Ch. 03 – Vegas Vacation Day 03

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Beep, beep, beep, goes Gary’s 7am alarm for a second day in a row.

“Seriously shut the damn thing off before I break it.” Eve says in an irritated, muffled voice.

“Sorry.” Gary replies.

Eve and Gary lay in total darkness, both replaying the prior evening’s events in their heads. Eve unwilling to discuss what happened, Gary too afraid to bring it up out of fear it will piss off Eve. Little did Eve know; Gary’s replay reel also included him sneaking out in the middle of the night to fuck her sister.

Eve was still struggling with her newly found sense of sexual adventure. She was having a blast, but she still felt a level of disgust and shame due to her Catholic upbringing. Eve also wasn’t ready to get into deep conversation with Gary about the details of what had transpired. Outside of the moment she continued to pretend it hadn’t happened.

As Eve continued to replay the encounters with Neal, as exhilarating as it was having sex with him alone, she kept coming back to the prior evening with Gary being involved in the encounter. Eager to relive and expand on last night’s escapades Eve began to think of what to do next. With Neal on his way back to New York, she was without a tall, sexy stud to play with. Not wanting to leave matters up to chance, Eve decided to take matter into her own hands.

Eve picks up her phone and pulls up the App Store. She begins digging through the dating apps, trying to find one that would be a good fit.

“Hmm,” Eve thinks as she comes across the Feeld app.

“A dating app for the open minded, couples and singles.”

“That should work.” She thinks to herself.

As Eve downloads the app, the screen’s obnoxious light is starting to distract Gary’s mental replay. He glances over trying to see what she’s doing, but Eve and the screen are tilted away just enough where he can’t make anything out.

Eve begins creating the profile but is stumped right after she puts in her email.

“Do I say I’m single and only reference him or do I play nice and say we are a couple and let him have a linked profile.” She thinks to herself.

Eve decides to set it up as a couple with linked profiles, “I’ll have to set some ground rules with him later.” She notes to herself.

Eve breezes through the questions,

Age? “Hmm guess I should be honest.” She thinks as she types 44.

Sexual orientation? “Straight.” She enters.

Partner details comes up next.

Partner’s age? “38.” She types

Partner’s sexual orientation? “Straight.” She types but pauses as a devious thought enters her mind.

“Hmm, he likes creampies and sloppy seconds. Heteroflexible isn’t necessarily a leap, after all how straight is that?” As she continues this thought process her mind wanders to the possibilities and the “what-ifs”.

Eve deletes Gary’s orientation from straight and changes it to heteroflexible, as she does, she lets out a soft, yet audible giggle.

“Well, that will be a fun conversation later.” She thinks with a smirk.

With the profile complete, Eve jumps out of bed, turns to Gary and announces she is going to shower and then go to the spa with Melissa. As Eve walks to the bathroom, she texts her sister and sends the profile link request in the Feeld app to Gary.

After she sends Gary the link, she adds to the text, “Read mine first and follow my lead, yours should match. Get yours setup but no playing until I say so.”

While Eve is in the shower the texts finally hit Gary’s phone, he reads what she wrote first.

“What the hell?” He thinks to himself totally confused.

When Gary follows the link, it dawns on him what she meant and what she was doing. Gary didn’t waste a moment and went to work setting up his own profile.

After her shower, Eve quickly throws on a pair of shorts and a shirt. As she walks to the door to leave, she pauses, turns to her husband and smiles.

“Be a good boy while I’m gone.” She says with a smirk.

Eve makes her way to the lobby to meet Melissa.

“Hey Mel!” Eve says somewhat enthusiastically.

Melissa responds with a monotone, “Hey.”

The two walk silently to the spa. Melissa is riddled with guilt from sleeping with Gary and finding it hard to face her sister for fear of giving away what she has done. Eve, is preoccupied with the possibilities that lie ahead of her and Gary with the app. They finally make it to the spa and are able to carry on idle chit chat while they get their nails done. Once their nails are done the sisters sit in silence waiting for their masseuses.

“Hi, I’m Katie.” A young perky voice announces.

Eve looks up to see Katie, a short, 5’4″ blonde that couldn’t be more than 110lbs fully clothed. She had a perfect tan and appeared to be in in her late 20’s to early 30’s.

“Ugh, of course she’s cute blonde, Gary would love her.” Eve thinks as she cracks a friendly smile.

“Hi, I’m Eve, nice to meet you.”

“Right this way.” Katie directs.

They enter a rather large, private room, Katie directs Eve to go istanbul travesti ahead strip down and climb under the towel face down. Eve quickly does as she is told and settles in. Katie starts the massage in total silence, uncertain if Eve wants quiet or to talk.

