Canyon Ridge

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“I don’t think my thighs have ever hurt this bad.” I think to myself looking over my shoulder back at you, seeing you trying to handle the six year old steed. Leaning forward to stroke my beautiful mare’s mane.

“We are nearing the top,” I holler back to you, the distance between us growing further, as the path gets narrow. “Be careful Love, the path up gets really narrow here.”

“Oh my ass hurts, why did I let you make me believe this would be a good idea? I’ve barely ridden a horse before, and now one wrong step and I will paint the side of this canyon.” You holler back at me.

“I promise Love, we are almost there.

Woah, Marley, easy now.” Feeling the mustangs powerful sudden rearing. “Easy girl, what’s got you spooked? Easy, now!” Suddenly my eye catches the slither a few feet from Marley, it’s a Garter snake about two feet long.

“Stay back Love, don’t come any closer.”

“What’s wrong? Baby? What’s wrong?” You yell with a petrified voice as you halt your horse.

“It’s just a Garter, don’t worry I will take care of it.”

“No, leave it. What if you get bitten?”

“I can’t leave it Love, it already has Marley spooked. It’s ok it isn’t poisonous, I’m not afraid; JUST stay back. We can’t pass if I don’t move it.” Blowing you a kiss as I hop off Marley, approaching the snake very slowly from behind. With one quick movement I grab the snake by its head and also by its tapered tail.

Hearing you Gasp as I pick the snake up. Scanning quickly for a safe place to release the snake, I see a huge rock about ten feet off the trail, setting the snake down slowly, jumping back quick as it snaps at my hand, narrowly missing me.

“It won’t bother us again.” Looking up at you still sitting on your horse. “Don’t look at me like that, I was perfectly safe. It wasn’t poisonous.”

“It doesn’t matter, don’t you ever do that to me again. That was dangerous, God woman you almost gave me a heart attack.”

“My Love, you are so damn cute when you are angry. I swear, I was fine. Are you a bit jealous I wasn’t handling your snake?” Asking as I lean against your thigh, reaching up to stroke your snug fitting jeans.

“No, I’m NOT; okay maybe a little.” You say smiling down at my face stroking my cheek. “You just scared me, I don’t like my woman saving my ass, should be the other way around.”

“Aww, Love you can be manly all you want when we reach the top. We need to get moving or we sleep in dirt tonight. We’ve only got a few hours of light left, and these beasts need to be fed and watered soon.” I grab your tee shirt, pulling you down to kiss your lips before walking back to Marley.

“Come now girl, let’s get moving.” I say, giving Marley a gentle heel to her hind leg. “That snake is long gone by now.” Stroking her beautiful mane once more, reassuring her the danger is passed. Looking over my shoulder seeing you trailing close behind.


A half of an hour passing as we reach the summit of the majestic Gaziantep Escort canyon ridge.

“Holy Fuck, my ass hurts.” I say swinging a sore thigh over Marley and climbing down from the saddle. Starting to unpack the gear from her back. Removing the saddle and woolen blanket setting them on the nearest rock. Walking over to you.

“How you doing, Love?”

“I’m dandy though I can’t feel my balls any longer,” You say, throwing your arms around me and pulling me into your chest. “How you feeling, Baby?”

“Ugh my ass hurts so bad, but it’s worth it, don’t ya think? ” I say, feeling your hands rub my butt softly, looking out across vast distance of the canyon. “There will be plenty of time for that soon.” I say, taking your face to my hands; pressing my lips hard to yours and wrapping my arms around your neck.

“There is a lot to be done, yet Love. Will you untie those pails and fetch some water for Marley and Hawk? If you go about ten minutes in that direction on the otherside of the tree line you’ll see a reservoir, well it’s actually a crater left from a meteor collision, but with all the rain this season it will be full up. See if you can find us some wood too, we should get a fire going as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Ma’am; right away Ma’am!” You say laughing as you start untying the pails from Hawk, then heading off.

“Oh Love, I shout, do watch out for snakes. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to that fine ass of yours.”

You turn around and give me a mock salute, blowing me a kiss before heading to the trees. Smiling as I watch you walk off into the distance. Unpacking the rest of our supplies from Hawk, pulling his saddle off placing it next to Marley’s, filling the pails with food and putting it down in front of the horses, giving their coats a quick brush; pulling up their quarters and checking their shoes for stones and the like. Content the horses are fine, I start to set up camp. Getting the tent mostly pitched as you come strolling back, with a sloshing pail and an arm full of sticks.

“Any trouble finding it Love?”

“No, but I did almost step on a snake and he struck, snapping me on the thigh.”

“What?! Are you ok? Let me see that wound, what kind of snake was it, quickly describe it to me; rattlers live up here.” I question as I reach to undo your pants.

You start laughing under your breath, grabbing my hands and pulling them around you. “You are so beautiful.” Pushing a stray lock behind my ear, kissing me. “I didn’t get bit, in fact I didn’t even see a snake. I was teasing, that was for scaring the crap out of me earlier.”

Before I can get a word out your tongue dives into my mouth. Closing my eyes as I slap your chest once kind of rough, feeling closer to heaven then ever before, I lose myself to your lips for what seems an eternity. Forgetting everything around us and why I was even a little mad at you, pulling my lips from yours with a soft sigh.

