Cat Burglar

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I’ll start with a confession. My name is Sarah, and I’m a masturba-holic. I know that’s not a word, but you get the idea. My motto is you should have sex on a regular basis with the person you love the most, and for me, I’m it.

I’ve been hooked on masturbation ever since having my first orgasm, brought on by my own fingers in the bath. And later, when my college roommate and I started doing it together and watching each other, I found out how hot it was to bring another person into the mix.

But now, thanks to my new friend, Lisa, I am not only a masturbation addict, but a cat burglar, as well. Let me explain how a fairly normal married woman of 35 found herself sneaking into an occupied house in the middle of the night. In order to understand that, you must first get to know my Lisa.

Lisa and I met online through a mutual friend. The first time I chatted with her, I knew that there was a sexual fire smoldering inside her that just needed some fanning. She is smart, funny and sexy, and once she shared her picture with me, I found out she is damn cute, as well.

At 5-6, Lisa is three inches taller than I. Her lithe, willowy figure makes her 36-C breasts attract even more than their share of attention. They stand out as only the breasts of someone 25 years old can. I know that for certain, as I am ten years older and have to work much harder now to keep my body in condition. But I make the effort and have been rewarded with a figure that still gets ogled regularly by a fair number of both men and women.

Lisa has lovely blonde hair that barely touches her shoulders, in contrast to my own dark brown curls. Her eyes are dark brown like mine. Yes, those wonderful eyes. When I first saw them, I knew for certain that there was some mischief, some daring and some steamy sexual energy inside that pretty head of hers.

We exchanged a lot of e-mails, shared details of early sexual experiences and basically got to know each other over a month’s time. But it was when we began to tell each other about some of our current escapades that things really began to get interesting.

In one of my e-mails, I told Lisa how I get really turned on by masturbating in bed late at night right next to my sleeping husband. It’s not that David isn’t a good lover. He really is, but our opportunities for sex seem so few and far between, primarily because of his demanding work schedule that gets him up at 4:00 in the morning and sends him off to bed by 9 p.m.

But I have to confess, even if I were getting all the marital (or even extramarital) sex that I could handle, I would still be pleasuring myself on a regular basis. After all, I am a masturba-holic.

Anyway, I shared my late night masturbation technique with Lisa and she was, shall we say, intrigued. So intrigued, in fact, that her e-mail the following day advised me that she had tried it as her live-in boyfriend, Richard, lay sleeping next to her. She described how she had slipped a finger inside her pussy very quietly and carefully, then cupped her mound with the palm of her hand. That position allowed her to put pressure on her clit as she gently massaged herself. I believe she termed her orgasm “spectacular,” and she was hooked.

Lisa found, as I have, that it’s so much more than the physical feelings that arouse us as we lie next to our partners and fuck ourselves. It’s really the naughtiness factor, the feeling of keeping a special secret that makes us just want to explode. And explode we do now on a regular basis.

But as the weeks passed and our late night diddling continued, we began to talk about how to take our little game to a whole new level. I knew by the look in her eyes in the photo, that with Lisa, anything was possible. So we decided to meet in person for the first time and figure out how we could add a little spice to our fun.

Since we both live in the same large city, getting together was not a problem, once we got past the usual trust issues that are a part of all online relationships. But we were able to navigate those, and decided to meet at a quiet restaurant in the mall where Lisa works.

I recognized her immediately as she glided across the restaurant toward our table. We hugged each other like old friends and I could feel that she was not wearing a bra, as she was often inclined to do. She was lovely in her yellow sun dress with spaghetti straps and she smelled of perfume. Her cotton dress had a full skirt that flared and flounced as she walked and hit her shapely legs about three inches above the knee. Her T-strap sandals with three-inch heels gave her a graceful, sexy walk and displayed her tanned legs to their best advantage. I could tell she dressed herself carefully for our meeting, as did I.

My dress was longer, hitting me just below the knee. It was a black, green and yellow summer print with a halter top that fastened at the back of my neck. Like Lisa, I was braless, and my 34-C breasts bounced a little as I walked, stimulating my nipples to an unusual hardness. Of course, canlı bahis some of that hardness must also be attributed to Lisa.

