Boyfriend for Laura

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Early Wednesday morning hubby and I were eating breakfast at my favorite breakfast restaurant, Snooze A.M. Eatery. As I enjoyed my usual menu item, Corned Beef Hash, we were trying to develop a game plan to find Laura a suitable dating companion. Unfortunately, we were making no headway. “Are there any ex-lovers who might be a possible match for her?” hubby asked.

“No. My ex-boyfriends are either recently married, in a committed relationship, or have left the area,” I informed him. “We need to find her someone fresh and new. And someone who would be good husband material, too. Too bad we aren’t looking for a girlfriend for a male friend, I really find our waitress attractive.”

After breakfast I did some grocery shopping while hubby went to Home Depot. As hubby was dropping me at the entrance, I noticed a bright red fire truck. OMG…I had forgotten about an ex-lover, Josh. I met him at this exact location a couple of years ago. We had some wonderful dates together, even though I was old enough to be his mother. My train of thought was interrupted by hubby, “Sweetie, I will text you when I am leaving the Home Depot. I’ll be parked in the west part of the lot. Since I have a craving for some Mississippi Pot Roast, see if you can find a nice piece of meat. And I don’t mean some man-meat firefighter.”

“Okay that sounds good. Maybe the fire truck is a good omen. Don’t worry about me flirting…I have more guys than I can handle now.” I smiled with an eye wink.

After picking up a few items in the produce section, I went to the meat case to find a suitable chuck roast. As I was searching, a female firefighter joined me. Smiling at her, I asked, “Is Josh with your group?”

“No, he is off today. Hopefully this will not offend you, but by any chance are you Lily?” she asked.

“Yes, I am.” I could sense that she knew that I was surprised by her inquiry. Maybe due to my facial expression.

“Josh has talked about you many times. He mentioned meeting you here and his description of a hot MILF seemed to fit you to a tee. My name is Amber. Nice to finally meet you, Lily” she said as we shook hands. “I’m going to take these roasts to the guys. Do you mind if I tag along with you for a while?”

“Not at all, I will be by the seafood case. Maybe you can bring me up to date on Josh’s family life.” I said while pushing the shopping cart and wiggling my ass to give her a nice view of my too-sheer yoga pants.

Amber joined me and we chatted while I filled my cart. She said that Josh was happily married with now two kids, but he still expressed a desire to have sexual encounters with me. Eventually Amber got around to the purpose of why she wanted to talk with me.

“Lily, enough about Josh. I don’t know how to broach this subject, so I will do it directly. Our boss…my boss…Ross is a wonderful guy, but has fallen on hard times. His wife suddenly left him and filed for divorce. She abandoned him and her two kids. After the divorce was finalized, he got full custody of the kids. He kept the house, so for the kids they have adjusted well; but Ross is heart-broken and depressed. To make matters worse, he found out that she has remarried.” Amber took a long pause, “Would you consider…sort of…dating Ross?”

“Wow, Amber, that’s so sad. Right now, I am still married and have a new boyfriend.” I was so tempted to say yes, but I knew this was fate knocking. “But I have a much better alternative. I have a neighbor, Laura, who is going through a similar experience. I would love to get them together and see what happens. Talk to Ross and if he wants a blind date with Laura…let me know. If he is willing, I will meet him for lunch so that I can check him out and give him some understanding of Laura’s situation. Here’s my cell phone number. Call or text me after you talk to Ross.”

“Lily, you’re a godsend. What a lucky chance that we met today.”

“Amber, our meeting was not by chance…it was fate. Before you run off, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, anything.” Amber smiled

“What’s it like working with a bunch of guys? Especially ones who are fit and in great shape!”

“It’s good, but I wish there were more gals. By the way, Lily…I find you extremely attractive.” Before I could respond, Amber was gone, responding to an emergency alert.

While in the check-out lane, hubby texted me that he was in the parking lot next to the pick-up area. I couldn’t wait to tell him about my ‘chance meeting’ with Amber. Shortly after hubby’s text, I got a text from Amber. Ross was willing to meet me for lunch. She mentioned that he was hesitant, but after reassurances from Josh and her…he became much more open to doing a blind date with Laura. I texted her back and told her to let him decide when and where to have lunch.

Early the next morning, I got a follow up text from Amber. Ross wanted to meet today at noon at the Wrigley Mansion. Wow…I was impressed…Ross is a real gentleman. As I sent her a confirming text, I almost regretted not being a hotwife date for him. Balıkesir Escort But hubby did commit to finding Laura a boyfriend.

