Britney Ch. 39: Poppy Seed

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Dane Marko was a huge fellow. Standing at 6’5 and weighing a hefty 300 pounds he was often intimidating. A bushy red beard and almost a crew cut over his scalp concealed a baby like face. Prescription glasses capped off his teacher’s profile. Although he has a pot belly his muscles were evident as well. He was indeed a bushy man. Beneath his chosen turtle neck shirt he was a werewolf. Body hair amassed and hidden from sight.

Today he wore a thin suit jacket of brown with patches on the elbows. Ancient Aqua Velva covered his scent.

Arriving at “Tanner’s Pub” in the tiny town of “Stillwater” this early afternoon he parked his freshly cleaned “Ford Edge” and sat idling. The bar was a good sized place yet not many folks were there. Locals at best. At maximum of ten cars. Including a beat up old Van barely seen at the far end of the building.

“You can sit up now.” Dane spoke.

Behind him tucked low sat the beautiful Filipino “Cryssa Apari”. She sat up in her skin tight red dress and blew the curls from her eyes.

“Sorry to be so paranoid, Mister Marko. I know too many people. I don’t want to get you into trouble.”

He glares back at her in his rearview mirror, “Quite alright, Cryssa. Please call me Dane.”

“I’d rather call you Poppy Bear.” She puckers sharing a beguiling grin.

“Poppy Bear it is. Are you certain this place is safe? It is a pub where they serve alcohol. You are definitely underage.”

“I look 21. Besides I know the owner “Carl”. He’s a volunteer firefighter at the firehouse we held our carwash at. He also knows my Poppa.”

“That’s reassuring. Art you afraid he might tell your Father about this rendezvous?”

“No. Carl wants my body too much to rat us out.”

“I see. what about the other patrons here?”

“Your fantasy, Poppy Bear. You wanted to play with me at a bar.”

“I did indeed. I just do not want to be arrested nor lose my job teaching.”

“Risk we take. I feel comfy. Carl will keep us safe.”

He shuts vehicle off at the touch of a button. Following that he vacates his car and shuts the door. He then opens the back door for Cryssa to crawl out. Beside him she was tiny. She was barely five foot tall. Petite with huge breasts. Her long curly black hair probably weighed more than her arms.

“You look stunning in that red dress.” He growls.

“Wait until the dress comes off and all I’m wearing are these heels. I will be even shorter when they come off.” She stares up at him with brilliant brown eyes. Only a thin crucifix necklace dangled between her bulging bosom and the upper hem of her chest line. He stared straight down into the shadows of her cleavage.

Her dress was snakeskin tight and the skirt barely covered her essentials. Beneath it was a thin red G-string thong and a red sheer bra.

Closing her door he slants his arm to tell her to lead the way. She smiled with a flirtatious glint in her eye and took the lead, her perfect ass shaking with every step. Dane Marko had to swallow hard and continually look around for safety.

Reaching the door Dane opened it for her and let her enter first. He then adjusted his vision against the darkness of the bar. Inside they discovered a long bar where six men and a single woman in her fifties sat. The woman was wasted and attempting to hold her head up from the bar.

The seven men immediately took interest in Cryssa. In response she fluttered her fingers playfully at them. As they nodded at her the owner, “Carl Tanner” stepped into view holding a case of beer bottles he had hauled from the back. Noticing her he quickly sat the case down on the ground and called her to the end of the bar closest to her.

Meeting him with Dane casually holding back Cryssa stepped into hearing space.

“Your dad’s here. Backroom over there. Drunk off his ass as usual. Might want to take this elsewhere if you plan on getting too risqué.”

Her eyes bulge and she hesitates turning her profile toward Dane Marko. She makes a dramatic decision.

“Is Poppa too drunk to drive home?”

“I was just going to let him sleep it off. I got his van keys he’s not going anywhere. So yeah, he’s probably passed out by now.”

She fidgets her lips, “What about your customers? Anyone going to give me trouble? Rat me out to Poppa?”

“Nobody knows you’re related to him. Sylvia’s about comatose over there. Most of these guys are single and ready for anything that resembles a strip show.”

“Will you make sure Poppa doesn’t catch me?”

Carl grits his teeth , “I’ll do my best but it’s totally on you guys if he raises hell. Personally I think you’re crazy for taking the risk.”

She reaches up and pats his cheek, “I made a promise to Britney that I would succeed on this date. All of us did. I will do this even if Poppa catches me. If you lust me you will protect me.”

He rolls his eyes, “Don’t get my bar shut down. I’ll let you get wild until I get any complaints. This bunch I seriously doubt there’s going to be any bitching.”

