piss and he takes off the gag. He brings his dick right up to my lips but I know better now than to try to suck it. He teases me, runs it over my face and my lips. It takes all my willpower not to just start kissing, licking, and sucking it. After teasing me for a bit longer, he tells me I’ve been a very good boy and have more than deserved my reward.

– “You may suck my dick, boy!”

Those were the words I had so longed to hear. I lunged at his dick like I had been starved of dick for years. I generally like sucking dick but the enthusiasm I am sucking with now is unusual even for me. He is clearly enjoying my skill and enthusiasm. I feel his thick dick swell and he grabs my head as he’s about to cum. He pulls me further onto his cock and forces his dick deep down my throat. My throat flexes and tries to adjust to his thick head and those motions push him over the edge. My nose is pressed firmly against his pubes and he shoots several big streams of cum straight down my throat.

As he pulls off and I try to catch my breath, he pats me on the head and says “That was probably the best blowjob I ever had. I think you’ll be very popular here.” I blush and say “Thank you, Sir.”

As he walks me back to the doggy cage where he first found me, I know people can smell me and look at me in the hallway. I stink after his piss. Yet, I’m not ashamed of that. I wear my urine-soaked stank with pride. It’s a sign that I served well and am willing to do whatever a man tells me to. Isn’t that why I’m here?

The other puppies smell it too. I can tell that they’re jealous — they know I’ve been used well and thoroughly. I’ve only been here for a few hours and I already feel like this is where I belong. The night is still young and I can still be used several more times, but I already know I’ll be back all the time!

I want to know what the next man will do to me. I want to experience being a rubber gimp. I want to learn what all these toys I’ve seen can do to my body and my mind. I want to men to push my limits and make me do things I would never have done before.

I want to be a submissive bitch and slave for all men, regardless of their age, looks, fitness, etc. This is not about finding a hot grindr date. It’s about finding and releasing my inner submissive slut.

To be continued…

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