I arrived early and waited outside under a bluebird sky. The view from top was impressive encompassing the Arizona Biltmore Resort and golf course. My view was interrupted by a bright shiny red fire engine. As Amber was waving from the open window, a handsome guy with salt/pepper hair walked around the front of the truck from the other side. Instead of shaking my hand, he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I almost melted into the pavement. He whispered, “Nice to meet you, Lily. You look lovely in that dress. By the way, my name is Ross…but my coworkers call me…’Ross The Boss’.”

OMG…what a nice ice-breaker. As Ross escorted me inside, I gave Amber and Josh a ‘thumbs-up signal’. They had done well and I immediately knew that Ross would be a great match for Laura.

While eating, I got a text from Amber. I excused myself and went to the ladies room. Her text read, “Josh wants to know why you were dressed more for a tea party than you did for your first date with him?”

My reply text said, “I was a Cougar trying to seduce a young guy. I am not seducing Ross, that hopefully will be Laura’s task! Besides, I am nude under this ‘tea party’ dress!”

I turned to leave and rejoin Ross, but got another text from her. “Josh wants you to provide us with proof.”

I knew what Josh meant, but I wanted to tease him some so I replied. “Proof that I am not seducing Ross or that I am totally naked under my dress?”

Since I knew what the next text would confirm, I slipped into the toilet stall and secured the door. Opening the text, “WE want proof of your nakedness.”

Interesting that Amber included herself. I slipped the straps of the dress down and took a photo of my tits and gumdrop nipples. Quickly I sent them the photo. Almost as quickly I got a confirming text. “That’s just half of the proof. WE want all of the proof!”

I sent a return text, “This photo and the previous are for your eyes only!!! Agreed?”

Amber sent a cute return text, “Pinky Swear.”

I took a deep breath and put my high heeled sandal foot on the toilet seat lid. Lifting my short dress, I sent them a nice beaver shot of my married bald pussy. Before waiting for a further response, I made a beeline back to Ross. To ensure no more interruptions, I turned off my phone.

As I approached our table, Ross stood up and pulled out my chair. I was further impressed…as he handed me my napkin. OMG…my betrothed pussy was getting wet. I was almost to the point of…’fuck the boyfriend for Laura’ and jump Ross’ bones. Luckily the waitress came with our dessert and more ice water. Cooling down, I focused on the task. We talked about Laura and Ross was definitely interested in meeting her.

After our lunch, we went for a walk around the Biltmore grounds. I became so comfortable with Ross that my initial plans to double-date with Laura and him went by the wayside. I would talk to her before their date, but she would be on her own. Ross suggested that I do the introductions and then let him take over. That was fine with me.

As I drove Ross back to the station, I caught him sneaking glimpses at my thighs. So I asked, “Do you like my legs?”

“They are just so lovely. That dress length is so flattering. And I love the high heel sandals.”

I responded, “Would you like for me to make suggestions to Laura on what to wear for your date? Actually she and I are very similar in height and weight.”

“That would be great. I was thinking about taking her to an informal seafood restaurant with limited seating. I am friends with the couple who own it and I know she would enjoy the food and personal attention. But Laura needs to know that it is her decision.”

“Okay, she and I will find something appropriate between our wardrobes.” As we approached the station, I remarked, “Give me a day, then call Laura with the details of your date. Don’t laugh, but if you can…actually ‘ask her’ for a date.”

As if on cue…as we pulled into the front driveway, Amber and Josh walked out of the overhead door entrance. I leaned over to Ross, “Looks like we have company. Okay if we give them a little show?” He nodded. “Fine, you stay in the car and let me open the door for you.”

I purposefully made a right turn so that my driver’s side was parallel with the front entrance. I slowly opened my door and, hiking up my dress…I gave Ross’ coworkers a flash of what they had earlier viewed on Amber’s IPhone. I walked around and opened Ross’ door. As he stood, I gave him a tight hug. I whispered, “Now play along as I kiss you. If that’s okay?” I grabbed his ass and planted a kiss directly on his lips. For good measure, I stuck my tongue into his waiting mouth. As Amber and Josh looked on, I again gave them the ‘thumbs-up’ signal.

Ross was a good sport as he wiped my lipstick from his lips with a handkerchief as he walked me around to the driver’s side door Balıkesir Escort Bayan and closed it once I was behind the wheel.