“They should protect me Giresun Escort too.”

“No. Your bouncer there should.” Carl smirks at Dane.

Marko huffs at the compliment. He was a bouncer while in college. Way back in the day.

Cryssa struts over to Dane and takes him by the hand and tugs him along to a seat at the bar. She herself sat between Dane and a local named “Butch”. Butch introduced himself and his friend “Dale” seated to his right.

“Hi Butch. Hi Dale. Just call me “Beautiful”.” She wrinkles her nose flirting with them.

“You certainly are. Who’s your friend?” Dale chuckles.

“This is Poppy Bear. He adopted me, so he’s like my Daddy.”

“Cute Kid, Bear.” Butch nods with a smirk.

“She is certainly a hand full.” Marko sighs.

Cryssa eyes Carl putting the beer bottles in a bar level cooler. Once he finishes Carl stops to join the conversation.

“Birthday drink for the birthday girl? 21 yesterday Fellas.”

Butch, Dale, and Stanford a black middle aged man opts to toast her birthday.

“Thank you.” She bats her eyes and toys with her crucifix.

“I’ll take a Bud draft.” Marko chooses.

Cryssa really didn’t like alcohol but knew what she wanted, “Fuzzy Navel”.

Butch chuckles, “Bet that’s not true.”

Dane found her reaction amusing. She went blank as to his jest. In response he whispers, “He thinks you have a fuzzy belly button.”

Her jaw drops, “I do not.” She then playfully slaps Butch on the bicep.

Butch nodded with a smirk and decided to play along, “All that beautiful hair on your head I bet you do. Fuzzy Wuzzy!”

“Fuzzy Wuzzy? Oh, because my daddy is Poppy Bear?” She acts naïve.

Dane chuckled, his gut bouncing at her response.

“Well I don’t.” She pouted.

Marko grinned evilly, “Prove it to them, My Dear.”

She bulges her big brown eyes, “How? In this dress.”

Butch and Dale huddle together whispering, which annoyed Cryssa, “FINE! I’ll show you guys how wrong you are.”

She twists in her chair and stands up. Facing the seated patrons Cryssa rolls her skirt up until her belly button popped into view. Their eyes darted down to explore her tummy and everything revealed below it. Including the tiny red G-string.

Butch played blind and leaned toward her for a better look. He then reached a finger out to tease her belly button with a probing fingertip. She froze at his boldness.

“Bet there’s serious fuzz under that thong.” Stanford riled up.

She pouts, “I just shaved. So there.”

Marko turns in his seat to toast the men behind her back, “They don’t believe you.”

The men respected Marko suddenly for antagonizing her gullibility.

“I’ll show them Poppy Bear.” She huffs then peels her thong clear down to her labia. Sure enough Cryssa had a silky soft pubic region.

Again Butch chose to squint at her then lowered his same finger in for the kill. This time four fingers caressed her lower tummy. Dale stepped off of his barstool and leaned over to examine her more closely. He too rubbed her soft skin.

She shivered yet found this too much fun.

Stanford was called over by Butch, followed by two others known as “Gordon and Hank”.

Each surrounded her for a better look. Hank admired her bare ass from behind. Finally, the seventh man stepped up.

“Too much to guess she has a hairy chest?” He chuckled. His name was “Walter”.

Carl Tanner saw things coming and chose to take another drink into the back room to Cryssa’s out of sorts Father. This time Carl decided to play it safe and mickey his beer. Yeah, Carl was known for despicable antics.

Luckily, Roberto Apari was drooling on his table top. Incoherent to say the least. Still he pepped him up for a few healthy swigs of the fresh drink. He swallowed enough to feel it later.

Outside the room Carl returned offering Cryssa a thumbs up. This made her feel more frisky.

“I do NOT have a hairy chest.” She stomps her foot.

Marko raises his own shirt revealing a mass of red fur on his stomach, “Yep! She takes after me.”

She nearly laughed but wanted to keep the guys feeling her naïve nature.

“I can’t believe you people.” She pouts with a puffy lip.

Finally, Marko just steps in behind her and grips her red dress lifting it up over her bra. With a whispered grunt she rolls her eyes, “Whatever!”

The dress slipped off of her lifted arms and her head. She was now only in her bra and panties.

The seven men enjoyed Marko’s boldness. They knew there was more to this pair than they admitted. The guys really didn’t care. They were getting a show.

As the elder patrons stood idle and merely observed the young woman’s emotional reaction. Cryssa herself shivered at the thought of her Father in the next room.