As soon as we were seated at our table in a quiet corner of the restaurant, Lisa had to know if I had kept my promise not to wear panties to our first meeting. Going bare, as she termed it, is a big turn on for her, and she wanted to initiate me into that sisterhood. She promised to do the same.

Blushing a little bit at her directness so soon after our first meeting, I confessed that I had, indeed kept my part of the bargain.

“Show me,” she commanded playfully, as I looked at her with my eyes and mouth wide open.

“What do you mean?” I asked, knowing very well what she meant.

“I want to see your pussy,” Lisa replied in the same tone she might have used in asking to see a photograph of my pet German Shepherd.

“I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours,” she giggled.

Not wanting to be intimidated or put on the defensive by this pretty young girl ten years my junior, I began to seriously consider how I might “show her my pussy,” as she so delicately put it. I surveyed the restaurant and found it to be fairly empty at this late afternoon hour. That gave me some hope that I might be able to prove my adherence to our bargain without getting thrown out of this fine establishment.

I turned sideways in my chair so that my knees were pointed only at Lisa (and possibly the bartender on the far end of the room), raised the hem of my dress to about mid-thigh and parted my legs as much as I dared. They were far enough apart that I could feel a sudden draft of air play over my pussy, which was growing damper by the minute.

Lisa leaned back in her chair to get a better view of my little show, and smiled that mischievous smile of hers, apparently satisfied that I had, indeed, kept our bargain.

“I’m glad you’re not shaved,” she said bluntly. “I just love the way it feels when my hand moves from soft, smooth skin to the coarse texture of pubic hair.”

I knew right then that Lisa was planning to do more than look at me. And the thought made me even wetter.

“Okay,” I said as I looked directly at her, trying to regain control of the situation. “Now it’s your turn.”

Apparently, showing her pussy was not nearly as new to Lisa as it was to me. Without even looking around to see who could be watching, she parted her legs much wider than I’d dared to and offered her lovely mound as evidence that she, too, knew how to keep a bargain.

But Lisa didn’t hurry as I did to close her legs before someone saw. She wanted me to have the chance to admire her. And, of course, I wanted that, too. Very much.

I now knew for sure now that Lisa is a natural blonde. Her bush was trimmed neatly into a triangle and her little wispy curls played over her outer lips. The lighting was not great, but I am sure I saw little droplets of her nectar that had collected on the flaxen curls near her slit.

I blushed again, but this time not from embarrassment. Instead, from the realization of how turned on I was by this beautiful girl whom I’d met less than 10 minutes ago. Of course, we had talked about all sorts of intimate things online, but seeing her and her pussy in the flesh, so to speak, was an entirely different experience.

I thought I had been ready for it, but I wasn’t. Lisa was much more formidable in person, and I’d better get used to it.

The next hour just flew by as we got to know each other better. We marveled at how similar we are sexually, despite the difference in our ages and backgrounds. We giggled like schoolgirls as we shared again many of our sexual secrets, this time in person. It’s amazing how much more intimate these conversations become when you can look in the eyes of the person you’re confiding in, see her reaction, feel her understanding.

Finally, we got around to the topic of our favorite common interest—that of lying in bed next to our partners and getting ourselves off while they’re asleep. But we had not come just to rehash our past adventures in surreptitious masturbation. We were here because we had decided to take it to a whole new level. A level that is so daring and naughty that we both got incredibly wet as we dared to speak about it out loud.

You see, a couple of weeks ago, while chatting online, we decided that one of us would enter the other’s house one night, sneak into the bedroom, and bring the other to orgasm—all without waking the unsuspecting man sleeping in the same bed. We were here today to decide who would sneak into the house and who would be the one lying in bed receiving the pleasure.

The whole idea just sounded so daring and scary and erotic, that neither one of us really wanted to volunteer for either role in our little game. On the one hand, how would it feel to be lying in bed beside your partner, when all of a sudden, a familiar female hand reaches up and very quietly begins playing with your pussy? You would know that you could not make a sound bahis siteleri or any kind of sudden movement. Otherwise, your naughty little game would be discovered and both of you badly embarrassed.

