Canoe Trip Ch. 02

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Tiffany reached their campsite to find it empty. She listened and thought she heard faint noises from the other end of the island that revealed Susan’s whereabouts. Tiffany hung her wet towel on a branch and recalled last evening and the enjoyable time she’d had warming the other woman’s chilled body after her unexpected dunk in the lake. She was pretty sure Susan wasn’t gay, nor was she, really. Yes, drawn to attractive smart women like Susan, but there was no question she liked men as well. And she was pretty sure there was a man not that far away. Maybe watching right now.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a high squeal and a sudden large splash. Tiffany grabbed a big beach towel and started, still naked, toward the sounds. Then she stopped suddenly, seeing the gnarly un-swept ground in front of her bare feet. By the time she’d found her tennis shoes and hauled on her shorts, Susan was entering the clearing, still dripping water from her hair and clothes. She had a big wet grin on her face and a wriggling fish clutched in one hand. The other hand held the fishing pole.

“I was so surprised to snag this puppy, I fell off my perch on the rock. I bet we can make a meal of him.”

“Or her. I’m beginning to think you fall in the water to get a repeat of last night.” Tiffany took the fish and handed the towel over. Susan blushed and said,

“Oh, Tiff, that’s not so.” Then she paused and winked. “Still, whatever works.”


“Are you sure about that? I felt a little hesitation a couple of times, and I don’t think you’ve had a lot of experience. Am I right?” She knelt and unhooked the spinner from the fish that had by now stopped breathing. She laid the fish on a clean flat rock.

Susan looked away and for a moment all was silent. “You’re right, I’m not experienced. I’ve only been with another woman a couple of times. Back in college.” She hesitated again and stooping swiftly, kissed Tiffany’s cheek. “Doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, Tiff. I haven’t had a lot of experience in a lot of things, and I’m getting anxious to get more. Now, however, dry clothes are next.” Susan grinned at nothing and with no apparent embarrassment stripped out of her things and wrapped the big towel around her body, leaving her bosom bare to the waning sun.

“I’m going to fillet this fish down by the lake.” Tiffany smiled to herself, relieved that Susan was okay with everything. She took a wicked looking narrow bladed knife from the izmir escort pack and went off to the edge of the water. Susan put a clothes pin into the top of her towel to hold it together and began to gather twigs and downed branches for a fire.

When Tiffany returned a few minutes later with two nice fish fillets, Susan had gathered a stack of wood. Susan noticed that Tiffany had a little frown on her face. She raised an eyebrow. “I think we’re being watched,” Tiffany said.

“Really? Where?”

“Dunno exactly, but I just get this feeling. I first got it when I came out after my swim. It happens to me sometimes. Don’t you? Like at a party when some guy maybe is eyeballing you and when you catch him there’s a little ding of a connection?”

Susan nodded. “Sure, sometimes. I know what you mean. But usually it’s because the guy is staring at my tits or my cleavage.”

“Isn’t that the same thing?” Tiffany smiled and began to shake out some prepared breading for the fish. “I’m gonna use just a little of this coating and fry ’em in butter.”

“Nummy. I’ll peel a couple of potatoes, from the bag you insisted we bring. I meant my ass cleavage.”


Susan giggled. “I have a couple of really tight low-rider pants I sometimes wear to parties or out dancing. They slip a little to show the top of the crack between my butt cheeks.” She smiled and wrapped two peeled potatoes in foil and stuck them in the glowing embers of the fire.


It was getting dark and the two women finished cleaning the dishes and now sat side by side on a log, staring at the fire. Finally Tiffany stirred and looked at Susan. “I’ve been thinking. My guess is whoever is watching is across the lake, probably camping in that thick grove.” She nodded at the opposite shore. “Maybe we can give him—I’m sure it’s a him—a show from time to time.” Her eyes twinkled in the flickering firelight.

Susan grinned. “So that’s why you dragged this log over here. We got tent, log, fire and open clearing right down to the water. Gives anybody over there a clear view with binocs.” She chuckled and looked out at the dark lake. “This is really nice, you know? I hope we don’t have a problem.”

“Exactly. You catch on quick. My radar tells me he could be watching right now and since I’m ready for bed anyway, I’ll just strip off and get my jammies on out here in full view. Easier than doing it mersin escort in the tent, anyway.”

