Chance Encounter Ch. 01

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It is a brisk Fall evening in Pittsburgh. She sits at the bar alone sipping her Zima and reflecting on the long day she had just finished at the office. Her long legs, dressed in sheer black hose, are crossed showing the shapely lines running up to her short black leather skirt. Being blessed with a beautiful bosom, her sheer white silk blouse outlines here generous curves. Her hair is a medium golden brown, falling in soft curls to her shoulders. She has piercing hazel blue eyes, with long thick eyelashes, that can melt the heart of any man. Her lips are luscious and full, carrying the color of a rich red rose. Unaware for the moment of her surroundings she is lost in her thoughts.

Suddenly she hears the door open behind her and casually turns to see who has come in. That is the moment that will change her life forever. As she slowly turns her head in the direction of the entrance, she notices that he has arrived. He is a tall, muscular, younger man. His hair is a warm auburn brown and his eyes are also a deep brown color. He is dressed in a white tee shirt under a brown leather jacket, stonewashed denim jeans, and brown leather boots.

He glances quickly around the dimly lit barroom and instantly settles his gaze on her. Their eyes meet and lock in a rich embrace. He leisurely walks across the room never leaving her eyes until he reaches the bar. At this time, his eyes lower to her lovely legs drinking them in, starting at the black stiletto heels and slowly advancing up to the hem of her skirt. Then they follow the lines of her leather skirt and onto her breasts which covered in a lace bra are protruding from her expensive silken blouse. Moving up to her lips he immediately wants to kiss them but knows it is much too soon for that. He raises his eyes fully now and peers into the depths of hers seeing her beauty both inside and outside.

Asking if he may sit next to her she waves her delicate hand for him to take the seat. Sitting down he motions for the bartender to come over. The bartender advances toward them and asks what he’ll be having tonight. He looks at Angel and asks if he can buy her another drink and she says, “Yes, thank you.” The drinks are brought over and placed in front of them. They sit and chat for a while flirting and laughing. There is an immediate chemistry noticed by both parties. They feel so comfortable with each other. He notices that when she laughs heartily her skirt shift up a little bit each time. Not being able to contain his desire to touch her gorgeous legs he reaches out and lowers his hand to Kastamonu Escort just above her knee, looking up to see some sign of consent, she nods, and he rests his hand there on her perfect knee. She lets out a little sigh of approval. He inches up her thigh, each time searching her face for an inclination that it is appreciated, every time getting the same nod. Soon he reaches the hem of her skirt and slips his hand under and moves upward. When he comes to her panty line, he looks once again into her eyes, this time seeing the hunger growing there he needs no more approval. He slips his fingers inside the thong and finds her awaiting slit, moist with the dew from her passion. She moans a little louder than she expects as he pushes his finger inside of her.

They both seem to notice at the same time that the bartender is standing just gaping at them. Giggles escape both of them and they immediately straighten themselves. The bartender is embarrassed at his being caught staring and turns his back to them. The stranger asks, “Would you care to go outside for a walk.” She hastily answers, “Oh, yes I would.” He helps her down from her seat and takes her hand. She takes the lead with him following behind her. This affords him the opportunity to watch her graceful legs moving deliciously under her skirt and the slight wiggle in her walk. He is mesmerized by her beauty and the graceful way she moves. He follows her out the door and into the crisp night air.

They enter into the night, ablaze with stars in the sky and a cool crisp breeze. Walking hand in hand thru the array of cars parked here and there she feels the coolness in the air hardening her nipples. He looks over at her and noticing this phenomenon taking place and it instantly renews his erection. Stopping short he twirls her toward him, pulling her into his body. He grabs her ass in his big hands and shoves her into his hard cock, letting out a moan as her soft pussy makes contact with his stiff shaft. She whimpers in his ear and that sets him on fire.

Hearing her soft moans is too much for his already blazing libido to handle. He presses her up against a car and reaching under her knee he brings her leg up to his side, then wraps it around him. Looking into her eyes, he kisses her passionately and hungrily pressing his tongue deep into her mouth. She gently sucks on his tongue, tasting him for the first time. Her hands are running up over his chest and over his shoulders. She grazes his back with her nails, working her way down to his tight ass. Grabbing Kastamonu Escort Bayan his cheeks in her little hands she pushes him into her again, feeling his erect cock against her hot pussy. They both let out another moan as he picks her up and sits her atop the hood of the car. He gently lays her back and pushes her skirt up to her waist exposing her long luscious legs and the little thong she is wearing already darkening with her moisture. Hooking his thumbs under the waistband of her panties he pulls them off of her and bringing them up to his nose inhales deeply.