After a few moments, of the best massage Eve has ever had, she breaks the silence, “Mmmm, you really know the, ugh….right spots.” Eve studders.

“How long have you been doing this?” Eve asks.

“About five years now.”

“So, where are you in from?” Katie asks.

“Chicago, we are in for the week.”

“Nice, Have you seen any shows while you’ve been here?”

“No, not yet. On our trip here last year we saw the Cirque show and one of those topless dance shows.”

“Oh, that’s cool my ex-girlfriend is a dancer is one of the topless dance shows.” Katie enthusiastically replies.

Suddenly it hits Eve, that Katie is a lesbian.

As Eve laid there pondering this revelation all she could muster up in response was, “That’s neat.”

“How did you like it?” Katie asks.

“It was good. It was impressive how comfortable they all seemed on stage being basically naked. I can’t even imagine how they do it, I’m so self-conscious about my bod, I hate wearing a bathing suit to the pool.”

“Awww, you shouldn’t feel self-conscious about your body, you look really good.” Katie replied in what Eve thought was a tad suggestive tone.

“Hahaha, if you say so.” Eve responds nervously.

Katie starts to slow down the movement of her hands, lingering longer than before at each spot she comes to.

As Katie reaches Eve’s lower back, below her waist, just hair over her crack Eve lets out an involuntary, “Yes, right there. Mmmm.”

Katie’s face lights up with a smile, “Would you like me to massage your butt cheeks as well?” She coyly asks.

Without thinking, Eve responds immediately, “Yes.”

The moment the word leaves her mouth it dawns on her what she is agreeing too. Without skipping a beat Katie grabs a wedge with one hand, making sure the other remains planted on Eve.

“Here, hike up just a little bit this will adjust the angle and make it feel better.” Katie directs softly.

Eve raises her mid-section hiking herself up just enough for the wedge to slide under her stomach. Katie climbs on the table kneeling behind Eve’s butt all while keeping her right hand firmly planted on Eve’s right butt cheek. As Eve lays there face down, partially up on her knees over the wedge with her ass hiked in the air, a cool breeze from the air conditioning brushes past her pussy lips. This sends a tingle up Eve’s spine, now realizing how exposed she is.

Knowing what Eve is likely feeling at that moment, Katie softly notes, “Sorry about the breeze, I know it tickles a little bit.”

“It’s okay, I just feel a tad exposed.” Eve replies with a hint of embarrassment.

Katie begins to run her hands over Eve’s cheeks, slowly working her way from top to bottom, down the back of her thighs, then back up to her waist. With each pass she moves closer and closer to Eve’s crack and pussy. By the third pass, with the slight pressure outward from Katie, Eve instinctually adjusts herself spreading her legs slightly further apart.

Eve, completely entranced by the erotic, sensual touch of Katie, continues to spread her legs further with each pass as Katie moves closer and to the center, further exposing her pussy.

With Katie’s last pass about to begin, she pauses before moving up the back of Eve’s thigh as she knows with this pass, she either starts to work outward or continues inward and touches Eve’s pussy.

While Katie is paused, thinking about whether to cross the line, Eve further spreads her legs, adjusts her angle and pushes her pussy outward, fully exposing her pussy to Katie. Katie takes this as an invitation, praying she isn’t misreading it. She moves up the back, center of Eve’s thighs, comes to her pussy and gently touches the now wet lips.

Eve immediately lets out a clear, undeniable, “MMMM.” And pushes back towards Katie’s hands adding more pressure to her pussy lips.

“Yes.” Eve immediately adds.

Katie smiles, relieved Eve isn’t upset and thrilled she liked it. As Katie continues upward towards Eve’s butt, Eve tilts forward forcing Katie’s hands to remain on her lips. Katie takes the hint and moves back down towards Eve’s clit, uncertain if she should go further and touch it. Katie decides to risk it but in a way that could be viewed as accidental. She moves her finger gently over Eve’s clit fanning out as though it’s a massage move.

“Mmm, YES,… please.” Eve says with a whimper.

Katie doesn’t hesitate, she moves her full attention to Eve’s pussy, gently working a finger slightly in then immediately out. Again, she slowly slides her finger in deeper, but just to her knuckle, then slowly back out.

“Fuck, YES.” Eve moans in an aroused tone.

Katie slides her hands out and onto Eve’s butt cheeks, she bends down, positions her istanbul travestileri face directly in front of Eve’s pussy, stickers her tongue out and goes in for a slow gently lick from Eve’s clit up towards her ass.

“UGH! SHIT!” Eve studders softly as Katies continues to lick her pussy more and more feverishly with each pass.

Eve begins grinding her pussy back towards Katie’s face. Suddenly Katie stops and sits back.

