Campsite Sex

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Dave Jones looks pretty average to most people. He has been married for 10 years to a woman he met at work called Elizabeth. He calls her Beth and so does everyone else. Dave and Beth have two daughters aged 8 and 6. Dave works as a financial controller for a local company in the Basingstoke area of Southern England. They have a two bedroom semi-detached house, a mortgage (of course) and two cars. Very ordinary. Very middle England.

For holidays, they sometimes go abroad or sometimes go camping in Cornwall. It depends on Dave’s end of year bonus. Beth works at the kid’s school as a teaching assistant but doesn’t earn much.

Their marriage is a stable one. By that I mean, neither has ever strayed and they get on reasonably well with most of the usual stress being centred on money or the kids. Holidays are something they all look forward to together. Dave and Beth usually find they relax more and feel more in the mood for sex.

Sex is usually a few times a month. Dave will try to initiate it more often than Beth says yes but on the whole he isn’t complaining. At five foot six and very slim, Beth is the envy of most of her friends and the other mums at school. She still has a sexy body although her tits are smaller than Dave would like. No big deal to him though.

In 2007, they take off in the summer for two weeks at a campsite in Cornwall. The first week passes uneventfully but the second week sees a new crowd arrive and one family in particular. Same age as Dave and Beth and also two kids the same ages. His name is Bob and his wife is called Rose. Both of them are well mannered and the kids all seem to hit it off so as each day passes in the second week the two families spend more time together each day and by the middle of the week they are eating Gaziantep Escort together and sitting out in the evenings when the kids are asleep.

Rose gets quite flirty when she is drinking. Beth is comfortable with this and Dave politely plays down her flirtations. Bob seems more interested in talking to Beth.

On the second to last day, Beth has taken off with the kids leaving Dave to himself. He spends the time getting showered in the onsite showering facilities and then decides to tidy up the large tent they are staying in. He finds himself doing this with just a towel wrapped round him.

“Hello” says a voice.

Dave looks round to see Rose entering his tent. Just as he turns round, his towel drops exposing himself to Rose. He fumbles quickly and covers himself but not before Rose gets a good view of his swinging cock. It’s bigger than Rose has ever seen and she is quite startled by it.

“Sorry,” said Dave.

“No, I’m sorry,” replied Rose. “I was errrr…..looking for Beth.”

“She’s taken the girls off to the shops, I’m just tidying up.”

Rose was impressed, “Oh you are good, my slob of a husband is still in bed sleeping off the drink from last night.” The initial shock of Rose surprising Dave subsided and they held conversation for a few moments. Dave couldn’t help but notice Rose’s nipples through her top. Rose was a dress size or two bigger than Beth and her tits were a lot bigger. His cock swelled a little underneath the towel. After another moments small talk Rose left him to finished tidying up promising they could all meet up later when Beth was back and Bob was up and about.

Dave sat down alone in the tent and thought about Rose. His cock hardened but he thought it two risky Gaziantep Escort Bayan to jerk off so he got dressed waited for Beth and the kids. Rose went back to her tent but could only think of Dave. Actually she could only think of Dave’s cock. It was big and it was a while since Bob had paid her much attention.

Later in the day they met up as two families and really made the most of their time together. They knew that the week was coming to an end and they would be parting. The flirting continued but nothing got out of hand.

The next morning, Beth and the girls were sleeping in. Dave got up and made his way over to the shower block. He glanced over to Rose and Bob’s tent. Rose was sitting outside and he called out good morning. She replied the same and smiled but he carried on without stopping.

The showers at this site were a bit worse for wear. Most of the locks were broken and the actual space inside each cubicle was very minimal. Dave was busy showering when he heard someone enter.

“Hello?” he called in a questioning tone. No reply but someone was there. He heard the door close. Then someone pulled the shower cubicle doors open. He looked up through the water running down his face to see Rose. She was naked and smiling. Rose held a finger to a lips signalling for him to keep quiet and then she stepped into the cubicle. It was a tight space with just one in the cubicle but with two in you almost couldn’t move.

“Shhhhhhhh” she said as she shut the doors behind her. Then Rose took his hand and placed it on her tit. He was holding a piece of soap and he rubbed it onto her tit. Then the other tit. Rose moaned quietly and moved her hand down to his cock. They were pressed really close together and Dave Escort Gaziantep loved the feeling of this naked woman so close to him. He had been too preoccupied with her tits to notice how hard he had become. She stroked it and said, “This is what I want.”

There was not time to think. Dave was in a blur as he lost himself in the moment. He kissed her tits and she moaned some more. Still stroking him, their bodies were still pressed together in the tiny shower cubicle. She guided his cock to her bush but it was clear this was never going to work. Then Rose turned round without really losing contact. His cock dragged round her hip and against her arse. Then he bent his knees and she reached between her legs and guided it into herself.

Dave began to fuck. Rose pushed back to accept as much cock as he could give her. She was hungry for it. They both had no choice but to press their bodies together. He still had the soap in his hand and he reached round and rubbed her tits with it. The soap slipped down her body to her bush between her legs. She rubbed his balls with the soap that was dripping down there. The fucking became more forceful. Longer stokes and slightly louder groans. Rose was pressed up against the wall of the shower, her tits squashed on tiles. With several thrusts he shot his load into her. He waited for Rose to pull away but she had nowhere to go and he must have sent four or five spurts into her warm pussy. As soon as he was done, she sighed loudly and turned round, still pressed against him. Again she raised a finger to her mouth to say be quiet. Then she smiled, gave him a quick wet kiss on the lips and left the cubicle.

Dave was left to his own thoughts. It was difficult going back to the tent and acting normal. It was even more difficult making the long drive home, trying to make small talk with Beth when all he could think about was the shower room fuck with Rose. He couldn’t stop thinking about those soapy tits and her hand on his balls.

“I swapped emails with Rose,” said Beth. “It would be nice to keep in touch wouldn’t it…….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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