Her musky aroma fills his nostrils and he gets drunk with her essence. Crumpling the thong in his hand, he slips it into his pocket for future pleasures. Standing there smiling he takes in her beautiful, glistening pussy already coated with her juices. He moves in and lifts her legs over his shoulders pushing her pussy up to him. He bends down and separating her moistened lips with his fingers he takes one long lick, starting at her rose bud asshole right up to her swollen and hardened clit. She lets out a loud moan which heightens his excitement for her. Arching her back brings her hips up to meet him and her hands are entwined in his hair gently pushing him deeper into her pussy. He is so intoxicated with her scent and the juices that are freely flowing from her cunt. Lapping and nipping at her clit, he brings her to a furious climax. He does this over and over again, each orgasm seemingly stronger than the last. She is moaning and whimpering at him, even shouting at one point, “Oh lover, suck me harder, make me cum on your face.”

When he is sure that she has had sufficient orgasmic pleasure he lifts her down off of the car, kissing her with a mouthful of her nectar. She eagerly drinks from his lips, savoring her own juices. He removes his jacket and lays it down on the ground at his feet, then looking into her eyes he gently pushes her down to her knees. Eager to please this dark stranger she drops to her knees before him. She unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants never leaving his gaze with her eyes. Pulling his pants down she releases his thick hard cock from its prison. It springs out of his pants and stands at attention pointing at her face. She smiles wickedly at him and he nods at her this time. Taking the long shaft into her hands she lifts it and licks at his balls. He lets out a very loud moan and this encourages her to delve further. Sucking his balls into her mouth, she begins to slowly stroke his cock.

She then Escort Kastamonu begins a long lick from his balls up the underside of his shaft along the bulging vein and right up to his swollen tip. Here she licks away all of his pre cum and nibbles at the head, opening his slit with her tongue. This drives him wild with desire. He grabs her hair and entwining his fingers in her long curls he pushes her into his cock. She sucks him all the way in, all the way down to the back of her hot wet throat. He cries out with sheer animalistic pleasure. She tightens her lips around his cock and glides him up and down, in and out of her throat, grazing him with her teeth. Stopping at his big purple head nibbling on it, then ramming him down deep again. She continues to pump him in and out, up and down, her head bobbing on his hard member, until he spurts his hot cum into her mouth, filling her, feeding her. She moans with delight at the taste of this stranger’s hot seed coating the inside of her mouth and throat. Holding some of it in her mouth she rises to her feet and kisses him allowing him the same pleasure of tasting himself as he had done for her earlier.

His orgasm was a hard one but he is still not completely satisfied yet, he has to feel his cock deep inside her hot, wet, tight pussy. He turns her around and placing her over the hood of the car he spreads her legs wide with his knee. She pushes her ass up to him allowing her pussy to peek out at him. Running his cock up and down her slit moistening it for insertion, he feels it getting harder and more erect. He stops at her hole and holds it there for a moment before plunging it deep inside of her. She lets out a guttural moan and grinds back against him driving him deeper into her cunt. In and out of her pussy he pumps as she pushes at him and the two of them are in heaven for a time.

Smacking at her ass he grabs a handful of her hair and pulls her head back towards him, riding her so hard and fast. She cries out, “Oh, fuck me harder, fuck my wanton cunt”. Grinding, pushing, pumping, slamming in and out of her hot tight cunt, until they both cum so hard and furiously. Feeling his balls tighten once again, he rams her one final time spewing his hot seed deep inside her womanhood. Splashing her inner walls and filling her with his creamy thick cum he feels her tighten around him, sucking him dry with her tight pussy muscles. When they are both totally spent, he lets her up and turns her around. He pulls her skirt back down around her hips and smiles into her eyes, she smiling back. They both know that this is a one-time meeting and that they will never see each other again. But it is enough that they had this one brief, chance encounter. He bows to her, kissing her hand, then turns and walks away. She watches him leave, knowing that her life will be forever changed by this stranger of the night.

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