“Roll over!” Katie commands as she move the wedge.

With pure animal lust in her eyes, Katie places her hand between Eve’s breasts and pushes her back onto the table. Katie slides down between Eve’s legs, sliding her right pointer finder into her pussy and begins to suck on Eve’s clit. Katie adds a second finger, and then a third. Harder and harder she thrusts in and out of Eve’s pussy. Eve begins to shake all over, she grabs Katie by the head pushes her face down onto her pussy with her right hand, while continuing to prop herself up with her left arm so that she can get a full view of what Katie is doing. Within minutes Eve orgasms so intensely she squirts slightly on Katie’s face.

Eve lays flat on her back, Katie slowly climbs up Eve positioning herself face to face with her, then leans in and gives Eve the most intense yet sensual kiss of her life. The two continue their passionate kiss for several minutes until Eve has worked Katie’s shirt up to her armpits, exposing her bra. As their kiss breaks, Katie sits up and quickly, yet erotically removes her shirt, drops her bra, and falls forward toward Eve, planting her mouth squarely on Eve’s left nipple.

Katie begins to suck Eve’s nipple while simultaneously massaging her right breast. As Katie goes to switch, Eve pulls her up towards her face.

“I want to suck on your nipples.” Eve says in a low, sultry voice.

Eve pulls Katie up a bit more as she slides down the table a bit to meet her breasts. Eve latches onto Katie’s left nipple and massages her right breast just as Katie had done to her.

After a few moments Eve stops and softly says, “I want to taste you.”

Katie climbs off the table quickly, Eve moves to the bottom, impatiently waiting for Katie to climb back up and get into position. As Katie lays on her back, Eve slides Katie’s pants down leaving her in nothing but her black lace panties.

Eve pauses and just stares at the amazing image in front of her. She gives Katie a devilish grin, bends down and yanks her panties off. Eve climbs between Katie’s legs; she dives down and begins feverishly licking Katie’s completely soaked pussy. Eve moves her right hand to Katie’s slit and slides in a finger, slowly pulls it out, as she goes to slide it in again, she adds a second finger. In and out Eve pumps Katie’s pussy with her fingers while sucking on her clit. Katie begins to buck and grind against Eve’s face.

“FUCK! YES! OH MY GOD YES!” Katie shouts, loud enough others likely heard. “YES, right there! YES! YES!’ She repeats. Hearing Katie’s screams of ecstasy gets Eve so aroused she tries to move to get some contact and friction against her own pussy.

Katie can tell Eve’s pussy is in need. Katie pushes Eve back, and off of her.

“Lay down.” Katie commands.

Eve lays on her back. Katie climbs on top and straddles Eve, bringing their pussies against one another’s. Katie reaches down firmly grasping Eve’s left breast. Eve reaches up and firmly grasps Katie’s. Katie begins to rub and gyrate, grinding their pussies together.

“MMM, YES!” Eve moans. “FUCK YES! FUCK!”

Katie is within seconds of climaxing, “I’m, UGH! UGH! UGH!” She barely studders out as she violently shakes. As Katie orgasms, she squirts slightly on Eve’s pussy. This sensation sends chills up Eve’s spine, Eve moves her hands to Katie’s hips, pulling her down as hard as she can to make the most contact with her pussy as possible. As Eve is about to orgasm, Katie drops down and plants a deep, passionate kiss on her. As they lay there tribbing and kissing Eve orgasms again.

“Holy fuck that was amazing!” Eve exclaims as the two lay there naked, Katie collapsed on top of her.

They continue to passionately kiss and touch for several minutes. Katie then breaks the kiss, “I guess we should get cleaned up.” She says with disappointment in her voice.

As Eve and Katie start cleaning up, Eve’s phone dings. Eve has Gary’s contact card image set to a photo of him, as she looks at the phone, she sees it a message from Gary.

“In the casino with Sam, by our regular roulette wheel.”

As Eve reads the text, Katie catches a glimpse and see’s Gary’s photo.

“Mmm, he’s cute, is that your husband?” She askes

Eve smiles, “Yep that’s him.”

“Hmmm, he looks kinda like a guy I hookup with sometimes.”

“Oh, you’re bi?” Eve asks inquisitively.

“Yep, well sometimes I have urges,” Katie says as she laughs.

“Interesting.” Eve comments. “My husband would just love you; you are totally his type; short, blonde and fun.” She adds with a smirk.

“Well, travesti istanbul if he’s half as fun as you and it means we can have another round of fun, I’m game if you are.” Katie says with a devilish smile.

“Really, you’d like that?”

“Absolutely!” Katie replies.

“How about we meet in the casino around 9:30 around. I’ll text you around 9 with my exact location.” Eve says.

