Cell Phone Adventures Story 1

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God, I love sex. There is no way to describe how much I obsess about sex. And I consider myself the luckiest man alive. Just a year ago, I was a salesman for a computer company, jockeying through business doors trying to hustle my products. Then a small twist of fate changed my life.

I started out the day by rolling my date from the night before onto her stomach and sticking one of my fingers into her hot, little pussy. She moaned and started to wake up. Her pussy was already getting wet. I love the feel of a turned on pussy. I slid another finger into her and twisted back and forth. Slowly, I finger fucked her while I rubbed my thumb over her clit. She pressed against my hand, wanting the feelings my busy fingers were creating in her body. Running my tongue down the small of her back, I could taste the salt and sweat on her skin. The extra stimulation seemed to excite her. She writhed and pressed her greedy pussy hard onto my fingers. Suddenly, she clenched down on my hand as she orgasmed.

I couldn’t hold myself back anymore and plunged my dick into her tight snatch. I was bumping forcefully against her ass. I wrapped my arms around her body and fingered her clit and with my other hand I squeezed her big tits. She bucked against me, demanding more.

“Don’t stop! I’m going to cum!” She gasped through clenched teeth. I started pounding into her fast and hard, barely able to hold off my own orgasm when she started to spasm around me. I didn’t want that beautiful sensation to end; the incredible tightness in my balls, the prickly shivers of pleasure right before I cum. I just kept jabbing into her slopping wet pussy until I couldn’t control it any longer and shot my load into that sweet hole. I hated the fact that I had to leave my bed and go to work, but the bills didn’t pay themselves. Hopping into the shower, I started daydreaming about the great blowjob the chick had given me the past night. She had deep throated my big dick, sliding her tongue around my throbbing penis, stroking with one hand under my balls, she sucked me dry.

I wished I could have sex like that all the time, but that was a dream, or so I thought.

Later that afternoon, I stopped at a sidewalk café to grab some lunch. The tables were close together and there was a man near me talking on his cell phone. I didn’t pay much attention at first, until I heard him say the word sex, then I paid more attention.

“Yeah, O.K., I’ll be there tonight at 7:00 to pick you up.” The man at the next table laid his phone down. He quickly finished his cappuccino, folded his newspaper, and got up to leave. Glancing at his watch, he walked out the door, forgetting his cell. I picked it up and tried to catch him but he had already gotten into a taxi and sped away. The small cell phone in my hand started ringing. “What should I do now?” I thought. I can’t listen to a phone ring without answering it, so I turned it on.

“Hello.” I said uncertainly.

“Hi, my friend Vanessa gave me your number and said I should call you.” A nervous female voice began. “You see, I well . . . I need to have sex in the worst way.” She continued, too fast for me to interrupt. “Vanessa said you were a little pricey but worth it. Would $500.00 be enough for one night?”

I was stunned. I had just been thinking about sex and this woman I had never seen before wanted me to do her! My mind went into Travesti overload. It sounded great.

“Hey, no problem. I get calls like this all the time.” I ad-libbed. “$500 will be fine, I’ll give you a discount.” I had no what the real going rates were. “When would you like me to come over?”

“Are you booked tonight?”

“No, not at all. My appointment had to cancel,” I grinned.

“Lucky me!” She laughed.

She quickly gave me her address, which I jotted down into my day planner.

That night, promptly at 7:30 I drove up to a posh house in one of the ritzy suburbs across town. I brought my overnight bag with some sexy essentials and a dozen roses to give to my new client. A touch of romance can help even the most casual of relationships. After all, it was all about the fantasy. I rang the doorbell and the big, oak door flew open immediately.

“Hi, I’m Jenny. You must be Scott.” The petite lady standing in front of me had short dark hair cut at a slant and a small face with full lips and dark brown eyes. “Yeah, I’m Scott.” I smiled. My name is really Tim, but who cares. “These are for you.” I presented the roses to her with a flourish. I was in heaven. I hoped my eagerness and excitement weren’t obvious.