I wanted to flash him so badly, but I was a good girl and didn’t. As I drove off, I waved goodbye.

That evening I walked down to Laura’s villa with a bottle of sparkling wine and two glasses. She was outside walking her dog and I decided to give her the good news, but out by the pool. As she took her dog inside, I walked down to the pool area and pulled two chaise lounge chairs together. As she walked through the gate, I remarked, “Time to celebrate!!”

“Celebrate what?” she asked.

“Celebrate you going on a date with a real gentleman. Remember my hubby said that he would find you a boyfriend? Well, he…we did. He is calling you tomorrow and asking you out on a real date.” A stunned look appeared on her face, so I proceeded. “His name is Ross and he is handsome. Tall with salt/pepper hair and big brown eyes. Fit and firm, but not overly muscular. He is a firefighter who knows how to put out fires, but is equally good at igniting a flame, as I discovered when I first met him. Actually, I am envious. But you deserve someone nice at this stage of your life.”

“Lily, I don’t know what to say or how to react. I am not sure…if…I am ready.”

“Girlfriend, don’t worry. I will help mentor you. I have already formulated a game plan. First, you say yes when he calls. Second, I will help you pick out your clothes for the date. Three, no sex until you know he is totally into you…no giving away ‘the cookie’. Four, I am a bridesmaid in the wedding. Five, I am a godmother to your first child together.”

“Lily, this is too overwhelming.”

“Laura, sorry…excuse my excitement. Let’s take it one step at a time. So he’s calling tomorrow, what do you do?”

“Okay, I say that I would love to go on a date with you. Then I call you to help me with an outfit for our date.”

“See it’s not that hard. Now let’s open this bottle of wine and celebrate.” Lifting my glass I toasted, “Here’s to a first date that will lead to many more. Here’s to my new bestie girlfriend Laura. Here’s to the leavening power of yeast!”

With a confused facial expression Laura asked, “Yeast?”

“Yes, yeast. Remember your lame reason for showing up at Scott’s door? Luckily I had some and hubby helped you make rolls? I’m hoping it leads to you finding a different kind of ‘rise’!”

“OMG…I forgot that. By the way your hubby is a really nice guy.”

“Yes, hubby is wonderful…but concentrate on Ross.”

Laura and I finished the bottle and talked well into the night. I had a gut feeling that Ross was truly ‘The Boss’. As I bid Laura good night, a silly thought crept into my brain. If Ross and Laura were married…not only would I be a bridesmaid…but any floral arrangements would include a packet of dry yeast.

As I assumed, Laura’s date went extremely well. I truly sensed a new woman evolving. After a second date, Laura talked about taking it to the next level. I persuaded her to wait until Valentine’s Day and make it a moment to hopefully remember for a lifetime. She agreed and we had fun together planning for the ‘big event’.


After my afternoon walk, I noticed a package on Laura’s front walk. Since the local neighborhood had some problems with porch pirates, I hid the package behind her planter and sent her a text. When she got home she called and was excited. The package was her new lingerie. She wanted to model them for me after her daughter was in bed. Surprisingly she asked me to wear the outfit that I wore to Scott’s on New Year’s Day.

At 9pm, I slipped into a pair of Lululemon too-sheer yoga pants, my ‘it’s not cheating’

t-shirt, and a pair of Streetzies bunny slippers. Also, I took another pair of slippers, but with a kitty design. I grabbed a bottle of Apothic white wine and two favorite glasses from a vineyard back in Illinois.

Laura met me at the front door in a cute white and pink onesie…short sleeves and short legs…with comfy slippers. As she turned to walk back to the living room, I noticed how lovely her legs appeared and how sweet her ass looked. She mentioned that this was her usual sleep attire. She was surprised that I slept naked, even in the colder months. However, I do change to flannel sheets.

As we drank and chatted, she brought me up-to-date on her relationship with Ross. She really…really likes him, but is nervous about how the Valentine’s Day encounter will progress and end. I reassured her that he will be blown away…just be yourself and go with the flow. Since I would be away for the weekend with Scott, I told her to call my hubby if she needed anything.

As we drank more and got to giggling, she decided to try on her new black zipper lingerie. I convinced her to put it on in front of me. She unbuttoned her onesie and let it drop to the floor. OMG she has extremely nice breasts, what I would call torpedo tits. I was more than Escort Balıkesir slightly envious, but I do have nicer nipples. Her nipples are rosy and puckered while mine are darker and gumdrop shaped.

