Butt Fucked

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Brian loved to fuck his wife Sandy in the ass. He much preferred it to vaginal sex. He had always enjoyed anal sex. Giving, not receiving. He remembered even when he was twenty; he use to bully his eighteen and nineteen year old brothers into letting him fuck them in the ass.

His wife Sandy preferred vaginal sex but could hardly feel Brian’s four inch, pencil-dicked cock in her cunt. At least she could feel it in her ass which was some consolation.

Brian was not what you would call a considerate lover. He would butt fuck his wife without foreplay, cum as quickly as possible, (usually in about two or three minutes) and then roll over and go to sleep, completely ignoring her needs.

Sandy had resigned herself to this and usually masturbated to relieve herself while Brian slept obliviously beside her.

She was a virgin when they married seven years ago and had no idea what she was missing. She would often wonder what her girlfriends were talking about when they would discuss their sexual escapades.

She would just lie and tell her friends everything was fine with her sex life.

One evening during a girl’s night out at one of her girlfriend’s house, her friend put a porno movie on the big screen and the three girls sat back to enjoy the movie.

Sandy’s jaw hit the floor when she saw the huge cock on the black porn star. She couldn’t believe the size and stamina which he exhibited while giving the beautiful white porn star multiple orgasms.

She looked over and noticed her girlfriend had inserted a large dildo into her cunt and was plowing herself ruthlessly while watching the couple fuck on the big screen TV.

Sandy felt a little embarrassed and amazed that her friend could accommodate such a large phallus and the loud moans and groans she made as she came. She had never had an orgasm like that!

Feeling somewhat shocked and more than a little self conscience, Sandy excused herself and went home to contemplate the evening’s events.

As she thought about what her friend had told and shown her and remembered the porn movie, she could feel the anger rising up inside her. She felt deceived and disappointed with her husband. He certainly was less endowed than the average man and showed little or no concern for her pleasure.

Having only experienced her husband, she had no idea what sex could be like, until this evening. She felt hurt. She wanted to hurt him back for lying to her and all the wasted years of lousy sex, thinking only of himself.

She wanted to experience the orgasms her friends and the women in the movie had showed her. She decided to take revenge on her small pricked, selfish husband.

The next weekend she fixed her husband dinner and added some sleeping pills to his evening cocktail. He quickly fell asleep. Wasting no time, she dressed in a provocative black dress that screamed, “Fuck canlı bahis me.” It was cut very low in front revealing most of her ample bosom, just above the nipple line, showing a peek of rosy areola. She wore no bra. She liked the way her breasts jiggled under the thin material of the dress.

The bottom of the dress was cut two inches above the knee and rose to mid-thigh when she sat down. She had long shapely legs and encased them in sexy black nylons that were attached to a black lace garter belt which framed her newly shaven pussy. She wore no panties. She slipped on the four inch heels and applied ample makeup to give her a rather trashy look.

She then called a cab and instructed the driver to take her to one of the black bars on the lower side of town. The driver asked her if she was sure she wanted to go there. These bars tended to be a bit rough and a lady could get in real trouble there.

She told the cabbie that she was looking for trouble and to take her there.

“It’s your ass!” The cabbie replied and drove her to a place called the “King of Spades”, a notorious bar where hookers and pimps frequented.

As she entered the bar, she could feel dozens of eyes watching her. There was loud blues music playing and a young blond stripper was bumping and grinding in the faces of three customers sitting close to the stage.

The bar was mostly filled with black men and a few white women, who looked like whores.

She swayed up to the bar and ordered a shot of vodka. The black bartender gave her a knowing smile and told her the first drink was on the house.

After a couple of drinks, a tall, handsome black man who introduced himself as Slade sat down next to her and started complimenting her on her beautiful face and figure. He asked her if she was a stripper or a model.

Sandy liked the looks of this man who was lavishing his attentions on her. She told him she was a married woman with a wimpy husband who could not satisfy her and she was looking for some real action.

Slade smiled and told her she had come to the right place and he could supply all the action she needed.

He then took her by the arm, led her on to the dance floor. She felt light-headed from the three shots of Vodka she had already consumed and melted into his arms as he moved her around the dance floor. She could feel his hard cock pressing up against her as they danced. It felt like a baseball bat against her moist cunt and she was getting hot as his hands cupped her ass causing her cunt to rub against his erect cock.

She finally could stand it no longer. “Take me home and fuck me!” She begged.

“My place or yours?” Slade asked.

“My place,” Sandy replied. “I want you to show my worthless husband how a real man satisfies a woman.”

Sandy sucked Slade’s cock as they drove to her house. She was delighted to feel his bahis siteleri ten inch cock in her mouth. It was so big around, her lips could barely stretch around it, but somehow she managed to take his manhood deep in her throat.