Before she could think too much about the fear in her soul, Dane Marko reached around her and hugged her from behind. The huge man drowned her upper body in doing so. His cheek against her temple amid her hair he whispers.

“Is Giresun Escort Bayan that promise still good?”

Referring to the promise all of the girls made to Britney she merely pats his cheek then rubs his forearm around her chest.

“Very good. Let’s continue.” He lightly speaks.

Releasing her Marko eyes the bartender Carl on the other side of the bar sipping at a beer in a mug. Carl shrugs lightly, knowing if things got out of hand he would intervene. His biggest worry was who might decide to stop by for a drink as things went on. His own eyes darted out a window facing the parking lot.

Marko clasped his hands over Cryssa’s golden shoulders, “Would you like to dance for them My Dear?”

She perks up giggling, “I love to dance.”

The gathering of men each concurred that they too enjoyed a good dancer. Before anyone could respond further Hank rushed away to put money in a jukebox and selects three songs.

Country music it was.

Marko stepped back to his barstool and sat down, reclaiming his beer for a sip at the frosty mug. From there he watched Cryssa begin to dance seductively. He let her do her own thing for now. He would just enjoy the atmosphere of growing tensions. The group of men either took their own seats of chose to dance awkwardly with her. She giggled at their shuffles.

Carl took a moment to eye Sylvia at the end of the bar who had responded to the music. She lifted her head and glared about through blurred vision. She had set her glasses aside when she laid her head on the bar. Carl had long since moved them to the ledge behind the bar. She was albeit blind without them. Before she could question things Carl placed a shot of whisky in front of her. She grinned with a toothless smile and downed the shot. Her head returned to the bar. Nuff said.

Whistles began to erupt toward Cryssa. She waves and flirts as her hips swayed seductively. Her massive chest bouncing to the dance. All eyes loved their own little dance party.

Marko used his fingers to motion that she walk closer to the seated men and get more personal. With a batting of eyelashes she grew eager and found Walter as her first target. Her backside too him she wiggled her way between his legs and danced erotically. Her ass was too low to reach his crotch but she managed to raise her arms and slide back into his chest. Her upper body rubbed against his. He could smell her hair and feel it on his chin. She reached out and claimed his arms to hug around her chest.

In no time at all he took the risk of clutching both breasts and squeezing them. She leaned her head back and kissed his cheek. After a few more interactions she pushes away and moves toward Butch. He was lucky enough to get her face forward. Her chest crushing into his stomach. He nodded then eyed Marko for safety before moving in for the kill. His hands pulled her in for a hug then found her bra strap to unclasp it. Once the material parted her chest felt less constricted. She found a rash of goose bumps attacking her body.

Exhilarated she let him hold her bra as she escaped it to be replaced by her own palms hiding her brilliantly aroused darkened nipples. She stepped away from him with a devilish look in her eye, “OOPSIE!”

Moments later Marko moved over and removed her hands for all to see. The crowd became breathless as Butch passed her bra around for a captured scent.

“See no hair.” Cryssa giggles and shakes her chest in a maddening twirl of counter clockwise flesh.

Everyone was amazed by her tossing about and applauding in some fashion. Some louder than others. In her glee she literally skipped like a five year old toward Marko. She dove into his arms and hugged his waist as best as she could reach. His belly was keeping her from a solid embrace. Still she barked, “I’m free Poppy Bear.”

He pats her shoulder, forced to lean forward over her height difference. As he rubbed her spine he looked up at the ogling men who were waiting on her next move. Pulling away from her he grips her upper arms snugly and looks her in the eye.

“You’re not quite free yet, My Dear.”

With ease he lifts her elegant 115 pound frame off of her feet and sits her up on the bar. Butch removed their drinks before they could be knocked over.

Once her ass was resting on the bar she held herself by planting her palms on the bar behind her. As Marko stepped back she began kicking her feet playfully. Her heels could have been a deadly weapon.

Marko grabs her foot and prepares to take a shoe off when Carl the Bartender opts to say, “If the shoes come off be careful on the floor. Never know if I missed some glass shards when sweeping up.”

Marko nods and leaves her shoe on. Instead he looks over at his new found friends, “Whatever else is left to remove?”

This made the gentlemen chuckle and stand once more ready for the final release. Marko parts her dancing legs and crowds closer. He melts at Cryssa’s bright eyes. Not only was she feeling happy, she also loved the risks Escort Giresun involved. Her Father was on the other side of a very thin wall. At any moment he could wake up from his drunken stupor and come barging around to see what the commotion was. She had no idea Carl offered up a mickey.