“Thanks. They are beautiful. Please come in.” She led me down the foyer into a huge living room decorated in white with green marble and brass. A fire crackled away in the fireplace. There was even a simulated polar bear rug in front of it.

“I love your place. You obviously have quite a flare for decorating,” I said trying to sound casual. I was using all of my self-control not to grab her tight ass.

“Thanks, I really love this house. I won it in my divorce along with two cars and a sizable alimony.” She moved to set the flowers in a vase. “I thought I would try you out and if you were as great as Vanessa said, I would have you come out once a week.”

“Hell yeah!” I thought. Sex with this gorgeous woman once a week for pay, I could quit my real job and do what I loved best.

“I aim to please, Mam.” I drawled in my best imitation of a Texan. “If you would like to sit down on the couch with me, I would love for you to tell me your favorite ways to have sex and your wildest fantasies.” I had worked long enough at my dead end sales job to know the best way to satisfy a customer was to meet her needs and go the extra step.

Jenny sat down next to me, her leg pressed against mine; I took her hand and raised it to my lips. Then I carefully started to massage it.

“I like to be seduced and lots of foreplay. I have fantasies of being tied up and blind folded while a man does erotic things to me. I really like a man who can be inventive. I think for tonight, I would like something sensual though. Not to wild.”

“I see. Well, I think I know just the thing.” I reached up and started to unbutton Jenny’s shirt, letting my fingers graze her perfect skin. Pushing her shirt off her shoulders, I gazed at her gorgeous boobs. Her small round nipples puckered when the cooler air hit them. Tugging her hand gently, I guided her down to the bearskin rug. I helped her out of her pants. Her body was so fine, just looking at it made my mouth water. I wanted to take her right then, but I knew better. I asked her to lie on her stomach and then took my massage oil out of my sports bag and coated my hands with izmir Travesti it. Starting from the nape of her neck, I carefully caressed and massaged her skin. I had learned long ago that women were aroused by the sensual massage techniques very quickly. I couldn’t count how many friends I had managed to seduce by just offering a body massage.

“Um, that’s nice.” Jenny sighed as she relaxed into my touch.

Slowly massaging her back, I could feel the tension leaving her muscles as she relaxed into my palms. Her velvety smooth skin gliding under my fingers was causing me to become achingly hard. I paid special attention to her lovely buttocks, gently kneading them and molding them with my hands. Gently separating her legs, I manipulated the muscles around her thighs, just skimming her pussy lips. The light touch was starting to excite her; I could feel her tremble as my knuckles grazed her hidden clit. Carefully working my way around her thighs, I brushed her pussy lips several more times, with just enough pressure that she would realize it wasn’t an accident. The small, tantalizing touches were turning her on. I finished working on the back of her legs and carefully massaged her small feet. Women loved attention to detail. “Roll over for me so I can massage the other side.” I requested. I could see her pussy was quickly becoming wet, but I wanted more than a lukewarm reaction.

Starting at Jenny’s finely boned hands; I slowly worked up her supple arms and then smoothed my palms softly over her breasts. I caressed each little hill, gently tweaking her nipples and then kneaded her breasts as I rolled her rock hard nipples in between my fingers. Working down the side of her ribs, I lightly grazed her stomach with the tips of my fingers. I trailed my fingers down to her pubic hair and then flared out to work on her upper thighs. I had learned that lightly teasing her erogenous zones would really make her wild for more. Massaging her thighs, I spread her shapely legs and walked my fingers up one inner thigh and then the other. I pushed one finger into her and ran it around the soaked opening. I teased and played, using one finger then two or three while I rubbed her clit. Jenny’s breathing was getting faster and she was moaning softly.

“Oh, god, I am so hot. I want you to lick my hot pussy.” She ordered.

