Brianna Surrenders Ch. 2

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Brianna drove home in silence. She was excited about what Stephen had done to her and what he had planned for the morning. Once home she showered and played with herself until she came. Lying down in bed she relived what had happened and fell asleep content.

Her alarm woke her at 7 and she walked to the bathroom, as she passed the mirror she looked at her naked form and was pleased until she saw a few stray hairs around her pussy. “I must take care of those,” she though as she walked to the shower. While the warm water was running over her body she lathered her pussy and shaved it smooth. Taking the showerhead and directing the jets to clean her newly shaved pussy, she relished the feel of the water. Running her finger over her bald pussy and between her lips she came again. When her orgasm subsided she left the shower and dried off in front of the mirror and smiled at how she looked.

She pulled a sundress over her naked body, brushed her hair and applied her make up and walked to her car. When she got in the car, she thought about what she was doing, smiled and started the car. She arrived at Sharon’s house and parked in the drive and walked to the door. Looking at her watch she saw it was it was 9:25 and put her finger on the doorbell and waited.

The door opened and Stephen stood smiling at her. He was wearing a robe and moved so she could enter the house. “I am glad you have decided, Brianna,” he said and walked to the living room. Once there he stopped and turned towards Brianna. ” Show me what you have on today,” was all he said and Brianna pulled the sundress over her head and let it fall to the floor. She did not care she was in Sharon’s living Anadolu Yakası escort room, nor did it matter if anyone was home, she only wanted to please Stephen.

Stephen smiled at her shaved pussy and opened his robe. Brianna walked to him looking deep in his eyes and kneeled. Still looking at him, she took his hard cock in her hands and licked the head. The pre-cum covering the head tasted like honey to her and savored the taste before opening her mouth and sucking his cock into her mouth. Slowly at first she moved her head back and forth until his cock was wet with her saliva, then she pushed her head forward so his cock moved into her throat. Stephen stood there with his hands on his hips as Brianna sucked and worshiped his cock with her mouth. “That is good, Brianna, suck my hard cock. Show me how much you love my cock in your mouth.” Stephen said, as he watched her suck.

Brianna placed her hands on Stephen’s ass and pulled his cock into her throat and began to suck harder. She wanted him to cum in her mouth so she could swallow his cream. Faster and faster her head bobbed moving her mouth on and off his hard cock. She heard him moan softly and knew he was close and sucked harder. Her one hand moved to his balls and played with them as she continued to suck his cock. She felt his hands on her head and knew he was ready. Stephen pulled her mouth hard on his cock and began to fill her mouth with his cum. She dropped her hands to her side and swallowed over and over until he was finished with her mouth and pushed her head off his cock.

“Stand Brianna.” Stephen said and walked her out of the living room and into his bedroom. Anadolu Yakası escort bayan Filled with desire, Brianna followed and once in the bedroom she stopped. Lying tied to the bed was Sharon. Her hands were tied to the top of the bed and her legs to each of the bedposts. Brianna looked at the blind fold tied over Sharon’s eyes and then looked down her body. Her nipples were hard and attached to them two clamps, squeezing her nipples hard. Brianna eyes traveled to Sharon’s pussy, which was also shaved and between her puffy pussy lips was a large vibrator and it was humming. Brianna could see Sharon was cuming over and over.

Stephen asked Brianna, “Have you ever been with another woman?” Brianna said “No.” with a shaky voice as she watched Stephen pull the large humming vibrator from Sharon’s pussy. “Come here.” Stephen said and Brianna walked on trembling legs to the bed. “Look how wet and puffy her lips are, Brianna, would you like to taste her?” Brianna could not believe he had read her mind and got on her knees between Sharon’s open tied legs.

Stephen got behind Brianna and rubbed his hard cock up and down her wet pussy lips. He placed the head at the opening of her pussy and pushed forward, sinking his cock deep in her wet hot sex. As he pushed in his cock, her head was pushed froward towards Sharon’s wet pussy. Brianna could smell her sex as Stephen pushed harder with his cock, and putting his hand on the back of her neck, pushed her face between Sharon’s legs and into her pussy.

Brianna moved her hands to Sharon’s side as her mouth was moved onto her pussy. Brianna had often thought about sucking another escort bayan woman’s pussy, but never thought it would happen. As her lips neared Sharon’s pussy she began to open her mouth and move her tongue between her lips. Sharon moaned as Brianna began to lick and suck Sharon’s clit and wet lips. Brianna was lost in the experience, Stephen fucking her from behind and her first taste of pussy. She could contain herself no longer and began to lick and suck harder on Sharon. She loved the feel of a pussy on her face and she loved the taste as she licked Sharon’s juices with her tongue.

Stephen was fucking Brianna hard and pulled his cock from her wet pussy and moved the head to her ass. When his cock found the opening of her ass he pushed forward, letting the head move into her virgin ass. Brianna felt his cock enter her ass but could do nothing to stop him, even if she wanted to. She was sucking and licking Sharon’s pussy and being held there by Stephen’s strong hand. She had never had a cock in her ass and liked the way it felt.

Holding her hips, Stephen pushed his cock completely into her tight ass and then began to fuck her. With each thrust, he pushed her face and mouth hard into Sharon’s open pussy. She moaned into Sharon’s pussy as she felt his cock slam into her tight ass. Over and over, Stephen fucked her ass. Sharon screamed she was cuming. Brianna licked and sucked harder as Stephen pounded her ass. She licked and sucked Sharon as she came, licking up her sweet juice. Sharon was moaning and screaming as she came over and over and then she heard Stephen shout and felt him shoot his seed deep into her ass.

Stephen collapsed on top of Brianna, forcing her to lie on Sharon. They lay there a few minutes before Stephen pulled his spent cock from her ass and got off the bed. He walked up to Sharon’s head and moved his cock to her lips. Sharon opened her mouth and sucked his cock clean. Brianna watched in a haze and wondered what would happen to her next.

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