Brockton Haitian Couples in Love

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I love all kinds of wicked fun. Especially when it’s unexpected. I guess you can call me an adventure addict. My name is Jeremiah Magloire and I approve this message. I’m a big and tall ( six-foot-three by 250 pounds ) young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. These days, I’m having myself a ton of fun in the summer time. Life is good. I’m resting up after a particularly tough year at Roark-Dale College in Boston. The classes were alright, but the students and professors were a bunch of haters. You know collegiate America doesn’t like smart, athletic Black males. They cheer us on the Football field and the Basketball court as if we’re some of demigods. Yet they’re quick to believe every ordinary Black male is a potential menace to American society. Bunch of hypocrites.

Roark-Dale College, the setting of my misadventures, is a small private school located in the heart of Boston. It has a six-thousand person student body. African-American, Hispanic and Asian students make up thirty eight percent of the total student population. They consider themselves a diverse and open-minded institution but that’s mostly on paper. Roark-Dale College is home to some of the most bigoted people I’ve ever met. And you thought folks were racist down South. New Englanders aren’t much better. Seriously. The sons and daughters of rich white families at Roark-Dale College have a hard time realizing that many smart students of other races can and do outperform them academically and athletically when the playing field is leveled.

Take athletics for example. Even though Roark-Dale College doesn’t offer athletic scholarships, being a Division Three school and all, minority students make up the bulk of student-athletes. The men’s and women’s Basketball teams are almost entirely Black. As are the men’s and women’s Cross Country teams. The Roark-Dale College men’s Ice Hockey teams was all-white until three African-American students joined it. The Roark-Dale College women’s Field Hockey free spin team captain is a Hispanic woman and her co-captain is a Black woman. The men’s Golf team has an Asian golfer on its roster and the women’s Ice Hockey teams has two Filipino student-athletes among its members. The men’s Football team is almost exclusively made up of African-American and Hispanic guys. Surprisingly, the men’s and women’s Tennis teams have a handful of Asian, Hispanic and African-American members. The women’s Volleyball is led by a Middle-Eastern captain for the first time ever. Her name is Amelia Fahid. She’s a tall, athletic gal from the United Arab Emirates. The men’s Baseball, women’s Rugby and women’s Softball teams are the only all-white varsity teams at the school, which probably explains why they suck so much.

Yeah, Roark-Dale College was full of drama. I was glad to be out for the summer. So many of these two-faced white students envied me because I was the quarterback of the Football team. The previous quarterback, an Irish guy named Sean, got himself injured in a tough game against Bridgewater State College. I’m only nineteen years old yet scouts from the National Football League are circling around me. Many of them want me to enter the NFL Draft next year. I’m not so sure about that. I want to get a degree first. Getting an education is important to me. More so than playing football. Both of my parents, Emilio and Jessica Magloire, met while attending Boston University way back in the late 1970s. They encourage me in everything that I do. I am thankful for them.

While chilling in Brockton with some of my pals, I met someone who took my mind off my troubles. A six-foot-tall, heavyset and big-bottomed, dark-skinned and kind of fine-looking sister named Roselyn Saint Pierre. She looked every bit like a Black Amazon, folks. A gorgeous, dark-skinned Haitian-American Princess. The daughter of Massachusetts State Police captain Menard Saint Pierre and his lovely wife, Emerson College literature bonus veren siteler professor Helene Joseph Saint Pierre. She attends the University of Massachusetts-Amherst on an academic scholarship and was vacationing in the city of Brockton when we met at the food court of the Westgate Mall. I guess you can say it was lust at first sight. The first time I laid eyes on her big round booty, I wanted to tap it quite badly.

When Roselyn Saint Pierre looked at me, I could tell that she wanted me too. I wasn’t surprised. Of course she wanted a piece of my action. Lots of females can smell a winner when they meet one. And I am most definitely a winner. Been one all my life. I’m big and tall, good-looking and smart. I’m attending a damn good college on an academic scholarship. I’m from a good, stable, financially secure, reliable and very loving Haitian-American family. I guess you could say that Roselyn and I had a lot in common. I approached her and started spitting game at her, as the young guys like to say. She obviously liked what I had to say and how I looked because she gave me her number. I dialed her up the next day and we went out for a quick bite and some dancing. The rest, as they say, was history. We became an item overnight.

Roselyn Saint Pierre was just the way I liked my females. Tall, heavyset, busty and big-bottomed. And above all else, really dark-skinned. I’ve got a thing for plump, dark-skinned Black women with really big butts. I’ve always been into them. I’m not entirely sure why. Roselyn was a lot of fun. One night, we got buck wild in her apartment while her roommate slept in the next room. Roselyn knelt before me and sucked on my long and thick, uncircumcised Black dick. I love a naked chubby Black woman on her knees. Especially when she’s sucking my dick like a frigging lollipop. Yeah, I closed my eyes and enjoyed myself as Roselyn sucked my dick and licked my balls like cock sucking was going out of style. When I finally came, she drank my cum deneme bonusu veren siteler like it was the sweetest juice on the planet. I reckon my favorite chubby woman was kind of thirsty. That’s cool because I didn’t mind sharing my manly juices with her. I didn’t mind at all.

After she got done sucking me, I had a go with her ass. Roselyn is one of those big Black females who really like anal sex. Lucky for me. I put her on all fours and spread her gigantic butt cheeks wide open. I began licking and fingering her asshole, trying to get it ready for some anal penetration. I took some lubricant and smeared it all over Roselyn’s asshole, then applied it on my dick. Afterwards, I pressed my cock against her asshole and pushed it inside. Amazingly, Roselyn’s ass took my dick without much difficulty. This big Black woman was clearly no stranger to anal sex. I placed my hands on Roselyn’s wide hips and began pumping my cock into her butt hole. She didn’t scream or protest. Rather, she urged me to fuck her harder and faster. This thrilled me so much that I smacked her big butt. She seemed to like that. I resumed fucking her hard, loving the feel of her warm and tight asshole around my big Black cock.

Roselyn began screaming as I plunged my cock deeper into her asshole. Harder and faster, that’s how she wanted it. And so that’s how I gave it to her. I smacked her ass and fucked her hard for a long time. I loved the feel of a big Black woman’s naturally tight asshole around my cock and if loving it was wrong then I didn’t want to be right. We went at it until I came, flooding her asshole with my manly cum. Roselyn howled loud enough to wake the dead. I howled in pleasure as my cum rushed out of my dick and into her asshole. It was wonderful. Moments later, we collapsed on top of each other.

And that’s how I met my future wife, folks. We became lovers, and stuck together throughout our college days. After I graduated from Roark-Dale College in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in business, I went on to attend UMass-Amherst for my MBA. My sweet Roselyn and I lived together in an apartment off-campus. Life is sweet. Every Black man needs a strong, loving and dedicated Black woman by his side. I found mine, and I hope you can find yours too, my brothers, when the time comes. Peace. I’m out!

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