Camping and First Time Giving Head

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Just a (short!) fictional story about two guys discovering that they can satisfy each others needs. I’ve always enjoyed being in the woods – camping, hiking, whatever. Such a great place to relax and unwind! It therefore seems only natural to me that it would be a fantastic place for sexual encounters!

Greg and I went camping this week, heading for a favorite spot of ours on the Appalachian trail. We met up at the trail head, managing to arrive only five minutes apart. That in and of itself was surprising, as it had been a bit of a lazy Saturday and both of us had left a later than originally planned. The weather was pleasantly warm, simply perfect for hiking. The old familiar solace of the forest surrounded us immediately and the stress and bustle of the outside world dropped away. We walked together in silence for some time, just enjoying the peaceful sounds of the woods and not wanting to disturb the tranquility and balance of nature around us. Occasionally we’d stop, one of us having spotted a small animal or particularly pretty sight. It felt so good to just walk and be in the woods!

Eventually we found a nice little clearing along the trail and broke camp late in the afternoon. We chatted about the hike in and the things we had seen, about affairs of the camp and the things we wanted to do and see. When the tent was finally in place and the camp pretty much set, we decided to go down to a nearby stream to wash up a bit. Both of us were hungry and looking forward to dinner, so we decided to make it a fairly quick trip.

When we got to the stream, I was first to strip down and jump in. The water was quite chilly and I involuntarily gasped loudly as I went in.

“Warm?” Greg asked, sarcastically.

“Oh, yeah!” I called. “Come on in, its great!”

Greg had in fact just finished taking off his hiking pants and now swept his underwear to the ground in one quick motion. When he popped back up, his cock swung exuberantly out and bounced before settling back down to point at his feet. I had seen him naked before on other trips, and always respected his body. He was tan and toned, strong and well defined. His cock was not huge, but slightly thicker than mine. We were very open with each other and had no insecurities about nudity or sexual topics. I think the fact that we were nearly the same size helped greatly. I know it did for me – I felt much more at ease being naked in front of him knowing that he did not have some monstrous cock that should put mine to shame. Besides, it seemed that we got along very well in general and shared similar view points on many topics. I knew he was a true gentleman, a bit shy around the women, very young at heart, and just an all around nice guy.

My reverie was broken as I realized that I was still staring at his cock and that he had noticed. In fact, he had put his hands on his hips and was staring back at me, with a half smile on his face, as if to say “yeah, you’re busted!”

I immediately flushed with embarrassment and felt that familiar heat rise in my cheeks.

“Well, you coming in or not?” I demanded, a little harsher than I had intended.

“You were staring at my dick,” he countered.

I grew hotter as I realized there was absolutely no way to play this off and he was not going to let me get off easy.

“Nah, I was just looking past you at the..” damn if I didn’t pause too long to think of what it was I could say!

As if it weren’t tough enough to try to get out of this, now I had to blow it by freezing up!

“Aw, shit. Yeah, I was.”

Maybe the honest approach might work. I’ll act like it was no big deal, just a fluke, ha ha now lets get back to life.

“I was just making sure I was still 4 inches bigger than you,” I teased, trying to get that horrible red out of my face.

I was actually proud of myself for being able to divert the conversation, to turn it back on him and get that damn spotlight off me! I am definitely not known for witty repartee, especially when on the spot.

“Four inches my ass!” he said, as he joined me in the water.

“Wow!” he yelled as he surfaced near me. “Holy crap that’s cold!”

“Yeah,” I said, “and it’ll shrink you up even more!”

Greg grinned, then Sakarya Escort grabbed his cock and hefted it up above the water level, standing on his toes to make sure most of it was visible. His grasp forced extra skin forward and made the bulbous head appear even larger.

“Here, I got your shrinkage right here” he teased.

“Don’t make me put you to shame,” I said boldly.

I had a note of teasing in my voice, but it actually surprised me how challenging I sounded. I didn’t mean to! That’s when I realized that I was feeling a little heady. I’m not sure now in retrospect when my demeanor switched from terribly embarrassed to horny, but it happened. I also don’t know how I felt so emboldened to tease like that. It was almost as if I were on autopilot, and it seemed as though deeply submerged feelings and fantasies were beginning to speak and act for me. Perhaps since I had never considered this (much less planned it!), that it made it easier to just function and not think about it. I have a feeling if I did stop to consider what I was doing, and the possible horrible outcome, that I would not have done it. Whatever the reason, I did do it. I think Greg sensed the change in my tone and instinctively knew (or suspected) what it was about. He too dropped his voice a bit, and became a little more serious.

“Oh yeah? You better be able to prove it.”

My pulse quickened and I think my heart actually jumped in my chest. In a surge of adrenaline and nervous tension, I grabbed my own cock. It had certainly been affected by the cold of the water and was barely long enough to show outside my encircling fist.

