Butterflies Ch. 01

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Amanda rose from her seat on the couch and stretched her curvy frame for another piece of pizza. She nearly fell on Jenna whose athletic 5’9″ body was sprawled across the floor reading the Cosmo quiz to the four sorority sisters.

“Okay, next question: ‘Your lover suggests watching a porno movie instead of foreplay…”

“Oh my God,” broke in Marci with a giggle, “Tom’s brothers were showing those one night, I wanted to watch, but I couldn’t get up the nerve to suggest it.”

Amanda flopped back to the couch and laughed, “Yeah, that’s just what you want to do, watch porn at a TKE fraternity house!” (she pronounced it ‘teak’) They all laughed and Marci turned red.

“So, Marci, I’ll put you down for (A) Agree to it,” chuckled Jenna, “I’m an (A) too, the other choices are (B) you are against pornography or (C) you pull out an x-rated video from your own collection’?”

“Shouldn’t you put down (C) for yourself Jenna?” Susan, her roommate, says with a smirk!

“I don’t own any porno movies!!!” Jenna rebuked with mock indignation, “I just rented that one, just to see!” They all laughed and said they would probably be “A’s.”

“Question 6: Your friend has been sleeping around, you think your pal is … “

They all scream “Jenna” in unison and break into uncontrollable giggles.

“I don’t sleep around!” Jenna giggles and hides her face in her hands “well, just that one night after I dumped Bill, and then only with that one guy…and he was SO hot!!” Lifting her head and trying to be serious while they laugh she says “I take it the answer is (A) Liberated? Or (B) Moving too fast and needs to slow down. I know it’s not (C) not someone you can not relate too anymore, because you keep wanting me to tell you all about it again!!!” The girls laugh harder and agree that hearing about it is pretty fun.

“OK, OK” turning the page she brings them back to the task at hand “Your lover suggests incorporating some toys into your foreplay… you (A) agree to start with a small vibrator, (B) tell him you don’t do that kinky stuff, or (C) pull out your box of gadgets and say ‘I thought you’d never ask’?”

“Well this time your answer has to be (C)!!” squeals Susan, “I’ve seen your box of toys!!”

Jenna, clearly a little embarrassed says quietly “They’re not for sharing with my lover, they’re for when I don’t have a lover!”

Susan digs at her again “and when is that?” They all laugh as Jenna rolls on her back hiding her face in the magazine. “I’m not that much of a slut! I’ve only done it with 4 guys, ever!!” This brought more laughter and cries of disbelief.

“Wait” says Marci, trying to stop giggling “you have a box of toys? Like what? Do you really use them?” It was clear she was interested and was comfortable enough with her friends to be unabashed with her questions.

“She has a bunch!!” Susan answered enthusiastically before Jenna could stop laughing.

“And how do you know!?!?” Jenna and Marci cried in unison. This brought more squeals and giggles, and Susan grabbed a blanket from the bed to hide under.

“I thought the box had moved a couple of times!” Jenna accused, “I hope you washed them when you were done” her voice rising in surprise as the gears turned in her blonde head.

“Both of you have tried these things?!? What do you have? Do they really work? I always figured they’d be hard and cold and not feel very good?” The questions poured out of Marci.

“They warm up quickly with body heat, if you know what I mean.” Jenna had lowered her voice to a conspiratorial tone, “And believe me, they feel” she finished with a husky whisper “so good.” As she hugged herself and rolled on her back.

“Why are you so interested Marci, doesn’t Tom keep you pretty well fed, so to speak?” Susan emerged from the blanket, much less embarrassed now that she could shift the conversation to someone else’s sex life.

“You guys!!! Tom is fine, it’s just that, well, you can’t tell anyone” Marci’s voice was a softer whisper now, and the girls were less giggly “sometimes, Tom’s just, well, a little too enthused ahead of me?” She bit her lower lip looking around from friend to friend to see if they got her meaning.

“So he’s leaving you high and dry?” Jenna rolled back to her stomach and looked at Marci with the kind of concern only friends of many years can have.

“Well definitely not dry…” giggled Marci, “sometimes I’m so turned on I’m wet all night long, I’ve been taking matters into my own hands then. Sometimes he’s really good though, but sometimes I just wish he could slow down.”

“I wouldn’t put up with that, he would have to make me come, or no more nookie” Susan said with force.

“Oh, and your current boyfriend satisfies you so well that you steal my toys?” Jenna retorted before Marci felt like she had to defend herself. “Oh yeah, that’s right, you don’t have a boyfriend right now…” she completed.

