Camping Trip

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It must be 100 degrees outside and the AC just so happens to be nonfunctional- just my luck. I asked you to stop at the next Rest Area so I can wash my face and freshen up. As we arrive to the Rest Area sweat is pouring down my face- I must change clothes. What shall I wear? I think I’ll go for that short see through dress you like so much.

You’re checking the fluids and making sure everything’s okay before we leave. You let me know the air conditioning is working now and tell me it was leaking fluid but it’s fixed now. This should be interesting I think to myself- for some strange reason I have a feeling we’re going to take an off road detour.

With two hours left and no cell coverage one can become very bored…I think I will try to take a nap. I recline my chair and cross my legs out the window. Oh that warm breeze feels nice. Traffic is actually picking up so the breeze is becoming stronger. We’re driving on back roads and it appears desolate. No civilization for another hundred miles or so the sign says.

You see the speed limit is 65 and call it 80- you want to get there already. You are driving so fast and the wind is blowing so hard my dress is flying in my face. I try to fix it but there is no use. I’m apparently becoming cold because my nipples are now erect. They look like little güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri chocolate chips poking out of my dress. This arouses me. I part my legs slightly so the wind can tickle my pussy. The wind gently caresses my clit- I slowly grind my hips in seat. I want it!!!

“Oh my gosh honey???”

“What?” You reply.

“I need to make sure I packed my iPod, can we pull over please?”

You roll your eyes but you pull the truck over. You park away from the road and out of the sun. Still unsure of which way I will seduce you I jump out and open the hitch. I ask you for a hand and you jump out and head around to the back of the truck only to see my ass in the air.

“Mmmmmm, what have we got here?” you say as you slide in underneath me on your back. You’re eating my pussy clean out! I can hear you moaning and smacking and smacking and moaning! I try to dismount but without skipping a beat you grab my hips and pull that pussy closer to your face. You are bathing your entire face in my pussy. Every now and then you tongue my asshole as well. You like to finger my ass while you eat my pussy. I’m about to cum but I don’t want to flood my truck. You fix your entire mouth over my pussy it’s almost as if you were giving my pussy mouth to mouth. The more I grind your face güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the faster you lick. Here it comes. I’m screaming your name- I have to cover my mouth so people don’t think you’re killing me. Once you’ve had you fill you release my hips and allow me to dismount.

I’m just staring at you. You wipe your face and tell me “we’re just getting started!”

You scoot all the way in the back so that you are sitting up and you pull me on top of you. You tell me to reach and grab a seat belt from each end-so I do. You slide your dick inside me. My pussy is warm and wet and tight and all yours! You place both hands on my neck and begin thrusting up inside me. I’m grabbing the seat belts for leverage with each thrust. You move your hands to my hips where you pull me down as you continue to fuck me. You tell me I’m a little temptress and say you going to fuck it out of me.

You begin to slow down. You reach down and finger my asshole as you suck on my nipple. You tell me you have an idea. You tell me to follow you so I do. I try to get up but my knees are weak- you have some good dick! You open the door to the backseat and instruct me to lie with my back on the floor and my legs spread wide open. You close the door and jump in on the front. You climb over the center güvenilir bahis şirketleri console and rest one foot on the floor and the other on the backseat. We’re in the crisscross position.

Your dick finds my tight hole and you pound away. You’re fucking me so deep and so hard. You tell me to rub my clit and I obey. Oh my god that feels fucking nice! I feel you stick two fingers in my ass and I fucking lose it.

“Give it to me!” You demand!

I rub my clit faster and faster. You are alternating between fucking my pussy and finger fucking my ass. Our eyes lock on each other.

“Cum for me! ” you demand. “I know what you want” you say.

You bend the knee of the leg you were standing on and you position it gently on my neck. Oh my fucking gosh. Before I can say anything I cum and cum and cum. I have never had an orgasm like this. You violated each of my holes and restricted my air supply…..unfucking believable!!!

You’re not done yet though. You pick me up, throw me over the backseat and stick it in my ass.

You lean your back against the front seat and put one foot on the backseat and tear my ass up. My pussy is still quivering from a minute ago and all of my muscles are relaxed- even though you’re fucking me hard it doesn’t hurt.

You reach around and begin to rub my clit while you pound my ass. You’re getting close- I can tell.

“Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me!”

You thrust harder and harder until you blow your load inside my asshole. I turn around and look at you. You take a seat on the center console and smoke.

I think we should just camp here!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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