“Um, alright, you have me beat,” I admitted. “But only for a minute. Lets see how YOU look after a couple of minutes in this water!”

“Yeah, yeah, likely excuse,” he shot back.

He waded over to me, still holding his dick in his hand.

“Oh, no,” I complained, “you have to let go of that thing to let some cold hit it.”

He continued to close the gap between us, until he stood next to me, almost hip to hip.

“Besides,” I continued, “your hand is smaller than mine, so it looks like your cock is bigger!”

“Alright,” he conceded. “You win. Let go of yours.”

I had no idea where we were going and my head was still swimming. Every fiber in my body was screaming to stop this madness, to put an end to it before our friendship was forever jeopardized. But the autopilot drove on, headfirst into the unknown, with me and my consciousness merely a passenger. My right hand slumped to my side and my pitifully limp cock fell free in the cold cold water. No sooner had I let go then he snaked out his left hand. I had a second to register its presence across my bare hip, to feel its warmth as he reached gently around and grasped my soft member. For the second time, my heart missed a beat, then began a fluttering half step before kicking into high gear. I actually had a fleeting thought that I was going to pass out, that I was on sensory overload and my body was going to just shut down. His hand was so warm, so tender, and felt so incredibly wonderful! It had been a while since I had gotten laid and I had completely forgotten how electric the touch of another human being could be, especially that tentative, insecure first touch of a new partner.

I was flooded with emotion – the apprehension, the amazement, the excitement, the stress and nervousness, the feeling of taboos being violated, but mostly just the pure physical pleasure. A combination gasp/groan unintentionally crossed my lips. At once I felt embarrassed at its frankness, at the full admission of the pleasure I felt, of the reckless commitment to the situation. The entire episode might have been reversible if we could play it off as a joke. At least until I let slip that gasp of unadulterated pleasure. In that monosyllable utterance, I had reached the point of no return. I was a goner if he was not feeling the same way I was, as I could no longer play this off as a simple harmless thing. He smiled, probably largely from relief, and almost whispered.

“Does that feel good?” It was a lame question, as he obviously had me fully in his control.

“Yeah,” I whispered back, unable to do anything but Adapazarı Escort stand there, arms to my sides, eyes fluttering shut, and wishing with all my soul that I could do something to keep him from letting go! As if in response, he began to gently massage my now stiffening member. He was doing a “rolling squeeze”, his tightening beginning with thumb an forefinger, then “rolling” down his hand, each finger in turn squeezing me. The effect was wonderful and my cock quickly starting getting hard again. Suddenly Greg pivoted on his left foot, bringing us face to face. My eyes snapped open in panic when I sensed his movement, thinking that he was walking away and that I had just lost a friend in a vulnerable moment of pleasure.

I needn’t have panicked though, as was evidenced in the new sensations I was feeling. When he changed position to stand before me, he was now able to (and had) used both hands to lightly grasp my hard shaft. He now awkwardly slid both hands over me, alternating from one to the other, each grasping loosely around the base of my cock and sliding gently

up and over the head, which was now pointing at his stomach. I was afraid to move, afraid that anything I did might cause him to stop, but I risked a glance down. I couldn’t help it – I needed to see if the sight of this event was as grand as the feeling it was causing. He looked down, too, and we both watched as his hands continued to stroke me. His cock was now as hard as mine, most of it exposed above the waterline, and continuously being bumped by his own hands as he drew them back towards himself. Slowly, tentatively, I reached out for him, cautiously watching his reaction, trying to ascertain if this was okay or not. He licked his lips and his eagerness shown clearly on his face, so I completed the motion, my right hand closing around his penis.

Slowly, almost inaudibly, he sucked in a long breath and I could feel his cock twitch in my hands. His arms bumped against mine in our awkwardness and he paused his motion, his right hand still holding me and his left poised to replace it. I began to slide my hand up the length of his shaft, matching the grip he was using on me. What a surreal moment! I was suddenly touching another mans cock, and I was completely amazed by how it felt in my hand. It was bizarre feeling the cock only through the nerves in my palm and fingers, when I was accustomed to feeling it both through my hand and simultaneously through my penis!

It was fascinating to feel his hardness and his girth and I found that I didn’t want to let go! Instead, I opted to slowly slide my hand back down his shaft, mesmerized by the action. Greg’s idle left hand swung back to his side and now we were stroking each other in a palm-up grip. I smiled as I realize that he was unintentionally squeezing me tighter in response to the sensations my touch was apparently causing him. After a brief moment of this he half stepped, half stumbled backwards towards the bank of the wide stream, pulling my cock with him, forcing me to follow. The movement was made terribly clumsy and very difficult to coordinate because neither of us was willing to let go of the other’s cock. It was as if we were both afraid that parting would be permanent.