“Well, neither do you” said Jenna and stuck out her tongue. Both erupted into giggles.

“So you all masturbate? Regularly?” Amanda blushed red like only true redheads can. There was a short silence, the other three blushed a little too and nodded their heads.

“It’s not that unusual,” Jenna tried to sound matter of fact, “I read in my psych book that all guys canlı bahis do it all the time, and most women do it sometimes. Some women even do it as much as guys!” She finished with a nod. “Do you mean to tell me you’ve never fiddled the diddle?”

Amanda bent at the waist to hide her head in her lap, a muffled “well, sometimes, but I was always told it was bad. I figured you didn’t need to since you have Tom,” she looked up at Marci, then turned to Susan “and you have had boyfriends up until this year” and they all looked at Jenna as Amanda said “and, well, Jenna, I just figured you’d get it from whichever boy was drooling around you this week.”

Susan responded quickly, “yeah, I had boyfriends but none of them were serious enough to go all the way with. I’d get soooo hot making out with them though, so I ‘took matters into my own hands’ to quote someone else.”

“I started touching myself when Tom and I first went out. We’d make out for so long, and I’d be so turned on that I couldn’t sleep until I finished myself… Of course basically nothing’s changed since we do it, I still have to finish myself off” sighed Marci.

Amanda had her mouth open, realizing that her long time roommate had been masturbating regularly. “Do you mean you do it right here? When I’m in the room?”

Marci was not sure how to answer, she didn’t want to upset Amanda, who had been raised in a strict evangelical religion, “well…yeah. But only if you were asleep” she finished quickly. Not wanting to explore this topic any more she quickly turned to Jenna “So what kinds of toys are there? What do they look like?” and even Amanda was distracted by this tack.

“You want me to go get them?” Jenna volunteered. There was a moment of silence and Susan said simply “Of course they do, but they won’t admit it.”

Marci spoke up and said “If it’s OK with everyone else.” They all turned to look at Amanda whose face was now at least as red as her hair.

“It’s fine with me” Amanda’s wavering voice gave away that she was not as cool as she was pretending, but not even Marci could tell that the wavering was an excitement she felt in the pit of her stomach, not reluctance, but the butterflies of naughty excitement.

“Wait, hide the beer before we open door, if Mrs. Denniger sees it, were fucked” warned Susan.

“If Mrs. Denniger sees my box of toys, we won’t be fucked!” laughed Jenna who helped hide the beer “so be sure open the door quickly when I come back!”

Jenna’s trip was quick and she came back with her box partly hidden under two more Cosmo magazines. She opened the box and there was an assortment of vibrators of various sizes. The room grew quiet, even Susan was just watching as Jenna began to take them out and line them up on the magazines.

“This is just your classic vibrator. They sell this at Spencer Gifts in the mall and it is the first one I bought.” She explained holding up a white, hard plastic vibrator. It was about 6″ long, shaped like a “rocket”, and had a knob at the base to control the speed. She turned it on and it made a loud buzzing noise, “It’s not very quiet though, good thing Susan sleeps so soundly!” she winked as Susan, who snorted and replied “good thing you do too!” The both laughed.

“I bought this one second,” she said holding up a pink one about 4-5″ long with a gentle curve, like a big crooked finger. “It’s probably my favorite. It’s softer than that one, a little quieter, and the curve let’s you do delicious things,” her eyebrows raised and she licked her lips.

Before she could introduce and describe the more anatomically correct ones (including one that must have been 9″ long and had big veins), Marci pointed to a small egg shaped one with a little cord attached to a battery pack “that one is so small what’s it do?”

“It vibrates silly” was Jenna’s haughty response. “It’s more for use outside, on your nubber, it’s too small to really insert. Actually,” she continued, “I like it because it’s small enough to slip in my purse, so I can take it anywhere.” She paused picking up the 9″ life like dildo “this one is great, but just try taking it class with you!!”

“You’ve taken it to class?” Marci’s voice was a combination of genuine shock and intrigued awe. She plunged on “Did you come? How did you do it? Did anyone notice?”

“I didn’t actually use that one in class,” Jenna answered, “I’ve used it in the library though. You would be surprised at how little people pay attention, especially on the 6th floor, in the very back.”

They all laughed in agreement since the 6th floor was a well known make out spot.

“Tom and I did it up there one night,” confessed Marci, “it was so exciting, I was sure we were going to be seen or caught. I didn’t have to take matters up on my own that night, but I practically bit my lip off trying not to make any noise.”

“That one looks like a butterfly, what are the elastic loops for?” Amanda broke in, pointing at the one she described which had a small cord and battery pack too.