Brian was still sleeping when they entered the house. They didn’t even try to be discreet. He was awoken by their loud laughter. He couldn’t believe his ears. It was Sandy and she sounded drunk and she wasn’t alone. He could hear a man’s voice saying, “Get those clothes of baby, I have been dying to see that pretty white ass all night!”

Brian, still groggy from the sleeping pills, staggered toward the noise in the front room. As his eyes focused, he was shocked to see his half naked wife locked in the embrace of a big black man.

“Sandy,” He gasped, “What in the hell is going on here and who is this black son of a bitch?”

Wrong question. Slade quickly strode over to where Brian was standing and started bitch slapping him until Brian was knocked of f his feet.

“Stay down wimp or I will slap you some more. I hit men, but you are just a sissy wimp so you get bitched slapped.

Sandy was turned on seeing her husband being treated this way. She encouraged Slade to continue. “That’s right Slade, slap the sissy, show him who the real man is now and how you have taken me away from him. Let’s make him watch us fuck. Maybe he can learn something, but I doubt it. He still has that tiny penis that can never satisfy any woman!”

Brian couldn’t believe what his wife was saying. He was afraid of Slade and stayed down on the floor on his knees.

“Strip,” Said Slade. “Let’s see just how small it is.”

Brian felt totally humiliated. He had been bitch slapped into submission by a black man who was about to fuck his wife right in front of him. His wife had belittled him and was about to make him a cuckold, and now this stranger was ordering him to strip naked.

He was afraid to disobey this strong, young black man so he slowly began to take off his clothes.

“Faster bitch!” Slade commanded, “We don’t have all night, and how about a little bump and grind while you are doing it, sissy bitch!”

Brian made an awkward attempt to dance while hurrying to get out of his clothes.

Sandy laughed at his clumsy attempt to strip and chided him by saying, “My little sissy can’t do anything right, can you?”

Brian blushed red as he stood naked before them.

“You call that a dick?” Slade laughed, “My nine year old nephew has more than you do. It looks more like a clit to me!”

Sandy and Slade laughed at Brian and then started up the stairs to the bedroom.

“Come on cucky,” Sandy said, “You don’t want to miss this.”

Brian watched helplessly and Slade stripped his wife naked and the removed his clothes. He was built like a professional athlete and was hung like a porn star. bahis şirketleri He had ten hard inches pointing right at his wife’s bare pussy.

“Get over here wimp and guide my cock into your wife’s cunt!” Slade order Brian.

Brian, with tears running down his cheeks took the huge black cock in one hand, and with the other hand, opened the glistening labia of his wife’s pussy. He could see that she was wet and ready.

He watched Slade’s cock disappear into his wife’s cunt and heard her moan with pleasure as Slade penetrated her.

They fucked for at least an hour. Sandy had multiple orgasms. Slade’s stamina was incredible. Finally Slade started to cum.

“Oh yes!” Sandy said. “Shoot it in me. Fill my white married pussy with your black seed! Give me all you got, please give it to me!”

Brian started crying as he watched the black man cum in his wife’s pussy. He knew he had lost her and nothing would ever be the same.

After Slade came, he held Sandy in his arms and kissed her tenderly. “Well, how did you like that sissy” He chided Brian. “I think it’s time you cleaned us up. First, lick your wife’s pussy juice off my cock, then you can suck my cum out of you wife’s pussy.

Reluctantly Brian followed Slade’s instructions. He had never tasted a man’s cock before. He licked the huge, black dick clean and then noticed that his oral administrations had made Slade hard again.

“Now look what you did, you sissy cuck!” Slade scolded the humiliated husband. “Well, you start sucking my cum from your wife’s pussy while I fuck you in the ass.”

“No, please, not that, anything but that!” Brian begged.

“Come on honey,” Sandy replied. “You like anal sex, don’t you? Well I think it’s time you got a taste of your own medicine. Give it to him Slade, show him what an ass fucking really feels like!”

Brian’s objections were muffled by Sandy’s cunt pressed tightly against his mouth as he was forced to suck Slade’s cum from her.

He could feel Slade spitting on his anus and then probe it with his finger. “Oh yeah, you got a nice tight little ass pussy back here, this is going to be fun!” Slade said mockingly.

Suddenly Brian could feel Slade’s huge cock enter his rectum. He felt he was being torn apart. He screamed in pain but Slade kept pushing his cock further and further inside him.

After a few painful minutes, Brian’s ass started to relax and accommodate the large cock that was violating it. It even began to feel good! He could feel his own hard cock which was rubbing against the sheets start to cum.

Sandy was beginning to reach her orgasm from Brian’s oral manipulations and the thought that her selfish wimp husband was getting his just rewards.

Slade started to respond from the tight grip of Brian’s ass around his big cock.

Then it happened, Sandy, Brian and Slade all started to cum at the same time. The room was filled with moaning, groaning and screams.

Finally they all collapsed together, spent and exhausted. They all knew that nothing would ever be the same again. Their lives had changed forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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