Built For Sin

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She looked into her husband’s dark eyes, almost black as coal. She knew this look very well. Her husband only became like this when he was mad, very mad. He and Connie had just had another argument about having a baby. The young couple had been trying for the past year, with no success. Connie’s husband, Brad, refused to see a doctor, his pride preventing him from knowing exactly who the blame would be set on. In his mind, Brad was convinced that Connie was the one with the problem, unfortunately, this did set his mind at ease, but it also created alot of unnecessary anger for his wife.

Brad and Connie fell in love in college, both starry eyed young people with the world at their fingertips. The year they graduated, Brad took a job with an engineering company and Connie worked for her father, in his printing shop. The young couple spent the first three years of their marriage completely soaked in marital bliss, no more then a fight or two a year, that was until they decided the time was right for them to start their family.

Connie was a very beautiful woman, at 5’5, 131 lbs, she had the body of a Hollywood porn star. Her tits were perfectly proportioned for her body, a supple C cup cradling them. Her eyes were as blue as the Bermuda waters and her hair was often referred to as strands of honey, gently cupping her angelic face. She had always wanted a large family, and the fact that she could not conceive saddened her so very much.

Brad was a high school jock, earning a college scholarship from his football skills and when he wasn’t throwing the pig skin, he was hard at work developing his career in the engineering field. He too, had always wanted a large family and was eager to get started immediately, but respected Connie’s wishes to wait a few years. Little did he know that this was not meant to be.

“I just don’t understand why you won’t go to the doctor, it’s a simple little test, Brad,” said Connie, as they both hurried through the house, preparing to leave for work.

“We’ve been over this so many times. I told you, it’s not me, it has to be you,” he snapped back, adjusting his tie and grabbing his briefcase.

“Yes, Brad, everything is my fault,” she snapped back, rolling her eyes at him and leaving for the day.

Brad stayed back for a few minutes, mumbling to himself and taking a few last sips of his coffee, which by now, had become cold as ice.

“Figures,” he said, “First, my wife can’t get pregnant and now I can’t even have a decent cup of coffee.”

He poured it down the sink drain and left for work himself.

“What’s wrong, babygirl?” asked Dave, Connie’s father, as she walked into the backroom of the printing shop.

“Oh, Daddy, everything’s so messed up,” she whined, plopping down in his oversized, well used leather office chair, “Brad thinks it’s ALL my fault that we can’t conceive, he totally refuses to even go get checked out.”

Normally Dave didn’t get involved in his children’s personal lives, but it pained him greatly to see his only daughter going through so much mental anguish.

“Would you like me to talk to him?” asked Dave, giving his daughter a very sincere glance.

“No, Daddy, but thank you. This is our problem and we’ll have to find a way to fix it,” she said, choking back her tears of humiliation.

As the work day dragged on, Connie became more and more preoccupied with thoughts of trying to figure out how to get Brad to see the doctor. Although she had already tried everyone’s suggestions, Connie knew in her heart there had to be a way to give Brad a child.

“We close in 15 minutes, babygirl, why don’t you just head home?” said Dave.

“If it’s all the same to you, Daddy, I’d like to stay here a little while longer,” Connie said, “I’m not really in that big of a hurry to go home.”

Dave nodded his head and went out front to put up the “Closed” sign. After turning out all the lights in the front of the store, he returned to the backroom, finding Connie still sitting in that same oversized, leather office chair that she had started her day in, just hours before.

He stared at her, for a moment, remembering that she had that same pouty, disappointed look when she was a little girl, usually because she was denied something she wanted very badly. Back then, Dave would always do whatever it took to make his daughter happy. He figured why should now be any different? He took a deep breath, and slowly approached her.

“Come Gümüşhane Escort here, babygirl,” he said, almost in a whisper.

Connie stood up slowly, and walked to her father, “Yes, Daddy?”

Dave stared at her for a few more minutes, then, without a word, he leaned in and kissed her softly on her lips.