Susan smirked. “Okay, Tiff. And to string it out, I’ll wait and follow you after a few.”

“Cool.” And so it was. Susan hung their portable gas lantern on a tree branch to one side of the tent so it cast a side-light on the scene. Then she switched on the tiny speaker in the tape player they’d brought to send a little soft rock out to the lake. Tiffany grinned and began to disrobe. Unfortunately she wasn’t wearing much to start with so she was topless in a moment. Her breasts rose and the nipples hardened in the cool night air. Susan grinned and acknowledged the faint stirring inside her.

Tiffany made a teasing production of getting rid of her dark green shorts, but eventually she stood barefoot, wearing only a tiny pair of white cotton panties. Susan clapped softly while Tiffany sashayed around in a small circle, displaying herself to her audience. Her breasts swayed enticingly and she switched her hips with an exaggerated bounce. The critters in the brush offered no applause. Slowly, slowly she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and shimmied them, inch by inch over her hips and then she stopped. The panties were half-way down her smooth thighs, the waistband across the junction of her legs. Susan saw just the hint of the curly brown landing strip at the top of Tiffany’s sex.

When Tiffany saw she’d captured Susan’s rapt attention she stopped swaying and then trailed one hand down her body from nipple to crotch. Two fingers slid beneath the cloth and it was clear to Susan that Tiffany had slid one of those fingers between the lips of her sex. She paused for a beat and then took a wider stance, sliding her feet a little farther apart. She’d positioned herself so the firelight and harder light from the lantern blended and played at shadows and light across her bare belly. Then she bent her hand so the two fingers slid farther into her and the panties slid lower at the same time. When Tiffany straightened , the panties fell to the ground. The woman raised her head so her bosom rose as well and then turned slowly around, presenting her backside to the dark watery audience.

“Bravo. Bravo,” cried Susan. We’ll book you at the nearest gentleman’s club. You’re a hit!”

“Your turn,” grunted Tiffany as she sank to her knees and crawled out of sight into the tent. sakarya escort Susan watched and saw that her friend couldn’t resist offering a little extra wiggle with her bare cheeks as the tent flap fell. Susan had been tipping the wine bottle fairly frequently since supper and she was a little tipsy, too unsteady to dance much, she figured.

She stepped out of the firelight and stumbled toward the lake through the un-cleared bushes. Stopping in the dark she quickly stripped except for her shoes. Then she sauntered back into the firelight, letting the dying flames outline the womanly curves of her body. She stopped midway to the fire, where the light was brightest and slowly sank to kneel on the towel lying there.

Susan paused and took a deep breath, wondering if there really was anyone watching from the other side of the lake. The possibility excited her and her nipples hardened to fine pink points. She flicked them, one after the other with her forefinger. A delicious tremor ran through her body and she shivered.

Her left hand cupped her breast and then she slowly trailed her hand down her flat tummy, across her body to her right hip. She rocked back on her heels and settled her bottom on the towel, half-reclining.

With the fingers of that left hand resting on her hip, she raised her right leg and turned just a little so she was artfully concealing her sex. With infinite gentleness, Susan dragged those fingers, now curling slightly under, across her hip until her hand nestled in her crotch.

Even though a watcher would find it difficult to see in detail from any distance in the uncertain light from the fire, the movement of her hand and the expression that grew on her face made her masturbation obvious. Susan drew her fingers in around and back into her sex, feeling the flow of slippery fluids grow. She dragged some out and onto her thigh so the fluid shone in the light. Her sensitive nostrils registered the musky odor of her desire mixed with the piney forest and her fingers played more urgently in and out of her labia. Abruptly she raised her hand and sucked two fingers into her mouth, tasting her own essential fluid. Back down, her finger movement became more urgent and now her hips started to respond in the age-old motions of sex. Her lips parted and her breathing quickened. Susan came then, climaxing in a powerful, almost stunning instant. A falling humming almost wail issued from her mouth and she bent forward until her forehead touched her upraised knee. Then, buttocks clenched, joints locked, she reached another shuddering orgasm.

For a long moment there was no movement and no sound other than the occasional snap of embers in the fire pit as the last small flames died and darkness descended over the tiny island.

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