On the other hand, how would it feel to actually sneak into another person’s house, creep very quietly into their most private room, then begin to invade the pussy that the man lying very close in the bed thinks belongs to him? If you are discovered, you might actually end up in jail, branded as some kind of sexual deviant.

The whole thing was just so dangerous and delicious that neither of us could decide which role we wanted to play, dared to play. Each one scared us. But at the same time, each one made us nearly cum from just the thought of it. Finally, we decided to flip a coin. The one who makes the correct call must be the one who enters the house.

I took out a shiny new quarter and tossed it into the air. Lisa called “heads” and we both held our breath as it fell toward the plush carpet of the restaurant–seemingly in slow motion. Our hearts pounded as we waited for the result–to find out which of us will be the cat burglar and which one will be ravaged in her bed next to her partner. Finally, the coin landed . . . with “tails” looking up at us.

I am the cat burglar. Lisa will lie next to Richard while I make her cum.

Now knowing our roles, we discussed the details of this depraved adventure. I will call Lisa before bedtime on the night I plan to enter her house to give her just a few hours warning. Even though the idea of complete surprise was appealing, we agreed that a totally unexpected hand on her pussy in the middle of the night could create a reaction that would wake Richard, and perhaps the neighbors, too.

Lisa’s assignment was to make sure that Richard is asleep when I arrive and that the drapes are closed tight so the bedroom is as dark as possible. I wanted the greatest amount of concealment.

Our roles defined and detail mapped out, Lisa handed me a spare house key. As I reached for it, she pulled me tight to her, kissing me deeply, her tongue exploring every inch of my mouth. Ignoring the fact that we were in a very public place, I pressed my breasts to hers and our pussies rubbed sensuously together.

We held our embrace for a few moments, the feelings of what we were doing right then intensified by the knowledge of what we were about to do. We were both literally panting by the time we broke our kiss.

I pulled her ear close to my mouth, caressed it with my tongue and whispered, “I’ll see you one night very soon.”

We’d already agreed that we would have no more contact until “the night,” just to intensify our desire and heighten the sensations further, if that is even possible. We said our goodbyes and left the restaurant as we came—separately. But Lisa and I both knew that things between us would never be the same again.


For most of the next week, Lisa was unable to relax at home in the evening. She paced around, fidgeted, and experienced this general feeling of unease every time she entered her house. She knew what was going to happen and who was going to do it. But still she had this feeling of dread, knowing that if the little game she and Sarah were playing was discovered, all hell would break loose. But at the same time, she couldn’t wait for the night to arrive, whenever that might be.

Sarah and Lisa had agreed not to allow themselves an orgasm until “the night,” just to intensify the sensations further. Lisa had already put Richard off a couple of times when he wanted to have sex, before finally letting him fuck her missionary style, just to shut him up. She knew there would be no chance of having an orgasm like that, anyway, so it wasn’t really cheating.

And in Sarah’s case, a sexual drought lasting a week or more was not at all unusual, so no one even noticed at her house.

Finally, six nights after they flipped the coin, Lisa’s cell phone rang. In her state of heightened sensitivity, she jumped and goose bumps sprang up on her arms. She grabbed the phone quickly to answer but already knew from the caller ID who it was. Sarah.

On the other end, Sarah spoke only one word, “Tonight.”

Lisa was startled by her reaction to that one word. Her heart started to race, her nipples hardened, her breathing quickened, and she felt that tingling deep inside that signals the beginning of extreme arousal. Already her pussy was growing wet, without any stimulation other than Sarah’s single word.

She looked at her watch–10 p.m.–too early for bedtime really, but she must get Richard in bed and asleep as soon as possible so he won’t be awake to discover Sarah upon her arrival. He was watching television, and hadn’t even seen Sports Center, so it was going to take a little “persuading” to get him in bed and ready for sleep.

Lisa decided to fix him a drink–a strong one–to relax him a little bit. Richard was surprised as she offered him a Jack and bahis şirketleri Coke, mixed very strong, but he accepted it gratefully and leaned back in his chair to enjoy a little more television with the drink in his hand.