After one final embrace, Eve walks to the lobby and meets up with Melissa.

“How was your massage?” Melissa asks.

“Good, how was yours?”

“Good, but from the sounds of it, not as good as some woman’s a few rooms down.” Melissa replies.

“Oh, I didn’t hear anything.” Eve replies trying not to look guilty.

Melissa and Eve, meet up with their husband back in the Casino, after a few hours of gambling the group enjoys a quick dinner and proceed back to the tables. As 9:00 pm rolls around Eve is still trying to figure out how to play this with Katie and Gary.

“Should I have Gary meet us in the room and make it a surprise or should I let him think she is picking him up in the casino.” As she ponders, she gets a text from Katie.

“I’m so excited!!!”

“Me too!” Eve quickly replies.

Eve decides she’s too excited to wait for her idiot husband to realize he’s being hit on, so she texts Katie.

“Meet me at the entrance to the elevators in fifteen minutes.”

Eve turns to Gary, “Hey Gary.”


“I’m going to go up to the room, I want you to wait down here for fifteen minutes after I leave and then come up.”


“Just do it, fifteen minutes, don’t go to the elevator early, stay in this seat for fifteen minutes. Got it?

“Um, sure I guess.”

Eve rushes to the elevator bay and immediately sees Katie.


“Hey!” Katie replies.

“We are going to surprise Gary, he is waiting in the casino for fifteen minutes.”

The two rush up to the room, giggling as they make their way. As they walk in to the room Eve explains her plan.

“Ok, I’m going to go hide in the bathroom. You strip down to your bra and panties and lay on the bed, with your arms spread over the pillows and a come hither look on your face.”

Katie giggles, “Ok.” And proceeds to strip down.

Eve lowers the lights just enough to set the mood. After fifteen minutes they hear Gary’s keycard in the lock, both women start to giggle in their respective positions. Gary opens the door and immediately walks to the bedroom, as he turns the corner and see’s Katie laying there, he instantly freezes.

“Um. Uh. I. Uh. Shit. Uh.” Gary stammers like an imbecile.

“Who, who, who, uh, uh, who are you?” He manages to get out as he drools over the gorgeous blonde laying in the bed.

“Hi, I’m Katie! You must be Gary.” Katie says enthusiastically with a big smile on her face.

“Ummm, yea, I’m Gary.”

Katie giggles, absolutely loving that she has completely flustered this stranger. As she’s giggling, Eve appears from the bathroom in just a bra and panties.

“Hi babe, I see you’ve met Katie.”

“Ummm, yea, yea.” Gary stammers, with his eyes once again glued to Katie’s perfect body, even though his wife is standing next to him in her bra and panties.

“So, Katie was my masseuse today and we, well, we ended up fucking. We thought it would be fun if the three of us had sex tonight.” Eve said very casually and mater-of-factly.

Gary just stood there, with his jaw dropped, not knowing what to say or do next. Confused by this turn of event and Eve’s openness to having sex with a woman, a suggestion he had been making to her for years.

“Get undressed.” Eve commands of Gary.

Gary starts to undress but stops when he gets down to his boxers. Eve sees he stopped, she reaches over and pulls down his boxers. Katie lets out a soft gasp.

“DAMN!” Katie says as she eyes Gary’s hard cock.

As Eve and Gary stand at the end of the bed, Katie crawls over to them, slowly slipping out of her bra and panties. Katies climbs on the floor, plants herself on her knees in front of Gary. Eve slides out of her bra and panties, slowly kisses her way down Gary as she drops to her knees to join Katie.

Katie reaches up to Gary’s cock and slowly starts stroking it, she tilts her head slightly, extends her tongue out and licks Gary’s balls as she strokes him. Eve leans in and starts to suck on the tip of Gary’s cock. Katie is the first to move her head back, she pulls Gary’s cock from Eve’s mouth and starts sucking on it. As Eve watches the erotic events in front of her, she reaches down and starts to rub her clit.

Katie catches Eve masturbating out of the corner of her eye, she pulls her head off Gary’s cock, moves her left hand to his shaft and starts stroking him. Katie turns to Eve, places her right hand on Eve’s cheek and pulls her head in for a deep passionate kiss. As they kiss, Katie’s right-hand slides down to Eve’s pussy and she rubs Eve’s clit, then moves down to her damp pussy lips.

Eve can’t control herself, she slowly stands up, grabs Katie’s right hand from her pussy and pulls her toward the bed. Katie follows, releasing Gary’s cock from her grasp. Eve falls back onto the bed pulling Katie down on top of her. The women continue to kiss, Eve breaks the kiss and whispers in Katie’s ear.

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