“Yeah,” puzzled Susan, “I saw that one, but couldn’t figure out the idea behind the straps.”

“Like the egg, it’s for the nubbin. You put your leg through the straps and it holds it in place.” She lowered her voice “That one you can even use in class.”

“You didn’t!” bahis siteleri exclaimed Susan.

“Which class?” Asked Marci.

Amanda, still slightly flushed, leaned forward eager to hear the details.

“I just got it after Christmas. The description on Good Vibrations said you could discretely wear it under your clothes. So during the second week of class I put it on under a blue jeans skirt and a pair of lacy panties. I wore it to my history lecture. I sat in the back corner and spread my coat and books out so no one would sit near me. I had the control in my purse right next to me so I could turn it on and off. When the lecture started, I put it on the lowest setting and tried to look like I was taking notes. Really I was imagining the hot guy four rows ahead of me. I started to get so turned on, I was getting wet, so I turned off vibrator. But even the thought of it made get hornier. I turned it back on and set it a little higher. After another minute, I turned it a little higher still. I realized I was getting close to finishing, so I tried turning it off again, but I was soooo horny. I turned it on even higher, and started to come. I grabbed the desk with both hands, and I guess I was rocking my hips a little because I kept having to move back in the seat to keep from falling out. When I came, I fought so hard to control it, but that only made more intense,” she looked at Marci at that point who nodded in agreement having a similar experience in the library.

“I came pretty hard, and then slumped into the chair. I tried to reach for the control, but it had fallen out of my purse. With it still vibrating, and me now so sensitive, I was coming again before I could reach the control. Again, I grabbed the desk and I’m sure that this time I moaned some, because people started glancing back at me. I came a third time, right on top of the second one, before I could get the control and turn it off. My whole body tingled and I could feel my juices running down my crack. I just sat for the last 20 min of class and tried to relax. When I got up, I realized there was a wet spot on my skirt. Good thing I had a long coat. I thought I was busted when a guy a row in front of me said ‘I hate when I do that.’ But it turned out he thought I had hit my funny bone!”

The three other girls were entranced by her story. Amanda had slid off the couch and picked up the butterfly and was looking at it.

Susan broke the brief silence first “you came three times in old man Formasso’s history class!?! He probably hasn’t been within 100 feet of a woman coming three whole times in his life!” The girls all broke into laughter.

“The butterfly is good too for when you are alone, it can hold it on your nub, while you slide one of these” she held up one of the large anatomicals, “in and out. It frees up your hands to attend to other things.”

“Wow, I never thought of using two of them at once.” Susan was practically licking her lips.

“I can’t believe you came in the library and in a big lecture hall,” Marci’s awe and amazement made it clear she was actually turned on by the story. “Have you tried them anywhere else?”

“You mean you have never squeezed your thighs together in class?” asked an amazed Jenna.

“Well, not in a while,” snickered Marci, “but yeah, I used to do that sometimes, especially in high school!” They all laughed in agreement, “I used to think I was the only one who did that. I felt so naughty once when my panties were wet at the end of the day. I think I had even had a small orgasm during class once, but never one that would leave a wet spot on my skirt or cause me to moan out loud!!”

“OK, one time, I was at band camp” they all started to laugh thinking Susan was quoting from the movie, “No really, I was!” she insisted through her own laugh. “We were in rehearsal and there was this really hot guy that I’d been drooling over all week. It had been a cool morning so I had on sweat pants. I played Cello, and was in the back. The other Cellist had gone home sick, so it was only me sitting on that side in the back row. The Cello is really so erotic, you sit with your legs spread wide open and this large instrument rests between them. The conductor was working with the trombones, and so I was just sitting there, letting my mind and eyes wander over the trumpet player a row in front of me. I just slipped my fingers down my sweat pants and began to stroke myself. At first just slowly, over my panties. Then, I slipped my fingers under my panties and found my clit. I just sat there, fingering my clit, with my bow in my lap. All of a sudden, I was so damp and I was coming! I managed to keep myself in my chair by holding onto the Cello. I was so embarrassed, I was sure everyone had heard me moan or something, but the trombones were loud enough they hadn’t. I never even thought to look for wet spot, and when we left, my friend said ‘you must have sat in something, your butt’s a little wet.’ I almost died on the spot. I only managed to do that once more, and I was so nervous that it wasn’t that good.”

“Last year, at the end of spring semester, Tom and I went to that big party at the TKE house?” Started Marci, “We made out some and stuff, but we didn’t get to do it since there were so many people and one of his roommates was in the room bahis şirketleri puking.”