Marko’s massive hands slid under her thong strap and he winked at her.

“Off we go.” He hissed.

She raised her hips from the bar and shivered at her thong being peeled away from her ass and thighs. As her pussy slipped into view the men all grew quiet. They were taking it all in. Her labia was dark and inviting. Yet, as Marko guided her thong up her legs to her shoes he stopped. There he decided to remove the shoe from her right foot and place it on the bar. The thong dangled on her ankle as Marko chose to lower his face and begin sucking on her toes. The thongs scent tickled his nose. Dane Marko loved a good foot fetish.

Giggling at her ticklish nature she nearly lost her balance on the bar. Carl caught her and stood at her back to keep her upright. She tilted her head back and peered up at Carl with her tongue licking her lips.

Carl smirked and kissed her at an upside down angle. After a three minute delicacy he whispered, “You need to fuck me one of these days.”

She sighs heavily wiggling in her seat and expels, “Fire house.”

He nodded, “On the fire truck.”

Her smile was brilliant as she nodded her approval.

Finally, Marko’s lips pulled away and he took the thong the rest of the way off. Tossing it at Carl he winks and calls him over the bar. Whispering to him Carl raised an eye brow.

Leaving her with the thong Carl stepped from behind the bar and disappeared behind the wall where Roberto Apari was passed out. A few minutes later here turned with the thong and a cell photo of Cryssa’s father with the thong over his face like a surgical mask.

Showing it to Marko for kicks, he then allowed Cryssa to see it. Her eyes bulged and a hand covered her mouth. Then, she laughed out loud.

Marko grinned from ear to ear. His worry that she might take it badly vanished. So did her second shoe, now relocated on the bars surface.

Without a moment to waste Marko buries his face between her legs and digs his tongue deep inside Cryssa’s juicy snatch. Her feet lifted up over Marko’s shoulders and she began yelping at his hunger. Not too mention his beard tickled her thighs and ass hole.

The group merely watched Marko and drank their beers.

For ten minutes Marko devoured her until she drowned her red beard. It was then he rose from eating her with a triumphant insanity.

“BEGORA!” He bellowed.

He then slid her over in front of Butch and offered him her hole. Using a napkin to wipe her gently he dove right in. As he ate her Carl slipped a tip jar on Cryssa’s belly. The men all laughed and gladly added cash to the jar. They all wanted in.

As Butch finished, Walter enjoyed his own feast. Then Hank. Sanford. Dale. Gordon.

By the end Cryssa was mentally exhausted. Her body limp as her nails reached back for Carl’s shirt.

Marko leaned over her heaving chest and rested his chin on one of his propped knuckles.

“Still keeping that promise?”

Her eyes locate him with unblinking eyelids as her head nods affirmatively.

“That’s my adoptive daughter.”

Standing erect he carefully cradles her body in his arms. With a wink at Carl he turns in step and begins to walk toward the back room with her. Carl was shocked and motioned everyone to stay there. He then darted back around the bar and swiftly passed Marko’s stride. Hand held up Carl looked around the wall to spy what condition Roberto was in. He was still resting his head on the table and laying in a pool of drool.

Quickly, before Marko stepped into view Carl checked Roberto for reaction by lifting his head up and patting his cheek. Roberto merely groaned and muttered in his native language. His eyes never opened once.

Marko eyed Cryssa’s face as he drew near the wall.

“Adore me little one?” He grunted.

“Yes, Poppy Bear.”

He then stepped into the room. Cryssa turned pale at seeing her Father in his condition. Still, she shivered from the adrenalin charge.

Cautiously, Marko moved to the table in front of Roberto. Carl shook his head at just how turned on he was becoming from the fear he himself had of the situation getting out of hand. He sat beside Roberto and held his head up while Marko sat her down on the table in front of her Father.

She whined at the fact that she was willing to cooperate. This was her flesh and blood. A man she respected. Yet, she found herself strangely excited.

Sliding her legs to each side of Roberto, Marko scooted her pussy directly under his chin. Carl guided Roberto’s lips directly over Cryssa’s labia. She wept gently at the sight. Carl suddenly felt haunted by her gaze.

Roberto stirred and moved his mouth over her in a muffled delirium. She felt his lips barely nibbling at her. The thoughts made her hands clutch at Marko for security.

“Stay calm.” He grumbled.

She did her best but continued to whimper with each movement of Roberto’s jaw. He was long gone fortunately. Finally, Marko slid the entire table back forcing Carl to hold Roberto upright.

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