She had a small ‘landing strip’ above her shaved pussy. Her legs are just so shapely and her toenails were colored with pink polish. I asked her to twist around and show me her ass. Her cheeks were delicious with a nice cluteal fold. I gave her a nice slap and told her Ross was in for a nice Valentine treat.

Slowly we unpacked her black lingerie and determined the most ideal means to fit it on. I helped with the garters and was so tempted to finger or taste her ‘coin slot’ pussy. I was getting wet and aroused. Later, I would need one of my men or worse case scenario…my ‘vibrating trio’ toy. I did have to explain to her that the panties went on last over the garters. So Ross would have access to her honeypot without having to undo the hose from the garters. I suggested that she slip on my kitty slippers. They made a fun but sexy accessory to her lingerie.

Once she was totally dressed and looking fabulous, I had to try the zipper on the corset and the thong. They worked easily, but I warned her to be careful not to catch her ‘landing strip’. To my surprise, she suggested that we shave her bald. Now that suggestion caused my pussy to soak even more and caused an itch in my clit. I wanted to shave her so bad, but told her to do it herself while I watched.

She excused herself and returned with a bikini trimmer, shaving cream, Venus razor, towel, and a bowl of water. Laura removed her thong and hopped up on a stool. She spread her legs and using the trimmer removed most of her hair. She squirted some shaving cream onto her fingers and covered the remaining ‘landing strip’ stubble. Slowly she removed the cream with the razor. She wiped the remaining residue off and splashed some water on her private parts before toweling dry. Spreading her legs even wider, she asked my opinion?

Not only did she look great, but her ‘coin slot’ opened into a lovely flowery bloom. The crotch of my Lululemon yoga pants were soaked. I stood up and pointed to my wetness, remarking, “Laura, does this answer your question??” She laughed.

As Laura tidied up her shaving mess, she remained bottomless which drove me crazy. I wanted to take her badly, but didn’t think the moment was appropriate. As it was getting close to midnight, I gave her a good-bye hug and kiss. She promised to come see me on Sunday afternoon with the details of her Saturday night date with Ross. Being Super Bowl Sunday…she and I could have girl time…while the men drank beet and ate Brats.

On Super Bowl evening/night, Laura and I had fun trying on sexy lingerie. She bought a total of five outfits, Actually, giving me one as a gift. She is very certain that Ross and her have a long-term relationship potential. She is planning for some hot romantic encounters after Valentine’s Day. Her daughter has noticed a different attitude and joy in her mom. She is a cutie like Laura, actually a miniature Laura, including looks, hair color, and body type.

We got to drinking wine while trying on outfits. Her daughter was with her dad for the weekend. They have joint custody, Laura has her daughter during the week and he has her on weekends. During the summer, Laura has weekends and he has week days, so we had privacy to be naughty and at times naked. Ross being a supervisor had to work due to other firefighters wanting off for the Super Bowl.

Ross knows all about my relationship with Josh and mentioned such to Laura. Of course, that led to me giving her the juicy details of our few times together. Based upon what Ross told Laura, he can’t believe Laura’s luck at living near me and us becoming friends.

Laura confessed to me that she finds my hubby to be handsome and a ‘real catch’. In turn, I admitted to her that I need to be more attentive to him. I am so sexually attracted to her! Maybe in a few weeks when she and Ross are more established, I will address the elephant in the room everytime that I am around her.


Shortly after Valentine’s Day Laura and I were having dinner with her daughter, so we talked about random things until her daughter went to her room to chat with her online friends. Laura was so thankful for my hubby’s assistance with unplugging her drain and a breakfast casserole. Seems my lovely and helpful hubby had not only given her my family special recipe, but had prepared it too. So all she had to do was bake it in the morning. When I finally got her off my hubby’s bandwagon, we moved on to her date.

She had decorated her villa with heart themed items including an archway above her sofa for Valentine photographs. Later she shared some of the photos with me. OMG…she looked so hot and Ross is super handsome with a wonderful body. I had naughty thoughts of doing them both…in a threesome or alone.

Laura decided to wear her lingerie from the get-go, ensuring that Ross had no doubts about how the night would progress. When she had to call my hubby to help with the cloaked drain, she put on an apron instead of a robe. I doubted hubby objected, especially when he was on his back under the sink. Looking up at a thong covered ass and legs wrapped in black back seam hose.

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