“Shit,” she thought. “It’s not going to do me much good if he sits there and nurses it for an hour.”

So she tried another approach. She moved over to him and sat on the arm of his chair, leaning to him to run her tongue over his ear and dip it inside a little. That always makes the hair stand up on the back of his neck and lets him know she’s ready to fool around. Richard looked up at those lovely dark eyes and smiled, as Lisa noticed a bulge developing in his blue jeans.

Another ear lick, this time accompanied by her hand just inside his denim shirt, tickling the coarse brown hair on his chest, and giving her the opportunity to caress his nipples a little. Lisa’s aggressiveness was a pleasant surprise because Richard was used to being the one who initiated sex. But he was pleased with her newfound lust for him.

Next, Lisa reached down and rubbed her open palm over the bulge that was snaking its way down Richard’s left leg. She could tell by the look and feel of his cock that he was almost fully hard and was just waiting to be released from his tight jeans. So that’s just what she decided to do.

But first, Lisa reached over to the table where he had set his drink and offered him another taste. Richard tried to refuse and return to the more enjoyable activity that she has initiated.

But Lisa insisted, “I went to the trouble to make that drink. Now finish it if you want me to finish you.”

No further convincing was necessary. Richard took one large gulp, then another until his eyes began to water, and his face flushed from the strength of the drink. But he’d downed it now, just as Lisa demanded, and he was waiting for his reward. She didn’t hesitate to reward him.

Lisa’s long, graceful fingers reached to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans, giving her access to Richard’s cock, which had popped out from its downward position and was now pointing straight toward his belly button. She could barely see the head of it sticking out of the waistband of his boxers. It was actually a quite serviceable organ, as cocks go. About seven inches long with a large head and thick shaft. Looking closely, she could see the large vein running the length of it. She always enjoyed watching it pulse with excitement each time he got hard.

She reached down and took the rigid cock full in her hand, lifted him out of the chair using it like a handle, and led him into the bedroom. Being in control of Richard this way gave Lisa a sense of power that she’d like to enjoy a little more.

But for now the main idea was to get him off to bed, get him off, then get him off to sleep. In that order and about that fast.

Richard was a little unsteady on his feet as she led him to their bedroom–the one where she knew Sarah would soon be joining her. She thought to herself that the liquor was having the desired effect. And she knew that the combination of a good blow job and the Jack and Coke would soon have him just where she wanted him–snoozing away beside her in bed.

At this point, Richard needed no further encouragement. He was shedding his clothes like they were on fire. When he finally tried to get himself out of the jeans, his balance was so unsure from the drink that he stumbled and fell face-first onto the bed.

Lisa smiled to herself, “Men are so fucking easy.”

As Richard lay naked on the bed, Lisa began removing her clothes, too. Not for him, but for Sarah later. But if Richard wanted to think it was for him, and if it helped him get off quicker, then that was okay, too. Just to make sure he was good and ready, Lisa cupped both her hands underneath her round, firm breasts and lifted them toward her mouth. She used her tongue to trace the outline of each nipple, leaving a visible wet trail on her pink areola. She looked Richard in the eye as she massaged her magnificent globes and traced her tongue over her full lips.

Then, just for effect, Lisa used one finger to part the wispy curls on her mound and traced the outline of her outer lips. Up, down and around very slowly, over and over, while Richard’s eyes followed her movements as if hypnotized. She took the finger, now wet with her nectar, and raised it sensuously to her mouth, spreading her juices over her lips like lipstick. Finally, she reached down, grabbed Richard by the back of his head and pulled him to her mouth for a long, wet kiss, well-lubricated by her own pussy.

Richard was literally panting by now. Lisa knelt beside him on the bed and went to work, first sliding her hand up and down his shaft very lightly, knowing how this would increase his arousal. She gathered some of the pre-cum that was already oozing from him and used it to lubricate the shaft as her stroking gained speed and intensity.

Richard tried to reach for her pussy, to return some of the pleasure that he was receiving, but Lisa shifted her position further down his body so he couldn’t reach her. She certainly didn’t want to risk having an orgasm now and violating the “rule” she and Sarah had agreed to.

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