Connie broke the kiss immediately, “Daddy, what are you doing?”

“Giving you what you want, babygirl,” he said, pulling her closer to him and giving her another soft, passionate kiss on her lips.

Although Connie was visibly confused, she did not pull away this time. In fact, she wrapped her arms around her father’s thick waist and pressed her lips harder to his. She felt her nipples rise and her stomach began tingling.

Dave gently pressed his already rock hard cock towards his daughter. He kissed her a bit harder, too, and moaned as her tits pressed into his chest.

He slowly began walking backwards, still kissing his daughter wildly. Finally, Connie’s heels met the legs of the old wooden desk. Dave broke the kiss and gazed into his daughter’s gorgeous blue eyes. And still, without a word, he brought his trembling fingers up to her blouse, slowly releasing each shiny button, until finally, his daughter’s tits were exposed. True, they were hidden behind a sexy, red lace bra, Dave could still make out the contours of Connie’s tits.

He leaned in and kissed her softly on her creamy white neck, as her blouse slid from her shoulders, and onto the blue tile floor beneath her. He gently nibbled and sucked her earlobe, almost causing her earrings to drop onto his tongue. He reached down and slid the straps of his daughter’s bra down, pulling it well below her heavy tits, completely exposing her naked nipples.

Connie’s mind was spinning, and although she knew this was wrong, she never wanted this to stop. She had fantasized about this very moment, many many times while alone in her bedroom, as a child. Their lips met again and Connie slid her slender fingers inside her father’s waistband, gently releasing the cold, tan button that held his dress slacks on, then pulling the zipper down, causing his pants to slide down to his feet.

She took a moment and looked down, totally shocked that her father wasn’t wearing anything beneath his dress slacks. His cock was mighty and thick, decorated with pulsating blue and purple and red veins, complete with a glossy coat of pre cum bubbling on his cock tip.

Connie’s mouth began to water and low, slutty groans were already escaping from her lips.

Dave quickly slid his daughter’s skirt down, admiring her sexy, red lace matching thong. It was completely see through and he could see right away that his daughter’s pussy was bald as a newborn baby. At 25 years old, Connie definitely had a body built for sin.

He kissed her again, this time both father and daughter, made their way to the floor, with Dave comfortably hovering over Connie, propped up by his strong hands and knuckles.

“Slide your panties off,” he whispered, “Or at least to the side so Daddy can penetrate you.”

Connie locked her eyes on her father, instanly obeying his simple request. She raised her hips and slid the moist panties down to her ankles, allowing her legs just enough room to spread to get the fucking of her life.

“Damn, you’re sexy, babygirl,” he whispered, admiring his daughter’s sexy little cunt.

He couldn’t let THIS opportunity slip past him. He slid backwards and plopped down, positioning himself between Connie’s spread legs. He could smell her lust and small beads of pussy juice had already found their home on her luscious cunt lips.

Dave lowered his mouth and slowly slithered his tongue outwards, pressing the tip to his daughter’s engored clit. He placed his hands on her thighs and gently pushed her legs open, as wide as they’d go. He sucked her clit into his steamy mouth, gently biting down, causing Connie to squirt onto her father’s tongue. He pressed the tip of his nose to her pussy and shoved his tongue deep into her relaxed, but extremely sloppy wet cunt. He darted his thick, warm muscle deep inside her pussy, wiggling it around and then back out. He watched his daughter moan and squirm, often arching her back and slamming her aching pussy directly into his face.

Connie began chanting her father’s name, begging him to make her cum.

During her state of total abandon, she let it slip that she had Gümüşhane Escort Bayan always wanted her Daddy’s tongue and cock inside her pussy.

Dave became completely lust driven, after his daughter’s confession. He was like a man possessed. He lapped up her cunt juices as quickly as they fell, resting on her swollen cunt lips. He drove two fingers deep into his daughter’s asshole, both finger banging her and sucking her off, all in perfect rhythm.