“As Gaziantep Escort Bayan much as I love you and your lips, we have less than an hour of day light left. If we don’t get that fire going we won’t even be able to see our hands in front of our faces. I will finish up with the tent, could you please take care of that fire? There is a little folding shovel in that pack right there, for digging the pit. And don’t you ever joke about being bitten by a snake. Up here there are ones that could kill you in less than two minutes if their venom hits your heart.”

“Dear God woman, why did you bring me up here then? So snakes can kill me while I sleep?” Looking stern, but giggling at the same time.

“My Love, I promise you the “fireworks” tonight will be worth the eight hours on horseback it took to get here.” Kissing your perfect lips and smacking your ass once. “Now hurry up, get back to work.”

“Yes, Mistress!” You say throwing your head back in mock disgust, giggling.


As dusk quickly approaches, I finish setting up the camp, grabbing a blanket from the tent, before going to check on the horses, eating some sparse long grass growing nearby.

Seeing you resting fireside.

“See my Love, that’s exactly why I keep you. I can’t build a fire to literally save my life; but you, spectacular!” I say settling in next to you, looking at the blazing fire.

“We might have to venture back out to the tree line to get some more wood, I doubt this will last the night.”

“Nah, it’ll be fine; doesn’t get real chilly up here at night. And it’s too dangerous with the snakes around here, could step on a rattler for sure at night.”

“And our horses? What about them?”

“They could sense them long before we could, that’s why I didn’t tie them up. If one comes, don’t want them to be trapped. They won’t wander off.

How about you, how you feeling?” Saying as I scoot behind you and wrap my legs around your lap. Lifting your arms and pulling your shirt off. Starting to massage your shoulders and neck.

“My ass hurts and my balls are still a wee bit numb. Good thing my cock appears to be working fine.” You say, as I peer over your shoulder to check, watching you unzip your pants. Seeing you pull your semi hard dick out. “Come here right now, I owe you a hard spanking after scaring the hell out of me with that snake.” You say grabbing my arm and pulling me around you so I was faced down over your lap.


The first crack coming hard down upon my ass. Causing me to jump and suddenly cry out. Crack, Crack! Two more before I feel you reaching around and unbuttoning my pants and pulling them down pass my ass. Gentle rub and then a hard smack again, and again. Feeling your fingers part my soft pussy lips rubbing the wetness caused by your spanking. Moaning loudly as I feel your fingers thrusting in and out me slowly. Grabbing my arms and pulling them behind me spanking me Escort Gaziantep more again, and again. The pain starting to turn to pleasure, as I feel my wetness grow.

Hearing me moan loudly satisfied now that my ass is burning red, feeling my cream begging to drip on your leg, you flip me over and begin to massage my pussy lips. Holding my hands above my head to the ground, you push two fingers inside exploring my velvet cave. Thrusting them faster and faster until I begin to shake in your lap.

“Yes baby, cum for me, soak my hand. That’s it, good girl. Fuck yes!! Cum for me. Oh, you are the perfect girl aren’t you?” Pulling your fingers out and holding them up to the fire watching my juices drip down your wrist.

After releasing me, I take the rest of my clothes off and toss them aside, eagerly removing your pants and shorts, pushing you down on your back, putting the blanket under your head.

“So that’s what I get for saving your life, punished? That’s what I get for handling that snake, punished? Well let’s just see what kind of punishment I get for handling this one!”

I grab your cock and balls, stroking each softly at first; then rough pulling them hard simultaneously, stroking each a little harder. Dropping your cock now settled between your thighs, I take you to my mouth and suck you hard, fast, and deep. My pussy and ass getting warmer and warmer as I thrust my lips down onto you.

You grab my hair and pull my mouth from your cock, a trail of saliva still connecting us.

“Get on your knees now my love. I want to punish that pussy so fucking hard now.”

I don’t hesitate for a second, I jump up turn around and drop to my knees faster than you can ram that cock into my soaked sore pussy. Taking my hair in one hand, my left shoulder with the other; you thrust hard and fast into me. Harder than I’ve ever felt you thrust, sending my body flying forward with each thrust. Slapping your waist against my bruised ass, as you grunt loudly.

One thrust after another, each harder and faster than the ones before, just pounding me relentlessly.

I scream out in ecstasy, cumming hard against you, splashing my juices against your thighs.

“Fuck!” I scream over and over until my orgasm finally ends, you bend down so your chest rests on my back and grab my breasts, thrusting quickly but a lot less hard. Crying out as you spill yourself inside me.

Spreading the blanket out next to the fire, I brush the rocks now embedded into my knees off and collapse next to you, my chest still heaving as I grab your hand holding it tight.


“Fuck, remind me to always save your life given the chance again!”

I say just in time to see the meteor shower overhead.

“Oh no, we talked about this, you are mine to save not the other way around.” You say, rolling onto your shoulder, kissing me long and loving before turning back up to see the fireworks shoot across the sky. Squeezing my hand tightly once, whispering words of love.

“I’m sure you may very well have that chance tomorrow, we are heading to lovers lagoon. Its a treacherous journey, but they say if you kiss the one you love underneath the falls, your love with last all ages, like this canyon it rests hidden inside.”



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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