Straddling her thighs, I pressed my tongue down on Jenny’s clit. It became a wet probe, moving back and forth flicking over her swollen little nub, then dipping into her moist hole, tasting her special juices. I relished her taste. Inserting two fingers into her delicious hole, I stroked in and out, as I flicked my hot tongue over her clit. Moving my mouth over her tight little button, I could feel her tense in passion. Her fingers had wrapped into the bearskin, grabbing it as her body writhed in erotic pleasure.

“Yes, please don’t stop!” She screamed, grinding her hips up to my busy mouth. “Oh, baby, I’m going to cum!”

Moving my tongue faster and harder, I continued to finger fuck her sweet hole, the extra friction causing her to cum. She screamed in pleasure, her back arched and hips jerked under my mouth. I lapped pouring juices from her pussy, savoring the taste.

“Scott, I want your dick in me right now.” Jenny panted.

At her command, I stripped off my slacks and shirt. My long, hard cock was throbbing Konya Travesti in anticipation.

“I love that dick.” Jenny moaned. She was gazing lustfully at my heavy hard-on. She quickly kneeled in front of me and sucked my cock into her mouth. Her talented tongue swiftly drove all other thoughts from my mind. Her head bopped up and down as she sucked me in and released me. She was so good; she was going to make me cum if I didn’t stop her.

“Jenny, I love that but I want to cum in your hot pussy.” She gave one last suck and disengaged her mouth. Turning around she presented her pert backside to my stare. “I want you to do it to me doggy style.” She said pushing her cute ass into the air.

Complying with her request was no difficulty for me. I positioned myself behind her, separated her cheeks and pushed my cock firmly into her wet cleft. She was so tight and hot. Her pussy clutched around me with a strong grip. As I began stroking, I reached up her petite frame and cupped a breast with each hand, rolling her nipples in between my fingers. My cock was thrusting in and out of her sopping pussy like a piston.

“Harder, god yes! Don’t stop! More, I want more!” She shrieked rubbing her ass against my thighs in frenzy.

I could feel her body tightening beneath me as I jabbed into her sweet hole, pushing harder and faster. I thrust into her brutally, delivering the hot friction she needed. Her passionate moans driving me on. Her body spasmed and she twisted the rug into her hands as she screamed her orgasmic release. I quickly pumped, my own orgasm following hers. Her pussy clutching and spasming around my throbbing cock.

We collapsed onto the floor together and I held her, stroking her hair and lightly kissing her neck. When she had recovered I carried her up to her bedroom and we lay together in the soft luxury.

I made love to her three times that night and again the morning. She was thoroughly sated. While she slept, I cleaned up in the shower, went down to the kitchen, and made her breakfast. To the breakfast tray, I added one of the roses I had given her. Gently kissing her awake, I played the petals across her lips. “Your breakfast is served, my Lady.”

“You are incredible!” She exclaimed. “Wonderful sex, romance and breakfast in bed. Wow, I think you deserve a tip.”

“I just want to make your fantasies come true.” I answered.

After finishing her breakfast, it was time for me to leave. As she showed me to the door, she took out her pocketbook and handed me seven crisp hundred-dollar bills. “You earned it.” She smiled in satisfaction. “Can you come every Friday night?”

“Well sure, my calendar can be rearranged to accommodate a beautiful lady like you.” I smiled into her pleased expression. “But I have a new cell phone number for you to use. I am getting rid of the old one.” I wrote my own cell number down for her. I was still going to return the other guy’s phone after all.

“Great, do you mind if I refer a couple of friends your way. I know they would adore you.” “No problem, Jenny. I can always work in someone you refer.” I winked.

On the drive home, I thought about the way the night had gone with complete satisfaction. I was completely satisfied with the way things had turned out. It was a fantastic way to make a living. I called my boss that afternoon and quit. Within two days, I had four more appointments for the next week. What an odd twist of fate; one small, forgotten cell phone had changed my life.

When I returned the phone to the real Scott, I refused his reward and told him the pleasure was all mine. He smiled knowingly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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