“How Romantic!” interrupted Susan, with dripping sarcasm. “So did you diddle yourself in the TKE house?”

“NO!” Marci cut her off forcefully, “The next day, riding home with my folks, I was just getting hornier and hornier. When my folks stopped at a rest stop, I told them I didn’t need to go and that I just wanted to keep sleeping. I wasn’t wearing a bra, since it was so hot, and I only had on my house shorts and a thong I had worn the night before. When they left, I slid one hand up my shirt and the other down my pants. I love it when Tom plays with my” she gently tapped her chest, “so I was imagining him doing that. I got my thong pulled to the side and began to slide my finger slowly up and down myself, dipping just a little deeper each time and swirling around at the top — you know. I was getting pretty into it, I’m sure I was rocking my hips, when I saw this guy — he must have been about 26 — standing next to the van. At first I thought he was looking in, but the tinted glass makes it hard for anyone to see in the back. Besides, he was looking toward the front seat, like he was watching something in front of the car.” She paused and looked around “You can’t tell anyone this, if Tom knew he would be so mad.”

They all assured her that no one would know “Besides, what’s the big deal” Susan said, not particularly impressed that there was something naughty.

“Well, I was so turned on that this guy was just outside. I imagined that he was actually watching me and I slid my shirt up to my neck. I pulled my shorts and panties to one side and so my private place was showing too. It was so sexy to think that this guy was just right outside. I slid my fingers around again and within seconds I came so hard. I didn’t worry about it and just moaned out loud. My hips were bucking and everything. I saw the guy smile, and he was just standing there, staring at the front seat. I finally glanced forward and could see him in the rear view mirror: which means he was watching me. Instead of covering myself up — I can’t believe I’m telling you this — I pulled my shorts over further and slid my fingers inside. I just moved them a little and came so hard again. My hand was just dripping and I slid my fingers out and brought them up to my mouth and sucked on them. The whole time I was looking at him in the mirror. I made me feel so good. Cumming the second time, knowing that he could see everything, was so intense. Then my parents came, I pulled my clothes down and he walked away. I can’t believe I told you this. You can’t tell anyone — Tom can’t find out” the last sentences were nearly frantic.

“Don’t worry, even Susan wouldn’t be that mean.” Comforted Jenna.

“Hey, I just shared my Band Camp story,” rejoined Susan, “I don’t want that getting around either!”

“I …” Amanda started then stopped. “I shouldn’t have done this, but … But it was so exciting. If my parents ever found out they would just kill me.”

“You did something naughty” Jenna was truly surprised, not in a mean way, just utterly surprised.

“Yes,” said Amanda gaining some confidence and even pride, “you’ll be surprised.”

“It was last summer, my family went to the Church camp for a month, again, just like every year. I had to work, so I couldn’t go with them. I was at home alone most nights. Jim, one of the salesmen at the company, was explaining over lunch one day how to fix the cable to get premium channels without paying for it. You know my Dad only lets us have the most basic cable, and even that’s only because of the 700 club. I had never thought to try, although as soon as he started explaining how it worked I realized how simple it was.”

“Well, you’re pretty smart about that stuff and all, being a double E major” interrupted Jenna clearly proud of her friend’s ability.

“I went home and pretty soon I was getting all the stations….” She realized, from the puzzled looks on all her friends faces that they had missed the point “that would include the adult stations too…like Playboy Channel … and Midnight Videos” her voice had dropped to a husky whisper. Now she had their attention.

“I didn’t think of that myself, I just sat down to watch a movie with dinner. After the movie was over, I got myself ready for bed. It was hot, and you know my Dad doesn’t approve of air conditioning” she said with disappointment, “so I usually don’t wear much: just a light nighty and panties. I figured I’d just watch some TV until I started to fall asleep and then go to bed. I was flipping through the channels and stumbled across the playboy channel. What was on wasn’t that interesting, just women walking around and posing naked and stuff. But it caught my attention. I grabbed the TV guide to see what channel it was. That’s when I noticed the Midnight Videos channel too, so I switched to that. In the scene that came on a naked woman was kneeling on the ground in front of this guy with his…you know…his penis in her mouth.” She paused here, and licked her lips, “I’ve never seen one in real life, but this one was huge. I couldn’t believe she could do that. I just sat there at first watching. I could feel myself start to tingle though. When they changed, and he started using his mouth on her, I laid back on the couch. I didn’t even think about it. I just slid my panties right off. I still had my nighty on, but that material is so thin, it was like being naked.” She sighed, getting lost in her own story.

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