Connie’s hips bucked and her eyes nearly rolled from their sockets. She gripped her long nails into her father’s scalp, riding his face as though it were a well trained horse. Her breaths mocked those of a marathon runner and her mind was lost in the notion that her father was both finger banging her virgin asshole and sucking her clit so hard, she felt as though he’d suck it right from her body.

“Daddy!! Daddy!!!” she chanted, “Oh, God, Daddy, don’t stop, make me cum!!! Oh, Daddy, please …. please ….. make me cum!!!”

Within minutes, Connie got her wish. Her body had completely let go and a sudden rush of euphoria claimed her body. She was writhing around, chanting and groaning, completely overtaken by this monstrous orgasm.

Dave lapped up all his daughter’s juices, moaning directly into her pussy, instantly sending chills throughout her ravaged body. Slowly, he slid his fingers from her asshole and reached up, rubbing her ass juice onto her perky nipples. His face was shiny, comparable only to the last glazed donut found in a police station.

Connie laid there, momentarily, motionless and thoughtless. Her body was trembling and her heart was beating so fast, she felt as though she’d faint at any moment. Dave knew this was the time to move in, so, without hesitation, he slid up his daughter’s naked body and positioned himself to fuck her.

He propped himself up on his knuckles, again and hovered over her, watching her still trying desperately to catch her breath. He gave a wicked grin and slowly pushed the head of his thick dick past his daughter’s pussy rim, making her cunt take all eight inches of his cock.

He groaned very loudly once the heat of his daughter’s pussy began kissing his shaft. Her walls closed in on the veins that were now pounding in his cock. She was so warm, so tight and oh so wet. Dave had never felt a pussy that ever felt this good, so good, he never wanted his dick to leave it.

Connie looked up to find her father gazing down at her, both lovingly and sinfully. She whimpered as the last two inches of his dick slithered inside her, forcing her cunt to open just a bit further.

“Daddy’s here, babygirl, and he’s gonna make everything better for you,” whispered Dave, gently beginning to thrust, “I’m gonna knock you up, Connie, it’ll be our little secret.”

Connie’s eyes widened, but she offered no argument, her body was too far gone into the zone of being Daddy’s slut, she really didn’t care what his reasons were. She whimpered a bit more and arched her back, instantly thrusting her heavy, sexy size C tits into her father’s face. Her long legs slithered around his naked hips, locking his body to hers. Dave began to thrust deeper, feeling his daughter’s cunt open wider each time.

“Oh, God, babygirl, your mother’s cunt NEVER felt this good,” groaned Dave.

Connie again locked her eyes on her father. She cupped her full tits and squeezed them together, knowing what a fetish her father had for tits, and she was right, this did drive him harder. He began pumping further into his daughter’s cunt, slamming his cock tip into her womb, causing her to whimper loudly each time. His balls were full and were beginning to ache, he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep this up for too long.

“You wanna have Daddy’s baby? Huh?” he hissed, giving his daughter both a mean look and a sensual look, almost like a man possessed.

“Yes, Daddy, yes, I wanna have lots of your babies. Knock me up, Daddy!!! Please, please, I’m begging you!!!” she chanted, squeezing her large tits tighter together.

“Mmmm, I’ll make you have lots of MY babies, little girl, I’ll keep you knocked up,” he said, trying himself to catch his breath.

Just then, Connie locked her legs around her father’s naked body and flipped him over.

Dave, obviously very surprised at this maneuver, was now on his back and at the mercy of his lust soaked offspring.

Connie immediately stuffed her Daddy’s big Escort Gümüşhane thick meat rod back into her sloppy wet fuckhole. She sat up, straight as a board, grinding her slutty pussy walls hard around his shaft, squeezing the veins, then releasing. She again, cupped her tits as she began to bounce, riding her father relentlessly.