When we reached the bank, we were forced to break apart and did so only reluctantly. Greg quickly scrambled up onto the soft grass and I followed, eager to reunite and my mind racing with ideas. He lay down on some of our discarded clothing and immediately sat up to reach out for me. My cock swung heavily left and right as I walked, dipping and bobbing in rhythm with my walk, which was hurried and direct. He smiled as I neared, not tearing his eyes from my raging hard on. He looked as excited as I, his thick cock nearly resting on his stomach as he leaned up to me. Both his hands fluttered up to catch my cock in mid swing. His fingers immediately beginning to dance lightly all over it, shakily attempting to caress every inch of flesh. It was more than I could bear. My knees started to weaken and another moan escaped my lips. Greg sat fully upright now, his face mere inches from my groin. His caresses stopped and he held my dick in both his hands, one on either side of my cock, such that just Serdivan Escort his fingertips touched me. Then he guided me towards his mouth. I felt a welling up in the deepest pit of my stomach, perhaps even my bowels, as his lips pressed against the tip of my penis. His lips were soft and delightfully warm as they encircled the first half inch of me. The fluttering in my stomach unexpectedly morphed into a deep rolling rush of excitement, enveloping my balls, my rectum, and everything in my lower abdomen. It was as if someone had loosed a flock of tiny birds, their weight bearing down on my insides while their beating wings stimulated me to the roots of my sexuality. Never before had such a complete wave of sexual pleasure coursed through me like that and it threatened to drop me to my knees. I did sway forward a bit and Greg took the opportunity to push the pink head of my cock past his lips and into his eager mouth.

As the crown of the swollen head passed his front teeth, I felt his hot tongue on the underside and I could stand no more. I dropped to my knees, my cock sliding violently out of his mouth. He had apparently just applied suction to his mouth, as it kind of “popped” as it slid out. It swung wildly as I flopped down to the grass next to him and rolled to my back.

“Don’t stop,” I managed to squeak out as I did dropped, and he quietly obliged.

He took his time to position himself over me this time, obviously enjoying his new toy and opportunity. He was still visibly shaking (from nerves? cold? both?) and his shoulders shuddered as he lowered himself over me. His hands lie to either side of my hips, his body hovering over my legs in a sort of “push up” position. I parted my legs, giving him room to drop to his knees. Without taking his hands off the ground, he nuzzled up against me, his nose dragging the length of my stiff cock. He drew his face down to my balls, and I could feel the warm skin of his cheek against my inner thigh. My back arched and my hands clenched as he sucked my left nut into his mouth. He had worked up a good bit of saliva and it leaked out and down my scrotum as he gently rolled my nut in his mouth. He then let that fall out and began to swish his tongue across my balls, a little too firmly.

“Ow,” I called out, my voice distant in my own ears.

“Sorry,” he whispered. “Too eager.”

I smiled in response, too caught up to even answer him. He went back to work, much softer this time, gently lapping the broad section of his tongue from between my legs to the base of my cock. He then began

to work his way further each time, sucking on the underside of my shaft as he went. Finally he was back to the head of my penis, which was now liberally lubricating my stomach with precum. Still working without hands, he pressed the tip of my cock to his lips. His tongue flicked against the opening of my urethra, which was interesting, but not overly sexual, so I placed my hands lightly against his neck and gently pulled him toward me, driving my cock slowly into his waiting mouth. I nearly came right then, but somehow managed to refrain.

He attended to me expertly, even though I was later to discover it was his first time. He worked me over, building a powerful orgasm from long, slow, inhumanly tight strokes in and out of his mouth. He applied unbelievable suction that made a slurping noise as air entered his mouth at the top of each stroke. His tongue danced constantly in his mouth, lashing my throbbing cock with its warm wetness. A few times he gently massages my balls while he worked and it was at one of these times that I could hold back no more. I came in torrents, pumping spurt after spurt of hot cum into his mouth, arching my back and tightening every muscle in my body until I was cramped all over. He sputtered once, but took it all in and then licked and sucked me clean. As my cock started to go soft, he regressed to using his hands to massage me, cupping me much the same was as the first time, in the stream. I lay back, exhausted, thrilled, spent, floating in sexual bliss.

“Hey, you’re pretty good,” I said after a long moment. “But I can do better.”

His eyes sparkled as he first stroked me gently in his fist and then rubbed my cock against my stomach with his palm.

“Oh yeah?” he challenged.

“Yeah,” I said, sitting up.

“Well, lets see ya try,” he quipped, still rubbing my softening cock.

He lay back on the ground and I re-adjusted, positioning myself over him very much like he had over me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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