Dave watched as his daughter’s tits bounced in her hands. He watched the stream of sweat roll down her face and cascade off the tips of her sexy, perfect nipples. Her groans echoed through the small printing shop, and Dave knew, his daughter’s cunt was the only one he ever wanted to be in again.

He grabbed her hips and forced her to grind harder. He egged her on with names such as, “Bitch” and “Whore” reminding her that only nasty sluts fuck their Daddys. Connie growled and sneered, coming back with her own nasty retorts, reminding her Daddy that only dirty old men fuck their daughters.

Both Connie and Dave, were on the verge of their mind blowing climaxes.

He dug his fingertips into the sweaty flesh of his daughter’s hips, while he bucked his own hips upwards, driving his dick, balls deep into her sloppy wet pussy.

Connie arched her back and brought her feet forward, bending her legs, thus giving her more power to fuck the shit out of the man that had given her life, just 25 years earlier.

“Fuck, Daddy’s gonna cum in you, babygirl,” he growled, slamming her body down, with force, each time her cunt slid back down his angry, thick pole.

“Give it to me!!!” she yelled, “Make me pregnant, Daddy!!!”

“Ahhhh ……… Ahhhhh ……. Unnnggghhhh,” he panted, “Here it cums, baby!!!” he hollered, bucking his hips upwards and releasing his thick, creamy sexy seed into his daughter’s awaiting cunt.

The rush of the warm liquid and the sheer notion that it was her own father fucking her, was enough to send Connie completely over the edge.

She groaned and panted, slamming her Daddy’s dick into her, causing his cock tip to french kiss her womb.


With her mouth, gaping wide open and her nipples so hard they could easily be plucked from her skin, Connie readily took every drop of her father’s seed, welcoming it completely into her body.

She fell forward, slamming her huge tits into her father’s chest and pressing her cherry red lips to his, again.

For several minutes, the father and daughter kissed, pawing at each other.

Then, slowly, Connie began moving upwards, gently pushing her father’s cock from its shackles. She looked at the clock, almost 6:30, she needed to get home to Brad.

So, after a few more kisses and each other’s promise to keep this a secret, Connie headed home.

For the next two months, neither Connie, nor Dave, spoke of that night. Instead, they exchanged playful giggles, winks and nudges, often raising an eyebrow or two among the customers.

One morning, Connie stood in her bathroom, nervously watching the stick for a simple plus or negative sign. She had gotten up an hour early. She didn’t want Brad to know that she was taking the pregnancy test, just in case it was negative. Within the allotted five minutes, Connie’s eyes flooded with tears as she gazed at the very prominent plus sign, indicating that she was going to have a baby.

She grabbed the stick and hurriedly rushed into the bedroom, where Brad was still lying, snoring and dead to the world.

“Brad!!! Brad!!! Wake up!!!” she screamed, hopping up onto the bed, then onto him.

“What?” he said, lifting his head and trying to adjust his eyes to the sudden intrusion of daylight.

“I’m pregnant!!!!!” she screamed, thrusting the pee soaked stick directly under his nose.

Brad wiped his eyes and slid up, sitting up in bed, looking down at the pregnancy test, “Damn, we finally did it,” he said, smiling and grabbing Connie.

Although Connie was thrilled with the news, she knew in her heart, exactly whose baby this was, and she couldn’t help but smile, knowing that she’d been right along. It was Brad that was having the problem, not her.

For the next seven months, Connie and Brad built the baby’s nursery, kept the doctor’s appointments and bought enough clothes to open their own department store.

Dave was there the day his son/grandson, John, made his entrance into the world. He held his daughter’s hand, knowing in his mind, this was his son. He congratulated Brad on “becoming a father,” kissed his daughter’s sweaty forehead and promptly left the hospital.

Neither Connie, nor Dave, ever spoke of the incident or of him being the father, but they both knew they would forever share this bond, a bond that goes way deeper then father and daughter.

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